Global Aeronautical and Space Administration

A totally new overlord entity is hereby formed: GASA

Within this new entity are the following divisions:

Then whenever something honorific happens in this world, and the international press storms the headquarters looking for answers, all that the GASA front office will need to do is simply point down that ominous corridor leading to all those NASA/CD divisions, as that's where all the answers will be. And otherwise, all of those truly involved with honest research and true space exploration will equally have this same understanding; that absolutely anything bad happening in this world is not their fault nor involvement (unless of course they have been meandering down that dark corridor to visit their old friends in NASA/CD).

For one sure thing, GASA will not have to impose any "non-disclosure" threats upon it's employees, nor those funded by or in any manner associated with GASA. So, every individual can remain at peace with the world, knowing that any and all accomplishments are to be openly shared (your basic communism) and that otherwise potentially bad related entities and subsequent consequences will be clearly identified as those belonging only to the NASA/CD divisions, that which shall remain sufficiently isolated (preferably within there own complex headquarter's or at least highly isolated wing, clearly partitioned and secured away from the rest of us perhaps looking forward to living to see tomorrow). The NASA/CD wing would also be clearly externally marked, so that any retaliation attacks will not likely have to miss their target, at least not on account of mistaken buildings (a good idea might be to place very large "RED CROSS" symbols posted on just their wing roof top, as that method seemed to work really good for our most recent targeting efforts).

Hopefully GASA and NASA/CD can remain somewhat friends, at least upon the fundamentals of sharing resource technologies such as the added perks of sharing profits from gift shops, revenue from tours, sharing of launch pads as well as various space propulsion, imaging and communications technologies, including that of extended space life support and above all, safety considerations.

Anything dealing with Earth spying (optical as well as aperture~radar imaging and the like) and even the potential of NSA's utilization of our Hubble/ST for spy related duties, as well as with regard to so many other Earth intelligence/surveillance and intrusive communications tapping satellites, will simply remain within the domain of NASA/CD expertise. Equally anything whatsoever dealing with orchestrating and/or supporting NSA/DoD's star-wars technologies will remain thoroughly detached from otherwise GASA's true space research and exploration issues.

The world should be made to understand that there would be little for NSA/DoD to gain from much of technologies applied towards the privately funded (Enterprise sector) or publicly (taxpayer) match/funded missions that do not specifically involve Earth (other then being launched from), and otherwise having to deal with purely distant planetary (other then Earth spy related) sciences, and then specifically the deploying of multiple two-way audio/video communications and necessary transponders, as well as purely manned space travel to/from other planets. On the other hand; NASA/CD's powerful laser weapons technologies just might become integral or at least similar as far as viable (medium 0.25AU to long range) communications tools, and I would have to believe (hope) that such crossover technologies should not easily constitute any fundamental breach of protocol (separation of motives).

Space medical and overall educational aspects should obviously remain a shared knowledge base, understandably NASA/CD may not agree upon several issues, but then their dwindling share of Earth's resources may help to resolve that consideration (sooner then you might think).

In order to effectively pull this one off, I am envisioning establishing a totally new GASA complex (NASA/NSA/DoD should like this part because it's going cost plenty). This new complex would consist of a fairly large round hub structure (1000 meters worth), designed so as to allow for a substantial roof top airport and nearly unlimited vertical expansion. Then this relatively public hub complex will spawn three primary wings, equally configured for future vertical expansion. One of these wings may become the NASA/CD empire, another wing will form the GASA Space Sciences and Technologies (SST) campus, and the third wing will be primarily focussed upon the privet/commercial enterprise entities. Thus all three wings will have full access to and privileges associated with the central (public) hub services and accommodations.

The NASA/CD access corridor, besides multiple lethal passage lock-downs, may be reinforced by human security as well as seriously laser armed robotics, whereas the GASA and privet wings may simply employ really nice humans, a few friendly mascots and hopefully near future (foreign exchange) aliens as host and greeter/guides for those visiting.

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