Venus duh! (in spite of what others say, there's life NOT as we know it)

( GUTH Venus is about "truths" and about the fundamental morallity of science and physics )

Unlimited access to H2SO4-->H2O-->H2O2-->H2

Unlimited natural energies (warm fusion and vertical CO2 kinetic energy)

Unlimited CO/O2 availability derived directly from their CO2/N2 environment

Bigger is better (WYSIWYG as for having identified structures and community infrastructure)

Rigid airships simply instead of ocean ships, those airships being more efficient and a whole lot faster to boot.

Inter-planetary communications is another done deal, especially via the VL2 platform as a relay satellite for xenon packets.

OK, so I've been a little wrong or perhaps inaccurate a few thousand times. So what? Especially if I'm being more right then not, there's still all of the same loads of artificial content issues existing in open sight on the surface of Venus, of further supposition or not, there's been the science and physics all along, as to supporting the pretext of life NOT as we know it, obviously of a whole lot thermal and CO2 tollerent as well as of smarter life then of Earth. Thereby, it seems I'm not the real problem here, I'm certainly not the one supporting warlord Bush nor am I accepting his insistence of what transpired for flight-800 nor 9/11 because, I know better and, so do those that survived the USS LIBERTY fiasco and, at this point I don't even want to talk about anything Apollo. I know that we Americans make really bad mistakes and that our "in you face" international policy has in the past intentionally infected a good deal of carnage, nearly got us into a for real nuclear tit for tat, including our badly supporting of other civil wars by electing to side with those most economically advantageous to our global plan and/or energy needs. Basically, others need to stay sufficiently out of our way, as whenever we get through with shooting off our own two feet, there's still bullets remaining in the clip along with a total bozo moron at the trigger (we might actually have smarter weapons but, we certainly do NOT have smarter trigger men).

I realize that those opposing my research are morally correct in their defending the "status quo" of disinformation (most having no choice, since they've sold their soles to Satan [by signing that nondisclosure agreement], in exchange for a cushy job and retirement benefits or perhaps just for the thrill of it all). After all, disinformation has long become the American way of life, certainly it's that of our history and of what's formulating our future of "duck and cover", much because of the reprisals and subsequent "tit for tat" diplomacy that's been so intent upon global domination ever since our taking of California.

Cold wars or not, Venus may be just a wee bit toasty to us but it's alive, along with the sciences and physics that are sufficiently in place to support that contention. Those opposing are doing so intentionally and without the moral fiber of a serial killer nor of a certifiable mad dictator, where these same fools are those taking us to the cleaners as for their obtaining potentially lethal Mars microbes and of even deeper space quest that's also absolutely humanly unobtainable and certainly high risk as well as further depleting of Earth's limited resources, where all of this phony pretense is in exchange for mega tonnes of subsequent pollution and naturally nothing going into Earth sciences nor that of our ever publishing "truths".

WYSIWYG  represents seeing is believing (everything else becomes a given);
The nighttime season on Venus is actually not so toasty if you're sufficiently evolved, along with your nocturnal (magnitude 5) vision, perhaps cold blooded (I'm thinking if there were a religion involved, it's Islamic) and, because you're nowhere as pathetically stupid as most Earth science and physics types, thus elected not to intentionally die off as a result of your doing nothing whatsoever about the situation at hand, especially when you have the expertise of obtaining all sorts of natural and renewable energies, effectively insulating yourself (R-100 or better) from a good deal of the conductive heat as well as thermally heat-exchanging (that's air conditioning) along with generating electrons and subsequent N2/O2 extraction/production and, if all that's still insufficient, you simply step, crawl or slither onboard your CO/O2 powered rigid airship and go aloft to where it's certainly a whole lot cooler, perhaps to earn a living by extracting H2O from those cool dense nighttime clouds and/or that of further manufacturing H2 spheres at somewhat greater altitude (perhaps well above those clouds) at the ambient pressure of 1 bar (H2 of 1 bar obviously weighs 1/75 the element weight as obtained at 5 km and, as equally offering 1/75th of the thermal conduction which is already a mere fraction of what the surrounding CO2/N2 environment offers).

In a few other words;  this is another duh!  as for obtaining R-100 if not R-200 is simply another done deal of applying 1 bar H2 spheres along with a bone dry N2 cushion. So, unless you've been pathetically educated here on Earth and working and/or funded via NASA/NSA/DoD, in which case you're too busy cloaking on behalf of NSA/DoD agendas and/or carrying out their plan of global domination by means of applied arrogance and utter stupidity along with a compleat disregard as to the facts of history as well as science and physics. The American institution of lying through our teeth is about as trustworthy as Hitler (at least we knew of his intentions), by doing essentially the same things another way and by relabeling so that our uneducated fools can no longer distinguish the difference between ice cream and vomit. Other then that, we're doing just super fine.

On the Venus surface (it's a bit warm, toasty but at such pressure it's not actually hot unless you're merely human):
For those living at 5+km to 10+km, especially for those having 17+km mountain peaks nearby, eventually (say after the first 100 hours or so into nightfall) their season of nighttime is seriously cooling things down (still a little too hot for humans) because of so many obvious factors that are frankly not so apparent to our "status quo" worshipers that have been into the "doom and gloom" sorts of arrogance and utter stupidity, as to be including the 2900 hours of their season of night plus those mountains having been inducing a whole lot of added vertical convection cooling from within that thermally conductive and thereby effecient CO2 atmosphere. Any slight vertical breez (natural or induced) and you are seriously cooling things down, either that or Venus has been exploding without our knowing it, as caused from all that solar input and of those damn British Thermal Units being trapped between dense clouds and the surface.

Vertical CO2 windpower is not the least bit trivial, not unless you consider 72+GW as being insignificant, as that's what a 1 km venturi tower can obtain without even trying and, that's all night and day and about as continous as extracting natural energy ever gets. Smaller residentual units are simply of a scale suited and as equally simple and reliable, offering sufficient energy for thermal heat exchanging, of which that also can contribute to creating yet another good reliable flow of electrons.

Venus 'nightglow' by; Tom Slanger and co-workers of SRI International.
"Astronomers observing the night side of Venus were surprised to find emissions from oxygen atoms as strong as those from aurora in the Earth's atmosphere. The discovery is puzzling because the Venusian atmosphere is very different to our own - it contains very little oxygen and is dominated by carbon dioxide. Tom Slanger and co-workers of SRI International in the US believe their find will provide astronomers with new insights into the atmosphere on our closest neighbouring planet (T G Slanger et al 2001 Science 291 463)."

Venus nighttime cloud distillation for obtaining pure H2O
Couldn't be any simpler and couldn't be more efficient. The use of distillation via pulling a vacuum upon an intensely moist cloud that's holding enormous amounts (mega tonnes) of H2O, this is not only doable but extermely efficient because, of the heat needed for the distillation process is already abundantly stored below those clouds and, the vacuum needed would be provided my any number of efficient processes (such as by the mere efficiency of gathering at great altitude and subsequently distilling out upon delivering such to the surface containments), overall not taking but 1% of the same process energy of our distilling H2O from saltwater. The rigid airships for assending and gathering such mass volumes of H2O are another done deal, for as much as it was those Viking ships that sailed our oceans in order to locate America, whereas the CO2 oceans of Venus are those of crystal clear CO2 and far better for navigating in.

On Venus, one uses the process of vacuum distillation for just about everything;
For all sorts of petrol/chemical applications. Selectively acquiring planetary resources and then cracking those down into various worthwhile substances, such as C12H26, is not such a big deal, as through a simple and efficient process of distillation where again the energies as required for doing this are quite minimal as compared to anything Earth and then at least another 100 fold factor again lessor as having to accomplish the same on Mars. If a given Earthly distillation/cracking process were to be taking 1 kw/kg, on Mars that would be requiring 100 kw/kg (that's not even including the delivery and/or production of that energy in the first place), where on Venus (worst case) we're looking at most 0.1 kw/kg and best case something more like 0.01 kw/kg (10 watts/kg of mostly operating from an efficient vacuum pump or entirely free process as with pulling H2O from those cool H2SO4 [30% sulfuric acid] clouds), that's because no artificial heat need be applied and because of the atmospheric density and/or available differentials of that mostly CO2 atmosphere. In addition to all the efficiency factors, safety from fire or explosion is simply not even a remote factor (at least without artificially introducing sufficient amounts of O2, there's literally literally no chance in hell of there being an explosion nor open fire.

In fact, on Venus there are no fire departments, there's no EPA and best of all, no GREENPEACE (it's too damn late). There's no energy requirements for cooking anything, self-cleaning and subsequent sterilization of just about anything is a given, and the guy selling the most H2O is head lizard and supreme ruler of all there is. There may be the administration of CO2, not as to preventing it but as for producing as much as possible, since Venus has no magnetic shielding and thereby no Van Allen belts. Supporting their very existence may in fact depend heavily upon sustaining that mass of CO2 forming their solar flare shield as well as the ultimate energy storage medium for CO2-->CO/O2 (+whatever N2 is another given), as the same being responsible for keeping those massive clouds aloft (clouds being another highly effective mass/deterrent against solar flare as well as galactic radiation and for whatever obvious extractions of H2O-->H2O2-->H2) and, of the nearly ideal ocean of CO2 as for allowing rigid airship transportation to obtain the exceptional buoyancy of 64+kg/m3 (in Earth weight that's 79+kg/M3 because of the 81% gravity of Venus and, that's nearly 66 whopping times what the Hindenburg @1.21 kg/m3 had to offer). In addition, there's vertical differentials of 4+bar/km for powering vertical wind tunnel turbines of MW to that of serious GW performance levels that might be as elementary to their life as rainfall and subsequent hydroelectric is here on Earth. Besides the CO2-->CO/O2 for powering large turbine engines and power generators, with even a little such energy, one can obviously do great things, especially if that CO/O2 energy was initially derived from such naturally occurring renewable resource as vertical CO2 differentials, those offering essentially damn hard vertical winds providing such an obviously terrific kinetic potential. This elevated nighttime surface temperature may be 675 K and the vertical gradient could be as much a 9 K/km, making those clouds all that much more obtainable and obviously cooler then of their scorching season of daytime.

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