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ONWARD or NOT (perhaps that is the true question)

I do in deed react (somewhat over react) to all this negative and even null response, especially when that comes out of those directly or indirectly paid by our taxes (that includes publicly educated soles as well as tax funded research involving all those tax deductible research and exploration communities along with all their shiny deductible equipment). I mean, who is kidding whom, as someone in this real world has to no only pay the taxes those others find so offensive, and thereby establish their privet (tax free) worlds in which to live nicely if not outrageously at the expense of others, but us others seem to be the ones having to accomplish all the essential work as well as taking all the risk (especially when NSA/DoD have been so intent upon dominating or at least bullying the entire word).

Now, you guys just might want to be a little nicer to me, (I'm referring mainly to loyal NASA followers and especially NASA mole types) and I'm not suggesting "suck-up nice", just polite and perhaps a little supportive because, you may someday (soon) be employed or re-employed as a result of my discovery and even possibly under my command, and if so I believe you should be so lucky.

If and when I'm in charge, the likes of those having the "right stuff" to pull off such grand events as the Apollo missions will likely retain their positions if not be advanced, however, if by holding a somewhat powerful position, I may not be able to protect all those from class actions arising from irate taxpayers rightfully insisting upon a refund, as I would have to believe for those involved in such a class action could represent a hundred or so million taxpayers, but then after all, the costly lapse in this Magellan/"GUTH Venus" discovery may have been thoroughly impacted by all that anti-Apollo flack, a mission which I believe was as much a declared war against the USSR as could ever be, and therefore all associated circumstances and considerations could just as easily be forgiven because, in any declared war there simply are no rules, in effect, essentially anything goes just as long as you don't get caught, and I would have to believe that anything resembling a class action tribunal would most likely side with the victor (which was us), and would most likely result in acknowledging that all those NASA employees were simply doing their damn fine job.

Considering the present state of the NASA budget (or what's left of it), and that of the current administration's desire to further cut everything to the quick, I believe this Venus discovery could very well represent the one and only viable focus worthy of new funding (the life blood of your basic "job security"). First off, this discovery is no cosmic theory or unproven rash new concept (unless you consider the most basic ability of simply recognizing artificially established attributes as perhaps witchcraft).

If on the other hand, you truly wanted to oppose this entire notion of any potential discovery on Venus, then I suppose you would be one of those highly entitled NASA types or suck-ups, believing your future and retirement is perhaps safe. But, should you not be so entitled or all that certain as to what the future has to hold, and just perhaps a little tired of not being recognized for your potential, then possibly you could find the courage to at least complement my discoveries with supportive research, such as working directly from those raw Magellan radar/image files that could open up further possibilities, as I need and would acknowledge your help so as to better understand the process of accessing and unlocking those internal (possibly "non-disclosure" related) data files, and then preferably initiating open collaboration with the key operators, those having the best first hand knowledge of the required software and resulting conversion process by which NASA generated those original (impressive) high resolution GIF format images.

I do not believe this is asking so much, and obviously this form of belated research can't possibly have anything whatsoever to do with NSA/DoD security issues, and I still can't imagine how the NASA "non-disclosure" bylaws should rightfully impose any realistic demands or fire-walls that can't simply be countermanded or circumvented by higher authority. I mean, who's kidding whom, what could there possibly be to hide (besides a little or even a lot of departmental embarrassment)? And so what, and after all, I would have to think (by now at least) those retired or long dead could be those blamed for this latest run of truly incredible oversights, thus everyone presently employed and/or funded via NASA could be off the hook. (such a deal)

As a reminder; anything I receive in the form of information or disclosures and/or subsequent research will be accredited to the individual(s) or department/agency responsible. I have no intentions of hogging this entire discovery, it's simply too big, obviously too big for NASA alone to tackle. So, in order to help resolve matters, I have suggested amassing space research and exploration efforts that would include the Russians, Chinese, greater Europe, India and hopefully many other nations capable of contributing specialized resources and talents. I have also suggested privet investments as mission sponsors as well as potential volunteers paying their own way as secondary crew on our first manned mission to Venus.

I have prepared other supportive research incentive considerations that I feel should easily outperform (per dollar) anything NASA can do, and perhaps otherwise far more technology accomplishing per time allotment. This is not saying absolutely everything would be done better then our current NASA, just perhaps a little faster, safer, and thereby a whole lot cheaper. I believe if NASA could be stripped of underlying NSA/DoD agendas, they too could accomplish far more, and obviously if so unburdened, most any agency could stop having to look back and otherwise shift into high gear, just as I believe Club NASA could be revived in a really big way. I would have to think it would be great to remain a part of the future opportunities, rather then our NASA becoming further isolated and branded as involved because of questionable past agendas (remember; under funding has always been an effective internal way of quietly killing off most any agency that has run amuck).

I hope this document instills some fundamental challenges as well as best re-directs the remaining talent I know is out there, that of true research and discovery talent that is obviously been hampered by that "non-disclosure" policy. I truly can't understand what if anything any "non-disclosure" policy could possibly benefit honest research or science, at least that of any re-exploration or research as far as Venus is concerned, unless there is something weird or downright nasty to keep under rap.

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