What's wrong with our NASA

This document is mostly in response to all the flack I've been taking from those pathetic NASA moles @uplink.space.com, as well as from so many other NASA influenced sites, and then also directed towards those which I managed to contact within NASA that saw fit to so quickly disregard my discovery if not outright banishing the very idea of any possibilities whatsoever, and mostly by applying their own "truths" and not that of any absolute known facts. (Boy, I only wish I had that much confidence in my job security)

Please understand; "GUTH Venus" is a fairly recent discovery that has long been (10 years worth) overlooked by NASA as well as every single highly paid associated agency and/or independent research group and so called higher educational institution, and this considerable discovery is today (another 9 months after the fact) still being ignored or better yet banished (most likely awaiting damage control) by the greater NASA communities.

Apparently words such as "possibility" and "probability" have become part of NASA's "non-disclosure" cult, just as that of know and otherwise well accepted standards for perceiving significant shapes and dimensional considerations that clearly formulate highly unnatural considerations, that which appear (in relation to their surroundings) as totally artificial as that of anything ever recorded, but yet these are not of sufficient cause or concern as far as NASA's "truth" standards are concerned. Remember, these guys can't even produce those original Apollo mission negatives nor that of any visual documentation (evidence) supporting actual (appropriately scaled) test flights of that "lunar lander", and that our best NASA and NSA (spy) optics of Earth based as well as space platform, including our highest resolution radar/aperture technologies, apparently none (no surprise) can even image our lunar lander sites with sufficient detail, and NASA further knows nothing about any digital resampling and related enlargement capabilities (that's NIMA's job, and these two agencies have not been speaking with each other, especially since NASA is restricted from NSA's superior imaging technology, plus managing to loose one too many satellites).


This discovery of LIFE @"GUTH Venus", for the past 9 months, has been offered onto NASA, our NSA and now NIMA and thereby on file with those departments plus others perhaps most associated with this long abandoned Magellan project. As of lately, the only response has been that of outright ridicule and total disbelief that anything other then purely that of commonly to be found formations of "lava flow channels, associated erosions and your everyday rock formations" are to be found within the Venus area of "GUTH Venus" just as everywhere else on Venus (even though NASA as well as all others have not yet been able to demonstrate the least bit of their claim(s) through producing and/or pointing out even a single alternate image that offers anything remotely as complex nor even similar as such pertaining to naturally formed elements), only their word (because I told you so) and that of the obviously scripted (mostly negative) replies by nearly every NASA associated individual.

Furthermore, adding insult to injury, NASA felt it was somehow necessary, perhaps their duty, to intentionally misdirect my discovery and research efforts into their cult/mole web site @"uplink.space.com". This is where continued efforts (which I believe were mostly directed and scripted) were mounted to further undermine the importance and even the mere relevance and existence of this discovery, as well as to stifle that of any potentially negative comments as pertaining NASA's policies or past achievements, such as their handling of this issue as well as that of their ongoing Apollo and perhaps other failed missions. Apparently no person(s) shall state exactly what they believe the evidence supports, at least not at "uplink.space.com" without receiving intentional and I believe orchestrated ridicule and otherwise generally being bashed by all those official and their misguided unofficial NASA moles.

As far as I could determine, absolutely no research efforts have been undertaken or accomplished by those representing themselves at "space.com", and also that most of these pathetic individuals are apparently NOT whom they say they are because, these NASA moles essentially do not exist as any real person having a true name nor any real address and/or phone number. At this cult site, no fair consideration is being offered for even the slightest possibilities that even remotely opposes that of NASA's established point of view, let alone with regard to this overwhelming and such an obvious discovery of these long existing structures and infrastructure located on the planet Venus, that which apparently only I have managed to uncover (without and somewhat in spite of NASA's help) from that of an extremely old Magellan/(Venus) high resolution radar/aperture image, one that had been on file for nearly a decade (obviously a dead horse as far as they were concerned).

Will, "horse pucky": I believe what others and myself are now talking about is the never-ending and ongoing wastage of a tremendous amount of our finest human and technology resources, essentially the undermining of what's left of NASA, and this is apparently not for just any short period of time (that of at least the past decade), and this is not even including all the original Magellan mission engineering factors and final construction phases, the extensive pre-flight testing, final deployment, mission tracking and control and then all of the intensive and extremely costly data gathering and image processing. Now apparently, by the failure to merely focus properly upon the Venus opportunities, lately NASA seems to have become controlled by if not leading well established agendas, every bit undaunted by their past mistakes and apparently the needless wasting of taxpayers money by at least the hundreds of millions per year, obviously thereby diverting enormous resources which have over the years amounts into billions towards supporting what some have come to believe are questionable agendas, further impacting everything and everyone associated by creating countless overlapping and/or secret divisions that I believe could have been avoided altogether if not better distributed if it were simply focussed into the far more needy and deserving goals. Now that all of this resource and time has since been squanderred and thereby lost forever (with little if any true benefits to show), the way I and many others see it, perhaps far too many exceptional opportunities have obviously been diverted and otherwise lost, and furthermore, by not having otherwise most likely acquired far more valued technology achievements, and thus obviously benefited from our first and best ever contact with LIFE outside of Earth, instead it appears that all of this grand opportunity has been needlessly on hold for at least the past 10 years, and this ever costly delay simply goes on and on. All I can say is this; what a downright shame, and (ever more so after the fact) how willfully vain and disregarding has our NASA research communities become.

Dam!... What exactly will it take to overcome our apparently inadequate yet overly compensated NASA bureaucracy, so that this level of exploration discovery (and perhaps many others) become fully recognized. What exactly does it take to penetrate the enormously powerful and entrenched special interest groups of our very own NASA?, and what have their true agendas been and others becoming?, and how many other mistakes and/or cover-up's must we continue to pay for (in more ways then one)?, and what values might there be in salvaging this pathetic mess ????

If you have questions or better answers, please present them, and the sooner the better, as I believe there may be hope (be it rather dim) that our beloved NASA could be salvaged and once again play an important if not vital leading role, such as fair and forthright and timely leadership for example, and then also with more openness towards critical analysis as well as that of constructive criticisms. Unlike fanatics of doom and gloom and that of purely conspiracies, my thoughts are not so depressingly negative (uncovering truth is simply not depressing, it's enlightening, obviously highly educational, and even life saving), as I'll gladly include and otherwise support that of potential solutions, and I believe I have a bit more then a thing or two of value to offer (I only which I were so much better at communicating what I see as the greater possibilities of obtainable goals and subsequent rewards).

Defensive actions most recently taken up by NASA, I believe only goes towards further proving onto others (such as myself) that there is something of truth to what is being said about them. I feel that only hard evidence and supporting collaboration from truly independent sources must be applied if agencies such as NASA are ever again to be entrusted with telling the whole truth, and so that whenever they make a mistake we at least have the opportunity to learn from that instead of repeating, let alone wasting countless resources covering up the facts. Basically that "non-disclosure" policy needs to go to the same place that all those unrecoverable Apollo negatives ended up, a vast infinite black-hole of no return.

Perhaps as deeply illusory, horribly ineffective and/or as inefficient yet powerful government agencies go, FOCUS is simply no longer an option. So perhaps the true question should be: Why do we (the taxpayers and thereby Congress) even give a tinkers dam about preserving this format of NASA ?

Brad Guth __ 1-253-8576061

URL: http://geocities.com/bradguth

For several months (9+) I have been attempting to inform and update NASA and various other agencies with regard to my worthy discovery, that of significant structures having rational infrastructure located on the planet Venus. The official NASA/Magellan image (when properly enlarged) clearly establishes identifiable artificial elements, so arranged unlike any other areas on Venus as well as that of anything ever discovered elsewhere to date, and not only does NASA state a firm so-what, they have been going out of their way to further insure that the scientific communities view this as a non-discovery, that of purely natural elements common to all areas of Venus, and otherwise not worthy of serious consideration. Thanks a bunch.

My original message(s) to NASA was never about what us mere humans might expect to find on Venus, but what is now likely and highly possible, obviously for that of other species that have long since adapted to their way of life, just as we have adapted to our pathetic place here on Earth, including via various technologies so that us humans may survive comfortably within extremes of -150 F < +150 F, and otherwise capable of surviving miles above and even below the surface, and I for one do not even believe (as that of a relatively limited species) we are even all that smart.

Within the images of "GUTH Venus" are intelligently configured structures with a surrounding complex lattice, clearly indicating that some form of intentional facilities development has emerged and may even be active at this time. There are several local terrain issues that further support this encampment, such as all of those "NASA so called" natural formations and erosions that most certainly do not follow the rules (not even of those being imposed by NASA). There is the strongest indication of an airfield supporting highly logical features including sub-service bays, plus many other structures possibly forming communications or observation capabilities or at the very least solar power converters, and even much larger structures clearly situated at the end of a substantial causeway, plus several adjoining underground access attributes. I have further identified many other considerations, such as a mountain ridge circumventing road and adjoining bridge, and at another location what even looks to being a monument, plus many other storage capabilities, substantial reservoirs and again that major roadway clearly circumventing a mountain ridge and having a bridge consideration spanning a Gran Canyon like channel, plus otherwise a bit south of the main township that of an enormous volcanic vent trash/dump sight, and then also that of a clearly distinctive arch feature (quite possibly some form of an active fluid formed arch, and yes it's big).

I also believe that there should very well be another compound area similar in capability and function, located 180 degrees (half way around this planet) situated so that as their sun rises at "GUTH Venus" and obviously begins super-heating the area, families and unessential crew would be easily relocated to their alternate facilities where it has just turned dark for the next 120+ Earth days (2,900 hrs). This is not a "Death Valley" situation, but that of a substantially elevated area perhaps @23,000 feet or greater, and thereby (duh) much cooler.

If you have chosen to not take this discovery from the top, and you still can't comprehend a dam thing, then dam it, simply call me (1-253-857-6061), and I'll feed you everything bit by bit until you convince me to stop. Hay!, I'm willing if you are, and at least personal research is not hampered by any stinking non-disclosure crap.

In my quest for answers to so many questions, plus fair and open minded review of my findings with regard to Venus; besides supplying my e-mail address, I've always offered my full mailing address as well as a real phone number along with my real name. Unlike most others I've contacted having chosen to use aliases and otherwise not offering their phone numbers, which only leads me to believe these individuals are not what they appear to be, not in the least bit independent researchers but most likely NASA moles demonstrating their intent and mission of suppressing facts and otherwise controlling media, and if necessary by feeding us all misinformation and/or outright blocking access of any discoveries that could possibly be the least bit embarrassing to NASA.

To further support my belief that something is terribly wrong with regard to NASA's scripted responses; I have received nearly identical (scripted) replies to nearly all of my inquires, as essentially stating the same exact wording to the effect that what I'm seeing is only that of "lava flow, erosion and rock as commonly found elsewhere on Venus". Now however, when I replied, asking for their specific documentation regarding those other such areas on Venus or for that matter from that of any NASA imaging taken of any other planet, moon and even including Earth as offering anything remotely similar in the way of such naturally formed elements so collected and arranged as those I have discovered within "GUTH Venus",, will,, it seems the line goes dead (no further response), hmmmmmm. Therefore, because I can not seem to acquire those "NASA point of view" images, then I can only believe we are all being intentionally put off and/or at the very least mislead by NASA as well as their highly entrenched mole population.

Good public relations, and/or the perception of such should be highly valued by NASA because, as nearly all of it's funding is somewhat based upon public as well as foreign support along with the perception that all or at least most of the investments are being wisely managed. Remember, that our cold wars were and are still highly dependent upon perceptions, and we are quite good at that, and perhaps NASA may some day become known as truly the king of all perception masters.

I truly believe that somehow NASA simply overlooked this find on Venus, and if this being the case would be a most damaging and wide sweeping departmental embarrassment issue (with the only possible exception of those apparently not so well documented nor photographed Apollo landings, however I believe the jury is still out on this one).

Until lately I was under the impression that NASA was charged first of all with landing equipment and men on our own moon and then into exploring our solar system, along with everything that could remotely (some day) become of value to humanity (besides giving computer users great wallpaper or that of offering our military and NSA strategic preemptive advantages). Now however, I have become somewhat influenced and concerned by what has been written and stated with regard to NSA/NASA/DoD/CIA and other space related agencies, from those suggesting some rather sinister agendas, and then also that of some rather significant coverups or at the very least that of information withholding of sufficient time so that all involved are either quite dead or simply too sickly to ever be questioned or punished. I can't help recalling what happened to that original Apollo safety engineer and his entire family, as here again, apparently NASA can't even properly hire someone charged with fundamental safety issues, sufficiently educated and thereby aware of what a "train" looks like or what the dire consequence are upon impact. Makes one wonder.

I am hoping this is not going to become the case with regard to achieving further research and discovery work towards resolving my Venus discovery, and for one really big reason; As compared to so many other NASA adventures, I believe we can most easily afford a return to Venus, and with what I would have to believe is that of far better NSA quality instrumentation, possibly another robotic landing or multiple landings including manned. We already have this equipment technology and the means by which to deploy it, plus quite likely the support of other nations (such as Russia) should be more then willing to offer their technology and support, that is of course, if they are ever officially informed of this opportunity in the first place (at the present day pay scale, we should be able to get nearly 100:1 out of every dollar).

Now apparently, NASA has recently taken up their latest official position that they do not in any manner represent the foundation of establishing any scientific truths, as apparently they only report or disclose on what others make of their mission data, and that furthermore, NASA is somehow merely the providers of the braille mission vehicles and therefore not in any respect the least bit responsible nor accountable to the taxpayers (or Congress) for any potentially viable discoveries or oversights nor that of even the reporting of such relevant issues as the first ever discovery of new "LIFE" existing on the planet Venus. I can't but wonder who in the hell is making up all those ten's of thousands of (taxpayer funded) web pages and then also supporting and thereby filtering all of those archived mission results, results supposedly establishing "truths" which NASA apparently had nothing whatsoever to do with establishing. Maybe this explains why NASA knows nothing about any Apollo photo negatives or for that matter the missing successful lunar-lander test flight footage, must have been all those outside scientific research communities that absconded and disposed of them as will as all those other worthy items of evidence. Damdest thing, those so called independent scientific research communities, I guess you simply can't trust anyone these days.

Unfortunately, for an agency supposedly (now all of the sudden) so unrelated to establishing "truths", as NASA is now claiming to represent, they sort of have total domination over the vast majority of exploration informational and research related publications as well as nearly the entire web. From my short experience, they occupy influence on will over 95% of what's out there, via direct management thereof and/or content oversight of every space/exploration research publication and essentially every web based information/research community, and thereby able to arbitrarily hold others taught to their privet (internal) standards, by the simple threat of withholding support and/or sponsorship, but also by introducing and enforcing that "non-disclosure" policy issue. What's left of truly serious space exploration documentation (not influenced by NASA's standards) is apparently not relevant to being of any threat to NASA. So I am not sure, but there could be just a little too much conflict of interest here.

My newest and truly annoying questions are these:

Why has it been so difficult over the past several months to simply contact those most capable and interested in further exploiting this Venus opportunity ?

Is nearly every NASA department and researcher shallow and so insecure that they are unable to accept the challenge of anything new ?

Why is it so difficult to believe that a race of intelligent soles constructed something on the planet Venus ?

Why has NASA been so intent upon disqualifying this discovery, or otherwise so blind ?

What do you believe the best NASA support work-around might happen to be ?

Can you work with others and me so as to answer all these and several other apparently stupid questions (without being restricted/punished by NASA's "non-disclosure") ?

Where exactly is the back or side doors into the real brains of true (non NSA/CIA/DoD agenda) space exploration research ?

I would have thought looking closely at our planets was far more then just gathering pretty (multi-million dollar) photos for computer backgrounds (wallpaper), and furthermore, that our interpreting of these incredibly costly images was what NASA as well as privet research was all about. Anymore, I am beginning to think not, if only to be judging by those NASA moles at uplink.space.com and their highly regimented/orchestrated form of negative support and/or outright idea bashing, and so it should be of no surprise that I am no longer believing there is anything further to be gained, at least that need be offered to or even shared with some of these highly controlled so called NASA support resources.

Unlike those NASA moles, I am looking forward to working with any true (open minded) researchers and space explorers, and also willing to share all that I know and above all I will recognize and protect their abilities and responsible research. Basically I am looking for better tools and resources. For my support, please e-mail or call any time (253) 857-6061 __ (Brad Guth) E-mail: bradguth@yahoo.com

For the very latest "GUTH Venus" images and further updates; goto: http://geocities.com/bradguth