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( at this point "truth" is apparently not an option )

Trust me; sooner or later it will just happen because, you and I are not from the generation that for some reason needed to pull off the ruse of the century. For now, no matters how relevant and essential as to getting past all that has happened, truths will simply have to wait.

I recently took a fairly good hard look at the facts and, this is where I thought we could at least locate something justifying some part of the cold-war.

So far, no such luck. As of yet, I simply can't justify the cold-war nor can I or NASA prove that we in fact landed a man on our moon. Where exactly are all those documents and therefore "extraordinary proof" which so clearly established the threats from the USSR as well as that of our landing on the moon.

There are plenty of carefully worded NASA documents and of those not so great photos, somewhat OK except for the fact that we are missing that all essential "extraordinary proof" factor, such as access to those original negatives as well as the technical documentation and movie films of our (1/6th gravity) scaled test flights of those lunar landers. Then there is a bit much of a peculiar void as to anything dealing with our having the only teams of hybrid radiation proof astronauts, especially those of Apollo-16, at 10+ full body rads (that which is at least double the potentially lethal exposure for you or myself, where you or I would soon become bald and perhaps even in need of some new bone marrow).

I've located all sorts of American and ally types (on paper) willing to put every USSR citizen to their death over apparently nothing whatsoever, at least from any honest perceived threat of which I can place any truth into, however, I've otherwise not identified one official USSR publication, nor that of any first-strike invasion plan worthy of the degree of investment and humanitarian impact which our cold-wars have inflicted upon both sides. How can this be?

Our US forces had at their disposal, then we frequently practiced upon, all sorts of carefully published "how to" manuals with respect to invading and basically taking over the USSR, of which there unfortunately would have been few living Russians to deal with plus, there was a fairly certain fact that at least half of us would be out of the way as well. Our nearly daily over-flights of spying upon, frequent submarine invasions and later actual mock thermal-nuclear task force invasions which nearly got our butts wiped (upon more then one occasion and thoroughly against UN treaties), were apparently fairly good examples of what not to do, especially towards someone capable of returning the favor. Lucky for us and, unlike our NSA/CIA/DoD, those Russians had darn good intelligence that made most of our threats impudent (from what we now know, an actual attack on our part would have been a total disaster because, they would have known before most of our troops knew what was going down).

As a result of my search for the holy grails of such "extraordinary proof", I've located all sorts of believable documents upon their purely defensive capabilities and intentions, however, our infamous crack teams of NSA/CIA/DoD have not yet come up with one single invasion threat, only that of defensive actions and, most of that was purely on account of the ongoing threats we Americans were imposing, sometimes in their face upon a daily basis. We basically had them scared to death because, they probably knew that we were perhaps stupid enough to actually try something.

So I'm to guess; as to what I had discovered (as to life existing on the planet Venus), this was apparently not the real discovery after all.
GUTH Venus:

Somehow our past is so out of whack and, that's clearly what's been keeping the good things in our future from happening. And, now our NASA/NSA/DoD cloak and dagger relationships have become at risk of being exposed, along with that a recall price tag that is going to become rather steep, however, at this point "truth" is apparently not an option. Perhaps we simply can't afford to become honest at this time, especially just after receiving our 9/11 "get well" message.

Somehow, I thought that a discovery worthy of "LIFE" existing on another planet, especially of one so close and obtainable with that of our existing technology (at the very least "first contact" worthy), was something uplifting and positive and even fully capable of supporting if not best reconciling the ongoing and past mistakes of our NASA/NSA/DoD agendas. Apparently this is not so, not even a hundred trillion worth of commercial enterprise dollars as a result of the "GUTH Venus" discoveries is going to be sufficient.

Power, greed and arrogance are altogether far too much for most Americans to do without. Far too many high ranking soles are still so into this cold-war effort, as to become and then maintaining false perceptions, so much so that apparently any price tag is not too high (humanity included). A good example is 9/11, but that's just something that's happened lately. Try going back a few years, with open eyes and a brain. If you still can't figure out why so many have become to hate our guts, then I certainly can't help you and, my research and discovery of life on Venus is simply not going to make one damn difference.

Please understand something; I never thought for a minute that anyone would have to research and discover so much other, just in order to properly define the true meaning(s) of "extraordinary proof". Now I'm almost sorry I did that, even though it fully explains why there has not been perceptive progress as with any regard to NASA taking any role towards the "GUTH Venus" opportunities...

As Americans, I feel we're all loosing out upon a great deal of rational resolve. It's one thing as to making a few mistakes, but quite another as to further layer upon those perceptions as entirely risky business, where the price tag has become an unacceptable loss of humanity (not to mention time and resources), as perhaps that of our own lives (just ask those survivors of 9/11 and, there are many other worthy examples of where not to be and/or of what not to ever do again).

If you can fine the heart and time as to reading through other pages, mostly those dealing with various opportunities as represented by the "GUTH Venus" discoveries, I'll certainly try a bit harder at accepting your comments and suggestions. I'm certain that I'll have something for nearly anyone willing to accept the fact that NASA is not a god and certainly not worthy of their every accomplishment and then remembering, such issues certainly are not a slap upon those hard at work, doing exactly if not more then their part, as to giving America and the world something to be proud of.

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