The Basics about Venus

Also the basics about skewed science and skewed physics

( by; Brad Guth / IEIS    updated: December 12, 2002 )
Morals?  what stinking morals, morals don't apply, we're better then God, we're team NASA

GUTH Venus has become sort of like those Canadian "Blue Ice" diamond fields, always existing but oddly kept intentionally invisible to the thousands of folks that have walked directly upon them and, apparently still invisible to those having no faith in what others claim is there to be taken. Apparently it takes an honest Canadian to discover and appreciate what's there to behold.

Only because others supposedly more qualified are seemingly afraid to say much of anything positive on behalf of Venus, that which might help us to focus limited resources and subsequently understand truths and, secondly are those unwilling to accept that their precious NASA is not what they've believed it to be, where basically I seem to have been placed into this void or artificial "black hole" of "nondisclosure" or bust. In spite of such odds, I'm openly providing my interpretations of what's existing on Venus (not just everywhere about, only at the specific elevated sites of GUTH Venus, so far there's at least three sites) along with some worthy considerations towards estimating upon application/usage and of the likely science/physics that could further support my conjectures. Because I'm being considered and treated as the village idiot here, I've also been from the very start asking of others to offer their opinions and supposedly better educated ideas or guesses as to what's existing, as when I see those complex reservoirs, a number of symmetrically arranged spherical storage tanks, what looks exactly as a bridge, most likely as an airship and it's associated silo/hangar and of so many other structural considerations as indicating a community of interrelated infrastructure, I would expect others smarter then I should see something other, along with their ideas and expertise as to why any of it exist and, of how that might have been utilized, obviously supported by whatever science and means of physics.

To my initial surprise (this was before I ever connected the opposition into ulterior motives, the cold-war and all sorts of hidden agendas associated with NASA/NSA/DoD), oddly I received but only orchestrated bashings and/or disinformation by those claiming as being superior in every department and, I believe that includes their claim (backed by no substance whatsoever) of superiority as in aerial photography, photo software as well as photographic interpretations along with the science, physics, astrophysics, geology and of whatever else fits in between. So, where exactly are their better ideas and expertise? I'll gladly tell you where, it's been in the toilet all along, originally right next to that toilet paper that has been recently outlawed by NASA because, that toilet paper as a informant modem could be utilized to smuggle out secrets of the what the grand ruse of the century was all about, thus for the last three plus decades, I believe there's been no toilet paper allowed in or out of NASA (makes you wounder how their butts are doing these days).

Since the grand overall consensus is that everything possible that's existing is absolutely natural on Venus, so obviously there's little need to elaborate further upon that end of the doom and glume spectrum. I totally concur that at least most (the vast bulk) of everything is quite natural, I believe smoking hot as well, as that's clearly what helped to distinguish the other as being so out of character and thereby as being more likely artificial, however, anyone can certainly offer their expertise as to what's existing as most likely being artificial or not and, subsequently informing others and myself upon what if any of that could otherwise represent, where hopefully that's in terms of one's (life NOT as we know it) surviving on a toasty hot greenhouse planet (my ideas may be good but, they're certainly are not written in stone nor are they the word of God like my opponents insistence of purely doom and glume seem to be).

Basically, if you don't believe in random creation, further disregard chance as well as everything evolution, don't trust faith as in the survival of the fittest, selectively ignore relevant science and physics, then obviously there's little chance of life surviving anywhere, including Earth.

At this juncture, I'm beginning to look at Venus as "early Earth", as where geologically it's quite active and of whatever species is obviously having to go through tough times, sort of like Earth's multiple ice ages and then of most likely whatever big ass space rock encounters, where each catastrophic event essentially pressed Earth's "RESET" button and, life sort of started over, each time with just a wee bit more DNA code for survival of the fittest. On, Venus, they're obviously having to go through their hot cycle, which by the way did not happen over night (even though on Venus that's 2900+ hours worth of nighttime), but more likely over thousands of years worth of transition from being just cozy warm to becoming downright toasty hot.

I realize that my trustworthy opponents, if they were ever situated on the same sort of planet going into greenhouse mode (like Earth for example), they would not have lifted a finger as to surviving (before it even hit 325K, rolled over and dided right there on the spot), let alone helping others to survive. But that's to be expected, as they're bonafide all American pricks and as such, pricks don't even deserve to live at 295K, so good riddance.

So, my quest has not been out looking for negatives, as Venus obviously holds onto more negatives then you can shake a flaming stick at and, because that direction of exploration and purely vindictively negative research would simply be "off topic". Since every other soul within and/or associated with Club NASA is so absolutely certain the existing record should stand, what would possibly be the point of my accepting the status quo as God's final word. Considering what I've uncovered, it seems entirely right if not an obligation for me to question the ulterior motives, as well as the morals of those attempting to scuttle the GUTH Venus discoveries. Seems it's my obligation to keep pressing those buttons until something happens. Of course, if I had sufficient funding of my own, I would not have to go about pushing those other buttons, as I could build and push my own damn buttons, I would even outright own my own VL2 mission as well as for any thing that followed and, perhaps even screw whatever the UN space treaty stipulates, I would certainly place and defend my claim upon Venus, as not to pillage and plunder upon it but as to keeping the likes of Earth's swine as far away as possible. Who knows, for that effort they might even make me their God, that alone ought to be worth the trip.

Instead of honest and considerate efforts from those pro-NASA wizards, mostly what I've received is their outright bashings as well as their focused efforts at "spin" and "damage control", tailored as to protecting NASA's reputation (whatever's left of that), which is entirely odd because, such a good number of the discovered attributes are obviously not so natural, at least not supported by even their own expertise as being entirely natural, which would have merely required at least an Earthly SAR imaged example that proves it possible for such artificial looking patterns to have been created by the natural active geology of a planet and, as not otherwise contributed to by that of any intelligence. Unfortunately, my esteemed opponents have big-time failed from the very start to provide this form of argument/support, sort of like those Apollo images offering not one original space radiated and thermally shocked negative, nor a rash of other research documentation standards by which logical science and physics survives the test of time (Apollo is somewhat like forcing "cold fusion" down everyone's gullet [some damn near accomplished that feat], where those photographic sciences and whatever physics had to be entirely rewritten [even if woefully unsubstantiated] because of those Apollo missions, but then SAR imaging is simply not impacted by the same sorts of things as film and, SAR offers none of the associated drawbacks of film nor of camera, so that any SAR of Earth is "tit for tat" essentially equal to SAR imaging of Venus).

I'll suppose, if I were not so aware of the nature of what SAR imaging has to offer, then I could not have appreciated the imaging potential of the Magellan mission; but behold, I do understand the differences and of the many associated benefits of what SAR imaging has to offer, like ten fold better then of anything purely photographic, that which pushes the per pixel worth right off the charts as compared to anything purely photographic.

If I had never owned commercial photographic equipment, never taken aerial photos, never developed my own 70mm format film, never printed directly from those original negatives, never enlarged anything so as to obtain more information, never interpreted for others what was there to be seen, in other words had no photographic equipment nor expertise whatsoever, then I would be like most of my critics and as such, equally disqualified from being a valid researcher and/or critic; but I do have those experiences and as such the first hand expertise and, I can tell the differences between what's most likely natural and of what's most likely artificial, be that of an image acquired of Earth, Mars or Venus, much easier yet if that original image was of certified digital SAR format (especially the sort of NSA spy imaging capability associated with the Magellan mission).

If I were otherwise unaware of the perspective viewing angle by which the image was obtained, then here again, others and I would have been less able to have pulled useful information (natural or otherwise), at least not to the degree as was possible;  knowing the 43 degree imaging perspective means a good deal of what's depicted offers 3D depth and as such, represents additional truths that supports information unobtainable by conventional 2D (typically plan view) photographic imaging, where good perspective viewing always beats plan view imaging by a huge margin and, where SAR imaging is essentially photographic's on steroids (sort of "Superman" vision).

As far as planetary features are concerned;  the vast majority of astronomy and even astrophysics types are at a loss for such, as their personal image expertise is seldom if ever having to include actual geological features let alone of anything the least bit artificial, after all, according to my esteemed critics, the one and only planet that holds anything the least bit artificial is Earth and, most critics (so far that's all of them) can't even support their claims of everything existing on Venus as being so freaking natural, as that based upon the vast known (SAR imaged) geological data base of nearly everything natural/artificial Earth has to offer, then besides all of that predicament, most critics have little if any aerial imaging experience, nor are they the least bit qualified to discredit the work of others, yet they devote their tax paid for and/or tax educated efforts into bashing whatever GUTH Venus has to offer, where I suppose that's just out of wholesome tradition and/or out of spite because I'm now a devout NASA atheist.

Regarding the available energies of Venus;  If the knowledge base of planetary energy signatures was to be publicized (of which Venus never was sufficiently established nor is there even a current cataloging effort at disclosing much of anything Venus) and, openly acknowledged as truths based upon the most current data that's supported by approved science and physics, then of whatever further related science and astrophysics communities would certainly have had a good number of preliminary clues as to the possibility of other life. Having such knowledge upon viable planetary energy resources, that issue alone would have given sufficient (just) cause to look more critically at those Magellan images in the first place (like starting as of 13 years ago). I mean after all, since our knowledge base of science and physics hasn't altered all that much over the past 13 years, with such blatant energy potentials existing in plain sight, all sorts of solutions are seemingly available for supporting life, at least for life NOT as we know it, as to the reasonably open minded and, especially by those claiming as being so perfectly right all the time, yet also claiming as being non-NASA/Borg.

For another perfectly good example;  from our long understandings about the planetary energy signatures of Mars (like how about zilch), in this instance there's certainly little cause as to expect our ever identifying upon anything artificial, especially going by the general understanding and/or consensus being that recent Mars is not cooling itself off, thereby of the most likely recent history of Mars is that of being previously only much colder and thus all the more energy deprived then exist today. Our best open minded understanding of what a pathetic (near lunar) 0.006 bar atmosphere of essentially frozen CO2 atmosphere means, there's darn little if any life process that could have evolved with any certainty, at least without a good deal of luck and/or applied technology, as still there's been no signs whatsoever of any such alien technology (like a furnace or even the remains of such). This is not saying that microbes could not exist, as that would be illogical as well as extremely disappointing after we've invested those hundreds of billions towards acquiring potentially lethal microbes, then of risking so much talent towards exploiting whatever frozen Mars has to offer (btw; whenever we establish a manned Mars landing site, there's going to become an energy signature that's to become a serious hot spot on the landscape, where satellite detection wise, this base camp hot spot is going to clearly indicate the presents of our life as well as those massive energy plumes or signatures associated may even be detectable from Hubble, at least that's what should occur if we were to place a crew of 310K humanoids within a 210K environment).

Venus on the other hand, this toasty planet already offers an abundance of various energy signatures, those accessible and easily convertible into any number of other forms of energy, as well as for obtaining the most essential elements, including the recent technology/knowledge of CO2-->CO/O2, for which there's plenty of that already toasty CO2 to work with, as well as a good number of other natural energy resources by which to power the conversion technology. There's so much energy potential just within the vertical CO2 and thermal differentials, that of a mission to Venus (once situated on the surface) could easily become self sufficient with mega watts of energy to spare, thus from little more then the raw vertical kinetic energy technology and possibly the initial N2/H2 insulated shelter and/or of rigid airship need be delivered from Earth (naturally, that's only if we can't simply rent whatever is already there).

Unlike the Mars sort of cold (especially as from a pathetically thin CO2 chill), as contrary to every NASA moderated publication upon Venus, heat is simply not a problem and it's certainly not the villain, it's a valid resource as well as a perfectly good solution that needs understanding and exploitation. Denying the possibility for others to realize upon these rather obvious keys to unlocking life's supporting energy resources, as well as of those rather enormous kinetic potentials of what such an abundance of CO2 has to offer, this again would be like everyone knowingly walking away from those Canadian Blue Ice diamond fields, without a second thought as to what's just below their feet, thus allowing the rest of the world to move right in. For all intents and purposes, that's exactly what NASA is doing about Venus, absolutely nothing about what it should be doing and, therefore the rest of the world can walk right in because, NASA is too involved with pressing matters, such as avoiding the hangman's noose.

As far as I'm concerned, NASA must die, then be replaced or reinstated as GASA and, if need be I'll call the shots and appoint the sort of individuals capable of remaining free of any NSA/DoD agendas. There are plenty of countries capable and interested in hosting GASA, like Cuba, China, Germany and so on. Who the hell needs NASA, especially if that's going to continue as a cloak for NSA/DoD agendas and thus creating targets for reprisals against America? Who the hell needs that sort of self inflicted agony? Whom would intentionally want to continue with that sort of moral irresponsibility?

As for good old Venus;  I would suppose having the motivation and desire of living, as to seeing and/or perhaps avoiding another long season of day, could have inspired certain individuals (lizardkind or otherwise) into action, thus the evolution of life as well as advancements in intelligence would certainly have been focused upon valid objectives. On Earth are a good number of examples where sufficiently motivated objectives worked just fine and, more often then not were where other intentions failed in more ways then one, such as for a good deal of Earth's life, as where much failed to the point of extinction while others succeeded in spite of what those going extinct had to say. I'm thinking NASA will soon become extinct, thus providing another fine example of "what not to do" and/or perhaps simply whom not to listen to, where those agencies such as ESA and of honest individuals associated are likely going to advance in spite of what the extinction of NASA influenced upon the past and may yet influence upon the near future (you simply can not rely upon smoke and mirrors forever).

As I have previously stated for the record;  heat is simply not a problem, it's a solution that's certainly a whole lot better then cold, unless you're really arrogant as well as thoroughly stupid and have not clue as to much of anything (science/physics title or not). Benefits, such as having the abundance of toasty CO2 is the solution as for obtaining CO/O2, as well as for supporting all those mega tones of clouds which just so happens to reinforce that planet's only solar flare radiation shield (it's far better being hot then radiated to death), as well as for obtaining the 64+kg/m3 worth of buoyancy that subsequently offers efficient access into those cool nighttime clouds for essential element gathering and subsequent distillation/mining of H2O, thus life's basic needs are nearly complete, where the needs of many are those met through the application of life supporting technology that's really not all that complex nor different from Earth technology, as a similar analogy to what's been applied for sustaining life aboard submarines as well as for a good number of other considerations. Unfortunately, as for my pro-NASA opponents focused upon bashing absolutely everything Venus, this ongoing discovery of a great number of artificial attributes existing on Venus is simply a good example of their crack departments of "duh!" totally losing this one, as due to their very own policy of "nitch departmentisation" and of their on going cloaking needs for sustaining absolute "nondisclosure" and, unfortunately there are countless examples of NSA/DoD associations that currently must invoke "nondisclosure" for obvious indictment avoidance reasons.

As well documented within our past history;  truth is often (if ever) revealed once all the original perpetrators are dead, as well as their partners and relatives are either dead or dying, as then and only then will portions of truth become known. Unfortunately, there's not enough computer memory nor paper as to document all of the past indiscretions. Somehow I believe that only a true mobster "Godfather" figure would ever need such "nondisclosure" protection and subsequent isolation from the truth. Obviously this NSA/DoD of cloak and dagger environment skews science and physics into the toilet (Apollo for another fine example), where the truth(s) of what could and most likely does exist on Venus continues to fall within that "nondisclosure" toilet zone, instead of within the zone of life.

In addition to what I already thought was possible, if I were to have further researched (as I did) throughout the extensive archives of NASA and of their associated institutions of supposedly higher learning, as to discover that there were no science nor physics of obtaining electrons from heat, nor of potential CO2 conversions nor kinetic energies to be derived from the massive densities of CO2 as well as from the vertical differentials obtained from the dynamics of such pressure and thermodynamics of what that Venus lower atmosphere offers, then realized there were no viable alternatives that could produce cold or negative BTUs from within a warm to hot environment (given the situation and raw elements at hand), then I would have guessed that there would have been little if any argument worthy of sustaining life on Venus. However folks, even if all the previous was somehow true (which of course it's not), then the existence of such worthy artificial attributes would merely have been those restricted to the pre-greenhouse era of Venus, which is still of far more worth than all of what NASA stands for as well as far more then all of what NASA's supporters stand for. But folks, or fools, or worse, as whatever loyal opponents until your death, you obviously either don't have a clue about when you're being snookered by the best and/or, perhaps you're an even bigger fool and worse village idiot then even I've thought possible.

It's one thing for the original ruse perpetrators to instinctively hide behind skewed science and skewed physics (best to distort and/or lose the incriminating evidence altogether, as then there's apparently no crime), however it's certainly quite another issue when others inside as well as outside of that smelly NASA box are knowingly aware of truths and yet they continue to standby watching while Rome burns, doing nothing to intervene (a good many seemingly cheering those bastards onward) and thereby being nearly as guilty if not more so (most perpetrators prefer having an audience to perform for), as well as morally responsible for the outcome. Without getting too melodramatic, in modern civilized society that's most often referred to as 2nd degree mass murder and even more recently being referred to as that of a self proclaimed terrorist. Regarding so much of what's recently gone terribly wrong with this planet, especially that directly linked to NASA's cloaking on behalf of those NSA/DoD hidden agendas, that's certainly a lot of bloody carnage and wrongful deaths to morally contend with (I too would hide if my butt were on the line).

If your correct idea of science and physics is to brown nose your way through life, sucking up to the posteriors of those pretentious bastards responsible for so much of what's gone so terribly wrong and, otherwise obviously focused upon spending or supporting others upon spending hundreds to thousands of times greater amounts upon missions and of goals either unobtainable to humanity and/or of contributing nothing whatsoever towards Earth sciences, then try not being all that miffed nor surprised when I categorize upon your moral impudence as being arrogant as well as entirely responsible to those that unfortunately couldn't get out of your stinking way before all of hell broke lose (like the 6-day war and of the USS LIBERTY fiasco, like 9/11 and perhaps flight 800 and so on throughout so much of American as well as to a great extent associated with that of our ally history and, best of all folks, it's looking as though the future holds a few more surprises, unless you're sufficiently inside that smelly box and know pretty much exactly what going down, like those getting the "save your butt" message, sufficiently prior to flight 107).

I've certainly stated this one before;  GUTH Venus is a solid win-win for humanity. Obviously that definition of humanity does not include the sort of bastards nor of their cheering sponsors or of Borg NASA comrades and pro-NASA followers. Apparently their skewed idea of being morally correct and somewhat scientifically true enough, is still somewhere within that smelly NASA/NSA/DoD box, where the rotting stench has become far better then of any germ warfare, becoming Frankenstein genetics on steroids, where their superior DNA has been intentionally altered to suit whatever has been lacking in any department of morals, thus creating and backing of those intentionally choosing lies and distortions as for formulating and publishing disinformation above facts and, if need be over the deaths of others, before ever allowing truth out of the box just any old day of the week (nice sort of folks to keep away from, as far away as possible).

Unless there's something terribly wrong with yourself, you can read that I'm not the best story writer, perhaps somewhat below the worst is more likely the opinion of those attempting to read much of anything into these pages. Though documentary delivery is hardly one of my talents and, fortunately for NASA, I have zilch worth of funding as to correct upon any of that, perhaps that's so far so good, as for being exactly the desire of NASA as well as the ultimate objective of their moles, that of seeing my efforts going up in smoke. Unfortunately, no matters how bad the grammar or syntax, no matters how crude my humor and irregardless of how many thousands of honest mistakes I've made (with more to come), the discoveries and essential facts are still true, just as the motives of those attempting to slam my efforts into the mat are equally true to life, as well as death. There I go again, I've confused the living hell out of nearly anyone attempting to calibrate upon my true agenda. Well, that could the problem, I don't seem to have an ulterior agenda, I certainly don't have the secret funding of NSA/DoD to pull off a grand ruse, nor the cloak of NASA so as to making the public and thoroughly snookered Senate Appropriations committees think I'm some sort of God, especially not of the scale and wonderment of Apollo, even though "GUTH Venus" is worth considerably far more, like a magnitude 5 above anything Apollo. Who should care if we've walked or not upon the moon, other life seems vastly more important and could even become the salvation for Earth, wouldn't that just piss off a pro-NASA Borg to no end.

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