Illusions are in the eye of the beholder

(Change is never a good thing for all involved, as sometimes evolution is a total leap of faith)

As equally opposed to change of any sort (especially if that change doesn't line each of our pockets with great quantities of cold hard cash), as you and I can certainly favor and continue to believe of whatever we like about the planet Venus, as perhaps just as easily relying upon NASA's moderated bible, which clearly stipulates it's hot and nasty beyond human tolerances (as though that matters).

For the most part, I couldn't agree more, as even the past midnight season of 620K at the elevated sites of GUTH Venus (sites 1, 2 or 3) is quite toasty but, just above that surface is where this nighttime seasonal atmospheric ocean is getting itself much cooler and thus transfers off a great deal of that surface heat, by which it has 2900 hours worth as to cooling itself off and besides that, didn't you already know, with any regard to an atmospheric gas and even of most fluids, pressure nearly always tempers whatever temperature there is into a lesser coefficient. In other words, it's not nearly as hot-hot-hot as you and most others consider as being hot. In fact, at the pressure of 75+bar and 620K, blood does not boil, as well as for number of other substances as fluids will not boil off (H2O2 for example as well as for H2SO4). That's not saying those substances as fluids are not sufficiently hot, just like here on Earth at 1 bar and of receiving 170F (350K) from the hot water tap is considered too hot for most human skin, where a 1+ second exposure does damage. However, even on Earth there are creatures that'll sustain life near boiling while at one atmosphere and, under great pressure there's life far exceeding 212F (373K) and surviving upon less than 0.1% O2.

Even if you're legally blind, but none the less employed as an official NASA image interpreter (thus can't see for yourself what's existing in plain sight). So, what's your honest point as to be delivering upon all the doom and gloom of being anti-everything about Venus, or just explain why all of the orchestrated fuss applied against planetary evolution and otherwise difficulty with understanding other life NOT as we know it?

I personally find those opposing such notions to also be opposing any number of other factors that don't coincide with their religion, especially if that's a pagan cash-cow religion of Lord NASA and, even more so if it's something obstructing another NSA/DoD agenda. So, please tell me what part of the phrase "life NOT as we know it" that you do not understand?

Apparently, many if not all of my critics do not realize that most life as we know of circulates it's bodily fluids under an internal cloak of pressure (of course you knew that), thus more able to cope with whatever the external temperature and of pressure that fully equalizes, where it seems only natural to believe that of any evolved species managing to survive the thousands if not million+ years worth of Venus becoming so greenhouse, that such an evolved form of life would have adapted (in physiology as well as intellectually) in order to survive, perhaps even doing such in spite of our self-inflicted arrogance and outright stupidity, as how can astrophysics and exobiology even suggest otherwise?

I may need to ask the obvious; If you're being a true anti-everything Venus critic, are you perchance one of those know it all's, stipulating that if it were to be getting too damn hot on Earth, that you yourself would do nothing whatsoever as to circumventing and/or resolving the necessary technology as to improving your chances of surviving, let alone helping anyone around yourself survive?

In addition to blood among other fluids being under internal pressure and, of that fluid most likely further protected under a rather nifty exoskeletal format of platelets and/or scales, there's also something truly nifty about all that toasty CO2, that's surrounding as being so thermally conductive, as it's also being what's equally efficient for reverse transfer of whatever internal heat back to the external environment. However, if such other life is cold blooded (perhaps on Venus this analogy should be referred to as being hot blooded), then it's certainly the other way around, where heat is sort of being injested and/or absorbed for the needs of sustaining a life NOT as we know it.

BTW; I'm not the one inferring that just because there's a good deal of pressure available, that that's all there is in the Venus equation, as obviously the near surface of the sun offers a much greater amount of atmospheric pressure but, there are thermonuclear limits to what pressure alone can compensate for, just as with the opposit being true of what's either so hot or cold about Mercury and otherwise frozen and radiated to death about Mars, whereas such thin atmospheres are far more than just insufficient for resolving either the hot and/or cold reasons for whatever life is otherwise having a truly tough time of it, as even along with a good deal of technology there's quite little to work with, not to mention the notably high order of radiation influx.

So, perhaps yourself and others need to keep telling me what to think, as to whatever opposing laws of science and physics that otherwise seem to hold a great deal of promise towards those lizard folks of Venus and, of the otherwise upholding skewed laws of just surviving here on Earth, which have become more stressed and unreliable by the day, especially if you're one of those trying to support the Apollo missions. Here again, I'm not specifically stipulating there's any problem with those Apollo missions, I'm just not smart enough to figure out how in the hell those were ever managed, at least not from the limited science and physics knowledge that I've been exposed to, or not to mention the sheer lack of there not being any definitive proof offered by others that must be a whole lot smarter than myself (words obviously don't count, lets see that clumping asphalt moon soil, those thermally stressed and radiated negatives and above all else, lets see those films and other documentation of the 1/6th gravity lunar landers). Seems quite odd that there's not a single aviation article upon a successfully functional lander that's purely rocket powered and capable of being demonstrated here on Earth.

Leaning myself away from what's so utterly absurd about all those Apollo issues, instead focusing towards the positive side of things, I've since researched into biology in order to self-determine if in fact there exist any recorded physiological laws of science or physics that somehow prohibits life from evolving and thereby adapting as to existing at 75+bar, as well as for their surviving the onset of the greenhouse era into the present day thermal oven environment of mostly CO2 at 620K but, so far there's been no cigar as far as excluding upon such life, or perhaps I should refrain from using that analogy phrase as any scientific qualifier, since I'm a non-smoker and as such, I wouldn't know what to do with any cigar, even if someone gave me one.

Of skewed science, skewed physics and of skewed history, by which so many cling to their personal illusions, taking your pick of whom to believe in, whom to trust and of whom to follow, or perhaps by selecting a fresh new route worth something to humanity and perhaps even worth something to those lizard folks of Venus, that is of course, if those Venus heathens dare allow our intervention and likely contamination (I'm not certain I would, especially if I were Cathar), even though this opportunity will most likely enlighten our soles and only improve chances of surviving our own greenhouse and/or for learning more about how humans can travel any distance in space without our being radiated to death, that's even if we're encased by 20 mm of aluminum, which is oddly still way insufficient by any internationally accepted standard (since it's damn hard to pack along your own Van Allen belts), where a full meter worth of said aluminum is actually what's needed.

On the other hand or perhaps nocturnal claw, regarding evolution and of what's within that nocturnal beholding eye; I've recently learned a great deal about the eye, of it's cone and rod cells, of those greater densities of cells being of nocturnals having a vast increase in their numbers of said rods and of cone cells that are capable of seeing well into the UV spectrum, at least down to 300 nm and of having their peak sensitivity at perhaps 450 nm instead of human's at 555 nm (since little above 650 nm makes it's way through those thick clouds), not to mention of what having more optical lens as input area delivers in the way of raw photons. Thus it's not only quite possible but most likely of evolution on Venus to have developed such capability in order to deal with an existence of their residing within a season of nighttime. Since there's so much ambient IR in the form of relatively uniform background heat (except for sensing geothermal stuff), there's little reason to consider the IR spectrum as visually being of much worth towards surviving in such a hot and nasty place.

Actually it's not all that nasty, at least as far as elevated surface wise, as none of that sulphur is an active acid, merely representing another harmless crystal powder and, because there's darn little H2O and even less of any free O2 about to cause unwanted oxidisation or least of all spontaneous combustion, thus lack of any corrosion or oxidising of even raw polished mild steel could remain mirror like for centuries, not to mention the sheer safety factor of just about anything representing a petrochemical fuel like substance. The heat of 620K certainly isn't any problem for alloy steels (we could take that issue all the way to 950K), nor of iron, nor glass and certainly neither pyrex or of anything ceramic is not a proprietary Earth thing. Of whatever heat there is, thankfully it's mostly about conduction mode, being one of the easiest to resolve issues that'll obviously improve one's chances of surviving, especially via H2/N2 as thermal isolation/insulation capable of obtaining R-200 if not better. I believe I've more than proven a number of energy solutions that even this village idiot could devise, energy that's derived mostly easily from the atmospheric pressure differential that'll make a darn good case for powering various CO2 heat exchanging, not to mention unlimited CO2-->CO/O2 production.

If there's science and/or physics that stipulates otherwise, I certainly haven't located such. Thus in your spare time, please feel free as to pointing out such discrepancies in my knowledge, by offering references to specific laws of science and physics before your knee-jerk Borg like instincts challenge my findings, as I'm just as willing to learn if you are.

If you're one of those that insist upon believing that the Hindenburg was somehow destroyed by H2 or by any sort of spontaneous combustion, or if you wanted to believe that the Russian SST simply failed it's debut because of inferior technology and, if you wanted to believe that all of those tens of thousands of 6-Day war prisoners simply walked freely into the desert as never to being heard from again, or how about those Cathars sort of leaving town without a forwarding address, then you should by all means go right along pretending in Santa Claws as well as the Tooth Fairy because, I certainly can't prove otherwise, just like I can't prove we ever walked on the moon nor that we haven't tried our best at provoking the former USSR into a for real nuclear tit for tat or worse. If you insist, I have of good number of "could have been" and "should have been" reviews upon recent history, not that I've located anyone that officially gives a flying puck, especially if it offers anything that makes our Administration or NASA/NSA/DoD look bad or even the least bit incompetent (there seems little point in further pointing out certain skewed qualities of our FBI/CIA, as that's a given and, of NASA not expediting upon sharing mission critical information about COLUMBIA should be just as faulty as Phantom Works applying a little heat at the worst possible time, as whom would have realized otherwise not to). With so many fingers pointing in every direction but within, there's no clear solution and certainly no certainty of other disasters to come that wont become as equally unavoidable by the same modus of operation that praises "spin" and "damage control", which only begets disinformation in favor over "truths".

When I've suggested our resident warlord has been getting folks needlessly injured if not killed, that's obviously not by his pulling any trigger and not even by instigating another war based upon bogus intelligence (again). Besides the obvious collateral damage as a result of any war, nice folks can and have died of needless starvation or of needless illnesses and of other strife brought about by a stressed economy (like what we've already accomplished onto the USSR, damn near achieved our goals as to our infecting Cuba, and of what we're still trying to administer onto China as well as North Korea, where this is also looking very much like what the shuttle program budget cuts accomplished), as for being just as deadly (body count wise) if not more so than if they had otherwise died from any bad dictator but, all of this seems far worse impacted in the most recent decade, at least in sheer numbers of those affected from incompetent and/or corrupted democracies taking and/or ruling upon all they can get and then some.

I'm certainly not the one suggesting that all democracies are bad, nor am I leaving out what a few of those Popes accomplished on behalf of their favorite christianity. If the fates of those Cathars are of any result of what such christianity is up against, then I want nothing whatsoever to do with such religious leadership and of their telling us of what's so righteous about such dreadful exterminations.

Regarding the planet Venus and of my recent discoveries; Thanks to more of NASA's insufficiencies, by way of their now more than infamous modus of inactions (even after the fact), where instead of our seeing formal progress we have my limited way of delivering this message without the much needed support and guidance for that of my observational discovery of "other life NOT as we know it", or of the remains thereof. In my best efforts as well as best of intentions, I may not have offered nor focused upon the ultimate story line, nor have I offered the most prudent syntax and, if you're one of those that still can't decrypt my dyslexic grammar nor appreciate some of my favor returns upon the sorts of sanctimonious flak I've received over the past 2+ years, then what can I say. Perhaps I'm not the only village idiot among us.

I hope this page hasn't become too insulting nor below your level of expertise, as others and I certainly need your expertise and, if it's at all possible, I didn't intentionally mean to take this over your head. However, it seems that so many opposing anything Venus have been so well snookered my those having "the right stuff", so much so that nothing else matters as long as your life isn't on the line, that it's not your tax dollars being wasted upon humanly unobtainable if not lethal goals, if not otherwise being utilized for just the sheer function or goal of eliminating certain individuals (somewhat like the why and how the Pope eliminated those Cathars must have seemed like a good idea at the time, as otherwise we wouldn't have had such a terrific role model for Hitler nor of those catholic priest molesting all of our young boys and, I'll just bet young girls aren't talking).

In closing; besides evolution (planetary as well as biological) often being a total crap-shoot, there's certainly the strong possibility of whatever motivates science and physics can create in the way of solutions in the presents of what good old mother nature has to throw at you, of which in the case of Venus could certainly have been more than a flaming stick worth of trouble. Out of such a challenge may have come the sheer motivation and subsequent resolution that's currently beyond our human understanding. Perhaps being mere human is what's most in the way of our obtaining progress towards accepting and understanding other life, as we obviously can't hardly accept others of our own species on our home world, so it's certainly not surprising that many will reject the very notion, let alone reality.

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