"Venus and Planetary Exploration"

(doing this one on the cheap and biologically microbe safe, except for dodging all the incoming pro-NASA flak)

By; Brad Guth / IEIS    updated: June 06, 2003

This form of exploration couldn't possibly be any cheaper, even with a robotic VL2 platform that's likely not half the cost of TRACE-II and probably not even all that much bigger. About the only way this could be pushed above that cost is by making this into a multitasking TRACE-II along with the communications lasers and receiving detectors. Any less costly and we'd need two soup cans and a whole lot of string. At maximum outlay for a VL2 platform and of subsequent deployments of interactive surface transceivers might become almost 1% of what retrieving those Mars microbes are going to cost us, and that's if nothing there goes terribly wrong with regard to such microbes running amuck.

In case you're as dumb as a post and therefore can't possibly figure any of this out for yourself (a little over two and a half years ago that analogy would even have included myself), so as to be properly forewarned;  all of this context (as within all of my research papers) is that of my opinion as to what's what and, obviously it's not of what's on the official record (unless I specify otherwise) as far as anything moderated by our infamous NASA. If you're still confused, hay, welcome to the village idiot club.

I'll try NOT to come off being "all knowing" about Venus but, what I've since learned of science and physics seems to uphold the discovery of what I believe is a number of clear signs of other life NOT as we know it, signs of their somehow surviving in spite of our ignorance and arrogance (that's speaking of our wonderfully warm and fuzzy NASA types that still can't seem to see the light of day).

I've already posted and further updated a brief few words page and I've offered a little more tit for tat upon what's at stake and, otherwise you can have yourself a more critical look-see at the image basics under which most everything is based. Please also catch my index page and update yourself upon a few dozen other pages. As usual I've introduced new ideas and even applied better syntax. For some reason I haven't had to phony up any of the images nor invoke a lethal "nondisclosure" policy, which means you only need to get past my favor returning insults and concentrate upon decrypting my dyslexic delivery of what the GUTH Venus discoveries are all about and, what ever you do, don't start asking anything of our NASA because, as beyond the published "status quo" you wont get squat once you request anything about Venus, as you'll even get flak or perhaps only flatulence if you're lucky, once you mention my name.

Of course, I believe we all know that Venus is hot and nasty (our government has clearly said so by their moderating and concurring with all the other Gods of astronomy and even of astrophysics, just like explaining how we landed on the moon, as everying carfully published within tens of thousands of our NASA moderated articles and educational publications and of those spendy research books, as well as through those televised NOVA and National Geographic productions, as to fully confirming upon all of that hot and nasty stuff, thus end of argument). That's actually suggesting that Venus is almost as bad off as the frozen and radiated to death surface of Mars, where there's absolutely little if any natural resource of energy except for all that incoming radiation, or how about some of that even more so radiated and thermally cycled to death asphalt lunar surface (NASA certified as being 10% average reflective) that apparently still had so much gravity influence and of entirely unexpected spotty solar brightness impacts, that every brilliant star was sucked right out of that crystal clear yet pitch black sky that was otherwise simply chuck full of the utmost vibrant of stars you can possibly imagen, somewhat like how our NASA wizards lost all record of their 1/6th gravity scaled lunar lander test flight film footage, as those entire volumes of films upon that critically essential multi hundred million dollar phase just somehow totally vanished off the face of this Earth (hay, that could happen to any of us, which it most certainly did happen to their honest but professionally critical and none the less hard working lead safety engineer and of his entire family, along with his office and all of his records too, as everything went poof!).

Getting to/from Venus;  the hard way or of the easy binary way

It's certainly always been a whole lot cheaper as to placing even terribly expensive long distance calls, rather than our traveling those same great distances in order to carry on conversations in person. Of course, any laser call to/from Venus is essentially toll free, at least so far our FCC and those greedy and inefficient telecommunications companies have devised a way of channeling those laser beams through one of their transponders and, that could be a good thing, as those mileage charges for such long distance calling could become truly out of this world.

Can we trust our government with this phase of such affordable planetary exploration;  In spite of NASA's inability to keep track of their own records, even losing access to what's supposedly safely stowed within the national archive vaults, where that's being almost as bad as our NSA/DoD/CIA and of the Secret Service guarding JFK, their being supposedly caught off guard, where after that fiasco we uncover to learn that nearly every one except JFK seemed to know extensively about those involved in his demise. Yet how can any of this gross incompetence and subsequent arrogance possibly be related to my research, just because there's become good old toasty Venus showing us what looks a whole lot more artificial than not, from a 13+ year old image at that, as that image among others indicating upon dozens of the most unnatural as well as substantial structures plus of other planetary/geology that's ever been recorded anywhere, including Earth and certainly far better off than anything Mars has to off.

BTW; When Venus is sufficiently close, it's not a small target but, somewhat more like 3.25% the diameter of our moon, which to even the naked human eye one could pull some detail of whatever is illuminating from the otherwise pitch black nighttime side of Venus. In reverse, Earth would appear as nearly 3.5% that of our moon, where those of Venus could clearly view Earth's larger diameter with their naked nocturnal eyes, viewing in sufficient detail as to make out the poles, major land masses and large cloud/storm patterns (don't need any stinking telescope), especially when the Earth is illuminated with absolutely no solar obstruction (true; one needs to be above those nighttime clouds but, scientifically and of the laws of physics clearly stipulates that such is not a problem, unless you're an Earth human astronomer type, as then apparently absolutely nothing is possible unless Lord NASA stipulates).

Unfortunately for some NASA purest types, not all that much of this discovery is rocket science, it's hardly even astronomy and, if it weren't for all of Earth's skewed science, skewed physics and apparently skewed history to boot, we'd be well along with our accomplishing all of this, more than a decade ago.

I tend to believe that if we should initially fail at our establishing interplanetary communications, then the next phase would be to deploy a suitable transceiver directly into the hands of those at the "GUTH Venus" tarmac, that way whomever was there could safely approach it and the interactive audio/video link would do all the rest. Here again, with even a relatively small robotic VL2 relay platform, the amount of transceiver signal requirements of what's sent to/from the surface would not have to be nearly as excessive as for any direct to/from Earth data link, as the bulk of transceiver performance would come from the capabilities provided by the VL2 transponder platform.

The non-mission of re-exploring of Venus is a done deal

(that is unless you're another idiot and/or a NASA/NSA/DoD Borg)

A fresh planetary exploration of Venus may have just become a whole lot simpler than we have imagined. At least satellite wise, there's certainly no unknown technology nor new ground to cover, just of obtaining improved resolution would be nice (more circular, lesser elliptical orbit would also improve that outcome). Of course, you only have to goto places that otherwise can't come to you. In other words, if those which survived their becoming so greenhouse have the ability to communicate (which they most likely do, except not likely via radio, especially as for their being nocturnal and all), such as by the most universal language of visual communications, presumably through the use of a xenon like illumination beam and, if those beams were packets in the near UV spectrum or fully UV, then we obviously don't have to bother ourselves with going there.

On the other hand, if those on Venus are nearly as corrupted and blind as our NASA image interpreting teams, equally so pathetically stupid and arrogant to boot, if they have not a freaking clue after all these millions of years as how to produce illuminations from within that nearly ideal environment for doing such (let alone apply radio), then naturally of any surface intended probe would obviously require some up scaling and newly applied physics from that of our previous probes (primarily of [duh] heat exchanging and, fortunately that's recently become something easy for our crack wizards to figure out), perhaps even for that of offering a braille interface. An intermediate probe (meaning robotic rigid airship and/or balloon format) capable of being sustained just below those nighttime clouds (say 20+ km) is apparently not entirely such a new idea but, of the energy to power such a probe could be somewhat newish, if we're to consider CO2-->CO/O2 as the preferred alternative as to being hybrid nuclear.

First of all, the really good and actually terrific news is, that through some aggressive interplanetary communications efforts, we may not require actually going there, robotically or otherwise because, especially if we can transmit our request and simply receive those digital post cards from Venus, upon whatever it is we might like to know about, then obviously it would be somewhat of a waste of good talents and resources to manage Magellan-II or that of a sub cloud barrier cruising airship probe (I've even considered upon using a modified [robotic] as all steel alloy Osprey as fueled by H2O2/C12H26 but, since we still can't seem to keep them suckers in the air on Earth, what possible chance would they have on Venus and, unfortunately there's not a stitch of anything salvageable from those lunar lander technologies that's even available to reapply and, that's certainly too bad because, a great deal of that lunar expertise would have worked as is). I mean, for final down-range flight control and selective landing via such capable fly-by-wire technology would be just the ticket, of course thankfully there's a fairly good tarmac (flat as a pancake) that's existing in the rugged mountainous Venus terrain, so that aerodynamics (damn near hydrodynamics) should function quite nicely.

If there were few if any social/political opponents or obstacles and, of even obtaining the least available talents and resources (seems these days "least" shouldn't be any problem as to coming up with), as if those were made available, then I'd like to see what our best efforts can achieve for essentially pennies on the dollar, as in delivering the most BANG for the buck, especially in the way of delivering a capable surface probe configured as a audio/video transceiver. Unfortunately, this effort has nothing whatsoever to do with ethnic cleansing, so there's little chance in hell of our getting any formal support from the likes of our resident warlord. For some reason we can easily afford to go after Mars ice and whatever frozen microbes and even after the dry ice of Pluto is well within the budgets and, at whatever risk to humanity will just have to go suck an egg.

In spite of the opposition to doing anything that's affordable and nonlethal, I believe I've come to understand that a fairly good amount of renewable energy can be acquired on site, as just from tapping into the atmospheric pressure and temperature differentials. If my understanding of the pressure differential being 4+ bar/km and of the estimate upon the nighttime thermal differential becoming as much as 10K/km, then obviously there's a fairly good interface (from what little applied physics and kinetics of what I know of) that force or differential can derive whatever amounts of energy one could possibly need. A modest surface probe could be easily powered by as little as a 10 meter vertical wind tunnel (that's capturing 0.58 psi of mostly dense CO2 and perhaps creating a internal velocity of as much as 2.25 m/s) offering exceptional kinetic if not nearly hydrodynamic energy to spare (the nighttime atmosphere at 5 km representing roughly 1/14th that density of water). Even at a vertical flow of 0.5 m/s, at the 10 meter pressure differential of 0.58 psi ott to more than do the trick, especially if the top turbine had roughly a 1.25 meter diameter radial turbine rotor, where that messily 0.5 m/s would become a net of 0.5 m3/s of kinetic energy that's at least 50 times better off than here on Earth.

Our delivering the Venus mission probe might eventually become a desirable alternative, especially if those roasted lizard folks are not up to the task of accomplishing the necessary means by which to transmit via radio or preferably by the most efficient and universal format of xenon/UV beam format (considering the cloud density, radio could simply be an inefficient solution unless there's already a VL2 relay platform), thereby we may need to get whatever technology and/or the instructions to the surface, then if absolutely necessary for utilizing the VL2 platform as sort of a mission translator/repeater that would enable our two worlds to efficiently send/receive such data packets to/from their nighttime side and Earth. Of course, if that massive metro airship of theirs offers above-cloud cruising capability, in that case we'll not require much of anything, except for some rather substantial book burnings back here on Earth, of any containing words pertaining to Venus and especially if our NASA had anything whatsoever to do with moderating and/or publishing any portion of those books (this part could get a little spendy).

Even if I had my wish, this VL2 transponder platform need not be a budget busting mega "do everything" satellite, unless we're talking about sending ISS off to VL2, as for transmitting perhaps 5 watt laser beams of binary packets towards Venus (perchance applied in a little quantum binary code) could penetrate those clouds within the near or fully UV spectrum is certainly not rocket science, nor is the detection of replies from Venus. I would believe the station keeping energy levels for VL2 would be equally minimal (still sufficiently solar powered) as for being 90+% shielded from the greater solar output (based upon 25% overall conversion efficiency, 100% solar exposed photovoltaics = 640 watt/m2, 10% solar exposure = 64 watts/m2), thus 10 m2 offers 640 watts as remaining more than sufficient for deriving energy via solar PV panels but, such a simplified satellite would be having a demand for far fewer PV cells as well as sustaining lesser related system/performance degrades and improved communication capabilities due to the lesser impact from solar flare radiation. I would have to believe that a metric tonne or so worth of satellite (plus PV panel arrays) in this application could be considered overkill and, as satellites go, I do believe that's dirt cheap while performing as a highly effective communications relay platform that all sorts of future missions could utilize, not to mention our keeping up with the daily lives and presumably Venus politics of every moment from this point on (besides all the lizard smut, that's got to be worth the effort).

Such a VL2 platform (if budget weren't such a factor) might have it's optical camera similar to TRACE, even though an "off the shelf" RadioShack camera might do just fine, as we're not having to look for terrific magnification nor of any significant cloud or of any surface details, where any sufficient scan rate and of 1 km resolution would accomplish monitoring various weather and subsequent cloud pattern densities as well as for the broad range of IR thermal imaging signatures, as presumably communications would be that of UV or near UV spectrum and thus most easily detected by what I'd call single channel gun barrel photo resistor detectors or at much greater sensitivity are any number of single channel CCD detectors, those that would enable whole planet and/or portions of the nighttime disk area to being selectively monitored for signs of communications. These UV capable photo detectors are not only inherently sensitive but reliable and relatively cheap, were these would ultimately enable fairly high speed packets to being detected, where obviously our initial success at a mere 1 bps should be considered as something terrific (beyond measure).

Other than wishful or perhaps science future thinking, I'm excluding any manned mission to the Venus surface, as why risk cross contamination (besides it's supposedly way too hot and nasty), especially should our astronauts be nearly dead already from their radiated journey. At best effort, perhaps by utilizing one of those sufficiently massive (Earth killer) space rocks as our personnel transport shield, it may become conceivable as to having our impoverished and nearly abandoned as well as under funded ISS relocated to VL2, thus offering somewhat of an overkill platform solution, where at least that'll make a whole lot more sense than for what ISS has to offer Earth and, now we'll have room to spare for paying passengers that wouldn't mind an 18 month stay at VL2 plus another 6 months worth of to/from travel adventures (absolutely no extra charge for the radiation therapy).

Unfortunately, I have no idea whatsoever as to how much effort (rocket force as well as people force) it would entail to relocating ISS at VL2. I would expect the greatest difficulty or friction will be from loads of pissy assed astronomers or even ISS purest that simply can't except the inevitable. However, once on location, life onboard could become further shielded through applying external modules of sufficient mass (18 month infusions worth of beer and pizza ott to do the trick) or, just by incorporating that seriously big space rock, as even if the station were to be 95% solar shielded by Venus itself, from what others have to say, the outer 5% portion of the solar globe is certainly not all that's to be thrown at you and, the gravity alignment of Venus and it's L2 is obviously going to focus certain solar weather directly towards VL2 (especially whenever Earth is just a mere 0.27AU away on your exact opposit side (that's a double dose of whatever those solar flares care to deliver), thus ideally having that 100+meter space rock (perhaps 300+ meters would be safer) as a space cabin survival shield may become something the manned VL2 platform can't live without. Of course, for station keeping that much added mass at VL2 is certainly going to become another challenge, unless we can employ a hybrid xenon/nuclear rocket engine, as otherwise being refueled every 18 months could do this job.

Actually, if luck were on our side (somewhat like those infamous Apollo missions or better yet, the Apollo ruse of the century) I'm thinking there could already be a few of those sizable space rocks, just lounging about or passing through the VL2 area, just like such rocks are doing so at Earth's L2.

Any way you cut it, manned anything is going to be risky and spendy (almost 10% the cost of doing anything Mars), not necessarily providing anything better than what good robotics can achieve at a fraction of whatever manned cost and, at zero risk of radiation exposure, not to mention the elimination of any cross contamination factors should someone get the wise assed idea of foreign exchanging our mutual DNA. God forbid, we certainly don't want to infect Venus with Earth's "stupid genes", religious phony baloney or political nonsense DNA, especially if those are not the sorts of highly understanding Cathar lizard folk but of Taliban/al-Qaida Muslims having another score to settle with nasty Earth humans.

Clearly, if I had the personal resources and support from those interested in exploring the positive considerations, that of our understanding other life NOT as we know it, then most effectively I'd be inclined towards focusing those talents and presumably still limited resources upon the nearest interplanetary UV communications, as I believe we already have that level of technology at hand and, I'm betting that those on Venus have or would soon devise upon a method of returning such a packet or two (the only thing they've got to lose is perhaps their virginity).

I'm thinking, if there's any planet that we currently know of that needs to be outgoing, needs to be attempting to make contact with another world (besides Earth), especially towards another world that's nowhere as hot and nasty as Venus, that planet would have to be Venus. Realizing they have more CO2 then they may know what to do with and, knowing that such a toasty and pressurized environment is nearly ideal for not only creating the energy needed as to induce whatever amounts visual transmission code but also as for creating the xenon arc/illumination itself, it therefore seems only a tad bit logical that it's Earth that's been incapable of or perhaps incompetent of communicating, not Venus.

The cost of developing our side of the communications equation is, or at least should be, nearly zilch. Interplanetary UV communications need not require a satellite and, as such the investment isn't going to be 0.1% of nearly anything satellite associated. Impressing upon the existing communities of the purely deep astronomy or bust sorts of individuals, into giving up any portion of their precious viewing time of places humans will never goto nor obtain any worth for Earth's humanity, this could be where WW-III really starts, as I attempted to focus others, only to be receiving their charming flak. Thinking obviously I'm not the one and only "village idiot" on Earth, as those claiming as being "all knowing" are for one thing totally blind, and nowhere nearly as brilliant as I'd previously thought, so much so that I now wonder how they ever managed to see anything though those tax funded or tax dollar avoidance telescopes.

Besides all the social/political tit for tat's ongoing, it's no wonder why America is so strapped for funding any worthy global project such as Venus exploration, as every other person is either in luxury debt and/or overly invested into those fancy telescopes that seemingly can only view upon what's humanly unobtainable or if at all, looking at such distant subjects that can only represent such great cost and risk that's totally off the scale of reality, as though someone merely prints off what money as they need, whenever they need it. Unless I'm mistaken again, that's certified inflation which clearly benefits the already rich and powerful. Unless I'm mistaken once again, that's sort of what got us in the situation we're in today, not to mention what certain warlords have been doing to Earth's economy as well as it's ecology and of managing depopulation control the hard and expensive way.

I'm of the opinion, if certain astronomy folks following certain warlords try much harder at exploring the universe, we'll not have to bother with going to Venus in order to study any greenhouse environment and of the subsequent survival thereof, as we'll have Earth sufficiently greehoused in no time at all, bankrupted as well.

As usual I've applied way too many words and simply not enough action going on, but that's only because I can afford to make words happen but not all that much of the other. Obviously if I were Gates, I would have accomplished all of this without ever involving our NASA, first by economically destroying all the competition but also by not wasting my time upon those lost fools that pretend knowing everything there is to know and otherwise from their Borg like helping out the likes of our NASA in order to moderate anything they don't happen to like into the dirt. Of course, I could be entirely dead wrong about this entire rats nest of what so many believe to be moral as well as entirely isolated from worldly problems. Perhaps that's reason enough to be rationalizing as far away from Earth as possible, as sooner or later this planet is going to explode in more ways than one.

I'm hoping all of this isn't too much at one time. If anything, as I may need to get new medications, then myself funded and focused upon something that'll sufficiently occupy my dyslexic talents and otherwise helping others into doing whatever their best efforts can deliver. Besides my skills in observationology, communications technology is what I understand the most, where understanding those Venus airships might eventually become the ultimate goal or focus but, it's certainly not one I'm prepared to tackle alone. So, if you have a plan or an expertise, I'm interested in hearing whatever it is you think can be accomplished, preferably before we miss out on the next near junction of Venus.


Since I've chosen to not wag my dogs to death, unlike certain warlords you and I know of that have gone through a number of their dogs and, on top of all that, I've been informed that I even have to remain nice to folks that have been acting like the true "village idiots" and, here I thought that was my title, but I guess not. Therefore I may be confused and thus confusing others by returning all the flak over our skewed Apollo missions, of the sorts of skewed science and physics as well as motives that simply do not add up anymore, as how can science and physics possibly be skewed by any factor of time. If anything, time should have reinforced all the truthful laws of science and physics that supposedly placed our hybrid astronauts on the moon, returning them and all of their radiation sensitive film (as well as for being +/-250F thermally shocked) and of those supposedly lunar samples that have since turned out being exactly like artificially bombarded Earth samples. The fact that we can't even document the all essential 1/6th gravity lander test flights nor of any actual pilot flight training (only by simulators), I guess that doesn't prove that we didn't somehow accomplish a number of last minute solutions to a dozen or so otherwise unanswered questions, then right out of the box we played Russian roulette multiple times and still won (that could happen).

Thereby, if science and physics can be held up and/or down to those Apollo standards, that's naturally including those highly questionable (thermally shocked and sufficiently radiated) lunar negatives and subsequent photos that delivered the lowest contrast depth of any recorded film (I guess I never fully realized how piss poor KODAK film was), then obviously my research that's based upon an actual SAR image that's digital to start off with and thereby easily confirmed as not being falsely manipulated, that this form of imaging evidence which clearly depicts multiple large and very artificial looking formations in a community like infrastructure that's never been recorded as for being anything natural, where this realization alone should have been easily classified as extraordinary proof by any previously established standards that's already qualified as for reinforcing those Apollo missions, plus my locating the existence of current science and physics that more than stipulates upon the how and perhaps even the why such artificial looking attributes can coexist on Venus, as then I'll be asking; what's your problem with that?

Just because it's supposedly hot and nasty on Venus;  you do realize that such pressure is a formidable counterbalance, as within physics this added pressure factor equates into increased tolerance for all sorts of elements that would not otherwise survive nor remain stable, not to mention upon the benefits an extended 2900 hour nighttime season of cooling everything off, nor of the terrific buoyancy represented by the density of the CO2/N2 atmosphere of Venus (thinking of that atmosphere like being an ocean of crystal clear light water, except there's no storms nor nasty big waves below those the surface of thick clouds and, perhaps the best of all is of that CO2-->CO/O2 can be consumed as your fuel and oxidiser (of course that only means your airships or whatever aircraft need not carry such items onboard, at least not in any quantity that would otherwise be needed).

Speaking of airships; we're talking about a 65+kg/m3 worth of elevated nighttime buoyancy and of damn good aerodynamics or nearly hydrodynamics. Aircraft wise, I believe we're speaking of at most 1/4th the amount of airfoil per tonne of lift and that's perhaps not 1/8th the takeoff/landing speed and/or of any suitable combination in between. There are serious formulas for proving all of this out and, if that's your expertise, then need I say anything more, where I've mostly reversed engineered in order to estimate that there's way more capability than meets the eye, apparently more than meets the brain as far as to those opposing absolutely anything Venus, while they're upholding absolutely everything Apollo which offers none of the required science and physics and, of the absolute worst possible batch of out of this world photographs to boot. Materials of construction, there's no contest for using alloy steels and, that's not even suggesting that the overall airframe weight would be all that much greater, as I'd be surprised if it were adding 25% because, alloy steel offers far more strength per pound and since there's so little free O2 and nearly zilch H20, there's absolutely no corrosion whatsoever and, because every airframe (including that a rigid airship) would be engineered as for being under compression, that along with no coatings should bring the weight to something below crapy and work-failure prone aluminum (that's not even including any amounts of H2/N2 that may be safely incorporated).

This part could be considered a little "off topic" but, not necessarily so if we consider that certain unnatural issues seem to keep getting themselves in the way of honest research progress. So, you decide if this remainder is "off topic" or perhaps a little too much right on topic.

If we can assume that most of you still want to believe in those Apollo missions (I certainly did for more than three decades), where there was all sorts of supposedly legitimate cold-war motives and obviously there was ample opportunity and simply loads of either job security/advancements and/or money trails to boot (more than of any previous or ongoing theme in America, even though there was never a smoking gun, just our self inflicted ignorance, topped off my arrogance), all of which would have more than convicted and sent any innocent victim(s) to the electric chair (even O.J. along with all the gold in China couldn't have squirmed his way out of that much evidence), then why not for sport consider the possibility that I'm right, as where's the harm in that. Oh, I forgot, if you believed I was even partially right about Venus, then perhaps I'm just a little too damn right about why all the orchestrated "spin" and "damage control" that's been blocking absolutely anything Venus, as being equally bogus and perhaps for much worse reasons than even I can think of.

Could it be that America (including myself and the likes of Walter Cronkite) has been snookered for the past five decades and counting?

Do you think it's at all possible that our government, as in this case our infamous NASA, hasn't been entirely honest?

After COLUMBIA, do you even perchance still think it's inconceivable for our NASA to have ever made a mistake?

If it is conceivable that pre COLUMBIA mistakes were ever made, that certain individuals would do just about anything in order to keep that from becoming public and/or from their taking the hit (especially a Senate Appropriations hit)?

How about now; do you believe in the possibility of "friendly fire" as being involved with a number of non-war related instances?

Do you actually believe that government whistle blowers are those protected and rewarded for their honest and well intended efforts?

Do you believe that of whistle blowers that happen to die or just disappear prematurely, do so of purely natural causes?

In a for real hidden agenda cold-war; are there any actual rules (besides your not getting caught rule) that apply?

In any for real war, can the leadership of the country (either side) admit to making previous mistakes (including by all those involved) that lead to the demise and/or deaths of innocent civilians?

Cases in point; the catholic/Pope's treatment of Cathars, the US/Mexican wars, the anti-involvement of America in WW-II until certain profits were secured, the Jewish treatment of their 6-Day war prisoners, and so on (where exactly in hell are those rules when you need them?).

What exactly is so terrifying about admitting a devastating mistake or, even that of an intentional plot (such as the cold-war) that got thousands and perhaps even millions killed off for the wrong reasons (folks are killed by other than bullets you know)?

If America applauds having rules and morals, then isn't it better if not imperative as to knowing the truth than not?

Obviously my esteemed opponents would instinctively answer all of the above in reverse of presumably whatever you or I would, as that's become their only way out, even if that represents their being flushed through the sewers of hell along with the eliminations from ENRON/Andersen, WorldCom, Microsoft, Martha Stewart, apparently the Pope and certainly there's recently become another toilet chuck full of various warlords associated with 9/11.

As I've mentioned before, certain individuals like Dr. H.K. seem to know when that toilet has been overflowing and, they know where such investigations will lead without even going there. As equally, do those opposing absolutely everything pro-Venus and, that's only because I believe that I'm a whole lot more right than not. Unlike those opposing my efforts, I'm not perfect nor free of mistakes, after all, I'm still human and without my Borg implants that offers such a collective calm and reassurance to all those that worship the hive, the ground and all of the universe by which the grandeur of astronomy claims in the name of whatever pagan God is winning the current war.

Obviously the science and physics of my opposition has become whatever their pagan God wants it to be and, for America that apparently means a great deal, especially if your morality needs another patch, somewhat like those nicotine patches, except that these suckers are somewhat larger and far more potent by having to induce politically corrected tunnel vision, as well as tunnel hearing and tunnel memory. As otherwise there's going to be hell to pay and, absolutely no one wants to be owing HELL (if you don't believe me, just ask the Pope about those Cathars). Basically, of what I'm telling you, is to not read about Cathars unless you want to discover where Hitler got all those terrific ideas in the first place.

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