First Off or perhaps first of all there was NASA

( actually there was JFK, but then he doesn't count because he's dead )

Firstly, this page was originaly a listed as "firstoff.htm", which I hadn't compleated but, after reading my initial effort it seems worth another go. So I've renamed it, in that the new version gets adopted in place of the original.

What has recently become a shame;  is my not being Rockefeller or Gates, as then I could have been privately involved with so many other matters, hiring technical expertise and possibly even becoming one of those secretly funding our NSA/DoD cold-war games and thereby supporting essentially everything our country had to throw at any nation or individual that imposed the least bit of an obstruction let alone any threat. As an insider team player, if I had informed NASA and the likes of NSA/DoD and their NIMA as to what I had discovered from observing one of those nifty Magellan images of the planet Venus, they would have simply asked for additional buckets of unmarked bills and informed me, that what I was seeing had some devilish top-secret NSA/DoD involvement with the ongoing cold-war agendas that I was already funding and, I'm to guess that I would have bought that explanation, hook, line and sinker.

As it turned out (I'm really disappointed), I'm not Rockefeller nor Gates. Either of which I'm certain are fine upstanding Americans (almost better than Martha Stewart or ENRON/Andersen), but then so am I upstanding, however not by any choice but mostly because my grandparent believed the grand US of A was on the winning side of an otherwise truly bad global situation. I now realize that electing as to being on the side of the winner or whatever global bully is not necessarily morally right nor just, but at least it salvages your butt so that you're alive to talk about it.

For the most part, my grandparent made the right decision, not that they would do the same allover as based upon more recent history, as many other locations on Earth have remained safe and become safer while far lesser involved with tragedy, totally uninvolved with the perpetrated cold-wars and every bit as involved if not more so with helping others to achieve morally justified goals.

Getting back onto "GUTH Venus";
Try to understand, this ongoing effort was at first just an observation being made my someone (myself) sufficiently experienced and somewhat tired of all the ongoing anti-Apollo stuff, even though I had previously believed we eventualy must have landed, at least by the Apollo 17 mission, even though surprisingly no one within NASA could sufficiently prove that we never walked on the moon, even with supposedly all "the right stuff", oddly NASA could no longer prove we ever did, most certainly not by any imagination taken from those supposedly on-location photos, which should have and could have been a thousand fold "extraordinary" better proof (stars and all) than any of my Venus Magellan satellite image enlargements. At first my efforts were not even all that assisted by any photo software, just 1:1 with a little contrast adjustments for the first month or so (lots of those pixel considerations being processed in my brain) because, I was awaiting NASA's return call, their explaining that someone very capable had reviewed the initial image area with their NASA/NSA (NIMA.MIL) spy-grade photo software. I mean, why should I go about doing something that's going to be inferior to what NASA could accomplish ten fold better.

My understanding was that SAR 8-bit imaging was offering well above average resolution along with sufficient pixel repetition (quanity) so as to insure imaging content truth, especially at the location and altitude situated over "GUTH Venus #1". The 43 degree angle of perspective was yet another damn near 3D bonus. The considerable number of and mere scale of the artificial looking elements accredits yet another strong factor that currently exceeds anything of purely natural formation. The digitial original format insures the utmost of opportunity for good photo software to accomplish yet another 10X enlargement without perceptible distortion nor alterations, certified because the entire process can easily be reversed and/or verified against the raw original image file (something those Apollo images simply still can't manage to accomplish). Area illumination was obviously not a factor, just as lens nor film was never a factor and, as far as human involvement in processing and producing the digital print was not at issue, not as far as introducing errors nor ulterior motivation issues. Thereby this digital image is basically "extraordinary" WYSIWYG.

A few weeks passed and then calls back into NASA seemed to be indicating I had hit one of those proverbial "brick walls". A little further insistence, along with some of my first ever email that had an image attached, that which eventually got myself referred by an official NASA office, as only to being instructed to my having to further address this subject with those members residing at "". In other words, mostly because of who I was, I was to stop bothering NASA (this being months after the fact and yet another month before I had devised my first web page).

Since NASA spoke to me (as God would have); so off I went into their very own "". OK, that soon became another big mistake, on NASA's part because: What a "black hole" cesspool of humanity that turned out being. Totally that of a mole city comprised of orchestrated damage control and quantum spin freeks on steriods. was in fact very much NASA, just not there to do much of anything that could cast a dimmer light upon NASA. As it turns out, God is not pleased if his lights become dimmer.

Within "", it didn't take but a few postings to discover that I was dead on arrival, that's DOA as in, what ever you do "Don't Offer Assistance". So, no matters what I had to offer, the damage control or new ruse agenda was off and running. A few weeks of being placed up against absolute arrogance and obvious pagan worship, where "GUTH Venus" as well as any other issues were to be bashed at all cost. In response, I felt I had little option but to re-explore ulterior motives and the illogic taking place. Unfortunately, I found far more then I had anticipated and, it wasn't all that hard. Since I'm such a nice guy, I bothered to return the favor by sharing what I had discovered (!KA BOOM!).

Because of my personal training, self investment, subsequent experience and a considerable degree of perseverance towards gathering useful facts, especially those that could support my Venus discoveries (including as to discovering why all the third degree of unsupported bashings), I was able to locate upon a few supporters, some even within NASA (but they might want to keep their jobs a bit longer, so I'll not mention their names). Most of the support was extremely narrow in whatever expertise and usually unwilling or not tolerant as to widening their involvement nor exposure to whatever that "nondisclosure" policy has to offer. I had the feeling these individuals knew or knew of others knowing a great deal more, but were either frightened to death or sufficiently restricted by that three monkey "nondisclosure policy". What I soon discovered was, it actually requires 5 of those monkeys in order to pull off what's been going on.

You need to fully understand;  for the first few months, I was not the least bit considering upon any planetary communications effort, let alone that of any airship issues. As I too had become sufficiently influenced by the "status quo", directed by those stipulating that nothing whatsoever could be surviving on Venus (after all, even without independent evidence, I still had the notion that we somehow walked on the moon, as I was essentially right there, standing on that lunar surface when NASA toutched down, at least that's how I felt when watching everything on TV). Thus, I had developed my initial notion that what others and I could see in those Venus images were in fact merely the pre-greenhouse remains from long past/previous Venus life (that alone I thought was inspiring). However, after locating a good degree of widely differing reports and logic as to the present day Venus environment and, understanding what potentially could be accomplished with all that thick, hot and nasty CO2 atmosphere, I could not help but to further realize upon the greater of positive potentials, of what was becoming far more capable as to supporting other life (perhaps NOT as we know), of there being something other then purely pre-greenhouse issues at stake.

Try even telling that one to any pro-NASA type and you either get their dead silence or another thorough bashing once again.

Several months worth of improving (not altering nor distorting) upon certified digital image enlargements and subsequently hundreds of email and multiple postings, developing not one official resolution towards focusing others supposedly having the "right stuff" (with every opponent claiming as being superior in every department, yet not one was ever capable of matching let alone refining upon what I had accomplished). I was out seriously looking for other expertise, of which I seldom found, instead I located imature pagan worshipers and their ulterior motives going in every direction except Venus.

Six months and counting (I had accumulated hundreds of names regarding my informing them of "GUTH Venus") and, by now I'm obviously getting a little pissed. I do mean, how pathetically shallow, arrogant and just plain stupid can these jokers be, and more so, how thoroughly rude as to be implying by their flat out stating, that I'm the one with the problem because, I simply can not accept that lord NASA knows all there is and furthermore, never once made a mistake (I'll just bet you're thinking; big rocket blow up disaster type mistake, well not really, that's not at all the sort of mistakes I've been referring to, as rockets blowing up and even losing a few astronauts is something well within reason for having a few truly unavoidable losses when science and physics is on the cutting edge).

I already realized that NASA was darn good, I just never considered them as saints, let alone as any pagan God. I certainly did not expect to uncover their actually playing God on behalf of skewed American interest, such as what's been orchestrated by NSA/DoD agendas (cold-war my foot, what's cold about getting folks killed?).

OK folks, because others are too afraid and/or impudent, back I go into my researching, deeper into review of the facts and working with the resources at hand. Now I start uncovering all sorts of ulterior motives as clearly capable of being responsible for the sorts of disinformation and inaction's of others, along with all sorts of hidden agenda info and, I'm only now understanding the obvious fears of disclosure violations (you should read the fine print). No wonder I'm getting nowhere, the entire club has been lying and/or hiding behind their "nondisclosure policy" all along, placing myself on a "need to know" basis and/or upon disinformation. This is obviously not very efficient for honest space research and, entirely responsible for provoking myself as to looking even deeper. This was were I exited "", leaving NASA's moles to their dealing with other "spin" and "damage control", for salvaging the likes of Apollo, the USS LIBERTY, possibly flight-800 and forever 9/11. I do believe I had returned a few comments briefly after 9/11, just to offer my "I told you so's".

Once outside of their ring of fire, since the image was entirely sufficient by itself and there was only so much I could do as far as enlarging upon the images and at trying my best as to identify what must be represented within those elevated sites on Venus, I then had to occupy some of my efforts at just gathering further knowledge of Venus, it's atmosphere, of the planetary geology issues and upon the upcoming (sufficiently 0.27 AU near miss) proximity to Earth. Then to further compile all this information into another format that apparently only I can decipher.

Others reading or attempting to understand what I've accomplished, they seem so preoccupied with discovering syntax mistakes and opportunities as to discredit myself, so much so that the actual fundamental observational discovery is totally lost to those I thought could still think for themselves. My mistake, as not only can't a pro-NASA supporter realise a good ruse when they see one but, they're not allowed to even admire the guts and sheer expertise it must of taken as to pulling it off. Remember folks; this ruse probably is responsible for saving countless lives of many astronauts, as it certainly would not have looked good if we kept piling lander upon lander housing radiated dead astronauts. So how could this sincerely pro-NASA type ever be expected to see anything in the image, that's simple, they can't permit themselves that luxury. There's only option which is to continue their lying, to otherwise intentionally misinform, threaten/intimidate and simply best of all, null-out by pretending that I'm not even here and, perhaps one better is that Venus is not even there.

I mean;  our going to and actually walking on the moon was going to be nothing as complicated nor as risky as what a good ruse had accomplished. This cold-war is still apparently alive and well, with our Apollo proportion being responsible for 90+% of everything NASA holds dear, effectively that's something worth metric tonnes of shredded ENRON/Andersen documents.

It's become obvious NASA could not allow any non-club member, especially one that had not signed their cult "nondisclosure policy" as to becoming publicly recognized for uncovering yet another grandiose oversight (considering this one had become far more than a decade worth of a rather significant chain of multi-billion dollar mistakes that could have easily been minimized if not entirely avoided), where this discovery is essentially representing hundreds of billions of otherwise wasted efforts and more importantly, lost for ever time and human resources, let alone as so capable of altering our future expenditures (God forbid, focusing what's left of our reserves on an obtainable goal).

Establishing planetary contact via laser/xenon is simply too damn cheap, and thereby one can not siphon off the billions which those NSA/DOD hidden agendas need, especially if the current and future space research and explorations are to become so freaking focused and thereby efficient and having commercial (for profit) involvement at that, in which case NSA/DoD agendas are on their own. Even the Venus L2 platform is nothing compared to those ongoing Mars missions. At a fraction the cost and within months (not years) we could have ourselves a Venus L2 (VL2) communications relay platform (potentially manned with paying passengers already on their way by now).

Because of the potential for commercial interplanetary enterprise, Venus L2 is essentially a done deal, as it's absolutely essential and dirt cheap as long as ENRON/Andersen has nothing whatsoever to do with keeping the books and investors like Martha Stewart remain sufficiently behind bars. I hope you do realize why Andersen has been getting a mere slap on the wrist, that's because as being a close NASA/NSA/DoD team player, they likely have been keeping and/or allowing others as to cooking the books for all those various government NSA/DoD hidden agendas. It takes real pros to steel billions and, the sort of Andersen accounting was just the ticket for whatever our NSA/DoD needed.

Now that we're passing the 26 month of my discovery, this effort is so far become truly absurd. Either NASA and all of their supporters are still in bed with the likes of NSA/DoD (very pro Jewish and anti-Islamic/Muslim sorts) or, these mostly guys are all performing via smoke and mirrors as otherwise being serious ruse masters (well paid and nicely benefitted as well). I was told somewhat recently that the new NASA guard was not at all like the Apollo era. Folks, I beg to differ, as it appears that the old Apollo guard has not left the premises and, even if they did, their kin or radiation proof clones are still very much in charge and, we're all still going to hell in that very same hand basket. By the way folks, my wife can supply just that sort of hand basket, custom made to suit every "going to hell" occasion and, that basket wont even cost the taxpayers the $25,000,000 like so many other fiasco enterprises.

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