Good IMAGING on an actual BUDGET

(NASA magages this same for a few million bucks worth of software along with a spendy complex full of UNIX and CRAY computers plus large numbers of supposedly highly compensated braile staff)

( by; Brad Guth / IEIS    updated: January 12, 2003  [Sirius and Dogon] )

Operating on and/or within a budget is obviously something that Club NASA knows nothing about, as their idea of cutting cost was first to eliminate those real scientist, engineers and multitasking technicians in place of utilizing their cheaper (nitch qualified) civil service workers, as to accomplish such highly complex tasks, such as regarding Apollo-10, of those Challenger "O" ring substitutions (-asbestos) and of any number of failed satellite launches and missions, that way 10 lesser paid (nitch specialist), otherwise known as robotic idiots in my book, could attempt to badly accomplish the work of one intelligent individual that actually cares and greatly understands about the larger picture of what needs to happen. Of course, I do understand, that as for keeping those intelligent sorts on staff, that could have easily become a breach of internal security and a definite weak link in their "nondisclosure" policy, seriously degrading upon something that's been responsible for NASA successfully cloaking on behalf of NSA/DoD agendas for at least the past 35 years (whenever playing our "cold-war" games, if you know more then of one minute nitch requirement or expertise, you instantly become a significant security risk).

Not that it should have to matter (NIMA.MIL having this performance beat by at least two fold) but, I seem to have come across yet another almost too nifty of a Photo Cleaning software solution, with about as few complexities as I've seen and, lo and behold, especially per almighty buck, it seems actually quite good at enlarging via resampling (several certified codes available) as well as "unsharping" that's well within reason. Even this pathetically inexpensive photo software seems more then adequate, in fact, I applied it along with other software as to deliver the following examples (at least I'm impressed).

Because this "PhotoCleaner" software has not afforded the GIF interface (pretty darn hard to do that at $12.95), I've provided the converted GIF/JPG image so that you can directly work with the exact same 1:1 pixels as I and everyone else, although, you really should obtain the original full image as directly from one of NASA's archives or off a master CD. In addition to "PhotoCleaner", I've applied a little of what Corel Paint offers and at times I've fallen back on some Adobe PhotoDelux solutions, such as for 1:1 GIF to JPG conversions and of other filters, depending upon my mood and memory (PC as well as biological), I've obtained somewhat better results when applying what two or three photo software packages have to offer, where as for yourself (presumably being a whole lot smarter and having access to whatever NIMA uses), might not have to go through this much effort.

Raw 1:1 GIF clip/crop (extraction) taken from Magellan original, selecting left offers an older braile text overlay, next/right image is the same 1:1 in JPG format.

This is the basic 5X enlargement (filters applied), selecting upon it will further enlarge
(for a little added impact, try using your screen magnifier at 2X)

This is exactly the same as above with added contrast and filtering applied

This is 10X resampled enlargement along with contrast and filters

For some persisting odd (most likely ulterior truth motive) reasons, in spite of what those opposing have been stipulating, absolutely none of these enlargements distorted one damn thing, as everything that's perfectly natural has equally been enlarged upon and filtered is still perfectly natural looking, as even that of the 1:1 image was sufficient for my personal favorite photo software that's situated somewhere between my ears. So, since you and I know that NIMA.MIL can do this so much better, thus I can't imagine what those pathetic ruse masters are complaining about, other then being out of toilet paper for the past 35 years (that's got to be one hell of a butt rash).

Keep further understanding that also, I'm not the bad guy here and, I'm not the sort of overpaid pretentious fool or ninny that overlooked what's clearly existing on Venus. I'm certainly not the one perpetrating nor hiding behind any hidden agendas (I'm also not the one claiming I've walked on the moon and, I'm not even sure anymore whom ever did), I've not been the one suggesting our continued spending of hundreds of billions upon Mars expeditions, nor have I suggested that our NASA is at all what others pretend it is, neither have I essentially blown several hundred billions over just the past 13 years and counting, essentially looking for ET (very expensively looking just about everywhere except Venus). Equally, I'm not at all like team SETI, looking at such vast distant/remote targets, that of another hundred generations may never realize upon a damn thing worth squat to Earth's humanity, as even if team SETI should detect the message containing the holy grail of creations's DNA coding, as being transmitted by whomever, we'll all surely be long dead before any packet handshake occurs, let alone our establishing any commercial or that of any other data exchange (at this point I'd settle for just about anything, including alien smut).

Possibly I've become somewhat more like those "Dogon" tribe members that from well over a century ago (apparently of many centuries ago) the Dogon were clearly recalling, from pasted down history of their ancestry, discreate facts and of all the rational gravity associations of the Sirius multi star system (that was long before we even knew there was more then one star, let alone three with one of those being an invisible white dwarf format) and of the third star having it's supposed heavy planet of which we may have all originated from (this planet being still unconfirmed by our best technology), then of something more so about the Sirius-B star being a white dwarf that's still sufficiently large however a whopping 65,000 times denser/m3 then of our sun, representing such a seriously terrific mass and as such causing Sirius-A (which is no small star) to wobble as well as causing and/or being entirely responsible for (according to the "Dogon" again) our actual existence and of establishing the calendar as based upon this enormous gravity influence having a 50 year cycle/orbit, of which again, this we knew absolutely nothing of until fairly recent. For example; it was not until 1995 that Benest and Dudent confirmed the existence of the third star Sirius-C. This affect upon Earth seems unlikely because if the Sirius system being 8+ light years distant. However, I do believe there have been numerous errors associated with our gravity formula when applied to Earth's tides as well as for our deep space probes that have not traveled as far as their mission should have accomplished (officially no one knows why, perhaps they should be asking the "Dogon tribe" as they consider the most important star in the sky being Sirius-B). I recently tried to understand the near juncture of Venus (November 3rd through 6th) with regards to affecting Earth's tides and tectonics. All I ever got was a whole lot of nothing specific from those opposing everything Venus, almost as though our best instruments couldn't possibly have detected an once of gravity influence, even though the gravity was that sustained and at times in alignment with our moon. Somehow I didn't buy that "nearly zero influence" statement coming from those objecting to my ongoing Venus research.

Understand that, if and when I uncover or just hear about an actual benefit to Earth sciences occurring from within SETI or even Hubble, either way I'll become the first to support that sort of investment. However, seems that we can't even sufficiently detect nor do much of anything about those Earth killer space rocks, like the dozen or so that happen to pass between Earth and our moon every year and, I'm not all that convinced of any potentially lethal Mars microbe is going to be worth the risk nor the price tag. Seems like clean water, sanitation, medical services and just basic applied Earth sciences along with fundamental education offers a wee bit more relevance to our survival (at not 1% the cost) as well as for the survival of nearly every other species on Earth that's been impacted by humanity's poor consideration of just about every aspect of Earth's resources and species (considering that few if any other life forms are better off because of mankind) and, just maybe our learning of how life (perhaps NOT as we know it) survived on Venus could help, certainly couldn't hurt.

Venus, as compared to anything Mars;  especially since we already seem to know how to make ice, plus we also seem to already have more of our own lethal microbes then we can currently deal with and, we're even doing quite nicely at converting our atmosphere into CO2, yet we still don't realize how to properly deal with it. So, as that compared to what Venus has to offer, what exactly is there about frozen Mars and/or of anything much further away as having to offer Earth's humanity?  Since all of this unobtainable goal stuff is still alluding my "village idiot" way of thinking, perhaps you or that of your supreme cults of associates can fill in any number of NASA logic voids (black holes) within this village idiot's brain. Give me something to post on my index page that's of any sure-fire Earth sciences contribution and, of such that Earth's other population that's unassociated with space research has or will eventually benefit from, as the problem lately has been, besides accommodating Earth's communications, imaging weather and of geology satellites, I can't think of anything much beyond Venus, our sun and of the moon that's worth squat, unless it's one of those massive Earth killer incoming space rocks, those which we seldom hear about until they've gone past (whew!).

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