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For a fairly good way to view this primary image is to utilize your screen magnifier set to 2X. Using a relatively small magnifier window so as to help focus upon the specific details. If you're having difficulty, just goto the index page for other pages and image options and/or give me a call for better instructions. This is not an easy task, that's why this one got past all of NASA for 13 years and counting.

This discovery is not what you think, as it has not been hyped by million of taxpayer dollars, nor colorized to death and then blasted at you as being all that news worthy (even though everything NASA is typically scripted and essentially an info-commercial just the way NASA/NSA/DoD wants it to be, so that you're seriously impressed, even if the info is entirely bogus).

The discovery entails a fairly large number of quite artificial looking considerations, clearly situated on Venus, those which are in fact not anything ever recorded as columnating from any single nor of multiple events that others insist must be so purely natural and common place.

Fortunately, this sort of discovery is relatively easily verified and revisited. In other words, of all the planets, Venus is by far our most obtainable. It is also representing the least risk as for microbe issues and, there's the greatest chance those Venus microbes are still assimilated into some fairly big lizard folk, most likely nocturnals and with superb visual sensitivity an owl would have to admire.

As far as natural tectonic and lava events go, as defined by all of recorded history on Earth, as well as what all has been collected of other planets, such simply does not go about fabricating itself into substantially horizontal bridges, nor that of of any roadway/roadbed that cleverly circumvents a fairly complex series of sharp mountain range ridges without ever losing it due to gravity, nor will you discover lava and tectonics coughing up vertical sculptures of extremely large parabolics, nor of airships, nor multiple and highly symmetrical reservoir clusters with some remotely exchanging fluids through miles of aqueduct. The last time I recall reading a recorded event where tectonics and/or lava flow created a highly symmetrical and rational geometrical community of high-rise structures along with parallel and 90 degree intersecting causeways was NEVER. The last time I recall reading of a naturally formed tarmac, layed out very rectangular and obviously sufficiently flat with an apparent ramp or runway section, having multiple sub-service bays (those with arched overheads and rounded bay corners) plus assimilating those two smaller airship like attributes on deck was NEVER.

About the rather obvious massive horizontal structure, with two rows of nearby spherical tanks (recessed into the hillside), a massive silo like structure having multiple side and roof vents aligned and, that of a very silo like protective hatch, under which is residing a rather huge metro airship is hardly even a fair contest, even if that lava was on LSD as well as steroids and gravity went sideways.

As I've stipulated previously, as from the very begining, I've learned a great deal directly from those NASA archives and upon thousands of hours of my obtaining other data that further complemented my existing knowledge, along with other expertise comprised of hundreds of further document pages and essentially thousands of SAR images as to imaging of Venus as well as comparisons to Earth and, most specifically as to understanding this Magellan imaging process. The quality of what was an original SAR digital 8-bit acquired sequence of radar imaging, having accumulated a minimum of four looks per pixel and, all of that being in addition to the excellent perspective of 43º, which is nearly offering better than 3D capability is simply not in question. With all due respects to other methods of planetary imaging and of our best interpretations of same, there's simply been no contest as to the "extraordinary proof" qualifications which SAR imaging allows us to work with.

Unfortunately, the good book, apparently that's including those "dead sea scrolls" have been written down and, there's no apparent going back because, according to nearly the entire world of astronomy, astrophysics and even astrogeology, NASA does not make mistakes nor overlook such a promising discovery, especially not for 13 years worth and then surely not as to being compromised after 2 years worth of knowledge after the fact.

OK, I've always stipulated that what's in the images is certainly capable of being pre-greenhouse (somewhat "Easter Island") and, even NASA's very own records do not discount the possibility that Venus as not always so hot. However, it seems likely if whatever lived and constructed such complex items, their transition into becoming so greenhouse (presumably taking thousands of years) would have expedited intellectual advancements and certainly have provided the degree of suitable motivation as to resolve whatever mother nature was throwing at them. So, come hell or low water, in the case of Venus was both, seems entirely reasonable that some individuals smart enough, they would have figured out how to survive, rather then frying and dying on the spot, especially lately when it's become apparent that Earth was being so thoroughly impudent about ever helping out.

Unlike Venus, life here on Earth is darn good, especially for those of Club NASA need not fear any insurmountable deadlines of there being too much CO2, nor too much global warming, as we're relatively spoiled by having if anything too much of a good life, even though 90% of Earth's population is subservient, often having to live like pigs or worse while others are in the wrong place at the right time, as to being visited by really big airplanes smashing into their building or, just that of being onboard while your own country takes you out. Other then all that, life's darn good here on Earth, so we don't even try to understand CO2, let alone H2O2 or just good old H2 and, of anything or anyplace that hot is just out of the question.

Even though we still can't hardly manage our fresh water resources, we seem to know how to deal with the cold (Antarctica is a vacation destination), thus the sub-freezing nature of Mars is somehow appealing, even if it takes a nuclear reactor working for a couple of years before any of that pathetically thin (0.005 Bar) Mars atmosphere can become converted into CO/O2 (absolutely imperative for any return flight). All of this at the mere cost of perhaps a trillion bucks per person delivered to mars and, subsequently returned to Earth in a body bag because, all of that cosmic and solar flare radiation exposure can't be so easily avoided. Somehow, all that cold Mars stuff seems like such a sure thing, as opposed to our investigating (non contact) the likelihood of survivors on Venus at merely 1% the cost of our doing anything Mars.

I don't know if I'm getting better at writing or that my medication is taking hold but, it seems that other nations should consider that our NASA teams are so involved with NSA/DoD "nondisclosure" issues, that there's not a chance in hell we're ever going to straighten things out. Therefore, as others prepare for communications with Venus and of establishing the VL2 platform, of whatever commercial enterprise opportunities arise, NASA will not be taking a bite, at least not legally and, if that's not something worth going back into war over, I don't know what is.

So, if you can stand the heat, defending yourself from all the official flak and, proceed in spite of NASA/NSA/DoD's insistence that I'm somehow the "village idiot" and that thet'll be considering you're just as bad if not a whole lot worse for following my lead, then there may be hope for humanity and, possibly even some belated salvation as for those lizard folks of Venus.

In order to make things happen a little faster, others and myself need some funding, some moral backing and perhaps some of those GPS anti-target discriminators that'll keep our own smart bombs and missiles from homing in on our locations. Anything you can offer will be recorded and appreciated. As compared to NASA's budget, right for now my part time overall budget is roughly $1.00 per minute (more likely 10 cents per minute if you're counting just what I'm actually drawing upon) and, that's at least a million times lesser than NASA's true impact, on top of that, I actually believe I've been accomplishing as much as 100 of their Borgs.

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