There's more to Venus then what you and I have been told

Though the opposition will contest absolutely everything, throwing lots of taxpayer funded polish and if need be info-commercials at this, in spite of all that flak, these are just a few of the positive considerations, where obviously our very own NASA could have and should have provided just this sort of intelligence, of course, the key word here being is "intelligence", of which there seems to have been a relatively short supply of.

1) Venus was not always so hot and, of those nighttime clouds are still sufficiently cool.

1a) Those channels and massive basins are not purely volcanic, as there's no recorded foundation for supporting such.

2) There's presently a toasty surface atmosphere but, sufficient for sustaining life NOT as we know it.

2a) The required O2 for sustaining human life is reduced to well below 1% and, primitive evolution could easily beat that.

2b) The nighttime season offers at least a 25ºK reduction and of altitude may represent another 9ºK/km.

2c) Thermal conduction is something easily nulled by common insulation and entirely isolated by N2/H2 micro spheres.

3) That mostly CO2 atmosphere is terrifically buoyant, especially well suited for rigid airship technology.

3a) Initial buoyancy factors of 64+ kg/m3 are further enhanced if the H2 is held/contained at lesser pressure (vacuum).

4) That mostly CO2 atmosphere is ideal for that of extracting CO/O2, all that one could possibly desire.

5) That mostly CO2 atmosphere offers a good deal of pressure and temperature differentials per km.

5a) Nearly any known life form can acclimate to such pressures, evolution and/or technology can deal with temperatures.

6) Kinetic energy is certainly available, as lots can easily be derived from any such sets of differentials.

6a) The 4+Bar/km and the likely 9+K/km can easily provide continuous kinetics for producing electrical energy.

7) Once extracting energy, access into those nighttime clouds for gathering and processing out pure H2O is a done deal.

8) Production of N2/O2 as well as habitat air conditioning is easily fostered by the available CO2 density and subsequent energy.

9) Thick clouds and of the sheer density of their mostly CO2 atmosphere offers a superb radiation shield.

9a) There's certainly not much point in surviving via whatever evolution or technology if you're radiated to death.

10) There are fluid elements existing at surface elevations, be those of oil or mud like composition.

11) There are a good number of structured communities existing, obviously surviving in spite of hell.

12) There are a number of indications suggesting massive and smaller airship transports and much more.

13) There are numbers of massive above and in-surface reservoirs with complex associations, including their fluid containments.

14) There exist a number of large structures situated as within a community of causeways, quarries and more.

15) A 1+ km suspension bridge clearly exist and, there's a complex roadbed associated with this bridge.

16) Inter-Planetary communications is entirely possible, excluding anything radio, as focused xenon type illuminations are simple and effective.

17) Surface communications can be that of ultrasonic, effectively circumventing their globe (undetectable to us).

18) There's a sufficient amount of near UV penetrating as for growing whatever, obviously within reverse-greenhouse environments.

19) The gravity pull of Venus upon Earth is a measurable amount, especially whenever at .27 AU, plus otherwise sustained as in addition to that of our lunar gravity.

19a) Correction (sort of): as recently reported by Ron Miller; the entire equation of gravity is bogus, where time allotment as a factor is meaningless. In other words, Einstine was dead wrong, as well as being dead. This also must apply to those Apollo radiation exposures, as an individual measurement is all there is and, of any lengthly time factor as being exposed to such repeated radiation is simply not a factor, thus equally, there's been no apparent gravitational influence by the massive Sirius star system nor of anything whatsoever from that of Venus, at least not as any result of time associated with the .27 AU distance.

20) A Venus L2 (VL2) platform would be extremely cost effective, enormously communications effective and, should have been in place over a decade ago. This being a relatively low energy laser/xenon beam sort of transponder/converter transceiver.

21) In place of a VL2 platform, the TRACE instrument is more then sufficient and fully capable of monitoring Venus for signs of communications and, NASA is fully aware of this, has been all along. Oddly, the only problem being is that TRACE can't ever seem to locate Venus.

For the past two years, our NASA has been spinning and applying whatever damage controls so as to avoid having to explain their 13 year failure to realize upon such obvious signs of ET's existence, as well as towards suppressing the very science and physics that so fully supports the needs of those surviving Venus. Even TRACE as well as SETI have their sensors looking down into toilets, rather than at our most likely neighbor and, Hubble is simply become a pathetic joke.

So, apparently there's a good deal more to the death of JFK than meets the eye, as that's approximately when the timeline becomes so pathetically skewed that even those closest to the truth were sufficiently being fooled, snookered into believing anything our NSA/DoD wanted to perpetrate upon humanity.

If I had received the slightest formal support or even guidance from the start, I obviously would not have had the time nor the motivation as to learning the wide scope of ulterior motives by all those opposing this discovery. Now I'm sufficiently ashamed of my country, embarrassed to be any part of our past and unfortunately I'm no longer young enough to make all that much of a difference for the future. Before long I'll expect to be witness to other 9/11's, flight-800's, USS LIBERTY's and so on. I do believe that our sorted past is entirely responsible for the depraved nature of what's currently undergoing change and, that such willful disregard for the rights and talents of others will likely be residing in the toilet of life (that just so happens to be the same toilet in which those ENRON/Andersen as well as Apollo documents are stored) and, just exactly like any other backed up toilet in the real world, where such obnoxious blockage will be involved in the continued spoiled futures upon all of humanity. Other then all that, things really aren't all that bad, unless you're Muslim/Islamic or perhaps North Korean.

I've kidded about those Venus inhabitance being of a fortified Islamic nature because, I'm thinking that anyone evolving and obviously surviving on such a toasty hot planet would need to be quite religious and most likely of the sort willing to pray at least 5 or more times a day, especially when they're situated too close to one of the most screwed up other planets in the universe. Of course, their day being 2900 hours worth, so perhaps that 5 times per day is actually not all that infringing. As here we are, with all of our smug arrogance and pretentious superiority of crap that's got the majority of our own world backing away at every opportunity, avoiding associations with America because, we so often end up shooting off our own two feet and, of those standing anywhere nearby.

Perhaps the last thing those from Venus want to see, is that of our pathetically stupid faces peering through their near perfect layer of cool nighttime clouds. After all, if they've managed so far, they certainly don't need our help and, because we're so pathetically smug and arrogant, there's not likely anything we have that's of value to Venus, certainly no worth in our intelligence. On the other hand, if we manage to entirely destroy our own world (as we're in the process of doing) or simply too busy killing each other off to focus any resources into developing the technology that's needed for fending off those Earth killer space rocks, then we may some day need the support of a friendly nearby planet, as to salvage or sorry butts. Of course, if we go about treating those from Venus in the manner we often treat certain folks right here on Earth, perhaps we wont have to worry about being saved by others because, as far as they're concerned, it's more likely than not *good riddance*, sort of like how we stood by supporting those Israeli in their 6-Day war, then did nothing when thousands were being massacred (must have seemed like a good idea at the time).

I may have to come back into this page, to add and/or retract something. So, any support, better web-page ideas and/or just your better syntax will be highly appreciated and applied, along with credit for whatever you can deliver. Please check back from time to time, as you never know what this village idiot is going to do next.
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