The GUTH Venus Discovery

(it's O.J's glove and WYSIWYG allover again)

It seems that if I and a few thousands of others (including O.J's Johnnie Cochran) can't independently prove we've been to and walked on the moon, not even by way of being substantiated from all that was supposedly brought back by our astronauts, so how can I or yourself or for that matter anyone possibly prove there's something other than purely natural stuff on Venus. In fact, how can we become the least bit certain that those images which NASA classified as Venus are even of Venus.

If you or I were to attempt to prove that the Apollo missions were in fact as reported, unfortunately we simply couldn't do so, as there's no 1/6 gravity scaled test flight (astronaut pilotted) documentation, as well as there's been no access to any of the tens of thousands of original negatives or transparencies acquired from anything photographed on the moon, thus we can't even independently stipulate those photos were taken on the moon, as there's simply no evidence whatsoever of the thermal stress that should have distorted all of the original plastic film, there's also no sign whatsoever of any radiation that should otherwise have been recorded by those originals and, there's no way of correlating as to why so many lunar images indicated as recording a nearly 50% reflective surface and as such, without our having access to even some (at most 1%) of those original transparencies/negatives, there's still remains no certified method that has been applied for pulling out stars with dodging and burning applied in the internegative or print making process, so as to allow a navigation by star expert to simply establish the true position/location of the photographer as being situated on the moon. In addition, there's still no method possible of explaining those "hot spot" illuminations found within so many images and, even though KECK-II as well as Hubble SST each have the necessary capability of stacking digital images so as to obtain at least a ten fold computerized resolution improvement over any raw individual image (100 fold is certainly possible with what any good PhotoShop software can further improve upon such an original by at least another ten fold), any of which methods would be more than sufficient for clearly identifying each and every Apollo landing or perhaps unmanned crash site. So, what the puck gives?

Unlike our moon, where you and I can directly view upon the very same surface that those Apollo images portrayed, whereas optically viewing upon Venus there's no way of anyone comparing results with those of the Magellan SAR images, as there's no sign post, no planetary serial number or DNA, there's absolutely nothing whatsoever within those Magellan SAR images that even proves that we're looking at Venus and, even if it were confirmed that we're looking at Venus, there's still absolutely nothing substantiating exactly what we're seeing is even presumably all natural, or is anything whatsoever like Venus actually looks. Hot rocks or not, there's absolutely nothing "proving" one God damn thing unto a critic, as even being there in person will not cut it when there's the entire cold-war fiasco unraveling into a cesspool of lies and disinformation that's been responsible for so much grief and carnage, as these critics against Venus would rather go to their grave (taking you and myself with them) knowing how despicable and nasty they've been and of how bad things are going to have to get before there's a foreseeable change in the weather.

However, purely observing images as based upon ones own personal first hand and first eye experience is certainly worth a shot in the dark, better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick and, I do believe there's some general consensus as to what an aerial view upon such a terrific perspective as to what really large buildings look like, of what a rather sizable tarmac would appear as, as to what certain reservoirs should represent themselves as and, most certainly there's little doubt as to what any significant bridge spanning a rather large and deep channel/rille ott to look like. Even though the pixel patterns are those easily compared to Earthly attributes of man made and thereby being artificial as opposed to what's otherwise so natural, there seems to be those jokers opposing the very idea, that first of all their infamous pagan God NASA hadn't missed anything of such stature, much less of such significance and furthermore, according to the vast overwhelming degree of this unexpected opposition, that in spite of Darwin, in spite of known biology sciences and of the laws of physics, there's somehow no chance in Hell there has ever been anything living on Venus nor thereby capable of surviving their present day greenhouse. In which case we must not have ever existed on Earth because, at one time Earth was simply too hot and nasty and, it's obviously remaining far to pathetically arrogant and stupid to boot.

Sorry folks and fellow snookered fools, but I and a few others (having no ulterior motive nor ax to grind) are begging to differ, as I believe the Magellan images are those clearly stipulating otherwise and, I'm offering the sciences (including Darwin and of other recorded biology) and of those very same laws of physics that supposedly placed man on the moon, in order to represent that these images are also providing the rational view, upon which science is capable of supporting the logic and otherwise sufficiently explaining how other life could have evolved and even survived their present day greenhouse, at least in some limited nocturnal way that's become capable of making a go of it. In spite of all the other anti-everything opinions, long before anything full-blown greenhouse, by the limited way of going by our pretentious level of astronomy and astrophysics mentality, or lack thereof, and more than obvious lack of any morals, whatever life would have simply havve given up, perhaps jumping ship (sort of speak), or just otherwise rolling over and dying on the spot without even a fight.

However, on the other positive hand, going along in part by what can be visually identified and further substantiated through science and of the very same laws of physics, it seems most probable rather than not that life once existed on Venus and, if in fact their transition from being relatively tropical to becoming unbearably toasty hot was in terms of millions of years or even if that timeline were of merely compressed into a few thousand years, in which case it seems rather more likely than not that someone would have discussed their options with the likes of Darwin and/or attempted doing something worth salvaging their butt, rather than simply giving up like so many of our typical astronomers would have preferred, somewhat like how the Pope would like to forget about Cathars and even more so of their most recent fiasco.

Heathen or otherwise, those Venus folks and of other life forms that managed what most humans would consider impossible, did in fact, at one time or another, significantly modify upon their surroundings, as that much can clearly be seen and, if they had accomplished that much, then there's far more than a darn good chance that some of their best managed to survive as of today.

If the science and laws of physics for some reason did not support these possibilities, such as if there being no source of natural energy by which to modify their environment to suit their existence for the better and, if those images of Venus were somehow optically distorted, or of otherwise containing digital errors and/or of providing a simplistic 2D mapping snapshot via (90º) plan view, such as imaging upon what's existing at site No.1, No.2 and No.3 and/or, if there were some other occurrences of similar artificial looking patterns on Venus as well as by those referencing to similar SAR images taken of Earth geology that were of sufficiently determined as for their being entirely natural because of the cause and affect of expected geology and subsequent erosion, as then to prove otherwise we'd be having a tought time of it but, that's simply not ever been the case, as well as for there not being an ulterior nor cold-war motive in sight, whereas our Apollo moon thing was nothing but chuck overloaded with hidden agendas and of the sorts of cloak and dagger spin and disinformation, all of which provided an outcome that was 100% filtered, in other words moderated to death and orchestrated to a fairlywell by NASA before the likes of Walter Cronkite and of all others such as you and myself heard or saw anything, as for all that could possibly be embellished upon and/or thrown at the USSR was being done, so that we looked terrifically great and they were being made to look pathetic, when in fact we were making the ultimate snook out of everyone.

What can I say; these nice folks representing the "status quo", by the honored establishment of those having "The Right Stuff" are simply full of it, as in your face lying through their teeth, so much so that you don't even need any stinking O.J. glove to prove they're lying because, there was more than ample opportunity, obviously the means and most certainly the motive, where all that seems to be missing are a few dead bodies.

Unfortunately, there were and still are a great number of dead bodies, a few of which are even on our side of the cold-war line. Most recently there's become another 7,000+ lost souls (not to mention a devastated economy on both sides) associated with the latest round of what our resident warlord has contributed, and that's not to even mention the bodies associated with our actual cold-war impact upon the USSR and of Russia today, and of still of what's unjustly and unconstitutionally opposing anything Cuba and, we know that North Korea is coming next plus perhaps those French bastards are not far behind (I mean, the nerve of those French not wanting to kill off civilians over invisible WMDs).

Going back a little; for that compromise I've have such fond memmories as the USS LIBERTY fiasco, of more recently filght-800 and the COLUMBIA fiasco, not to mention those issues of friendly fire and/or of those directly killed off by playing around with our very own WMDs, where certainly I'm not even including the bulk of mostly civilian bodies associated with 9/11 and of everything Afghanistan/bin Laden, as if we were to tally all such things up, as to be incorporating everything "their-side/our-side" over just the past half century, in which case we'd have a fairly good shot at outperforming the carnage orchestrated by the Pope againt Cathars, or at least approaching something Hitler. Democracy's only a good thinkg if your still alive to benefit from it and, some (many) haven't been so lucky.

Just like right here in America, you also need to compute how many souls died off prematurely because their jobs and/or their livelihoods were destroyed, and/or as to how many bought the farm because they simply couldn't measure up to the mounting pressures their own country was having to impose specifically because of our cold-war tactics and/or social/political/economic pressures. A poor life style based out of the raw necessity as to live is simply loaded with unnecessary disease and hardships that'll cut the average life span in half if not a whole lot worse and, of those permitted to live, they'll be surviving in near squaller, as only allowed the absolute least amount of success in their lives to sustain their pathetic existence, God forbid if they should be situated on top of oil and gas reserves.

So, when we outspend the world by way of investing trillions into a cold-war, then trillions more into a cold-war extension through applied space technology to firstly supposedly goto the moon, then of astronomy and of astrophysics into deep space goals that are not humanly obtainable and, of such efforts taking all the sciences and talents necessary, not only does that investment not benefit the lower 90% of humanity, it actually only financially benefits the upper 1% of Earth's humanity and, those folks do not patronize the lower 90%, only the upper 10% are actually receiving indirect benefits and/or services that can be attributed to the vast majority of modern day astronomy and astrophysics. What the rest of us receive is jack worth of nothing as to improving our lives nor the lives of our children to come. In other words, for every dollar and manhour we've wasted, in many less fortunate but entirely moral cultures, that's often a days income for that of far greater numbers of Earths' humanity, where that mere dollar/day would have made a truly significant improvement if not a life saving difference that'll never come to past because, for so many it's simply too late.

I've explained how some of us (perhaps the upper 10%) have benefited from the space technology applied for Earth sciences and enterprise (even though that's represented as obtained from the least of what's been placed into space), while the other 95+% of what's been launched and/or applied into deep space research has been for military and/or of viewing humanly unobtainable issues has offered us only the mega tonnes of artificially created CO2 as a result. I've also taken the time to research and explain to others how the moon, as of at least decades ago, could have been benefiting nearly all of Earth's humanity, as I've outlined how this natural satellite could even have been providing astronomy with 100,000 fold better resolution of planets such as Mars and Venus, thus diminishing the need for sending off those expensive imaging satellites. This same moon-SAR imaging capability could also have been obtaining millions of times better resolution of others objects further away, at a relatively rapid imaging frame rate capability that's at least a hundred fold faster off than any fast scan CCD and of a hundred thousand fold better off than slow scan CCD, by effectively accommodating such magnification and responsive performance at a fraction of the cost of anything KECK/Hubble combined, as well as functioning at an even lesser percentage for its operating overhead (that's including the Earth based radar transmitters) and, as for accomplishing all of that without having to risk one astronaut nor contribute 1% the amounts of artificially created CO2 that's been associated from especially anything launched via shuttle, that's because a lunar SAR receiving aperture module is a relatively small robotic capable device, easily robotic deployed and solar powered.

I've also more than explained how utilizing near-UV (400 to 450 nm) as well as 350 to 375 nm UV can sufficiently penitrate the clouds of Venus, especially of those much cooler, lower elevated and thinner nighttime clouds of Venus. Unless you're another certified village idiot (and I should know), this method offers a darn good opportunity for interplanetary communications, although this is not even rocket science, it's become far more like illumination 101, as well as evolution 101 and thereby it's certainly little more than communications 101.

Good grief folks; I realize no one want's to think that they've been so easily snookered, certainly not the likes of Walter Cronkite, as this was quite a shock to myself, where up until only a few years ago I was sufficiently fooled into thinking our NASA was on the up and up. Until recently, I'd never given a second thought to there being anything of NSA/DoD cloak and dagger or hidden agenda involvement nor of sufficient worth for allowing the elimination of a president in order to squelch a conceding voice upon our not being able to meet the lunar challenge deadline set in motion by JFK, while at the same time regaining the public's support for funding the Apollo program as well as for NSA/DoD's further perpetrating our cold-war, that which at the time had invested nearly all of our cold-war eggs into what was going to become the Apollo basket (the moon or bust basket, or at least the illusion of the moon or bust).

Now that I've received all the unexpected bashings that an agency like our NASA and of their pagan followers could throw at this GUTH Venus discovery, all remaining staunchly and oddly unified against there being other life on Venus, I no longer have any doubt upon what's driving this degree of counter-intelligence "spin" and "damage control", as clearly orchestrated by those commands derived from the very dog wagging top. It seems of what I've discovered orchestrating this degree of disinformation and otherwise avoidance of accepting anything Venus is only coming from those benefiting by these sorts of damage control tactics, such as by our residing warlord commander and chief would direct, as representing yet another logical extension of the ongoing counter tactics upon fooling the public and against the best interest of the public, thereby another lie begetting the previous lie(s). If this is what astronomy and astrophysics is all about, then I've been more than right all along, as to how pathetic and immoral these pretentious groups or cults have been, and are intent upon remaining until Hell freezes over, irregardless of how many dead bodies they have to step over.

In spite of all their warm and fuzzy flak that I'm still receiving (more than 2.5 years worth) over this otherwise friendly (positive only) discovery;

1) There's clear signs of present day and/or the remains of a comunity on Venus.

2) Most likely, there's still some sort of other life on Venus, NOT as we may know it, surviving a truly bad situation.

3) Besides the digital imaging observationology aspects, there's darn good science and reasonable geology, as well as for the applied laws of physics supporting this discovery and of what's been discovered within.

4) As a result, there's been unusually more unsubstantiated objection and/or rejection to this discovery than you can shake a flaming stick at, as though someone's life depended upon their suppressing the living hell out of it.

5) Those opposing the discovery of what I believe is on Venus are the very same whole hartedly supporting NSA/DoD agendas (hidden or otherwise), irregardless of whatever carnage, acting braille as though it either never happened or that atrocities were somehow unadvoidable and justified as always being the other guy's fault (provocation never being an issue).

6) As far as I can tell, there's been opportunity, certainly the means plus loads of ulterior motives associated with those opposing and, oddly non of that for those supporting the GUTH Venus discoveries.

7) If I were in a position to forcefully act on my feelings, personally I'd make bloody fools out of those claiming as having "The Right Stuff" and, since all the rest of us are already certified as snookered fools, there's little more insult to injury that such snookered fools can possibly take or give, except to focus our outrage upon our administration(s), as well as upon America's top institutions, forcing them into making multi trillion dollar restitutions until written history has been corrected and to the benefit of those most impacted by American policy, greed and corruption. Unfortunately, the taxpayers are going to take another terrific hit, as NASA/NSA/DoD's portion of restitution isn't going to come cheap nor without great humility.

8) For the "status quo" purest at heart; within the images containing what I'm referring to as a Venus community, comprised of what's most likely artificial, perhaps as in lizard folk made structures, otherwise indicating a fairly good deal of rational as well as functional community infrastructure. In addition, there's certainly all sorts of entirely natural terrain features, of supposedly common geology formations of hot rock, of various lava rille and lava flow patterns but, there's also a good deal of secondary (newer) erosion indicated, along with the associated secondary rock formations and/or creations as from the sorts of erosion, that which clearly indicates the area within the township and of what's surrounding this community of structures is not only quite rugged but also quite active, as well as elevated to something like 5 km.

In case you haven't bothered to notice, the foundation of this discovery has been rather remarkably benefiting from the surrounding rugged terrain that's about as natural as it comes, even of what terrain is found throughout the community, of terrain that's most likely entirely natural by every definition of geology, where this accepted natural element is what's been further defining for the rather markable comparison between that which is well recognized and accepted as for being natural and, of what's otherwise most likely artificial (as in perhaps lizard made). Where the purest and subsequently ultra negative sort of person will only concede of what's looking so artificial is simply representing a strange and/or unusual collection of so many unrecorded natural things that just so happened to be collected into a highly structured community like setting, in this instance having it's own tarmac, it's own suspension bridge, it's own symmetrical collection of interconnected reservoirs, it's own highrise and other massive buildings and of it's own rigid metro airship, plus a few spheres and parabolic issues tossed in to boot, plus excavated roadbeds just for good community infrastructure impact.

OK, I'll suppose in theory, odds being at least a trillion to one, this purely natural sort of complex thing could happen in nature. Though looking at what's there to be seen, it seems rather odd to another somewhat high degree that at 180º there'd be another couple of sites worth a closer look-see. These sites being equally elevated and at least one of which is indicating a similar hangar/silo for that rigid airship. OK, so we've just crossed over the line into the trillion-trillion to one chances of that happening in nature. I'm not sure but, either of those seem like fairly bad odds, but then I'm not even a member of the "Right Stuff" cult, so apparently I'm not smart enough to know about such things. This is where you come into the picture, with even better ideas and/or proof positives either way.

I could still be dead wrong about Venus, though somehow I don't think so, however, reflecting upon the last time we had a loser for a commander and chief running amuck that lied to the American public, upon such I heard this said at least a dozen times by other smarter folks than myself, that we impeached the bastard and, in that instance there were no dead boding lying allover the place. So, what's with this current sainthood of our resident warlord acting as our commander and chief, as well as of his partners in crime CIA/FBI/NSA/DoD, along with all their good buddy Blair?

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