Illumination Zones Where They Should and Should Not Be

not to mention truth or consequences for NASA/Apollo

Apollo hot spots are not such a good sign, though Venus keeps offering a few too many hot spots with photons and energy to burn

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This page effort well now become focused upon what's doable in spite of those overflowing NASA/Apollo space toilets, as plugged solid with all of their conditional physics and otherwise toilet bowl educational "high standards and accountability" as our resident moron and village idiot warlord has stipulated, as well as for his ultimate "so what's the difference" policy.

Also I'll have to give those nice folks of BBCI their fair share of credits and recognition as per their contributions of what your typical incest cloned borgs have to offer, in that these folks also can't think for themselves, nor can they even allow others to say what's on their mind unless it matches their mainstream status quo, whereas keeping this lid on tight has always been a very British sort of talent that deserves it's very own 9/11. Of course, they'd manage to cover that sort of 9/11 fiasco up as being purely another random terrorist act having absolutely no ties whatsoever to anything they ever did, or even suggested, much less contributed on behalf of American interest. Imagine that, another totally innocent and always honest government doing exactly what's best for humanity, or perhaps not.

Firstly; and since I'm not one of their borg collective, much less incest cloned, I'd like to propose my usual plan of action that'll set the record straight as to those phony Apollo missions, and of all the physics and science that's been skewed into the nearest space toilet.

Dear folks, and whatever you do, don't get yourself too carried away with all the attention over those Apollo photos that are clearly xenon illuminated (as in artificial illuminated) rather than by way of any natural sunlight, as otherwise I might tend to think that you're just another element of the NASA/Apollo ruse/sting of the century, at least the BBCI and the likes of, and even are exactly the sort of websites that I certainly would have created and/or infiltrated before some actual honest persons did such.

Above all else that's questionable, the notion that Kodak film as fully unscaved upon exposure associated with the surface of the moon is absurd to say the least, as in absolute BAD SCIENCE if there ever was, not to mention phony space physics on steroids, and thereby morally despicable and thereby irrehensible to boot.

This photographic issue is not because of all the primary and secondary TBI worth of hard X-Rays, and it's not due to the 500+F worth of thermal differential, and not even by way of having to dodge all of those nasty impacting dust-bunnies if not somewhat larger items of what's continually impacting at 30+km/s which wasn't even worth an honorable mention throughout all of those Apollo documents, just as I'll exclude upon arguments of "where's the beef" when comes down to the lack of any lander protype flight testing that didn't summarily crash and explode, and/or upon the sheer lack of those sharp as a tack and relatively dark meteorites and of thereby lack of said meteorite and lunar basalt rock strewn shards, and I'll even further exclude upon the notions of any retro-reflecting worth of all that supposed clumping moon dirt as being responsible for those odd illumination spots or remarkably bright zones as depicted upon the surface of the moon (most oddly associated with astronauts and/or the lander), just like I'll exclude upon arguing any reference to the highly unusual 55+% reflective index as being somewhat unlunar, as well as I'll concede that some absolute village idiot moron within the ranks of NASA/Apollo decided it was not only a perfectly good sort of idea but that of a necessary thing as to apply photographic superimposing as per the likes of including Earth and even that of another astronaut into a few of those images, presumably so as to further hype their entire mess onto the already dumbfounded and thereby snookered public. The fact that such photographic superimposing required in some instances at least a four-step process, and even at that they didn't even manage to get the location of Earth correct, and in other they Had Earth way too far away from the moon, plus there was frequently a rather notable amount of side illumination with another bit of fill-in lighting as perhaps sourced from God knows wherever, as instead;

I'll merely point out upon the absolute lack of photographic spectrum skew as somehow being quite unusually xenon like, rather than being of raw solar illuminated with all of the additional near-UV and obviously unobstructed and thereby unfiltered UV/a to boot, of which oddly the likes of Kodak film emulsion (yellow dye) is quite sensitive.

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