One Pixel Size Fits All

( there's zero distortions from enlarging and/or reducing pixel size and, associations can not become altered )

When I'm talking about the size of anything (for example the Venus suspension bridge), it's certainly not that size is representing any factor that's of any real importance. Connecting the dots (pixels in this instance) has nothing whatsoever to do with size. However, for offering some helpful perspectives (especially for those trying not to protect false history nor the pretentious brotherhood of Club NASA), as to making any comparison to what we know of, this should be a good thing, where estimating size can be something helpful to incorporate, as most certainly if we were talking about microbe life forms, then anything seriously big is out of the question and, equally if we were to be talking about big-ass multi-tonne pachyderms utilizing a slender/narrow bridge like object to get themselves across a supposedly smoking hot canyon/rille, then obviously of having anything the least bit too small would rightfully become questionable.

Unfortunately, for all of humanity, the opposition by those claiming as knowing everything there is to know, their initial idea or fizzled plot was to quickly disqualify my discovery as based upon size. In fact, most of my opponents claimed the items represented by any collection pixels were more likely 225+ meters per every pixel, which I never disputed because that was all the better (bigger was always better). In fact, I tend to agree that the conservative size of 75 meter per pixel is not at all accurate but, at least this represented a reasonable deduction from the raw SAR imaging, so that understandably a mapping image could become universally established from a well established imaging system that was continuously traveling at various elliptical altitudes as well as for looking down at various angles.

Since it's rather imperative to utilize or base everything upon a pixel standard, of those that were initially acquired at as little as 10 meters had to be enlarged upon and, those that were of several hundred meters per pixel were subsequently reduced. In either instance the individual pixel information is still identical (unmodified), there's been no distortions introduced nor any form of artificial intelligence imposed by the initial mapping photo software that had to accommodate such a wide assortment of varying pixel resolutions into one mapping standard, as were evidenced by those natural looking pixels surrounding any given artificial consideration were treated equally, as otherwise without proper pixel resizing for the necessity of uniformity the globe map of Venus would have been entirely distorted into looking like a very elongated egg like, as well as any future geological explorations would have obtained no mapping standard whatsoever. So, if anything actually matters, averaging the vast majority of those pixels down to one size fits all was a darn good imperative thing, at least imperative for uniform mapping and, other than making it a little more difficult to determine the specific size of what an object is, there's no association distortions that can't be easily understood and/or undone, let alone any artificial additions introduced nor subtracted.

In my limited way of conveying what's worth looking at, as being more likely artificial than not, again this had nothing whatsoever to do with it's size estimate but, at least I did make the effort to conservatively estimate upon what the size could be. This is where I elected towards being conservative over my opposition insistence of 225+ meters per pixel because, at that lesser scale it would have to seem as though I was bragging lesser and I believe give even more room for others to somehow confirm upon what was in the image could somehow have been formulated by purely natural causes (of course that never happened, even though I've always requested such). As it turned out, my preliminary estimates of that rigid airship being 180 m X 1200 m and subsequently delivering 860,000 t buoyancy was certainly already sufficiently outrageous but, that's nothing compared to the same structure if it's having to be based upon the much larger 225 m/pixel formula, as that's 9 fold greater buoyancy of accommodating 7.74^6 t and, just because something is bigger doesn't mean it doesn't exist, it just means it's bigger.

I originally estimated that the channel/canyon/rille at the area of the suspension bridge was something roughly 1 km, thus making the bridge itself 1+km (including landings) and of roughly 75 meters width. That estimate was based upon the published 75 meter/pixel but, if you wanted to introduce the 225 meters/pixel, then obviously that's now become a 3 km canyon/rille width and then equally the bridge itself is 3+km with a more likely girth of 225 meters. How the hell this equated into disqualifying the bridge from being something artificial is still out of my realm, as obviously this village idiot is not smart enough to figure such things out. So, if you or anyone you know of can provide some insight into this form of logic (monster microbes and/or gigantic crystals that horizontally span 3+km canyon/rilles), I'm all ears.

Of course, as I've frequently stated upon many occasions, my photo software is old but pixel fair (I even tried out half a dozen photo software packages and none have turned artificial looking items into being natural nor were anything natural being turned into artificial considerations). In other words, whatever else was in the frame was equally resampled and thus enlarged upon, the software filters were equally applied onto every thing that's natural, including the channel/rille itself and all of it's erosion patterns, just like those larger nearby rock formations became equally large rock formations, the overall terrain as well as a number of lesser erosion patterns of which I've only considered these as being entirely natural and, lo and behold just as I expected, everything that was originally natural looking within the original 1:1 image was still entirely natural looking in the enlargements. Absolutely nothing that was most likely natural got itself magically converted into being more artificial looking and, vise versa.

As I've stated before; where at least I viewed and enlarged upon hundreds of other terrain locations, then cropping out areas of interest and subsequently enlarging and photo software filtering to better visualize upon the detail and, none of these attempts made anything disappear nor oddly culminate into something artificial looking. Those that oppose this certified procedure, they indicate by sounding sufficiently persuasive at telling you this is entirely bogus, are either some of the worst snookered fools or they're playing part of the orchestrated "spin" and "damage control" game that's been under way against this discovery for over two years and counting and, if you're a taxpayer, you're paying for it, as well you've been paying for the past, what's recently gone down and you haven't seen anything yet.

The pixels that are associated with the symmetrically geometrical items, looking very much like major structures/buildings and clusters of organized infrastructure did, after enlargement, turn out as depicting better (less blurry) form to the untrained eye and, even I could further visualize and subsequently interpret upon the possibilities, such as the airship consideration and of the related silo/hangar.

After looking at the enlargements and as always comparing those against the raw 1:1 original, I was able to mentally connect a few more of those dots. If you will look at the first two images on the gv-town page, and if need be push your self away from the screen, as this is where the raw 1:1 image offers essentially the same information as what any good photo software package can accomplish because, if you were to merely enlarge upon the original without implementing photo software features, what you get are simply bigger pixels and as such, lager blocks of pixels that are not the least bit helpful if your visual brain needs to connect those individual blocks into a more coherent form that's familiar. Your brain is or at least should be an actively maturing form of photo software and, I can prove this in ten ways without taking a breath. Photo software simply can not think for itself, thus it can not artificially manipulate a damn thing. Obviously on the other side, the majority of those opposing my research and subsequent discoveries can't think for themselves either, at least not without NASA's moderation fully integrated, thus I've been having to apply the Borg into this analogy because rational free thing is not at play, but seriously under the tight controls of very powerful forces and those forces have teeth or perhaps fangs.

Yes, there's always been some supposition involved but, not intentionally bogus supposition based upon nothing. Your life is a supposition, as everything you believe in is what's formulating and thereby influencing your every thought, as well as everything seen is an illusion by one standard or another (it depends upon who is paying whom and at what risk to one's self is worth the effort, an example might be flight-800).

What has become most interesting is not the discovery of what's potentially still surviving on Venus in spite of our knowledge but, it's become the ulterior motives at play, by those implementing as much if not more "spin" and "damage control" then of the warm and fuzzy cold-war days of Apollo. As we all know that governments (especially ours) feed out disinformation and/or go about lying all the time, as there's been numerous examples published by retired FBI/CIA/NSA/DoD types that bragged about their ability to deliver disinformation on behalf of American cold-war interest and, that's certainly not all, not by any long shot. Generally it takes two or more generations past the point of no return as to discovering the truth and, often even that truth is intentionally partial, as there remains relatives and business associates that would be impacted if not devastated by the truth getting out.

Basically, there's been a large number of folks living high off the hog for decades (many within and/or associated with NASA), allways at the expense of humanity, as well as at the expense of another global security breakdown and, at the immorality of it all being that it well likely continue it's way into infinity (at least so that sufficient generations remain protected, except that such protection doesn't apply to you nor myself), as in nearly everything WW-II, now Shakespeare has become another joke and/or how about just being a Cathar was obviously something less than desirable in the eyes of the Pope, not to forget the consequences as for the tens of thousands that paid the ultimate price for mostly our cold-war against their USSR (obviously our cold-war wasn't something all that cold on their end of the bargain and, now we're the ones complaining about improper degree of controls over so many loose cannons, thanks to our devastation of a system that was working a whole lot better than anything we had to offer, so much so that not even mutual technology supported Russia can't mange to recapture), plus there's a bloody slew of other tragic indiscretions each capable of a nuclear or worse outcome, for example JFK and of his Apollo program, the USS LIBERTY, 9/11, flight-800 and the freaking list goes on and on, at least back into the US/Mexican war, which was certainly another bloody drop in the bucket of time as compared to what the Catholic Pope did to those Cathars as well as all those associated (making us look like saints, bloody but none the less, far improved from the depths by which others have gone towards suppressing truths and insuring their thrones of power).

So, no surprise, we're not perfect and, we're certainly not saints and, being human means we're inherently greedy, arrogant as well as making loads of those immoral mistakes, along with the exception of whenever not knowing the truth means that a good number of those mistakes must be enacted over and over, reinforced by the penalty of death (without trial) being an option within our internal NSA/DoD/NASA nondisclosure policy enforcement, there's little chance of others coming out into the light, as just by losing retirement and/or benefits would be sufficient as to keeping the lids on tight, affectively self regulated because, if anyone is about to crack, it's imperative that all others do their job by clamping down (no questions asked) before anything leaks out (in other words; burn the whistle blower and/or kill the messenger, where a perfectly good example would be the original Apollo safety engineer and his entire family), and remember folks, there are absolutely no rules in war (especially within any cold-war), anything goes as long as you don't get caught. Rules only need to apply to folks like you and myself.

Basically, the lesser you know the better off your chances for surviving whatever the future holds. Once you've learned how to create and deliver disinformation as naturally as you breath, then you've also mastered the acceptance phase of receiving whatever disinformation that's being fed into your Borg world. This soon becomes a neat and tidy world, where there's always another person, another place and in another time that will eventually become responsible for whatever is considered bad, where as of what's considered good will be instantly credited to your abilities, even if you had nothing whatsoever to do with any of it. Life can be very good for those following the golden rule of not disclosing upon any truth without prior moderation approvals, as it's always so much harder to correct or even skew the outcome if the truth ever gets out first.

Obviously I've way over estimated the abilities of my opposition, as not only can they not perform some of the most basic of photo enlargements, they have not a clue of what to look for and, even if they did, their policy of sticking to that nondisclosure cult mentality means that they must each cling together irregardless of the moral irresponsibility issues, which is certainly too bad for all of humanity as well as toward the degree of impact upon science and physics, as generally having to place everything in that toilet, only to be selectively removing soiled reports when and if there's an absolute conscious by all 100% of that toilet's membership. You've all heard the phrase "royal flush", well it's been decades since that royal toilet has been flushed and, lately it's plugged solid, overflowing with standing room only in the outhouse, where others await their turn at cramming their load of disinformation into the bulging commode of life.

This is no longer a contest of whether or not there's life on Venus, it's become a challenge to see whom has the guts to stand sufficiently clear of the outhouse before someone actually tries to flush that damn toilet. At this point, there's more truth that stipulates I'm right about Venus then there's lies about nearly everything Apollo. If some of my inaccuracies or poor syntax are what's bothering you, then perhaps you need to try getting a straight answer out of NASA regarding the technical phases of the Apollo program (starting with that 1/6th gravity scaled test flight documentation and then please don't forget about the little JFK snag), as I'm certain their syntax is right up to par. Then if you want a little more tit for tat fun, go talk with the relatives of those that fought against Israel in the 6-Day war (it's amazing what a little space age technology and willingness to execute can do towards making such wars so short and tidy) and, to show that I'm not focused upon purely American misconduct and false interest, I'd have to say the same about your interviewing the Pope regarding those Cathar survivors, except there apparently aren't any. You already know that Dr. H.K. is simply not to be disturbed about investigating anything 9/11 (no kidding), try to understand anything of the USS LIBERTY fiasco should give you a clue as to why. It's seemingly turning out that flight-800 is going to become another grandiose skew upon the truths, either that or the laws of recorded science and physics as well as what constitutes a viable witness will all need to be revised (again), same goes for the science and physics of human space travel, with the exception being, they get to utilize a much larger 25 million dollar space toilet for processing their documents (at least their royal flush has a sufficient septic field to handle just about whatever goes in).

If the truth can't be told, not even regarding the facts that size has nothing whatsoever to do with defining upon what's artificial or not, then perhaps millions upon millions will suffer the consequences, that's in addition to the carnage of our not so prestigious past. At some point I believe it'll become a blessing to leave Earth behind, for better or worse because, it certainly can't get much worse and, for many it's simply become too late, past the point of no return as to their ever realizing upon what's better.

The cost of sharing and delivering goodwill is not 1% the cost of any war and, that goodwill need not be restricted to Earth. There are proven methods of supporting other nations as well as I believe other worlds, without politics nor of religion getting involved. Those that have been adamantly disagreeing with me are simply being their normal sanctimonious bigotry self, unwilling to accept responsibility let alone truths and, equally if not more so unwilling to forgo their booty of entitlements nor to interfere with those of their partners in crime.

It's not immoral to make mistakes, even those intentionally perpetrated against all of humanity, as long as those responsible are held accountable and of others associated are retroactively stripped of every benefit and fiber of gain as result of their contribution (in my book, a knowing bystander is an acceptable contribution). Humans are infallible, relatively despicable by our very nature (if you have the stomach; read the truth about the US/Mexican war, better yet is to contemplate upon the fates of Cathars at the hands of the Pope, either of which makes Hitler look damn good, as in such instances internment camps were unnecessary, somewhat like the 6-Day war) and, ever since we're easily led astray by insane if not corrupt but influential leaderships. There's lesser wrong with any bad dictatorship then of any ruse mastering democracy because, at least the bad dictator is easily recognized for what he is and thereby not able to amass rational external support as any result of supposed accomplishments which the world knows is not something entitled to that dictatorship. In other words, it's preferable and better to know thy enemy.

In case you haven't realized, this research and of the discoveries associated with Venus has inadvertently caused myself to realize upon the greater significance of the festering ruse that's been ongoing for decades and, certainly there's a good more than meets the eye. Obviously such deception is deeply rooted and become powerful, but not likely any better off then what the Romans had and subsequently blew off like so much dust, which they eventually became part of.

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