Wherever there's truth, there's lies ( that's not all that profound, just more likely than not the case with Venus )

I've recently gone through a number of older pages, often I've read them in reverse paragraph sequence in order to discover they actually make more sense that way. So, I've attempted to improve upon the story line and/or eliminated what simply made lesser sense. The improved description of what the original SAR image has to offer is a good example and terraforming Earth is another delivery of what's cooking, along with the other Venus atmosphere that's suited for other life NOT as we know it, plus there's countless other similar pages which are either listed deep in the index page or just recently those listed within the most UPDATED (update-###.htm) page, as some these should actually start to read somewhat better. Naturally, if I had all but 1% the funding and staffing of NASA's version upon all this, I too would have delivered custom graphics, even snazzy animations and orchestrated surround sound and then published a bloody host of those dog wagging National Geographic and all sorts of NOVA info-commercial articles, as popping up just about everywhere, as oddly the fear over an opposing publication losing out on all future financial contributions would affectively eliminate those publications thinking of changing one word of whatever I wanted to see published.

Instead of focusing upon learning about other technology that's suited for Venus, a lot of what I've had to contribute has been a waste of time in defense of all the incoming flak. Such as, when I've merely introduced another new idea or essentially asked a question of those claiming as being "all knowing", where I initially always expected to being reinformed about how hot and nasty Venus was, as though I was in fact the one any only village idiot but, I also expected somewhat rational consideration for the "what if's" upon regarding those image contents of what the GUTH Venus sites seems to clearly indicate as being more likely artificial than not.

As in conventional photography, there are a good number of issues that one can rely upon, as to defining what's truth and of determining what's being an illusion or a distortion of the facts. Not that any one of my pages offers my concise overall consideration for such understandings of what's more likely true than not but, it's been from the outset of my discovery of there being the sorts of unexpected voids (where there shouldn't have been any void) and/or of my receiving the intentional disinformation as coming from my opposition, where this was indirectly confirming I'm a whole lot more right than not, as why otherwise bother trying to fool the fool, trying to trick this village idiot as well as the rest of the world into believing we're merely seeing things.

It's a little more than obvious that those opposing this discovery are or have become seriously bad folks, perhaps even of the worst there is and, we as the foolish and naive Americans we apparently are, we have been snookered by the best, by those having the right stuff. Obviously that "stuff" should have been flushed decades ago but, now that it's still here and it's not going away, perhaps we should just learn how to live with it, as we produced all of it and, it's about ready to be recycled through us once again, whether or not we ever care to admit that it was wrong in the first place.

Since this discovery, of other life NOT as we know it, is actually not about astronomy but more or less having to dealing with the science and physics or at least observationology that's being supported by sufficient science and physics, where I mistakenly thought there were honest individuals capable of putting two and two together has not panned out. Well, that's not exactly all of what's been happening, in fact the "status quo" is what's happening if not purely "spin" and "damage control", as those individuals supposedly capable of informing and/or educating those of us that haven't yet received our "God badges", we are being treated like either the black plague and/or as the sorts of "village idiots" still on a waiting list for our brain transplants.

In spite of all the orchestrated flak and, perhaps because I'm the official village idiot, so I simply don't know any better than to be obtaining my education upon the "need to know" basis, as being where I've uncovered multiple scientific as well as physics that oddly more than not supports the notion that Darwin's evolution somehow manage to not only get itself past go but, had also managed to acclimate through whatever genetics and/or technology, so as to survive their long transition of becoming so greenhouse but, also as to their surviving the situation at hand, in spite of what Lord NASA has to say or perhaps their avoid saying is an even better choice of words.

When I've introduced such knowledge of what's possible upon a number of other life supporting concepts having to exist in order to explain what's showing itself on Venus, as attempting to deliver such onto those supposedly already knowing everything there is to know, for some ulterior reasons they totally backfired upon any notion that I'm the least bit right about anything whatsoever. OK, I already know of many individuals with whom you can't possibly state anything without being put down, for example without being challenged by the likes of Rush Limbaugh or these days Bush, as being sort of like attempting to discuss anything pro-Jewish or pro-Cathar with the Pope, as no matters what you select upon, no matters what the evidence clearly stipulates, the Pope is going to bash upon you until death do you part.

This bashing is exactly like how the bulk of astronomy establishments (those receiving NASA's moderation stamp of approval) have treated this opportunity, not as any rational challenge of what good science and good physics should have been willing and able to tackle but, rather as a black hole of truth, as a black plague or otherwise seriously nasty infection that must be exterminated at all cost, where apparently that "all cost" includes whatever "dog wagging" it takes along with the human carnage, not to mention placing whatever's left of morality into the nearest toilet, right along side the skewed science and skewed physics that supposedly placed man on the moon.

OK, so I'm a little miffed, more or less disappointed in humanity, at least the proportions of humanity associated with and/or somehow receiving their support as a result of their loyal cloaking on behalf of NSA/DoD agendas, as being orchestrated under the pretentious goodwill name of NASA. In spite of all this flak, I've seemingly identified enough evidence that would have easily placed O.J. in the hot seat, irregardless if any stinking glove fit or not. There is more ulterior motive and subsequent money and power trails associated with this mess than of any other aspect of modern history and, there's been millions of lives affected and a few too may million cut way short and/or having to live far below human standards as a result. If you think any of this is the least bit depressing, just ask Dr. H.K. why he's not investigating the 9/11 event, as you will not get a straight answer or perhaps you'll discover some of the truths I've been learning about.

Obviously if history can be so easily skewed into the toilet, as to suite whatever agenda and, if that history can subsequently influence the minds of scientific and even of the physics associated with the likes of NSA/DoD's agendas, including those of their Borg NASA and of their wide scope of linked institutions, just so that the grand ruse of the century can prevail, then obviously disinformation wins nearly every time and, humanity will simply have to put up with whatever comes along, be that Hitler, the catholic church, the 6-Day war along with the USS LIBERTY fiasco, those never ending cold-wars, tit for tat's of favor returning like 9/11, possibly even flight-800 and now the shuttle and so on into the current wars with Iraq, then next will likely be North Korea, Cuba, Mexico and potentially anything associated with those supposedly nasty French, including I'll suppose anything French/Canadian. In no time at all we'll have nearly as many friends as Hitler did and, our only economy will become the spoils of war, the booty of world energy reserves, as not so much for sustaining our ravish appetites but, to be controlling and/or restricting access by all others and, thereby profiting from all others and/or controlling whom get what and how much.

This orchestrated discovery bashing against anything Venus is not even my idea of "doom and gloom", as that's more likely to become one of those Earth killer space rocks, by which we've thoroughly wasted our talents and resources upon looking at and for researching upon places that are humanly unobtainable as well as otherwise towards killing off half of our own world, so much so that we simply do not have a viable plan or alternative for dealing with any good sized incoming rock. Not even to fear about that space rock because, even if no such rock shows up, we'll soon be within our own toasty greenhouse, up to our ears in polluted oceans and of whatever high ground (perhaps a bone dry and scorching hot Antarctica) remains will be simply too infected with humanity's arrogance and greed, so that no one is going to give a tinkers damn about whatever bad thing is coming next and/or even lesser concerned of what's so hot and nasty about Venus, perhaps except as for how in the hell to get yourself to Venus before warlord Bush figures out how to blow what's left of this entirely over heated planet, as into bits.

This page has obviously become another way too may words said about why I think our supposed intelligence as well as humanity is so thoroughly skewed, with toilets overflowing and there's apparently more eliminations to come.

Obviously I still firmly believe there's other life NOT as we know it existing on Venus and, I'm certain there has been a concerted effort at suppressing the living hell out of discussing anything Venus, so that the moderated news media and of the capable institutions don't get any wild ideas that perhaps I've been the least bit right about anything. Assuredly there are tens of thousands of extremely powerful, highly paid and/or benefitted positions which could and should be affected by what I've discovered and, as far as I'm concerned, those individuals should be retroactively required to pay back those sums as well as relinquish whatever titles they accumulated as any result of their part in perpetrating the ruse of the century, not to mention their share of responsibility for whatever wrongful death occurrences.

Somehow the American standards for honesty and truth which apply to myself, oddly these standards do not apply to those riding within the cacoon of NASA, especially if that's involved with portions of any NSA/DoD agenda. Unfortunately, none of this ulterior motivation focused upon stopping research upon Venus would have ever come to light, if within the first months of my research the communities of NASA and of those claiming as being so equal if not above God would have proceeded with whatever it is that supposedly entitles them to such pretentious positions of authority and subsequent wealth and/or taxpaid benefits, that is if they had accomplished anything positive whatsoever, as I initially had no intentions and certainly no motivations of wasting my time looking into other aspects nor hogging the entire body of what this discovery has to offer.

The GUTH Venus discoveries are just that, discoveries and, as such they never deserved the degree of assassination and orchestrated betrail that's been uncovered. Obviously there have been a few too many toes being stepped upon and perhaps at this juncture I'm only getting started. So, if this sort of betrail is what it means as being an astronomer, a scientist or a physics type, then obviously there's not much hope for humanity as you or I know it, as truth remains in the stinking toilet of life along with warlord Bush and his teams of satan worshipers intending to proceed, in spite of whatever carnage, whatever lies, whatever deceptions. Good grief, I just recalled that Charles Manson is certainly available for the position president, so there might be hope yet.

If you are still interested in advancing what's left of humanity's morality, advancing along with what's not otherwise skewed about science and physics, as focused into discovering what's entirely possible regarding Venus and, if you can take your fair share of the incoming flak along with gathering up and favor returning some of that warm and fuzzy flak, then maybe there's hope.

Otherwise, never fear because, warlord Bush may save us all, even if he has to blow up the other half our world and otherwise devastate and pollute upon whatever's leftover.

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