LIFE OPTIONS   (in spite of NASA or ESA)

( by; Brad Guth / IEIS    update: December 14, 2002 )

Life and Environment Options for Earth or Venus

It seems as though, the very idea of restricting and orchestrating our narrow vision of any planetary "zone of life" worth investigating, as that being hinged upon identifying an abundance of free O2 and H2O along with another abundance of radio technology, has been seriously flawed for a good 35 years and counting.

I've been wondering;  How can science and physics have been so far off for so long?

There's certainly nothing wrong with the privet hobby sector listening to outer space, even though radio is relatively crude, least universal and then horridly inefficient as compared to light and, spoken languages are no match for the clarity of binary code. It's still possible that another world will have been transmitting a billion watts of focused radio energy at 1400+Mhz towards Earth. The fact that the source has been dead for hundreds to perhaps millions of years seems rather unfortunate and, I do believe rather pointless, but then I'm not spending someone other's money (tax free at that). Too bad SETI is not allowed to focus a bit closer to home, like Venus must be "off limits" and, not that a planet like Venus should be wasting their time and valuable resources upon anything radio, as I'm sure there's far better things to be doing, but you never know unless you try, however trying is never going to happen because SETI (like most pretentious cults) can't possibly admit how pathetically wrong and off base they've been for decades, associated with all those countless hundreds of millions flushed down the toilet (at least as toilet paper, they sort of got their money's worth, which is far more beneficial then of NASA's cloaking for NSA/DoD, which (besides sponsoring the cold-wars, which was only cool to us because the other sides were loosing tens of thousands of lives and still there's ongoing repercussions) most recently got us a number of civilian planes falling out of the sky and into tall buildings, plus several hundred billions in additional debt, not to mention the ongoing body count).

Well folks, I'll be telling you what I've learned from life as well as from so many other nice folks that seem to be thinking as well as actively doing positive things towards benefiting humanity;  Unlike those of the NASA realm, which have (at taxpayers expense) published their words, their manifesto stipulating how they supposedly accomplish such a wonderful job by considering all avenues of other life, when in fact they have been flat out lying because, they have not been accepting rational logic nor truths (unless it's their logic and truths), as their actions speak volumes upon supporting the "status quo" of continued disinformation, mission avoidance (other then for cloaking on behalf of NSA/DoD agendas) and/or of orchestrated (wagging the dog) distractions, as well as for their blatant responsibility avoidance (pretty much acting just the opposit of their words). What I've discovered is; if NASA sponsors just about anything (in any way associated), it's either another lie, another ruse layer and/or flat out disinformation at best, tailored towards supporting and/or protecting past mistakes and ongoing NSA/DoD agendas. A news info-commercial is often just good entertainment or an orchestrated distraction from what's really going on. Fortunately, our Senate appropriations committees have been snookered and, the public as been sufficiently de-evolved to the point they'll believe just about anything their pagan God has to say.

In spite of the ongoing "status quo" that's been rejecting everything Venus, as long as there are sufficient energy considerations (Venus having lots) as to unlock whatever O2 and H2O upon demand, as for those having to live on a planet surrounded by a nifty crystal clear ocean of toasty CO2, that alone should be more then good enough. In fact, having all that secured O2 as well as H2O neatly stored away (safely locked into the CO2 and of those cool nighttime clouds) seems a rather darn good thing, especially if your planet is toasty hot, more so beneficial should one ever need to safely utilize and store large volumes of H2 as for thermal insulation spheres as well as rigid airship buoyancy. As for H2O being extracted upon demand and for subsequently obtaining volumes of H2 as well as providing tonnes of H2O2 produced upon need, as otherwise not being wasted into the open environment nor as for allowing just any old microbe to flourish upon (the very last thing any Venus lizard needs is an evolved hybrid microbe, that which the surface heat can't kill).

The lack of free O2 as well as free H2O within the nearly pure CO2 lower atmosphere is surely a darn good thing for manufacturing just about anything that needs pure heat (devoid of contaminates such as O2/H2O), especially for producing exceptionally pure metal alloys and even as for ceramics as well as plain old pyrex glass, as a lack of free O2 as well as having essentially no H2O should represent the ultimate solution for obtaining extremely pure alloys and of ceramics having the utmost stable processing environments, perhaps least product shrinkage and thereby offering the greatest strength as well as representing the absolute least oxidising forms of corrosion (without O2 and H2O, there is essentially no corrosion whatsoever, period!). On Venus, bare steel alloys would simply never rust, those alloys might also be essentially pit free (no pockets, no voids) and, the mere process of melting and of poring fluid metals into molds and/or as extrusions would be about a dangerous and unstable as poring melted butter onto your popcorn.

As for life as we know it

1) on Earth, there exist zones which humanity can not coexist, but much other life thrives.

2) on Earth, there are certain humans that have adapted where you and I could not likely exist.

3) on Earth, we have often applied technology in order to survive where otherwise we die.

4) on Earth, there are life forms with far greater survival instincts as well as superior DNA code then of humanity.

5) on Earth, humans quickly claim best (highest) ground and defend it (even if not entitled, especially if there's oil).

6) on Earth, those same humans will do whatever it takes, including among other things lying or worse, in order to hold ground.

7) on Earth, those same will do far worse things onto their own kind in order to abscond with whatever any others claim as possessions and/or territory.

8) on Earth, humans either adapt to their environment or die (we are still here, so we've clearly adapted).

9) on Earth, if we ever stop fighting for our existence, other deserving life (smarter and obviously better at surviving) will likely consume all of humanity, belch!

10) on Earth, as according to my critics, apparently evolution and/or creation doesn't much count and, doesn't much matter even if it's benefitting mankind (unless that's specifically suiting your survival needs).

As for life NOT as we know it (life on Venus, in spite of NASA)

Life Options for Venus (nearly the same as above) plus all of the following

1) on Venus, instead of being arrogantly pathetic, life actually took the point and adapted to their greenhouse environment.

2) on Venus, evolution included healthy physiological alterations, most likely involving nocturnal attributes of better vision and bio-illumination.

3) on Venus, applied technology was utilized so as to gain and hold territory (especially higher territory having natural fluid and other resources).

4) on Venus, that applied technology includes various conversions, like CO2-->CO/O2 as well as vacuum extraction/distillation of H2O from those cool nighttime clouds (conversion energy is not a problem).

5) on Venus, evolved technology most likely includes rigid airships of N2/O2 as well as H2 formats (a one million metric tonne airship is possible).

6) on Venus, evolved technologies includes substantial vertical differential kinetic energy conversions.

7) on Venus, life survival technology also includes direct thermoelectric conversions.

8) on Venus, that energy recovery technology includes surface geothermal energy extractions and conversions.

9) on Venus, that survival technology obviously includes conservation of anything H2O.

10) on Venus, their mostly CO2 environment protects life from excess solar flare radiation (having no apparent magnetic field and no Van Allen belts, thick CO2 and of the mega tonnes of clouds do quite nicely).

11) on Venus, astronomy (if developed) may be an actual luxury, as costly and perhaps downright risky, especially if that's having to involve airship operations at atlitudes above those nighttime clouds (60+ km).

In addition to all of the above, this has been just another example of a rather old report (I'll suppose this researcher has been given the same or worse third degree from those defending the "status quo", as well as for defending whatever ulterior hidden agendas):

"In November of 1999, Dr. Tom Slanger from SRI International used the HIRES spectrograph on the Keck 1 telescope to examine the night side of Venus. The signature of atomic oxygen was expected since the telescope was looking through Earth's atmosphere. A related, but slightly red shifted signature from Venus, came as a complete surprise to him because previous research by planetary missions in the 1970s had shown none."   "It's hard to understand how you can have such a huge difference," commented Dr. Slanger. "The echelle spectrograph gets very good coverage and resolution. With sensitive CCDs you get results that are very outstanding."   "It wasn't just a weak trace of atomic oxygen either. The data shows a green line nearly as intense as the glow from Earth's atmosphere, even after taking that effect into account in the ground based data. Since free oxygen is about 0.1 parts per million in Venus' atmosphere, an infinitesimal fraction of the amount on Earth, the intensity only confounds the puzzle."

I'm of the opinion;  in order for Earth to excite/stimulate those Islamic nocturnals on Venus, sufficiently as to making them either interested and/or aggravated as to reply, we will need to be transmitting xenon beams or perhaps laser cannons of binary packets, initially at low baud rates and doing this while our planets are mutually near (since I've started this communications crusade over a year ago, perhaps the scientifically technical and appropriate phrase for this methodology has become yet another; duh! no kidding).

At the greater distances of 0.5+ AU, we'll need to apply laser cannons or much tighter beams of sufficient energy as to continue this effort. At greater distances of 1+ AU, we'll soon need the VL2 platform as our mutual relay.

Making contact will obviously eliminate any further mission involving another Magellan class imaging and/or of technical/scientific probing, of which we have obtained relatively limited results from such in the past. If those on Venus and Earth can simply mimic binary code and learn from each other, by our returning mutual packet exchanges, we can eventually find common ground (I'm realizing that 0/1 is a fairly complicated language for most humans but, otherwise pretty basic or fundamental as for almost other forms of life), then of what's possibly better and not to mention safer and, of what's cheaper than of two-way visual packet communications?

Life Options for Mars (none of the above) minus the following

1) on Mars, there is simply not even enough (0.006 bar) of that cold CO2 to work with (initially we must bring far more energy then we we'll extract).

2) on Mars, whatever microbe life existed once (if ever) has been dead or at least dormant for millions of years (severe cold, a lack of O2 as well as little recourse for obtaining O2 has it's way of doing just that, making things dead and/or keeping them from evolving).

3) on Mars, there are no apparent natural energy resources, at least nothing surface except for ice (ice being above absolute zero so, there could be a minute form of very cold life).

4) on Mars, there's only slightly more going on then as our moon and, we can't seem to safely go there either.

5) the cost of exploiting upon anything Mars is 100 to 1000 fold higher then Venus (especially since Mars has no one there to help out).

6) since there's been no sign of anything artificial, we obviously can't possibly communicate with squat (cold/frozen microbes can't even return a reflection of light).

7) if Mars offers even less then squat, then there's obviously very little point, as we might as well be attempting to set up base camp on Pluto.

Life options for SETI (absolutely nothing whatsoever), even if ET is ever discovered, it's already dead.

Life options for OSETI (zip, nada, zero, even less then zero because they're too stupid and arrogant to boot)

Life options for NASA (absolutely anything that NSA/DoD wants)

Life options for ESA (absolutely anything NASA wants)

Life options for America (less every day, lesser yet as long as warlord Bush is in office)

Life option of Earth's astronomy cults (zero, nada, zip boom ba, lost causes if there ever was). If asked, I would pull all public funding including any tax credits (retroactively), perhaps use Hubble and TRACE for Star-Wars target practice.

If we (mostly astronomy types) keep looking for signs of life that's hundreds plus light years away;  Please do explain how any of that has in the past or will in the foreseeable future equate into anything which Earth's present day or even near future humanity (excluding astronomy cults) can materialize into food, health, wellbeing or even of higher education which can someday be applied into food, health, wellbeing and of the basic right as to survive on Earth without being persecuted into an early grave.

As being the village idiot, even I can understand, appreciate and admire Earth sciences, including whatever solar and even lunar associated sciences, but that's about it, except for what been situated on Venus all this time, that which has been in front of our dumbfounded faces for at least nearly 13 years and counting.

Actually folks;  there's never been all that much astronomy about the "GUTH Venus" discoveries, at least not any more so then of looking out the window of an airplane, except that's being far better because, SAR imaging was and still is unaffected by lighting, unaffected by most camouflage and almost anything atmospheric is invisible (crystal clear as a bell) plus, there's no optical distortions nor theoretical limitations. SAR imaging can even pull a depth of meaning and/or definition of content, which the human eye nor the finest CCD simply can't accomplish.

Basically, this discovery of life (NOT as we know it) existing on Venus has become a whole lot more about applied sciences and engineering opportunities (mostly of what we currently have to work with at that) and/or, about what the existing evolution of Venus has to offer Earth. In other words; duh! again.

To my beloved opponents;  If I haven't yet insulted your intelligence, sorry about that. Next time I'll try so much harder as to pointing out your inadequacies and lesser yet meaning of your pathetic existence, as my thoughts are those derived from NSA/DoD astronomy sorts that have been long opposing what I have to offer, those individuals are in fact all the proof I'll ever need as to further establishing that unfortunately, I've been more then right all along.

Those thinking sufficiently outside the box, as discovery supporters may feel free as to jumping right in, as I'll not only post your ideas (with credits) but also of whatever objections you have against the establishments and, especially those associated with cults of pagan worshiping pro-NASA sorts. Those KKK and Neo-Nazi types need not worry about their being associated with the lower lifeforms which I've uncovered, as your morals are simply far too high as to qualify for anything pro-NASA/NSA/DoD.

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