Science or Religion (either/or but not both)

(GUTH Venus is another love/hate relationship with just about anyone pro-NASA or pro-life)

I've rediscovered that science and religion simply don't mix unless you're using an industrial grade compactor that's capable of making diamonds. Irregardless of how much pressure, any taint of humor involved causes a fatal internal structural flaw, bringing even enormous diamonds down to a worth of squat. So, instead of a compactor, perhaps what this world actually needs is a massive centrifuge that'll separate these two opposing factions before they fuse and cause another thermal nuclear reaction.

At best there remains an isolated level of respect. In other words, if you'll leave me alone I'll tolerate your existence, as otherwise, one false step and I'll wipe you out like Cathars. The same rules seem to apply towards the NASA club outsiders as opposed to those gifted with the rituals and benefits of being on the inside, where toleration of one another is about as good as it gets.

Though I've mentioned this quivering interface or friction between religion and science upon several occasions, I certainly have no festering problems with the majority of good and decent religions, as they generally accomplish more good than not. As for my respecting those insisting upon joining or remaining with nearly any religion, that too I don't have a problem with, as I'd rather be dealing with religious consequences than of recent political folks that have been hiding behind not only closed doors but taking impunity by way of those lethal enforced "nondisclosure policies". Thankfully these days, religions don't generally rub you out, however government as had more than their fair share of book and witch burnings or simply of looking the other way while someone other commits the dastardly deed(s), not to mention their sanctioning of gondola cable slashings, research ship chopping, a bloody host of friendly fire incidences and of the recent killings of thousands over invisible WMD's (I could go on and on, especially of cold-war issues or of the likes of the USS LIBERTY fiasco, then as for taking another look-see into the US/Mexican war ott to be worth another laugh, especially those parts about our multiple failures at taking Cuba).

I do have another wee village idiot sort of problem if you insisted that I accept absolutely everything upon faith that your religion is somehow above making mistakes or of accomplishing the very worst. As I'm sorry but, no one is that perfect, not even by way of your chosen God and, least of all if that God is a pagan formulation being hosted or cloaked my NASA/NSA/DoD agendas. Some of, if not most of the very worst things humans ever did to one another were those commissioned and afforded by religious orders and, of a few cults as well as do many governments still play along as God from time to time, by which they've utilized the cloak of a given religion or even that of a supposedly scientific community such as NASA in order to isolate their pathetic soles from the terrible carnage they inflicted upon others, often for rather immoral (for profit and/or energy taking) reasons and otherwise because of those very human mistakes (those human mistakes I can understand, as I make them all the time except that, no one dies because of my mistakes). However, even such honest mistakes are of what's not generally being acknowledged, at least not for many generations after the fact and, of whatever was a simple mistake (friendly fire sort of speak) soon becomes immoral, as well as preferably not ever coming to light.

If others claim to need and/or can provide the support and affiliation within a given religious or similar do-gooder club or cult, of the sorts offering additional law and commandments not otherwise sufficiently supported by their outside communities, then that too is a good thing. After all, many religious groups achieve far more bang for their bucks than of privet fun-raisers and most certainly redistribute their resources at efficiencies otherwise unheard of within government.

Don't look now but, even the current Pope is not always so perfect, nor is he likely to be making amends for whatever those past Pope's managed to get away with, even though I think his church should at least acknowledge the foundation of their position, upon which some pretty terrible sorts of individuals in more recent history had patterned their ambitions and goals upon what the Catholic Church managed to get away with in the past (some even believe there's still a shadow of anti-Catharism that's being directed at Israel among other ethnic heathens that elect to follow teachings other than being prescribed by the Pope). Take it easy, that "heathen" aspect was just another attention getter and, I bet it worked.

There obviously shouldn't be any religious affiliations within a pro-science community, especially if that science must remain objectively involved in the history and research upon mankind, of those associated interactions of evolution as well as whatever creations by way of terraforming that makes and/or brakes us as humans, as for our remaining more or less similar and hopefully as capable as other ET's, remaining of some worth as to salvaging our sorry butts should the unthinkable occur.

Isn't truth worth anything these days?

Unfortunately, when the truths of history become so badly skewed, science and physics soon follow as being essentially skewed into the same toilet in order to uphold such a phony past, as well as creating numerous phony beliefs that honest science and honest physics could have otherwise easily investigated and resolved or at least expedited towards a far better understanding of numerous unknowns, saving us all a good deal of grief and sacrifice (humanitarian as well as financially speaking). However, with respect to myself and of how I'm being treated by the status quo of such self appointed Gods, apparently there's either too much truth in what I've discovered and/or there's way too much truth regarding history that'll have to be re-written, re-published and then perhaps offer some considerable restitutions (so what?).

From time to time, I could have incorrectly placed individuals as leaders or as knowing followers responsible for this mess (I'm mostly referring to the total lack of any responsible action to further investigate what has been discovered as existing on Venus, then also regarding the orchestration of ulterior motives behind this ongoing effort of deception that there's nothing worth investigating about Venus, like the hell there isn't), as well as I could have a few of my dates and a place or two out of order but, for those looking for truths and answers, those sorts of indiscretions are rather insignificant by comparison to that of my discovering other life NOT as we know it.

Understandably, If I had but 1% the funding of NASA, I too could hire the likes of individuals that would polish all those knobs, by getting all of the names, dates and places exactly right, as well as I'd have published those spectacular NOVA class books along with those nifty "made for TV" productions, even have funded hundreds of those info-commercials as articles within National Geographic as well as dozens of other top of the line publications, even my web sites would offer interactive animations and custom surround-sound tracks. The fact of the matter would remain essentially the same but, the "knock your socks off" presentations would certainly be a whole lot more entertaining.

Regarding the GUTH Venus discoveries;  I personally think and truly believe that it would be a darn good thing to know if either of us could benefit from our knowing about each other (Earth/Venus that is). Perchance we could mutually come in darn handy to one another, especially if the situation is actually worse off than their current level of technology permits and/or of whatever natural resources are dwindling as on Earth. On the other side of this same toasty equation, there's good old Earth rushing itself into a warm and fuzzy greenhouse of it's own, without an apparent clue as to how we should go about making the best of a bad situation, where perchance those survivors of Venus, or at the very least the remains thereof, could tell us a thing or two that just might salvage our sanctimoniously arrogant butts after all.

Considering if I'm given the least bit of credit for achieving the original discovery of other life NOT as we know it (December 2000), of there being ET's as existing on Venus, of those clearly responsible for what the SAR images were depicting, as then obviously a few if not many are going to be asking a number of related as well as unrelated questions, some of which are going to be address to myself and, I'll probably answer a good number of those questions with the same level of concern towards protecting NASA and NSA/DoD agendas as I've outlined within so many pages, with the exception that I'll be having some outside professional help from others interested in beating those same bushes, just to see what other pops out. Or, I could be too darn busy with my personal life and/or with interplanetary communications research and of the VL2 platform configuration to be reached for comment. I wonder which it's going to be.

What's just as interesting to contemplate upon is if I were having to be the critic against another claiming to have images of some very artificial looking attributes and, of those being on another planet that was supposedly so hot and nasty and/or perchance extremely cold and nasty (such as Mars). Of what little I now know of physics and of Earthly biology, geology and that of free-space plus solar flare radiation, this is where I could criticize the holy heck out of just about anything (such as my arguing against most forms of surface life surviving on Mars, as for there being not a chance), while maintaining a great deal of respect for what's possible through mutations of evolution and of artificial alterations. Even if we called it franken-evolution along with a good deal of applied technology, as that could permit life to exist almost anywhere. However, in respect to an energy abundant planet like Venus, unless that heat component were of IR and not accompanied by such good pressure, in which case, especially since there's so much other that's positive about Venus, I'd have myself a real problem remaining absolutely negative.

I understand that unless the atmosphere was comprised of something entirely sufficient, dense enough as to block/filter solar flare radiation, as with that too I'd be up another tree if I were the one arguing against such odds for sustaining life, as I now understand the importance of having such a vital radiation shield (especially of non-Van Allen endowed planets such as Venus), just as I now can appreciate that within certain limits of a given temperature is going to be compensated by having such good pressure. Of my understandings towards other life (obviously NOT as we know it) will likely have had the time by which to have adapted/evolved, unless suddenly clobbered by asteroids like Mars and, that such an alternate form of life to what we know of need not have developed nor required a need for radio technology, as radio offers nothing whatsoever to do with biological evolution nor of one's survival (for millions of years Earth was without radio and even today there's million of folks that'll die before they ever experience and/or benefit from anything radio), as radio is merely another technology extension that's relatively new to humanity, still limited in spectrum, requiring a great deal of applied technology (not proving we're smarter than others) and relatively inefficient (energy wise as well as for language barriers) as compared to what's so universal about visual communications.

For those of you worried about losing some of your luster or tarnishing what's left of your morals by an act of having to associate with a mere village idiot as myself;  Sorry about all that tarnishing aspect but, perhaps worse yet is that I'm not sufficiently related to Einstein or even of Allen Guth, nor do I hold one of those doctorate degrees in anything except for my being the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Village Idiot Society (VIS). At least I'm not one of those smart enough to being another ENRON/Andersen nor WorldCom crook or even another phony baloney Shakespeare, nor do I have one of those bloody axes to grind like the Pope and, the last time I checked, I'm not even the least bit involved in ulterior motives with certain aspects of our cold-war that's still ongoing by the sheer will and might of what's a truly lethal NSA/DoD series of hidden agendas, apparently still targeted upon their obtaining world domination on behalf of America I should hope (I always liked being on the winning side, as even if you're wrong or not entitled, guess what folks, it doesn't matter).

Fortunately or hopefully, NASA is no longer a willing poker player by way of offering up their research/exploration missions as any cloak for NSA/DoD agendas (that doesn't mean their arms as well as their brains can't be twisted or of their missions unknowingly utilized), except for offering their shuttles as thermal targeting drones on behalf of Boeing's Phantom Works (perhaps it's all my fault because, I simply can't seem to ask the correct questions, as otherwise none other have been able or willing to share the airborne whereabouts of our Boeing/TRW laser cannon as of February 01, 2003, other than for being stationed out of Edwards Air Force Base, of which I'm sure that's just another mere coincidence).

In order to save the day, the week, the month and of years to come, I'd be glad to be taking a swing at "pink slipping" a few thousand soles. As I've already stipulated before, they don't call me "pink slip Guth" for nothing and, I'll still offer to go about accomplishing that nasty task at a mere 1% fee or commission of whomever I can manage to can. I'll also strive for cancellation of retirement benefits as well as going after retroactive restitutions, in that whatever class-action settlements can start drawing upon such savings. I'm confident that I'll make lots of friends, very quickly of those desiring to keeping their jobs and/or obtaining continued funding, perhaps not so romantic among those leaving the pack, where those goodbye hugs and kisses might get a little vampirish.

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