This cropped image has also been re-enlarge to 10X8 @72dpi (otherwise no pixel modifications)

Notice the "switch-back" rounding the end of a mountian range.  This is located far to the left of the main structures, above on the other side of the lava flow channel, and there also seems to be several significant mining or underground retreat cuts all along the way, into the hill sides.  Other erosions (of which there are many to compare) simply do not show this degree of complex features.

Use your software magnifier to take a closer look, and better yet, do your own enlargements and provide us with your ideas.  Try making a poster of this and other images, and have them about for others to view, and you might just be surprised at what else is identified.

In addition to the main buliding structures, platform/runway and many causeway features, why is there clearly a "switch-back" roadway consideration associated with this area ?

Better yet, why has NASA been so unable or unwilling to see this and reconsider any of the possibilities ?