My final ZOOM-IN has some further contrast as well as photo image "edge sharpen" applied, but otherwise nothing whatsoever was added or in anyway being distorted.  Although this enlargement is about as close as I have been able to get, remember; this all started out from the Magellan RADAR/IMAGE file that NASA had converted to their GIF image format (mgn_c115s095_1.gif), and that the best possible pixel resolution from this original GIF format was being specified at no better then 25 meters per pixel (other sources in NASA have been stating the original resolution at 225+ meters), however, larger could very well be better then smaller when it comes down to our establishing the magnatude of these structures and associated infrastructure of causeways and facilities.  One NASA file clearly states the raw Magellan RADAR imaging data was being acquired at approx 75 meters, so there seems to be no clear answer at this time.

As you can see, I can not keep zooming-in, as there is somewhat of a realistic point of no return, however, if you have better photo software and more experience with identifying what is seen in this image, please do so and let us review our common results.  As I continue to review my enlargements, I keep seeing more and more information, such as likely elements worthy of intelligent function and utilization  (details that just seem to become more and more obvious only after further study), so please call any time; Brad Guth  (253) 857-6061