The Senate, the Ruse and all the Puppeteers

(Venus offers far more lizardkind survival intelligence then of anything mankind, also more truth)
(therefore; Venus definately supports life NOT as we know it)

Don't look now Senators because, just like the invisible arrival of Venus, pre-snookering season has rolled around again, as DoD, NSA and NASA (even CIA and the FBI as for backup) are one for all and all for one and, now that HomeLand Security has been getting in their way, there's even more at stake, especially as for NASA's humanly unobtainable goals and more recently as for avoiding absolutely anything "Venus".

So Much of NASA/NSA/DoD, then even NIMA and of course their backup support teams of CIA and FBI (likely even some in Homeland Security as well) have known about this departmental oversight that has since become a discovery in spite of NASA, as out of my ongoing research and then so unlike my opposition, I've offered open disclosure (from inception to date, nearly 22 months worth and counting).

Even NOAA should have realized the greater importance of exactly what Venus contributes to our global weather and of the somewhat added gravitational pull that's been affecting upon Earth's core, it's crust and subsequent weather considerations roughly every 18 months, but they too will not say nor divulge upon anything that focuses the public upon the invisible (cloaked) planet of Venus. A few words from Lord NASA and all is to remain quiet and well, especially as to avoiding those Senate Appropriations committees from their getting wind of more truth then they can handle (perhaps it's also a darn good thing that any further investigation into the cause of 9/11 has been placed in the toilet, as NASA's role or cloak in the USS LIBERTY fiasco and of so many other "OOPS" involvements with their true boss NSA/DoD plus of whatever CIA and FBI agenda involvements, as such would otherwise certainly place a serious recall upon the morals and responsibilities of those charged with dispensing all those bucks). I mean, it's hard to accomplish really bad and/or stupid things if you don't have the sort of bucks it takes, worse yet if you don't have a good cloak like NASA.

Of course, I'm not even including the Apollo fiasco, just as of more recently we're only talking about nearly 13 years worth of absolute total incompetence and, obviously of billions down the toilet in place of simply doing what was morally right as well as entirely obtainable within the technology of 10+years ago, all of which at well under 10% of what NASA has otherwise blown away upon cloaking for other associate agencies as well as towards their devising upon those ever deeper and more unobtainable space exploration goals, those which not only exclude humanly rational worthy goals but those often costing 10 times more and at that placing many individuals at great risk, such as astronauts and of all their associated high risk support teams tied into every time we have to deliver/retrieve those hybrid radiation proof astronauts to/from space and, that's not mentioning whatever those potentially lethal Mars microbes are going to offer onto humanity.

It's certainly not that every individual within these administrations has such knowledge of what Venus holds, as they seldom share even within their own community of information. Basically, every agency employee is nitch specialized and, further buffered by either sickly enforced policy, staff and/or logistics from any other micro nitch employee. That's obviously the sort of reason why 9/11 was such a surprise to some of us (the surprise to me was more like duh; why did it take so long), just like it took common civilians to finally locate those recent snipers and, the only thing that would have made the FBI's and other enforcement any easier, would have been if those two individuals simply turned themselves in. However, going by what was actually happening, the chances are that even such attempts at turning themselves in would likely have resulted in their being rejected/released, simply because they did not fit the multi million dollar profile (btw; that profile expense should also include the values of whatever additional life was lost), as these two guys were certainly not trying all that hard as to not be found (they weren't even changing vehicles nor trying to look any different, even after they obviously knew that authorities were specifically looking for them.

The unfortunate closing-events of the 6-Day war, the USS LIBERTY, flight 107, obviously everything other pre/post 9/11 and most likely flight 800 will also become other markers of "what not to do", not that we ever seem to learn (many secrets conveniently taking 4+ decades as to discovering/uncovering the truth, so as for those involved, that's either insuring full retirement and/or death [premature if need be] before any truth goes public), especially once our history hackers initially skew all the facts and either disqualify, eliminate and/or destroy whatever evidence doesn't happen to fit their version. Like eliminating access to those Apollo original negatives and/or revising upon the expensively analyzed outcomes of those lunar samples so as to being appropriately modified but otherwise found sufficiently similar to Earth (even though I've got a couple of good ideas, officially there's still no viable explanation as to how that could have happened), especially when so many other well known space rock debris has been sufficiently different then of anything Earth (quite often dark and/or black), where apparently after 6 lunar missions and countless hours of gathering, not one of those lunar samples was other then of modified Earthly material, none were even close to being asphalt in color, nor had one pound of that incredible bone dry clumping soil/sand ever make it back to Earth, furthermore, not even one photo was ever given sufficient exposure of that 10% reflective asphalt lunar terrain as to be including vibrant stars that could have nailed every critic into the ground (we're talking about thousands of negatives per mission, sensitive photographic film at that which somehow never recorded any radiation event/fog, even though there had to have been 0.1 to 1.0 Sv worth of mission radiation and of woefully insufficient shielding to boot (absolutely nothing was shielding those cameras, little to nothing shielding the astronauts, thus Hasselblad and even KODAK still can't explain those results unless there were inner-negatives produced, subsequently altered, but then those white moon suits certainly proved that nowhere was there any such asphalt reflective terrain in sight [the least reflective was more like 25% and the vast majority was nearly 50%, some was even brighter, more like 70%], so where's that damn asphalt like reflective lunar soil, clumping at that?). At this point I'm not even going into those pathetic 1/6th gravity scaled lunar lander test flights, as they were each more like crash and burn test then of anything other.

So folks, when I came along (bored nearly to death with all that Apollo crap of NASA's "spin" and "damage control" that was being forced down everyone's gullet, if not being forcably implanted where the sun don't shine), and with an entirely worthy (off lunar topic) new idea, as perhaps best discovery ever but, unlike those pathetic Apollo images, at least my discovery was backed by truly "extraordinary proof" of there being more likely artificial attributes existing on Venus then not; Well darn, guess what hit that NASA fan?

Fist off, several knowledgable folks within NASA told me flat out, and are still stipulating, there was nothing whatsoever to look at (period!). Then all the sudden, everything Venus gets pulled from the news, removed from the charts and unmentioned in any future plans, otherwise I was being bashed and/or eliminated from within various other media and, of those already posted NSA spy certified SAR images of 8-bit definition depth, as Magellan acquired such at the excellent perspective of 43 degrees, being of multiple samples per pixel at that, somehow just like those lunar samples and photos, these previously certified SAR images are oddly not to be utilized nor believed as depicting much of anything but purely natural terrain, not even as to honestly comparing what's most likely artificial against any other as in relationship to the lesser and/or major surrounding details that are most likely of entirely natural formation and, guess what else? Even though their arch enemy NIMA can process such certified 20X digital enlargements and, that of my limited photo software can deliver at best 10X, NASA is conveniently not being the least bit receptive (this is not by some external oversight or peer group, it's purely and simply NASA hard at work, accomplishing whatever "spin" and "damage control").

Even though I had discovered much of this at raw 1:1 imaging nearly two years ago and, by using a mere conservative 3X photo enlargement has certainly become more then sufficient as to pulling further certified "truth" from those original SAR images (certified because every step can easily be reversed, unlike those Apollo lunar images, everyone has full access to those original Magellan image files), none the less, NASA is simply not the least bit interested but further willing to devote whatever (taxpayer) resources as to blocking all others from applying further expertise and, certainly they've been doing everything possible as to keeping Venus (especially "GUTH Venus") out of the news, that's even including NOAA news, certainly AP news and as I've discovered the BBC news as well (NASA moles and/or staunch followers are simply nearly everywhere and, for darn good reason, including several trillion dollars worth of NASA reasons and, much worse).

Obviously a great deal stinks, smells to high heaven and, it's still rotting on the hook. Fortunately our Senate Appropriations that's been responsible for funding much of NASA as well as NSA/DoD are really pathetically stupid and/or naive individuals (at least that's what NASA/NSA/DoD must think), without a clue as to what NASA or their true boss (NSA/DoD) have been truly up to, nor do those Senators have anywhere the true picture of what's been going down for the past 3 decades. Only by those involved in recently dying as a result of our foriegn involvements and obviously of the aftermath events of such events as the 6-Day war, as those associated with the USS LIBERTY fiasco and of the 9/11 as retribution, perhaps then even flight 800 as well (even though that one could just as easily have been friendly fire), these innocent souls likely realized shortly before they died that their government had been lying and covering up for decades, at the very least not doing their job (sort of like ENRON/Andersen and WorldCom, except on a cocktail of Viagra and steroids).

Sorry about sneaking in all that political humor;  GUTH Venus is simply about "truths" associated with obtainable and of highly affordable opportunities and, obviously I have been tossing in some reasonable (no harm) extrapolation and/or educated guess work that's based upon our most reliable and believable planetary imaging to date. Even if the resolution is not of what those recent Mars images deliver, anything of CCD optical format is not the least bit as truthful nor informative as SAR imaging and, every imaging expert knows that, especially NIMA and if NASA states otherwise, then they're either really stupid or simply lying (again!).

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