Venus causes Earth weather and GUTH Venus causes NASA indigestion

(there's far more lizardkind survival intelligence then of anything mankind, also more truth)


I obviously seem to once again have a few too many words to say about why all the official flak as pertaining to my research, then official "spin", "disinformation" and subsequent "damage control" focused against my research:

For those of you new to this live adventure game, this lethal contest that's been underway for decades, as perhaps just for your entertainment and, as for those of you looking for the next level of excitement, for you I may have something that's likely far better then of our walking or NOT on the moon:

The moon thing (either way) is simply nothing as compared to what Venus holds (at least as of nearly 13 years ago). If you would care to help others and myself push some of NASA's other (non-lunar) buttons, as towards regarding what the "GUTH Venus" discoveries have to offer, that is unless you're an official mole or merely becoming another snookered Senate Appropriations sort, as you may soon get some serious flak in return as well as whatever "disinformation" they can throw at you. It's often been that sort of "disinformation" and/or void of information where there should be no such void nor need for disinformation and, that's certainly what has been of interest, as such disinformation is sort of reverse truth (NASA stipulates one thing, obviously that means just the opposit), as sort of another back door into the 4th dimensional dark minds of NASA/NSA/DoD agendas, of the associated carnage inflicted by such unworthy deeds (naturally everything has always been at taxpayer expense as well as moral responsibility. Oops, what moral responsibility?).

Perhaps it's certainly a good thing, like as for most of us, that you and I are not very smart, as it's so much simpler just being another follower and a true believer in spite of the facts, that's especially true if you've become one of those NASA puppet Senate Appropriations individuals that likes being snookered or worse (remember, if you're going to be a good dummy/puppet, that means that someone else has their hand up your ass). In respect to 9/11, what you selectively or electively don't know will eventually hurt, but at least it'll likely hurt millions of others before the true impact of that cloaked shock wave comes back around to kicking your butt, and with a little luck, you might even be retired by then, as no longer having that other hand up your ass).

Obviously NASA simply can't honestly support our lunar landings, orbiting yes and sending down odds and ends of equipment is likely. As for anyone safely accumulating 1+Sv is unlikely without losing some hair, as even 0.1+Sv would have measurably shown itself on the health of those astronauts as well as upon those original negatives, yet neither suffered 0.01 Sv (even that amount is worth 100 full body sequential xrays, ouch! most such (10 mr) xrays are those of one small body area, prefferably nowhere near your head). Unfortunately there's much more and, it only gets worse (like those 1/6th gravity scaled landers that never once flew a successful test flight mission, before or anytime after).

Today, more so then ever, I believe NASA can not keep rejecting upon the obvious facts and consequences of what the "GUTH Venus" discoveries have to offer. Well, so far they certainly can and have been rejecting such for nearly two years worth, in spite of the "truths" and, in spite of the opportunities (typical government, just like those that knew things in advance about flight 107, the USS LIBERTY, flight 800, 9/11, the recent sniper and so on, tit for tat). I realize that this Venus thing will cost dearly, not by any mission nor technology thrown at Venus but, as for correcting the history and science that's been skewed to death.

Most likely NASA is going to continue with their stipulating that they have nothing whatsoever to do with focusing, establishing nor interpreting missions, yet somehow anything that goes up is purely NASA moderated, as well as any results are further moderated to death if need be, especially if those results should reflect poorly upon NASA. Basically you don't bite the hand that feeds you, even if that's coming from the bloated fox that's been guarding those dwindling stocks of chickens.

The latest round of flak or "disinformation" is that having to do with our exceptionally odd if not lethal global weather patterns and, of all sorts of Earthly geology stuff (from what I can tell, mostly bad stuff), all of which is being stressed out to the max because of Venus. Yet Venus is nowhere in sight (not even in print) because, apparently my research and subsequent discovery has made it disappear.

Instead of NASA being on top of this, being the "all knowing" God that they seem to think they are, instead NASA and whomever they command are being very "Nickson" about everything, stonewalling until those cows come home. If they can all somehow retire on full benefits prior to the "truths" coming out, then it'll be those taking over to figure out what to do with the aftermath. Of course, I have a solution, of retroactively recalling all those retirement benefits and worse, that way this country gets the truth and we not only recover some of those retirements but seriously cutoff a fairly large number of pending retirements (essentially, if you have been a criminal, then you're not entitled to retirement benefits, especially if that being associated with wrongful death issues).

Just for your ongoing entertainment;  I've improved and added a few more pages to my index at tripod as well as for geocities.

Regards, Brad Guth / IEIS "GUTH Venus"

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