What's left to accomplish; "LOTS" (more then you can shake or poke a flaming stick at)

        1) we obviously need to further understand a whole lot more about that "not so toasty" nighttime atmosphere.

        2) getting a grip on other life NOT as we know it  (what part of "NOT as we know it" do we still not understand?).

        3) better understandings as to generating power/energy on Venus (as how to avoid creating too much energy).

        4) cool nighttime clouds of the Venus seasons of nighttime (how thick, how transparent, % coverage).

        5) improved understandings and concepts upon rigid metro/cargo/astronomy airship considerations (buoyancy of 64+kg/m3).

        6) nasty cloud gathering, merely vacuum distilling in order to obtain pure H2O, or is this too complicated for your brain?

        7) conversion of H2O into H2O2, then as for obtaining volumes of H2 for thermal (R-200) insulation as well as buoyancy.

        8) exactly how much nocturnal improvement (via Darwin's evolution) is likely and/or possible?

        9) communications; as ultrasonic within the lower atmosphere, radio maybe, or just visual packets of near UV spectrums.

        10) missions to VL2 and of establishing the VL2 platform (robotic and/or manned), with transceiver surface deployments.

        11) cooling via toasty hot CO2, plus energy via cold-junction thermopiles (the hotter the better).

        12) Space research and exploration w/o NASA, w/o NSA/DoD agendas, w/o airplanes crashing into tall buildings.

        13) UV class "c" or perhaps merely near UV, certainly not of the lethal class a/b verity.

        14) BTW; where exactly has that nifty Boeing/TRW flying laser cannon been lately?

        15) CO2-->CO/O2, processed directly from abundant and existing atmosphere that's been cocked and loaded for action.

(note: according to Dr. D.E. Lueck of NASA, as well as several others, direct electrolysis of CO2 as for obtaining CO and O2 using zirconia-based electrolysis cells is another done deal. In fact, the process runs quite nicely @1173K and, the higher the temperature the better [same goes for producing electrons via thermopiles], such as a mere 2:1 compressor taking in 75 bar should deliver CO2 in the truly wonderful neighborhood of 1300K)

        16) geothermals; what to do with so many other energy resources and of all those abundantly accessible elements.

        17) vertical co2 windpower via 4+bar/km as well as 9+k/km (nighttime) differentials; like how much energy would you like?

        18) NASA butt kicking; for sport and/or of the very survival of mankind, perhaps lizardkind as well.

        19) let us discover exactly whom is in such dire need of acquiring those lethal Mars microbes? (not I, how about yourself?).

Of anything I may have forgotten (besides what's existing within so many other pages and simply not been accommodated within this transcript), I'll accept such input as welcome reminders, as wisdom and of whatever expertise you may have to offer and, I'll even accept your criticisms upon any inaccuracies or syntax that may have developed over the past two years (unlike members of Club NASA, I'm not perfect).

Purely negative contributions will be considered as "off topic", as NASA and their devoted flocks of Borg followers have for the past two years more then provided all the possible negatives one could ever imagine and, even of some you and I couldn't have possibly imagined.

Your honest input is most valuable and, unlike Club NASA, I'll see that you receive the fullest of credits, if possible I'll award or compensate with whatever monetary worth and/or share in the eventual bounty that's certain to follow (there's more then enough to go around and, as of at least so far, Club NASA isn't entitled to one red cent, if anything, they owe us big time).

Due to the overwhelming "avoidance of nearly anything Venus", sort of protective and/or defensive posturing by those claiming as being so freaking right all the time, I've had to waste my valuable time while further billions of tax dollars were being flushed down another one of NASA's toilets, as being unavoidable by my having to continually make do with what little expertise I can offer. However, in having to provide such extras, I've come across a rather good number of reasonable considerations and made my own conclusions based upon relatively old science, as for uncovering many benefits on behalf of Venus and for that of life NOT as we know it, to have managed in spite of NASA's wisdom or lack thereof.

Uncloaking Science and Physics;  with respect to my ongoing research, since apparently relatively little has actually changed or been discovered/invented of planetary or even biological sciences nor of physics over the past 13 years (that which would have otherwise disqualified my research and subsequent conjectures and otherwise terminated my discoveries, or at least qualified as to why so many others hadn't done their job), if others or myself had been allowed or just smart enough for this opportunity of realizing there being such a good number of acceptable/positive science and physics alternatives as for supporting other life as and as NOT we know it, along with the required technology for such a truly hot and nasty planet, then presumably the past 13 years would not have been so thoroughly wasted, nor of the hundreds of billions spent looking just about everywhere except Venus for signs of ET or of whatever else suites your fancy. As the obvious primitives of science and physics have long existed, as for justifying our scouring Venus for signs or signatures of anything the least bit artificial (apparently until this village idiot came along, this was never done), as being just about the only logical (next step) alternative, towards the inevitable discoveries of sites such as "GUTH Venus", as such discoveries would certainly not have been so unexpected nor as for being so vigorously denied as with the current situation.

Also, if I had subsequently identified or, had others merely pointed out SAR imaging examples (all of "one" example would have been sufficient) of those supposedly other artificially looking sites being of equally community like structures, bridges and having rational infrastructure like attributes, which were supposedly confirmed as being entirely natural formed (though none have ever surfaced), then obviously there would never have been an ounce of "tit for tat" motivation for myself, as to go about looking for the supportive science and associated physics that simply had to exist. obviously all of my opponents, big and tall, bad and ugly, they all failed at every issue of disqualifying upon what's so artificial looking in the image, that's including the lesser sites of No.2 and No.3 (apparently these NASA regarded experts never once played "connect the dots" nor painted by the numbers when they were kids, instead they all opted for the games of "Thermonuclear Wrfare" and the cozy tit for tat biology game of "My bugs are tougher and nastier then your bugs", perhaps that's why all the push as to acquiring those lethal Mars microbes).

If others had bothered to have taken the point, on nearly any aspect, towards developing and/or scientifically supporting such evidence and, towards their independently defining upon whatever potential utilization of such artificial attributes, as that presumably based upon their superior degrees in science and physics, applied to whatever could otherwise be more correctly identified (again presumably different from my initial ideas) as clearly existing in those image enlargements, then here once again, at least outside of my initial observational expertise of my discovering what was more likely artificial then not, I would not have accomplished my own thing of leaning about whatever science and physics had to offer, nor of my openly sharing of whatever I could. Obviously those entrenched research communities of "nondisclosure" astrophysics, astronomy and of all the NASA/NSA/DoD associated science, physics and geologist types, these folks were oddly mute or dumfounded, unable and/or unwilling to do a damn thing and, from all that I could ever tell, they simply weren't about to do anything, especially if that could tarnish reputations, which obviously would have had a negative monetary as well as multiple security impacts upon existing programs, as well as upon their own personal wealth and even well being.

Once I fully realized (in spite of nearly everything NASA) that such great numbers of artificial considerations existed on Venus, then by further utilizing my limited knowledge along with whatever other "reverse engineering" I could muster on my extravagant budget of "zilch", I seemed to have managed to learn and/or discover somewhat more then I ever expected, at least I learned of a good many others and myself were sufficiently unaware of such truths, as I believe we were otherwise being intentionally uninformed and/or disinformed by those "all knowing" NASA moles as well as from all of the NASA moderated published database pertaining to Venus, of there actually being such enormous potentials for that of properly considering the "what if's" of Venus life. Such as, regarding the rather significant rigid airship buoyancy issues, as for what serious loads of essentially free kenitic energy could be obtained by direct conversions from merely vertical atmospheric differentials, then further as for what a little thermopile performance for simply creating lots of those nifty electrons, then not even slightly the least of all energy potentials was to be the rather enormous capability revealed of CO2, as upon my learning what so may others (including many of my opponents) had already known for at least a decade, as to what CO2-->CO/O2 potential there was at hand (such being especially viable for a planet as Venus, like 15+^3 more capability then of what's existing on Mars) and, we already know how to excite/ignite CO2, as in welding, metal cutting, laser cannons and just for that of creating common everyday xenon illumination. Like the bogas issues of the HINDENBURG H2 gas, CO2 was being touted as purely a desaster gas, when in fact H2 and CO2 each have vastly superior qualities of enormous safety with any respect to H2 (even as on Earth and especially on Venus) as well as the enormous free resource of energy by essentially combusting the CO/O2 elements of CO2 (sorry folks but, all of this is pathetically like discovering multiple pairs of Duh! Duh's!).

To think that all of such grand energy potentials were either being entirely and intentionally cloaked while in plain sight or sufficiently otherwise being intentionally avoided (like the plague) by the established science and physics communities, as "spin" and "damage control" on behalf of Club NASA (not that our worldly knowledge of such science and physics is the universe of such wisdom), just like that of my understanding of how efficient vacuum distillation is for extracting and acquiring pure H2O from those cool nighttime acidic clouds, as being essentially another duh! "done deal". Yet somehow Club NASA and of those cult followers supporting their favorite pagan God, those absolute fools or "cold-war" jokers were either doing their job very well or apparently had not a clue, that's besides the fact that I discovered they were all entirely blind as a bat (still are).

I used to think I could have replaced a mere dozen or so of those braille NASA/NSA/DoD planetary image interpreters. Sorry about that, I was dead wrong, as I could replace those plus at least a hundred other overpaid fools. As this village idiot sees it; just that of my observational expertise for recognizing what's more likely artificial is currently worth billions to the taxpayers. Actually, if I had been online 13 years ago, I would have saved us (the taxpayers) several hundred billions by now, then simultaneously advanced science and physics right off the freaking charts, by foremost making our first inter-planetary contact a reality, thus obtaining an entire new world of intellectual expertise as well as avoiding the otherwise wasted talents and time which we'll obviously never get back.

If you can offer a better or more stylish way of restating what I've been attempting to convey, please do so, as I'll insure all the support and credits for such efforts, I'll even compensate you for your support and provide a full body flak suit if need be (like if you're currently employed or funded by NASA, how about further "job/retirement security"). If on the other hand you have only negative intentions or illusions of further supporting your pagan God, then do yourself and the rest of the world a big ass favor, by jumping off the highest building, bridge or whatever (perhaps try standing under the next shuttle launch or, how about getting your self and your entire family runover by that very same train from hell that took out the Apollo mission safety engineer, along with his family, all of his documents and even of his office somehow got smashed into oblivion by that very same locomotive from hell).

BTW;  besides all of my dyslexic and otherwise unintentional encryptic mannerism of my documenting upon what I believe is important, at times I often feel that I've gone a wee bit over the edge. This page is simply not one of those times.

Taking all of us seriously way over the edge is our chief commander and warlord Bush, along with team NASA/NSA/DoD backing him all the way (talk about "wagging the dog") and, placing humanity ever deeper into the "toilet zone". I suppose next we're going work at nuking Cuba (at least that way we'll all be getting those really cheap "pink grapefruit") and btw; North Korea can obtain all the nuclear materials they'll ever need from China and, probably whatever else from their trading partners of Russia, quite possibly even India. Such tactical nukes are just that, as it's more likely the recovering of reactor fuel is of greatest value as is, as smaller reactors can certainly become quite handy, especially in their sub-zero winter (too bad the US is so freaking reactor poor and outdated, that we must still rely upon oil from other warlord tribes, as well as our policy of further risking the pollution of just about everything in sight).

In my opinion;  we may not ever be capable of truly stopping a tactical nuke but (maybe someday a true ICBM) irregardless, we can certainly vaporise the infrastructure that's firing them. So what's all the fuss over? Seems it would be a whole lot better as to focus our talents and resources upon simply not becoming such a deserving target in the first place. Somewhat like; what's the point of being Jewish or Islamic, or of backing either side, if you're dead or soon to be? As far as this village idiot can figure, it's not been the Muslim/Islamic's trying to takeover or even control the world.

Perhaps what we all need is for any one of those dozen or so annual Earth killer space rocks to make an unscheduled "pitstop", at least then we'll have something in common as to recover from. As somewhat like our stopping an ICBM, we can't seem to offer much of anything for altering the trajectory of one of those massive space rocks, as it seems we've been a little too busy going about destroying Earth to be bothered.

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