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It just so happens, that from my perspective of somewhat reverse-research, I will concur with those analysis of Venus evolution supporting life (microbe or otherwise of much larger species), as existing upon the planet once holding surface water that contributed greatly to the patterns of erosion, erosion that many opposed to the possibility of other life still view as purely volcanic by origin and by nature. I'll also fully concur that of the raw Venus environment (including the season of nighttime) is not at all well suited for mere Earth humans, at least not without a good degree of technology being applied. Obviously for Mr. Negative, not even the ultimate of evolution nor technology will suffice.

Certainly some, but not all of the geological formations of Venus are those of volcanic and subsequent lava flows, where some of those lava flows indeed developed as into canyon like rilles and perhaps formed into relatively long paths that eventually deposited as expanded sink zones or basins, which may look somewhat like ocean/lake bed attributes. However, the more likelihood of Venus once being somewhat cooler and, as such affording a more Earth like parallel evolution, this seems to support many other more probable possibilities, such as the not so recent findings of there being rather considerably large and complex patterns which are not recorded elsewhere as being anything so natural. In fact, there's a good number of these artificial looking attributes which strongly simulate what a highly rational community like infrastructure could be, of sufficient image resolution to afford other determinations as to intelligent application and function.

Because I'm not sufficiently qualified as to being entirely certain of the evolutionary process which may best account for these artificial attributes, I've had to rely upon what others have to say, then of contemplating what I can further estimate from my personal learning experiences and of my first hand photographic and image interpretive expertise. If possible for you or others to being involved with supporting my conjectures, there's certainly no negatives associated (only positives), unless you have been or are presently involved with current/past NASA agendas which clearly prohibit (via "nondisclosure") your doing such collaboration. Much of my research follows suit of those efforts currently being undertaken by ESA's "Venus Express", with the exception that I'm fairly certain we're not merely looking for microbes, not unless those are 150+kg microbes that just so happen to go about constructing bridges, tunnels, complex buildings and reservoirs as well as massive airship considerations, in which case we're in deep horse-pucky should even one of those microbes get wind of what Earth has to offer.

From the outset of my research, I fully expected the usual "tit for tat" objections on just about every front and, for this process to have continued for weeks to perhaps several months. However, I was amazed to discover the extent of opposition and of the tenacity and endurance of such, opposing nearly everything Venus that was the least bit challenging to the "status quo". Oddly the words of other researchers seemed two-faced, as they thoroughly objected to every fiber of my findings (though offering little if any substance backing their knowledge) and then simultaneously delivered sermons upon the likelihood of other life NOT as we know it, existing on other planets such as Mars and of certain moons of Jupiter.

If Mars in some way offers the logical science and physics of creation and of sustaining life, as somehow in spite of it's extreme cold, it's pathetically thin CO2 atmosphere and in spite of the fact of having essentially no accessible energy resources nor shelter from the lethal impact of solar flare radiation, then Venus must become a true haven of potential for life (not as we know it), even as it stands today, as on Venus there's literally vast loads of energy potential as well as having accessible planetary elements as for additional energy and minerals. With such energy and element abundance, evolved life that matured over time and managed to adapt had all the essentials of science and physics, that which could have (even without Darwin's evolution kicking in) at least altered upon the habitats for that of benefiting greenhouse survivors.

At least the Venus atmosphere offers a good degree of protection from solar flare radiation, without which even the utmost best possible environments for sustaining life would be essentially meaningless, unless somehow darkside (nighttime) and/or underground life was the norm. Fortunately, the seasons of nighttime are those sufficient as to managing an equitable timeshare surface existence, as 2900 hours affords sufficient resettlement and the necessary time allotment as to going about living, in spite of hell.

I believe the exceptional buoyancy attributes of that lower CO2 atmosphere is simply what's been affording a rather obvious opportunity of applied rigid airship transportation. Why go about constructing cross country roads when airship transports are extremely effective, absolutely safe and energy efficient, being far better then in the ocean sailing days of our Vikings and Columbus, where on Venus that lower atmospheric ocean of mostly CO2 is highly stable, as one could selectively ascend into the altitudes just below those clouds in order to take advantage of the affected atmospherics, as to obtain a direction of flight and speed of travel necessary. Along with a little applied technology, such as CO2-->CO/O2 and/or H2O2, one could introduce nearly any required amounts of such energy, so as to navigate such airships at essentially any desired elevation (day or night) as well as obtaining good speed (100+ knots). Such rigid airships starting off at 64+ kg/m3 are capable of exceeding the nighttime cloud tops and, lo and behold, we've got Venus style astronomy.

The science and physics of such airship transports, as for gathering upon H2SO4 (of 30% sulfuric acidic cloud content) and then by subsequent vacuum distillation into H2O, as well as for global metro transporting to/from other habitat sites is simply a freaking done deal, as nothing new to our way of engineering and/or applied physics needs further justification. The only thing that requires a good deal of adjustment, is that of breaking down those walls and molds constructed and being vigorously defended by the sorts opposing my research and subsequent discoveries, like of what I've experience for the past two years and counting has been vastly more cult like then of anything remotely scientific.

I'll have to admit;  if you are among those unwilling to accept that science, physics and subsequently astrophysics has been skewed with respect to Venus, then there's nothing I can say or do that will alter those still willing to bet the farm upon our human limitations and fears. If we can not think "out side the box" of preconceived notions and, are afraid to rock the boat for fear of potentially lethal retribution from all those entrenched institutions associated with the likes of NASA/NSA/DoD, then again, I may have absolutely nothing to offer that's worth the perceived risk (no sense being right if you're dead in the water).

If sufficient others are found capable of assuming such risk, then perhaps we all need to gather our thoughts and proceed with abandonment of what's NASA, focus our positive talents and resources upon obtainable goals and of those endeavors most likely to deliver worth onto Earth and possibly as to sharing and/or exchanging intellectual values between our two worlds, as you never know when either of us is going to need the protection and/or wisdom of the other (one too may of those Earth killer space rocks is just but one typically good "what it" example worth our considering).

If there is room for my untrained (loose cannon) thoughts and, if I can further share and learn from those more talented then myself, that association or collaboration would go great distances towards obtaining the sort of truths I believe are those to be had, as associated with what's existing on Venus and of mutually what Earth has to offer Venus.

My ongoing web pages are those unfortunately loaded with "tit for tat" favor returning, which may have been the actual intention of those objecting to my discoveries in the first place. That's been somewhat unfortunate (a thorough waste of time) for myself but, it's been horribly unfortunate for humanity as well as for the virtues of science and physics that's been seriously impacted by the ulterior motives of others, which has since so affected history by introducing skewed logic, arrogance and apparently a good deal of cold-war mentality of superiority and greed.

This shouldn't be asking too much;  If I can work with those willing to be on the receiving end of NASA's form of flak (I feel one must always include NASA, as they seem to be the only player in town or, at least they seem to moderate as though they were, just as those choosing to hide behind the cloak of NASA are of the same cult and, as such willing to skew science and physics into the toilet if need be). In spite of the mounting opposition, I'm certain I can help deliver the messages associated with the positive attributes of planet Venus. I believe if others can realize some of the same worth that's existing in a number of qualified ways, such as upon topics which you and I have raised, then there's nothing but positives to behold, without introducing one association of hidden agendas nor of any anti social/political consideration whatsoever.

I also intrust that such research, upon what must have been nearly parallel to Earth, needs to be an open book. At least unlike NASA, I'm not the one prepared to lord over and thus moderate every aspect of what's to be gained and/or obtained. There seems to be a rather substantial divergence of opportunities and associated degrees of credits to go around, obviously for starters, a serious need of a much wider understanding towards life NOT as we know it.

In case you're wondering;  I do or at least did harbor a number of illusions, like of the one thinking our NASA needed either a good focus upon something that was easily obtainable, potentially being extremely humanitarian worthy, absolutely nonpolitical and thereby about as non-cold-war proliferation as possible, or perhaps another swift kick in their butts, towards subsequently becoming virtuous of recovering a good deal of their esteem, as well as a good jump-start grasp of commercial enterprise value. Obviously those were all total illusions of either a "village idiot" or that of a mad man. Sorry I ever bothered.

(Imagery Exploration Interpretive Sciences / Global Aeronautical and Space Administration, where there's no harm in wishful thinking, even lesser harm in positive thinking)

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