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Viewing the raw 1:1 image is not for your typical photo snapshot viewer, as at the resolution at hand of those dots or pixel squares need to be re-connected or re-constructed (that's of everything including what's obviously natural). Obviously Venus is not a weird planet comprised of millions of little pixel squares but, it's certainly not as intentionally crude as those USAF telephotos of the shuttle which should have provided crisp 1" resolution. None the less, an experienced human eye can connect such dots into the outline of what's most likely to become the full pattern. This most recent image reference page (gv-town.htm) may help some to better understand the imaging process, as nearly any photo software is far better for most of us because, it's not biased by any preconceived notions nor is it distorted by any ulterior motives, nor is software anywhere as pathetic and arrogantly stupid nor ulterior motivated as those "negative everything" sorts of individuals that seem only too happy to deliver whatever propaganda, from those pretentious types which would just as soon bash the very existence of their own mother, as long as that suited their agenda of the day.

At the very start of all this discovery which is now such a fiasco, I was willing to accept just about whatever criticism there was. However, after months and now years and, since I've now learned more from others than I ever expected (not so much about Venus but about NASA and those communities of pretentiously self righteous astronomy types), from time to time I may have become a little harsh upon those which elect to hide behind whatever pretentious titles, as to their supporting the "status quo" of whatever NASA as well as their true boss NSA/DoD may have to say. So, if I seem as being a little overly critical (favor returning) about our government and of the agencies and numerous administrations within, perhaps that's only because so many innocent (bystander) lives have been affected in a truly negative manner, death being the ultimate insult but, when there's a sustaining of the ongoing strife this is becoming somewhat like watching great numbers being tormented and even tortured without just cause, as though there was ever a sufficient qualifier for the intentional snookering and torturing of others.

If you wish to continue your justifying the past with comforting lies and deceptions (I believe others as well as I could list more than 100), obviously that's working quite well (towards affording that pretext, NASA/NSA/DoD invented that nifty "nondisclosure" policy just for your benefit) and, all of this works terrific as long as you're not the one on flight-107, flight-800 nor involved with the likes of the USS LIBERTY or onboard those planes smashing into tall buildings nor in those buildings and so on, it also helps if you don't have to live where there's oil to be had or even wherever there's a competing economy with the rest of the world as only the way America sees it, as all hell could break lose and, guess what folks, that's exactly what's been going down for decades, especially expedited ever since those Apollo cold-war efforts at bullying our way into space.

On the other hand, with lesser effort and certainly no remorse, you can look for what's possible, at what's more likely truth about science and physics than not, accepting that a good number of highly regarded officials are not God and, that they've made a few too many mistakes. You can also go about focusing your resources and talents upon whatever is most obtainable and of greater value for humanity. You can even afford thinking of yourself first because, being the honest individual that you are, anything that benefits your wellbeing is good for what the rest of us need, as you're not the sort of person that continually lives beyond your means, having secret banking accounts, hidden agendas, hiring the likes of Andersen to cook your books, nor do you involve yourself with civil wars that indirectly improve your bottom line and/or support your ideology of what represents truth and value to your way of thinking. As God forbid, if the entire world were just like what you think it should be, what would be the point in living, as there would be no apparent differences of opinions nor even a reason to ever go anywhere, so why even bother getting up in the morning.

My opponents are naturally going to insist (at all cost to the taxpayers), that I want to see only the bad and ugly survive. On the contrary, I've been doing my best to convey a very simple reality of a worthy discovery (there's nothing negative about that), doing such supposedly in a free democracy of supposedly honest soles that supposedly do not have ulterior motives nor lies and deceptions to foster and protect. And, as soon as I locate that receptive individual or community, I intend to let you know.

Oddly, those opposing my research and subsequent discoveries are in fact doing whatever comes natural to their criminal minds. On top of all that, I've since discovered far more about American history than I ever realized was possible. How can I be learning about the true history, especially of the recent America which I've been a part of all along? (did you and I miss something?).

How has it been possible, as to being so easily snookered by others?

Could it be that, as I watched our first and all subsequent Apollo missions, that Walter Cronkite as well as myself and obviously the rest of the world was being snookered, at our own expense at that. Seems I've been asked often to prove my Venus discoveries on much higher standards than of our Apollo missions. Oddly it seems as though others opposing whatever they elect are not so required to support their stance, perhaps that's exactly like those that lost there lives onboard the USS LIBERTY as they supported and overviewed the 6-Day war events that included the mass terminations of thousands of Israel's prisoners, where obviously our men were never allowed the opportunity of sharing the truth, nor was there an opportunity of those onboard certain aircraft as their faiths were being orchestrated by the very same skewed history that so many desire to hold onto, even though truth is simply not there to behold.

For the record; I can sufficiently prove what I'm seeing on Venus is not anything natural, at least not of anything ever recorded by the standards we currently have at our disposal. At the same time, with absolutely everything NASA has to offer, not I nor can others independently prove we ever walked on the freaking moon because, if we did, the technology as well as those missions were accomplished with the most despicable documentation in the history of mankind. We can discern from the 1000+ year old archaeology of ancient cities, pretty much exactly what was once there and in most instances what happened but, oddly we simply have nothing of substance that supports our lunar adventures, not pictures and not even unEarthly samples. Whereas, the SAR imaging of Venus is vastly superior to just about any photograph taken of any planet, including the moon, Mars and Earth and, far better yet because of utilizing the SAR technology, as depicting what's most likely artificial as being highly organized into a complex community of structures, causeways, a suspension bridge, reservoirs and even that of an airship showing itself from under a horizontal hanger/silo hatch.

Should this discovery remain hidden from the public?
I fully understand individuals and nations making mistakes, such as not catching this discovery as of 13 years ago but, it seems we continually spend far more at hiding the truth (somewhat like the Catholics hiding their past associations with their exterminations of those Cathars) and subsequently layering hidden agendas upon other secret agendas to the point where truth becomes a non issue, as our having to protect ourselves from the rest of the world seems to have taken over for the moment. Obviously when such enormous resources are being taken for protecting yourself from all sides (including top and bottom), a good deal of whatever else needs funding and talents must suffer and, suffer dearly it has with the most recent loss of seven astronauts.

This is not rocket science;  You simply can not continue spending billions upon suppressing the entire world without seeing an immediate impact upon your home town. On the other hand, if you make fewer mistakes and achieve better results because you're applying better experience and not having to waste your talents and resources at covering up for the past nor supporting ulterior motives, then obviously other nations are first of all going to indirectly benefit as well as going to follow your lead. Obviously (unless you're clinically insane) you mimic or at least try to duplicate what works and, you shun was doesn't.

Why intentionally make the same mistakes over and over?
Obviously if you're ENRON/Andersen, Ford/Firestone, WorldCom, Microsoft, even the Pope and so on, you have but no choice but to continue making those same mistakes over and over because, surprise surprise, at least after the first mistake they're obviously not really mistakes anymore because, you just can't allow the world to ever realize what an absolute jackass you really are. There's certainly nothing different about politics nor religion and, if you chose to believe otherwise then there's no point in my efforts, as you're obviously going to do and/or allow others to do whatever suits the situation at hand, despite whatever consequences onto humanity, as long as it's not adversely affecting your personal humanity and, even better yet if that's indirectly improving your position in life (like allowing JFK to being assassinated, a win-win for NSA/DoD cold-war agendas).

My little discovery of "life on Venus" is perhaps the least of what's at stake, as obviously the sorts of 3rd degree bashings and subsequent topic avoidance is exactly what those supporting skewed history, skewed science and skewed physics wouldn't have it any other way. Dog wagging is obviously in and truth is seriously out, so there's not much point in our government truthfully educating the masses when there really not all that much truth to tell anymore and besides, that leaves billions more for the sorts of ulterior and hidden agendas that's gotten us this far into the toilet (aren't we lucky).

I've wondered for only a moment as to why Dr. H.K. refused as to becoming involved with investigating the 9/11 events, as obviously he's no fool, knows when to avoid a no-win situation and he obviously knows a great deal about the pretense of living off the demise of others. I'm certainly no expert but, ask me what I think of American history, about the current world situation and about our beloved NASA, as you can see, I'll share my thoughts. Ask me about our space research and exploration endeavors and I'll include a few too many "what if's" and a whole lot of "could have been" and "should have been" outcomes but, even though that's all in the past it's clearly what has been infecting our future, draining away at our resources and talents, subsequently seriously limiting intellectual achievements, as pretty much directing such directly into the nearest space toilet.

First time mistakes are certainly one thing but, intentionally hiding from the truth is something of a different color as well as a different smell. So, if NASA can't admit their ever missing such important image content as what I've uncovered, as supporting the discovery of the most likely existence of there being life on Venus, then obviously how can they ever admit to whatever else, especially of those infamous cold-war Apollo missions, as that would be like the Pope disclosing that he was actually Jewish as well as gay and that everything else was merely a grand ruse in order to cover up for the real story of how the Catholics abolished their competition by gross extermination of those superior Cathars. If for some reason I can believe things about the Pope are not entirely right with history, then certainly there's a little room for whatever our NASA has to offer. As in spite of what the past has created, unless we proceed into blowing ourselves up or neglect another one of those Earth killer space rocks, life will go on in spite of all the damage and carnage, as well as in spite of my discovering other life, just being a whole lot better off for knowing the truths and obviously wiser for accomplishing whatever the future has enstore, seems a reasonable thing to be doing.

As usual, because there's so much to think about, I have my difficulties with words and with holding onto a good story line, but that's not what all this is about unless you elect to making it so. If you feel you can accomplish a better job at this, I'm certainly open for whatever your expertise has to offer and, that includes whatever examples of highly unusual natural formations of such size and complexity that you can prove are entirely Natural, as I'll post to that image and of your words (in full context).

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