A number of respected researchers associated with ESA teams have been hard at work upon relatively old data gathered and generated about Venus. For the most part those individuals are not from the original research teams having their efforts commissioned by the American taxpayers via Club NASA. Remember folks, that with any respect towards the American efforts, we are not just talking about our nearly 14 years of disfunctional oversight, as there's also been nearly 3 years and counting with regard to the intentional disregard and orchestrated "spin" and subsequent "damage control" just as a result of what I discovered within some of those old Venus images and data files, all of which I believe has become far more damaging and perhaps even of more interest than merely the discovering of potential other life existing on Venus.

A further disfunctional understanding; unfortunately there were not just a few involved with the Magellan mission and of the subsequent results, as more like dozens of highly regarded and equally highly compensated for their expertise, and of subsequently involving hundreds of their colleges and associates, as those pretentious individuals residing inside and out of NASA were going about establishing their published bible upon Venus (all at great taxpayers expense) and, there's been literally billions worth of textbooks and spendy reference books created and updated, subsequently distributed so that our masses could be educated by such skewed standards. I believe this sort of dictatorial fascism is nearly as bad, just nowhere as lethal, as those original Apollo scams, though it's exactly the same sorts of things NASA/NSA/DoD are good at doing.

The seemingly orchestrated efforts at ignoring the most recent facts, further ignoring well established physics and subsequently avoiding the rational science of what's more likely artificial (lizard made) then not as existing on Venus, is appalling to say the least, thus we're opening the barn door of knowledge and opportunity wide to the likes of ESA and of others uninvolved with having to cloak for ulterior motives and hidden agendas. Through force (bullyism), we may retain our global stance but, others will soon have the knowledge and the expertise based upon truths, as to subsequently profit from what the Venus/Earth future holds. In this instance, bullyism is not going to hold much ground, at least not of much Venus ground, as true science and the laws of physics will prevail, not to mention common sense and of rational logic (common sense).

From my observational expertise and, by the further knowledge I've gained upon the positive considerations of what such a toasty hot planet can offer in terms of energy resources (energy meaning everything as for sustaining life), my conclusion has become that of our perceptions of Venus have been intentionally skewed from the very beginnings and, more so intentionally skewed by those formally charged with the responsibility of making good on their intentions by applying unbiased reasoning as founded upon their supposed higher levels of science and physics education, which obviously seems to exclude anything that moral, of humility and/or shame.

For just a few examples; I've heard it stipulated that at least 25% of the cloud content is that of H2O, where upon that conclusion alone is entirely significant and as such, doing the math should clearly have established that there's virtually megatonnes worth of easily accessible H2O. With such H2O at hand (easily vacuum distilled out of cloud contents), there's obviously the opportunity of obtaining tremendous volumes of H2, or of merely producing relatively grand amounts of otherwise stable H2O2.

I've since learned of several alternatives that exist for converting CO2 into highly usable elements of CO/O2 and, being there are a good number of other available and of nearly free energy resources can be utilized as to apply a process upon such an abundant cash of already toasty and more than sufficiently dense CO2. According to my understandings, any opposition to such truth is simply another good example of the level of anti-everything sort of arrogance that's been applied (orchestrated) towards nearly anything Venus (especially "GUTH Venus"), as otherwise the obvious solutions as for sustaining other life (perhaps NOT as we know it) has been at hand, yet our limited and/or skewed wisdom has been hog tied to our cloak and dagger past.

CO2 is obviously a terrific thermal conductor and, that's obviously what accomplishes the greater extent or thermal influx conduction of global warming, especially when trapped below those thick and H2O burdensome clouds. However, those nighttime clouds (a four month seasons worth) are not nearly so toasty hot and perhaps not even as elevated at night, where upon cloud content gathering via buoyancy efficient rigid airships can easily extract thousands of tonnes and subsequently freely distill out pure H2O. However, that thermal conduction of CO2 is also a equally good omen as for vertical convection cooling (nighttime outflux of the very same solar energy influx), as well as for otherwise obtaining considerable power directly from those very same vertical pressure and thermal differentials, of which those opposing life on Venus seem to holding this truth as hostage against otherwise simply acknowledging the rational laws of science and physics, that's not to mention what a little environmental incentive could obviously represent, as for giving sufficient motivation for evolved life to have learned and then merely taken advantage of whatever they had to work with.

I'm not a CO2 expert, nor of atmospherics or of any good many other nitch expertise, as the sorts of thousands employed and/or funded within and external to NASA seem to be. However, among certain other expertise, one of which is that I'm a good observer and, I can openly appreciate the talents of others which allow those of us (village idiots) less talented in other specific categories to understand to a sufficient degree of what's possible and of what's not possible. I do seem to have a difficult problem when others claiming as being "all knowing" place their contentions up against fresh ideas and/or against discoveries without a moral fiber of justification, or at least without rational knowledge and, of most recently without just cause, as I've been informed by so many supposedly supreme experts as to disregard the Earthy qualified laws of science and physics whenever and wherever it applies towards sustaining life on Venus, whereas for Mars and of even much lesser capable planets, we're being told by these very same individuals to apply what supposedly doesn't work on Venus. Presumably that's so the public and/or tax exempt funding and of the talents of so many of their cult members can be devoted into accomplishing such dismal missions and of achieving the sorts of goals that are essentially humanly unobtainable and, of darn little if any value to Earth sciences, no matters what becomes discovered.

It seems rather arrogant as to exclude upon the most likely as well as the most easily obtainable other planet that's capable of hosting other life, especially if that rejection needs to be based upon the pathetic notion that such a planet must somehow be suitable to Earth humans in our raw form. That's certainly odd because, if that logic were the case, we would need to start off by excluding nearly everything "Darwin" and, perhaps we shouldn't have submarines because humans certainly can't live under water and as equally, we wouldn't have ISS because we can't live in a vacuum. If we are about to travel to a much lesser planet as Mars, that which offers none of the bare essentials of obtaining local energy resources, as even for sustaining raw human life or damn near any life unless it's radiation proof, other than through such an enormous degree of applied technology and only then it sufficient energy is deployed from Earth in order to sustain even a relatively short visit, seems only to prove that we humans (as arrogant and perverted as we are) can manage to apply sufficient resources as to overcoming the otherwise unlivable environment and, though we don't even have the essential motivation of those having to actually evolve and live on that other planet.

If planetary evolution has, as I'm told, a direct link into the evolution of life itself, it seems only quite natural that a highly motivated species attempting to survive on a planet that's loosing it's oceans to the upper atmosphere is going to try really hard at figuring things out. Their version of any Patent Office could well have become a logical/truthful global data resource exchange of how to do just about everything, without usage/royalty restrictions applied, in fact there would likely have been an environmentally imposed survival mandate as to apply everything possible or else. In such a world of open science, positive innovation and invention incentives of new ideas and the applied laws of whatever science and physics would become mandated into reality as soon as possible and, under that productive scope of such open learning and subsequent advancements, where all sorts of solutions could have developed in a fraction of them same timeline as would here on Earth, whereas we on Earth we often restrict and/or outright deny access to proven technologies, even of those capable of saving life go undeveloped and thereby discarded, forcing those of us remaining to develop work-arounds and/or simply doing without (how pathetic is that?).

In spite of the fact, we seem to hold those all mighty dollars above all else and, that's obviously become the case with Venus. As public funding for Venus ran out well over a decade ago and apparently there is no other public dollars to be taken, thus no motivation as to supporting nor of doing a damn thing associated with Venus, especially when there's plenty of loose dollars mandated towards the frozen and otherwise radiated to death Mars, such as for acquiring potentially lethal microbes. Seems every conceivable astronomy associated researcher has been after a piece of the Mars pie or worse, irregardless of the immoral implications, having blatant disregard to the needs of others being limited to Earth sciences, of their efforts of merely surviving another day has no importance, while our precious astronomy and astrophysics types are (taking in the entire picture) are spending hundreds of billions every year, mostly as unrelated to Earth sciences and, planning upon spending trillions into the near future, even if that formula continues to place the population of Earth at greater risk.

It's unfortunate that our Senate Appropriations been most irresponsible for so much of the official funding (NSA/DoD making up whatever's lacking), thereby financially determining the focus of our talents and resources via the all mighty dollar and, that such upstanding spend-easy individuals as Senators have essentially been snookered by the best. It's been more so unfortunate that the Walter Cronkite's of our time have equally been snookered and, that we Americans have such little truth remaining within our education as for making independent assumptions. I understand that life is a risk worth taking and, as humans we do make mistakes, however, it helps not when our history and of the science and physics associated are being intentionally skewed into the toilet.

Enough is enough; perhaps all of future space exploration and the sciences and truthful physics associated will have to exclude NASA, as will as excluding a good number of American interest, at least in that way ourt NASA and those public tax dollars can concentrate upon their cloaking for NSA/DoD agendas and, then terrorist can perhaps focus their aggressions upon those institutions rather then upon the privet and international sectors that's going to replace NASA.

Sorry about all my rantings on behalf of Earth's humanity, not to mention the potential humanity or perhaps lizardkind of Venus. It just seems to have become prudent to focus our skills and resources upon obtainable goals, especially those affording a good degree of benefit towards Earth sciences, thereby clearly benefiting the populations of Earth and not just of the 1% upper class that's been involved with NASA/NSA/DoD agendas, as the lower 90% class needs a great number of solutions now (as in today) along with basic assurances of which deep space exploration seems unlikely and most certainly unaffordable to offer much other then what's been derived to date, which is nearly zip worth of nothing whatsoever by which 90% of this Earth can ever utilize as for cleaner water, better sanitation, more of and better foods, affordable clean energy as well as affordable health care plus the sort of education that clearly relates to their everyday survival, thus improving the quality of life today and not for some future benefit for those upper society members of the high-flying 1% club.

At least the planet Venus is offering something affordably worth our continued research, as based upon the fact that it's location in relationship to Earth is an influence that can be measured and, at times that planet has been so close we can attribute a number of Earth sciences as being directly associated. Whereas interplanetary communications efforts should never have become an issue, especially at the near distance of .27 AU when a Venus individual can visually see with their own nocturnal eye a good number of the larger attributes of Earth, doing so without even having to use a telescope.

Ignoring Venus is like our government/SEC ignoring ENRON/Andersen, WorldCom and so on, it's also like ignoring the repercussions of our cold-wars and then blaming and involving others for the likes of 9/11, or how about like the Pope ignoring the most despicable of their internal policies, all the way back to their exterminating millions of Cathars. Obviously at some point in history, all is going to come around. Those involved with deception, as well as for those merely associated will pay a hefty price. Unfortunately, for many civilians, the inactions or despicable actions of others and the aftermath of carnage is simply too overwhelming and too vial as to ever be sufficiently compensated for, as the damage has been done and, of the setback onto humanity is now irrevocable.

Obviously if you're a NSA/DoD/CIA/FBI and so forth hawk, absolutely none of this argument on behalf of further exploring and researching anything Venus is worth squat, as you must believe in whatever disinformation suits your agenda and certainly thereby you must support whatever suits the agendas of your boss, partner associations and, that focus obviously must include sustaining the NASA's Apollo ruse at all cost, as well as at all consequences. So, as from your perspective there's little point in exploiting TRUTH, as that virtue has become merely a figment of one's imagination, where NASA's infomercials and subsequent skewed truth is just as likely if not more so believable than of whatever your personal skewed facts behold, as you simply don't count unless you get your self on that "nondisclosure" list of being someone that's become necessary to eliminate.

If on the other hand you're not a hawk, not one of the bully cloak and dagger pack, then perhaps your knowledge of science and physics can play an vital role, along with the honest communities of ESA, to discover more of what's existing on our nearest planet and, to make good on all the moral things you should be doing. At least this sort of research and accomplishment is not only highly affordable and obtainable as for accomplishing Earth sciences, it's certainly not going to attribute to having airplanes crashing into tall buildings, or much worse.

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