Good news / Bad news; Venus supports Life NOT as we know it

(that's in spite of what NASA and their Borg collective have been stipulating)

It seems that everyone's becoming a bloody critic (often on the payroll no less)

Especially when something rubs them the wrong way, as then it's been Lock, Load and Shoot first. Although, exactly how the prospect of my discovering that we've overlooked having neighbors existing on the nearest and of our most accessible other planet has by far become a more perplexing analogy, than of everything other that I've discovered about Venus. So, this page is for the news media or publishers willing to dawn full body flak suits and duck frequently.

Once again folks, I do believe you're being snookered by all those having "The Right Stuff", by way of being vigorously dog wagged (to death in certain instances), otherwise being razzle dazzled if not forced into accepting loads of disinformation as well as for being intentionally distracted by a clever few preemptive attention getters, like all that 9/11 stuff, which has recently been including all those invisible WMDs, plus a few other factors that remain as ill-explained issues like flight-800 and now the COLUMBIA fiasco, as otherwise I can assure that you're being intentionally lead off topic if not being directly intimidated, as for directing your attentions and thereby your job security as far away from anything Venus as possible, by way of our own government essentially doing what they've done best for decades, promoting disinformation and subsequently telling us lies, whereas these days it's about Venus and perhaps a few lies about my ongoing efforts just for good measure.

Of course, you could just stop by, or call or email so that you could ask whatever, so that I would answer those specific questions, though I'll just bet some of those nice folks of NASA/NSA/DoD have already advised against such efforts (might become financially if not biologically unhealthy, if you know what I mean). BTW; my phone and internet email has been tapped and, besides my having to deal with all the incoming flak, I've also received frequent software viruses and some pro-NASA hackers have even gotten through to a point of terminating my computer. I must concur that the opposition is certainly quite good at perpetrating such disruptions but, in spite of it all, I'm going to remain quite persistent.

Fortunately, I'm not the bad guy, nor am I your polished investigative reporter, nor have I kept any one of my pages on a tight subject, I'm even a little dyslexic and more often than not openly showing that I'm thoroughly disgusted and/or pissed off to a fairlywell at how pathetic if not immoral our communities of astronomy, astrophysics as well as for all sorts of related space research and exploration groups of the NASA Borg collective have been, by their conduct of so effectively orchestrating all this "spin" and "damage control" through effectively sourcing out disinformation, as well as threats and/or intimidation being accommodated in part by way of utilizing those having "the right stuff", where that "right stuff" being their capability of cutting off your publication from receiving those highly lucrative and federally funded infomercials and/or of any number of other federally funded publication material, or by cutting away at any number of grants and subsequent access to some terrifically nifty toys, some of which being left over from our perpetrated cold-wars, while others are those still currently being utilized by the likes of our resident warlord, presumably in search of all those invisible WMDs, or of those in star-wars development for our future intentions of achieving global domination by denying the other side an option of getting off the first punch and/or lesser of any second round (don't get me wrong, as I'm NOT entirely against the idea of saving my butt first and then asking questions, though in the mean time, we ott to be able to utilize the damn thing for something other that's equally of humanitarian worth).

Not that my pages are sufficiently ready for prime-time press, nor are they even represented here in any specific order of importance, just gathered in a somewhat grouping/category that may have to be revised as needed. However, if you're interested in what's what, with darn little incentive, I can pull together something that'll suit nearly whatever your publication has nerve for. Obviously, in order to keep your butt from being thoroughly attacked by the likes of those nice folks of NASA/NSA/DoD and subsequently of FBI/CIA and ultimately IRS types, there's all sorts of comments and perhaps conjectures reflecting quite poorly upon all those supposedly having "The Right Stuff", of which you or I can easily exclude or even embellish upon, that is if you're up to it. At least you don't have to worry yourself about anything SEC getting in your face, as they're still having difficulties putting sweet little old Martha Stewart behind bars (what a bunch of wossies).

A number of these following pages are simply quite old, as I said not in any specific order of importance, even though many of which haven't been updated, seldom are they sufficiently focused nor as polished as they'll need to become and, there's plenty of grammar and syntax problems, plus a few unintentional errors of mostly math and/or of terminology. Although, since none of my inadequacies of message delivery are intentional or otherwise sponsored by ulterior motives, nor do those issues in any way disqualify upon the discovery, this only represents that you have to be smarter than myself and, since I've been classified as the village idiot, how hard can that possibly be. As others might say that I'm entirely dead wrong about everything, so sue me, as otherwise offer whatever it is that you believe is wrong (supporting that with something of further reference) or simply specify upon that which needs further attention and, lo and behold, I'll fix it, it's that simple, unless you don't have the guts nor the brains to ask.

LIFE DISCOVERED ON VENUS, or at least there's been the remains thereof discovered;
This is about what can be seen as existing on Venus and, if you're one of those that only sees hot rock and common Venus terrain, then I'm not the one that can salvage your soul, as for soul salvaging you'll need to fine yourself a surviving Cathar (such as asking the Pope might help in that regard, being that he's about the only one that can say if there's any Cathars left);

Boeing/TRW and their Phantom Works (ABL) laser cannon:
Sometimes the topic or challenge has drifted my thoughts towards that of involving the Boeing/TRW (Phantom Works ABL) laser cannon. Like how that spendy star-wars instrument of such supposedly terrific defensive capability could easily be modified for humanitarian interplanetary communications (at least the transmitter portion), or perhaps otherwise into a full blown UV/c death-ray if need be, or like how about just learning or understanding where in the hell it has been lately and, was it perchance airborne during shuttle COLUMBIA re-entry?

Calling Venus is not that difficult (accepting what they might have to say in reply is another issue);
Here's a number of pages intended to focus our talents and limited resources upon interplanetary communications (with or without any assistance via satellite);

Sending ISS off to see the wizard of Oz at VL2;
Another worthy tit for tat subject is having to deal with utilizing Venus L2 (VL2) and, of how to best and most affordably place and survive something (manned like ISS or preferably robotic like TRACE-II) in that spot, so that Earth would have a nearly continuous link with the perpetual VL2 nighttime season of Venus;

In spite of the warm and fuzzy opposition, Venus does affect Earth;
There's even another complicated page that still needs refinements regarding the gravity influence of Venus upon Earth, especially when Venus is so closely aligned for such an extended period of time, where a relatively slight bit of gravity accumulated into something measurable, as when situated between us and the sun along with the moon to boot, thus creating a four body collective that's at least responsible for focusing or channeling solar wind/particles directly at Earth, which according to ESA science has been a factor responsible for delivering Venus spores towards Earth (just think, perhaps that's how we got the likes of George W. Bush);

Nocturnals' that see the UV light (350 to 450 nm is center spectrum);
I've offered any number of papers on the potential for there being a nocturnal sort of Venus greenhouse survivor (for all we know as Cathar lizard folk, where certainly that's better off than of being heathen Taliban). This being where I've learned another thing or two of what's biologically and physiologically possible, though as for psychologically speaking is quite another matter, as that's sort of become a discovery opposition black hole of anti-intelligence if there ever was, as nothing's beem coming out except more of their flak:

ENERGY, there's lots, damn near to the point of being almost too much:
I've learned of any number of energy alternatives, of methods for getting by in a truly bad situation and even the prospect of obtaining a fair surplus of energy. With said energy, I'm being told that there's almost no environment that's off limits to life as we know it, being even less problematic to other life NOT as we know it. This is where my math sometimes runs a bit amuck but, the intentions are correct and certainly the moral aspects of being humanitarian by default tend to lean persuasively but well intentioned towards the positive side of equations (I'm fairly certain the opposition can't say the same without dropping another brick).

HEAT and of what's actually not all that hot about Venus:
I've gotten myself into a whole lot more knowledge, laws of physics and all, of which I'm willing to share if you're interested in the topic of heat being sort of tempered under good pressure and, of what ones' DNA and/or intelligence might have done if push came down to shove;

Venus Metro Airship Travel (the only way to fly):
Being of rigid format that should easily include astronomy functions, as it's certainly another hot prospect that's fully backed by known airship engineering principals, of well established sciences and of those good old laws of physics, although you simply can't tell that one to any pro-NASA sort of individual without fusing all of their neurons. Mentioning the rigid airship as offering astronomy capability of cruising above those cool nighttime clouds is simply another no-no as far as most others are willing to venture. As to why anyone should object to this conjecture that's based initially upon a visualisation of a rather enormous airship parked under it's silo/hangar hatch is oddly become of more interest than of the airship idea itself because, this sucker will fly.

Skewed History, Skewed Science and of Skewed Physics:
Since the logic for all of this discovery rejection is more than obviously tied to our past, linked and/or skewed into the same space toilet of what we supposedly accomplished with regard to our moon, I had little choice but to explore into these ulterior motive possibilities as well;

MARS/VENUS (the good, the bad and the ugly):
I've certainly tried my best to honestly compare the virtues and/or faults of Venus and Mars, to see where either is justified in receiving the sorts of attention and of the massive influx of resources;

Sometimes (hell, most of the time) I'm all over the freaking place;
By simply reflecting upon the absolute absurdity of it all, not so much about those questioning the existence of other life on Venus or even Mars for that matter but, of the rather striking degree of arrogance and utter stupidity found right here on Earth (most of the time I'm not even talking about our commander and chief, even though that's become somewhat of an easy target as of lately);

Seeing is believing (unless you're blind as a bat and dumb as a post);
Because, I'm still receiving loads of warm and fuzzy flak from all sorts of pro-NASA types, whereas from time to time I've had to give a little further effort into researching why all the fuss, then returning the favor as to what I've learned and foresee as why all the orchestrated opposition over merely what can be clearly seen as existing on Venus. I realize I'm not as smart as you but, I'll just bet you have eyes and can possibly see things for yourself, although a few analogies can sometimes help pull those thoughts and pixels together, at least towards developing an understanding fo why all the ongoing orchestrated "spin" and "damage control" (as though perhaps there's only everything under the sun at stake).

A little somewhat off topic, but then I'm supposedly the village idiot, so I can do this:

Obviously I've been darn good at providing lots of words, along with a dyslexic twist and perhaps a somewhat demented point of view. If need be, I can either rephrase (polish) so as to being less offensive (though I'm only being offensive to those that screwed everything up in the first place, so that should obviously exclude nice folks like yourself), or I can crank it up another notch or two. Of course, if I were preoccupied with something like resolving the positive aspects of accomplishing interplanetary communications, or perhaps on a development team for contriving the VL2 communications platform or that of our very own hybrid shuttle/airship for visiting Venus, then I would NOT have had the time nor the interest in communicating much of anything else. Since that's not likely to come about as soon as I'd hoped for, I'll just keep plugging away at learning whatever I can and sharing that knowledge in the best manner I can, through page updates and of offering entirely new topics such as "Banking Bone Marrow".

There are a couple of other pages from which excerpts can be extracted, even out of context is OK as long as I'm given the opportunity to comment, as otherwise I'm going to come off being the bad guy, when in actuality that title is owned lock stock and barrel by members of our famed NASA/NSA/DoD/CIA/FBI and otherwise of their commander and chief, warlord Bush. Next time around, I'd rather have a known pervert for president than of someone as dangerous as Bush stumbling about looking for those invisible WMDs (which by itself has been another dog wagging distraction from learning more about and of the location of bin Laden).
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