Lizard Folk, of Exoskeletal al-Qaida or perhaps just Cathars on Venus

(for absolutely certain they're not of any format we're familiar with and, may not ever want to be)

I'm not out here asking for your biased opinion as to whether or not there's life on Venus, as that's simply a done deal (there is life). Good grief folks, at least in this primary location there's darn near more significant items of most likely artificial stuff depicted than what's on Earth (communities residing atop Istar Terra should offer ten fold more so, actually 10+km could be a little too high).  In this instance, the gun is not only smoking, it's still smoking hot because, it's also still shooting at us. The most recent summary paper: offers much lesser imaging and/or fewer words to confuse most critics but, there's plenty of other pages that are not so.

If there's anything I'm really good at, it's introducing sheer confusion by way of placing all those remaining Islamic Cathars on Venus and perhaps Jews on Mercury

(if the Pope can't even stand Cathars, then there's absolutely no way in hell that Jews could ever have survived on that same planet)

It seems as though my greatest opposition is very religious about something, however it's not that I'm being anti-God just anti-stupid-church, especially of those which not so long ago thought nothing of slaughtering millions of Cathars and anyone associated at the drop of a hat (we're talking about a fairly large herd extermination). Perhaps my humorous mention of those capable of existing on Venus being sort of lizard folk, much less Islamic or even al-Qaida like is a little off base, as they could just as well be those damn Cathars. So, what ever you do, do not inform the Pope, as sure as hell they'll all end up just as dead as their relatives back here on Earth. However folks, there is a perty darn good chance they've mastered upon a thing or two regarding protecting themselves, in part by their simply surviving where no willing human would dare to trespass, at least not without an R-200 thermal barrier suit and enough fire power to easily penetrate any of those tough thermal exoskeleton platelets, but fortunately, because these are most likely nocturnals having a magnitude 5 nightvision, just having a good flashlight could become about as defensive as it's ever going to need to get.

Since I'm merely the initial observer, having qualifications in electronics, photographics, hydraulics, communications and basic SAR technology, what's actually needed is some of your expertise in the following fields (take your pick and feel free as to adding new subcategories of whatever suits your fancy):

Exobiology (including Darwin's evolution towards becoming nocturnal in spite of whatever greenhouse)

Food production (obviously as created within a anti-greenhouse environment; I mean how stupid do you think I am)

Food prep/storage (cooking certainly no problem, as long as you like it fast and hot and, sanitation is another non issue)

Geology (minerals, excavation of those rock quarries, other mining and subsequent processing)

Tectonics (including whatever surface and near surface fluid dynamics; there is that damn arch you know)

Physics/engineering (structures as those bridges, airships and so on are each based upon the laws of physics)

Atmospheric sciences (buoyancy for supporting rigid airships and for acquiring H2O from those relatively cool nighttime clouds)

Chemical sciences/physics (as for obtaining and holding onto raw elements, of their conversions and subsequent storage)

Aeronautical sciences (shuttles, rigid airships and/or of Osprey like technology that actually works)

Energy production (various methods as can be obtained from what's existing, like from all that vertical 4+bar/km and 10+K/km)

UV spectrum communications (including binary packets and possibly of quantum code; who the hell needs anything radio?)

Language(s) (if not visual binary capable, then into analog whatever or just visual whatever)

Interplanetary enterprise (information exchange and of whatever else; perhaps darn good lizard smut ott to sell)

Humor (if you can't laugh at these NASA fools and of their Borg following, then we're all doomed, too late for those of COLUMBIA)

Investigative reporting (if this isn't worth a headline or two, I don't understand; it's got to be better than doing Mikel Jackson)

Before you and your friends jump all over this;  First of all, there's the image which clearly indicates something that's artificial, actually there's hundreds of such issues that are more likely artificial than not. Secondly, there's a rather terrific buoyancy factor of what that atmosphere has to offer. Thirdly, 720K -50K (for nighttime) -9k/km makes their nighttime elevated temperature at roughly 625K (still that's way too hot for pathetic humans [especially stupid ones]). Forth, there's the capability of common steel alloys of what's right at home at even 750K and, being sufficiently under those nighttime clouds there's absolutely no acid (period!), only clear as well as calm sky's. Fifth, there's CO2-->CO/O2, thus all the fuel in the world (not to mention whatever H2O2 as processed out of those clouds). Thermal insulation is another non issue, as R-200 is easily obtained since nearly everything thermal is in conduction mode.

It's not that I've got all the right answers (I've made loads more mistakes in just the last two years than yourself in a lifetime) but none the less, I believe life is surviving on Venus (in spite of NASA) within as little as 0.1% O2 as being yet another non issue (especially if there's 75+bar plus whatever motivated evolution getting involved, like 10's of thousands if not millions of years worth).

That massive airship issue is starting us off at 860,000 metric tonnes (that's being way conservative) and, those other machines situated on the other tarmac as located just North of downtown are just as likely capable of reaching into those cool nighttime clouds, though of smaller rigid airship formats (and why the hell not?).

Obviously if you are severely handicapped (without humor) as well as blind as a Bat and subsequently remaining ignorant about what's become observationally so blatantly obvious of what's existing in plain sight, as to what's scientifically supported by your very own precious laws of science, physics and even of certain known biology (not to mention upon life NOT as we know it), of what's otherwise clearly indicating not as NASA stipulates as being purely natural formations that simply do not happen to conform to any recorded geological standards, nor has our infamous (anti-everything about Venus) pro-NASA camp been willing nor able to even conjecture upon how such a degree of symmetrically artificial looking formations could have materialized (just like how they can't conjecture how our own moon was ever created from Earth, rather essential since those moon samples have turned out being merely modified Earth like) so, if you must continue to ignore such facts in favor of continuing the status quo, plus living yet another illusion based upon lies, then you need not proceed any further.

Need I keep asking;  what part about  "life NOT as we know it"  do you not understand?

Should you merely not accept the reality that you've been seriously snookered by those having "the right stuff" and, therefore can not accept this nor any other discovery as based upon the same "extraordinary" standards utilized as for supporting our landing on the moon, of those standards which I've easily surpassed by the superior truth factors of what the SAR imaging of Venus holds (including access to the original raw image files), then perhaps no one can help you, as you're just another lost cause and certainly fully deserving of all the disinformation as the USS LIBERTY's, 9/11's and flight-800's and so on that you and your good NASA/NSA/DoD buddies can conjure up (hopefully you're having the heart as for taking the fullest of responsibilities for such as well because, those events certainly were not my doings).

On the other hand, foot, claw, tentacle or whatever;  if you have some honest expertise to offer and/or willingness to learn while remaining outside the NASA moderated box, then we've got some fairly nifty work to do, as well as some opportunities that may become challenging but worthy of your talents and subsequently rewarding for those helping in promoting what this honest discovery represents. This discovery is not so much a "what if", it's become more like a "what the hell just happened?"

Unfortunately, our NASA can't seem to officially budge on this one without blowing their cloak and dagger covers, bursting those lids right off their ruse of the century, their scam/sting upon all of humanity. Guess what? All of that's also not my fault and, it wasn't because they (NASA) didn't have all of the first, second, third and so on shots at doing what's right (what are we thinking, COLUMBIA didn't just happen all by itself). More than 13 years worth of neglecting their sworn responsibilities (but certainly not personal profits and benefits) and, now as of more than two and a half years after the fact of being clearly informed by myself, there's become little alternative but to consider that hopefully the worst has happened (fat chance of that) and, apparently there's no going back. NASA's claiming as being merely the Magellan mission buss driver is not only another pathetic excuse but it's a damn lie, as absolutely nothing gets itself off the ground let alone published without their stamp of approval (initial funding may be external but the spending of that funding is 100% internal and moderated to death and, since nothing comes in under the original budget, the entire project becomes NASA/NSA/DoD moderated), of course, if you can find me anything that wasn't so, I'll certainly post a link to that accomplishment and subsequent publications which supposedly had no NASA intervention nor moderation influence whatsoever (I'll also lay a dozen golden eggs).

Now then folks, if you can manage to forget about ever receiving support or even acknowledgment from anything NASA, otherwise purge your souls of the sorts of perpetrated disinformation that's obviously clouded our mutual belief's for decades, even thoroughly skewed science, physics and even history into the toilet, then and only then can you get yourself along with doing what's not only obtainable but morally worth doing on behalf of humanity.

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