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(don't look but, there's other life NOT as we know it, other intelligence as well)

by; Brad Guth / IEIS    updated: May 20, 2003

This is pretty much another full page edit, still offering no fancy animated pictures or surround-sound tracks, nor do I have all of the answers, just got thousands of questions. So, feel free to jump right in with your supposed intelligence by telling others and myself something that we obviously don't already know about Venus. Remember; I'm not the bad guy, as I didn't start off with tossing flak nor did I even initially question the expertise or morals of NASA, now I do.

Speaking of other intelligence;  If it were not for my village idiot observations of identifying what's more likely existing as artificial (lizard made) than not and, of my subsequent insistance upon identifying those as qualified issues surrounding and/or being surrounded by such a rugged canyon, with all of that existing within a fairly mountainous terrain (estimated at 5+ km), being those of uniform multiple items of extremely large formulation and complex structural attributes that are to date otherwise unknown to being anything natural, such as there being a most likely suspension bridge and of those relatively massive reservoirs that are not only symmetrical (above ground) as a geometrical pattern grouping but as well as for such being complex and clearly interconnected to yet another reservoir that's clearly containing something fluid. As then we also seem to have what can only be described as a rather worthy township hosting multiple as well as symmetrically vertical structures, as equally collected into a very community like setting that's situated right next to what must be a rather sizable tarmac having it's own sub-service bays. All of this along with what's been situated just West of this mountainous surrounded cannon/rille is what I believe simply has to be that of an airship silo/hangar and of it's craft partially exposed from beneath an overhead hatch/door (or please give me a better idea), seems only adding further insult to injury upon those opposing the notion that our club NASA and of their comrades cloaked by astronomy as well as astrophysics are entirely dumbfounded, yet supposedly these fools are charged with the moral and actual responsibility of accomplishing such exploration research and discovery. Instead these nicely pretentious folks have been producing and publishing their documentation and of subsequent educational textbooks for countless classrooms, as those being all there is to know, yet incomplete if not entirely incorrect, or perhaps these folks have another good excuse of their simply being too busy at endangering astronauts while squandering billions of tax dollars at the same time, as to otherwise give a flying puck about anything Venus, let alone for getting our moneys worth and doing that without further endangering astronauts or that of pissing off another ethnic race.

Long after the fact of my initial discovery (December 2000), like 9+ months later and with absolutely no support nor guidance from others, I still had not fully realized upon what some of the pixel patterns represented. Because I was deeply interested (certainly not financially motivated), I eventually researched to learn of and exploit upon the laws of physics (old physics), as to understand and subsequently appreciate that of what rigid airship transports could be nearly all there was, as why on Venus would anyone venture across country by any other method (that would be like Columbus trekking off on a bicycle instead of the Santa Maria). Good grief folks, it's not only a whole lot cooler at 25+km but there's even more free O2 about and, those near to cloud-base winds are going to come in real handy if one wanted to drift along until it's the right time and location as to land at some alternate sunset community. Unlike ocean sailing ships, airship (especially of those on Venus) are superior in every consideration, not to mention their being energy efficient and, of rigid format there's absolutely no chance of thermal considerations being anything but offering positives. Sufficiently below and/or above those clouds there's not a hint of acid nor is there any corrosion issues whatsoever. Irregardless of however hot and nasty, even H2 is absolutely safe or stable within the Venus environment, even though N2 would certainly offer more than adequate buoyancy unless above cloud astronomy cruising is what's on the agenda.

Since we already know it's hot and nasty on Venus (relative to Earth), where it's daytime surface temperature is 720K and actually there's a significant other portion that's negative 4 km as sort of being the Venus version of death vally that's bound to reach as much as 760K but, obviously that's going in the wrong direction and, who in hell would intentionally remain situated at anything but elevated sites as well as for their remaining within the extended season of nighttime. For some rather pathetic reasons, my critics seem to believe that Venus inhabitance (if any) are even dumber than they are, by not realizing the cooler aspects of elevation nor of the rather obvious coolness of nighttime, where the combined affects at Istar Terra (being 10+km) could represent a cozy 575, not to mention having those 17+ km mountains. So, I certainly don't want to be the praverabial sitck in the mud but, 575K is not actually hot when you consider that the somewhat cooler atmospheric pressure being nearly 60 bar is sort of keeping a lid on it (physics 101; you can't boil things if there's nowhere for those bubbles to escape).

Of course, in order to remain within the season of nighttime, one needs to migrate and, of what better method than by airship (obviously rigid format) could possibly be considered. Rigid airships are not even rocket science, there's certainly nothing of radio getting itself involved and, there's simply all of that CO/O2 just about everywhere you care to look, as for fuel and oxidiser and, that's not to mention what's obtained from those clouds in the way of H2O which can be easily extracted via vacuum distillation, of which may obviously then be modified into H2O2 and/or of having it's H2 extracted upon demand as needed for added buoyancy and/or as thermal insulation that shouldn't have any trouble reaching R-200 if not R-256 as far as conduction mode is concerned, where with that sort of insulation factor and of a relatively little amounts of energy, one could produce dry-ice if need be (that's physics 102; the laws of thermodynamics and/or refrigeration). The no thermal temperature on Venus that exceeds the tolerance of relative common materials, such as glass, obviously ceramics and of alloy steels or even iron (I think there's a pretty darn good chance there's iron on Venus).

With that sort of available energy, as well as likely mineral resources and of sufficient buoyancy capable of your cruising well above 25 km and essentially unlimited access to regaining H2O, there's certainly nothing keeping you from migrating about in style to whatever sunset community.

For some ulterior reasons, others opposing GUTH Venus are somewhat still stuck upon mankind going directly to other planets such as Mars or Venus, where I've stipulated at least 101 times that such ventures would not only be disastrous (especially for anything Mars) but also pathetically stupid, not to mention expensive. First of all, we're not smart enough nor entitled or even invited and secondly, why should we even go there if we can easily establish interplanetary communications and, not by way of any inefficient or complicated radio and of associated language barriers but via efficient near UV laser spectrum that's offering the utmost universal language format. At worst case we'll need to deploy a relatively cheap VL2 mission and perhaps a couple of relatively simple surface transponder probes that are audio/video interactive. Of course, I've come to learn that even such interplanetary communications is apparently way beyond our meager human intelligence, as being recently proven to death by all those opposing what I and apparently I alone discovered in spite of all their disinformation and otherwise skewed science and skewed physics worth of orchestrated flak, all of which was essentially lying to the rest of us about Venus beeing too hot and nasty for any life to have ever existed.

Bull pucky; as there's been no new laws of physics for decades and, as far as I can determined, we should have been focused upon Venus with the knowledge of there likely being opportunities for other life NOT as we know it, as of decades ago and, those Magellan images as of 13+ years ago should have been another dead give away, at least for contemplating upon whatever pre-greenhouse civilizations and of what in hell caused them to simply give up and die, especially where there was so much in the way of natural resources at hand. I realize that most of you think that I'm the village idiot but, if this village idiot can figure out how to survive on Venus, how dumb would those Venus heathens have to be in order to fail so badly (according to some of my critics, they had millions of years to adapt)?

I'm not the one specifying upon there being millions of thriving Venus lizard folks surviving, perhaps more like the Mormon idea of their heaven being limited to perhaps 100 thousand soles, as surely there's got to be sufficient resources and of raw elements worthy of sustaining that many and, perhaps even more could be accommodated if our technology is as good as some have been indicating, as we have electro mechanical generators and motors capable of performing within 811K and we certainly have the much higher thermal insulators of ceramics and of silica that far exceeds those requirements and, we certainly know about thermal heat exchanging via CO2 as being a darn good refrigerant as well as for CO2-->CO/O2 extractions. Extracting pure H2O from those cool nighttime clouds should be child's play by any physics that I've know of. Certainly creating electrons from vertical atmospheric pressure differentials is not black magic, as that's well proven and, of whatever volcanic fueled geothermals are certainly worth powering a considerable sterling engine.

I guess what I'm stipulating is not so much about how smart those Venus lizard folk are but, of how pathetically stupid and downright arrogant our pretentious pro-NASA folks are, as in how intellectually bigoted can life on Earth get?

Oh I forgot, now I've broken the sacred rule number No. 12;
Criticizing upon others supposedly smarter than myself and thereby of those entirely encharge of their stipulating "truths", even if said truths have become another bald-faced perpetrated lie. I'm not absolutely certain but, it seems like my unintentional syntax errors and of whatever inaccuracies which are lacking ulterior motivations are just a tad bit less outrageous than what's otherwise been going down for decades, namely cloaking on behalf of NSA/DOD agendas and/or of betting the entire farm and all of humanities morality upon those Apollo missions and of damn near everything else ever since. Lets see; this last fiasco (9/11) has only cost you and me 10 trillion dollars, not to mention all those killed and of what the future now holds, nor of the millions of human resource hours wasted, all thanks mostly to our previous and current warlord (great job guys). Perhaps our White House should also get into the toilet making business, since they've put most of America and half the remaining world into one, otherwise killed off or intimidated those that might actually flush the damn thing in order to get rid of the stench.

In spite of what all of those officially NASA moderated as published works that so stipulate and continue to defend about Venus being so hot and nasty, the Venus nighttime season is not to be so easily discounted, as it's quite a long (2900+ hours) worth of energy radiating nighttime and, it's substantially cooler than being reported (elevated surface temperatures of at least 50K to 100K less than daytime), whereas the official mean average of nighttime has been reported as only 25K less than by day is highly misleading if not being entirely incorrect. As I've estimated from the general outline of what's perceived about Venus, that rugged surface includes extensive territory that's not only 5 km or of greater depression below average, thus greatly skewing the perception of what any sealevel perception and even more so incorrect of the elevated nighttime season as being indicated incorrectly. Due to the thermally conductive (heat extracting) vertical thermals (CO2 being so thermall conductive and all), even of the once sealevel terrain could taper off to 670K, with elevated surfaces offering another -10K/km of even lesser surface temperature along with obviously somewhat less atmospheric temperature, as if the surface is having to radiate those Venus thermal units (VTU's) in order to maintain the global thermal balance, thus CO2 (as well as most any gas) weighs itself in at something more if it's cooler (apparently in physics this is the law of Duh!).

Of whatever solar influx accumulates into the Venus surface and of it's atmosphere, that influx of energy must exit via the nighttime side. At 2600+ watts/m2 pending upon the daylight side being a reality of what's considered as solar influx hot, therefore of the same amount of what's absorbed as daytime energy must exit via the nighttime side. Whatever the amount of atmospheric and surface absorbson is for daytime is in fact the identical amount that's required for the thermal losses radiated by the nighttime side. Thus in addition to the radiation conducted mostly by the upper atmospherics and associated cloud layer, we have those vertical thermals of rather substantial thermal cooling taking place, to an such extent which is oddly opposing what the text books have been stipulating and thus skewing science, physics and truths for decades into the nearest toilet. The Magellan mission giving images of sufficient territories holding signs of there being artificial considerations is simply applying further insult to injury against the status quo of doom and gloom, by those opposing absolutely anything and everything potentially associated with other life NOT as we know it, their somehow managing to deal with a greenhouse oven, of which others smarter than I claim can't possibly be accomplished, not even with applied technology and, apparently screw whatever evolution.

I'm sorry folks but; it seems ESA as well as most any other nation interested in wiping our butts or cleaning or clocks, with accomplishing such missions as "Venus Express" and of what could otherwise be accomplished of extremely limited resources as needed for interplanetary communications, is soon going to make and otherwise confirm that America has been playing the rest of the world as chumps if not snookering them as morons and, now that's we've baked another batch of astronauts while managing to save those astro-worms and of a flight recorder that should have indicated the full extent of Phantom Works impact, hopefully this page is going to place whatever good deeds and goodwill into one of those 25 million dollar space toilets, as I believe such bald-faced lies and deceptions may have found their limits. As the ESA teams strike out to hopefully make an honest effort and perhaps even a euro and, where Venus is so obtainable and clearly indicates all of the right signs for other life, perhaps all that we actually need to do is become smarter than any Venus Lizard heathen (how hard can that be?).

Myself not being the sort of atmospheric expertise wizard that others claim and, perhaps yourself are one of those superior at offering nearly anything better than what I have to submit but, it seems prudent that we must entirely reconsider the Venus nighttime that could involve a sort of reverse thermal inversion, whereas the warmer circulated upper atmospherics arriving from the toasty daytime side is obviously (due to its fairly rapid propagation) somewhat warmer than of what's existing just below them nighttime clouds, thus perhaps accounting for the skewed readings of past probes and certainly of most remote sensing capabilities. Hopefully the future efforts of ESA's "Venus Express" will alleviate those concerns and return new information that's more correct. Not to further confuse matters but, as any highly pressurized gas moves itself towards a much cooler and of lesser pressure zone (such as those cool nighttime clouds), a great deal of energy and/or heat is extracted and, it's certainly not going in the opposit direction (towards surface heating) unless there's some of that skewed physics that put our radiation proof astronauts on the moon is what's been going on.

Venus is obviously not anything like Earth (at least not yet).

Their transition from 300K to becoming toasty may have taken at least 4200 years or more likely millions of years.

Life on Venus is obviously not the least bit suited to Earth humans (vise versa for Venus lizard folk on Earth).

Intelligence levels for survival must have become somewhat motivated for those of Venus than Earth.

Such intelligence for survival does not have to include any knowledge of applied radio.

There's nothing radio about any bridge, reservoirs, a tarmac, buildings nor even of any airship.

Accepted physiology via evolution can survive upon less than 0.1% O2, even if it's damn hot.

The physical pressure of the Venus environment is a non issue, except that it offers buoyancy as well as energy.

Thick atmosphere and those relatively dense clouds provides a great deal of cosmic as well as solar flare radiation shielding.

Physiology on Venus may likely have evolved into becoming nocturnal, visually sensitive and interpretive into the UV spectrum.

Get this; There's absolutely nothing rocket science about utilizing airships to gather and distill H2O from those cool nighttime clouds.

Due to the present nighttime environment, their form of communications may have become entirely visual based.

Obviously surviving on Venus is not the same thing as flourishing (resources being limited and/or costly if not downright risky to acquire and hold onto).

Life on Venus should have given up on Earth centuries ago, especially upon their discovering what we've done to each other and our world (just being Cathar was certainly not a favorable outcome).

Upon sunset, given a progression of perhaps hundreds of hours into their season of nighttime, of what makes for the daytime of solar influx so intrusive and subsequently greenhouse sustaining is also precisely what's providing the excellent nighttime thermal conduction, by way of vertical CO2 cooling, that along with the sheer amount of it's atmospheric density are the two factors alone which best contribute to a +5 km elevated site offering a nighttime surface environment of perhaps 620K and a likely near surface atmosphere of as little as 600K, with every 1 km extension above that elevation attributing another -10K influence. Except for certain thermal inversions, such as penetrating through those clouds, it gets cooler as one ascends, especially above those nighttime clouds (proof being is that Venus has not exploded).

Biologically, even of these surface temperatures are tempered or offset by the nifty pressure, where such greater pressure compensates for temperature. Where of known biology, sciences and numerous physics supports that of other life NOT as we know it could have survived on less than 0.1% O2 without applied technology, as well as without involving anything radio. Just by good physiology acclamation enhanced through the natural order of evolution, of their physiology accommodating whatever it takes as to surviving (unlike mere Earth humans, applied intelligence being of prime importance) would have mastered whatever skills necessary, including seasonal migration to their sunset community.

Quite obviously, within the transition of creating the Venus greenhouse, as when it was getting itself measurably hotter by the year (such as expedited at 0.1K/year, even though it would not have been linear, that's still at least 4200 years worth), there's less room for error as your resources are literally drying up. High ground and of those sites offering nearby geological access to fluids and certainly of geothermal issues would become imperative as to your surviving, just as would taking advantage of the terrific buoyancy of sustaining airship travel along with utilizing CO/O2 as for prime energy. This is not rocket science nor involving skewed physics, it's simply surviving in spite of the odds and perhaps even more so in spite of the pathetically crude and insensitive inhabitance of Earth, of which we seem to invest the majority of our resources and talents into killing off our own kind, as well as for stripping the land and oceans of what sustains our pathetic lives, while at the same time contributing noticeably to our own demise of creating a greenhouse without the benefit of intelligence as to surviving such, especially once the petroleum and natural gas reserves are depleted and we've exhausted all of our nuclear fuel (mostly for wars over the remains of natural resources) and we're down to burning off the office furniture and perhaps all of those Apollo documents and supposed lunar negatives.

As hot and nasty as Venus is, excuse me good folks and of the rest of the NASA snookered world, unless we're talking about those Venus bad lands of nearly -5 km, and even if so, that sort of thermal pressure cooker affected environment is entirely relative to the pressure which can reach 110 bar daytime and as much as 118 bar nighttime in those bad lands of Venus). Along with applied technology, we as pathetic Earth humans can survive much worse, whereas an evolved species may require little if any technology in order to have survived the present Venus day, though their night or season of nighttime would certainly be considered as far better off and even more so at certain elevations such as 5+ km, best being the 10+ km of the Istar Terra continent along with it's nearby 17+ km mountains.

One universal form of technology that would benefit Earthly humans as well as whatever survived the onset of the Venus greenhouse is accomplishing this transportation feat by way of rigid airships. This is not rocket science nor of anything requiring radio nor of anything as pathetic or as fragile as any Hindenburg offering a mere 1.225 kg/m3, but of 65 kg/m3 daytime and perhaps 69+ kg/m3 nighttime, that's roughly 55 times better off than anything Hindenburg and absolutely safe as well and, there's not even all that much near surface wind. A rigid airship format is also structurally as well as further buoyancy benefitted by the 91% gravity as compared to Earth, by way of what weighs 10 lbs on Earth is but 9 pounds on Venus. This rigid airship structure being under compression mode of 0.1 to perhaps 1 bar differential is yet another positive consideration above what Earth's atmosphere has to offer in airship engineering, of far greater strengths/lb and whereas no H2 can leak or bleed off when the external pressure is not only slightly greater but of that comprised by the much larger molecules of CO2/N2 (if CO2/N2 can't migrated inward, then surely H2 can not leak it's way outward and, not that merely applied N2 would not do nicely at roughly accomplishing 40% the buoyancy of H2).

Basically, my research and discoveries have been up against the best of our esteemed astronomers and, those of astrogeology and/or astrophysics expertise have apparently been residing in the official toilet for decades regarding Venus (they only recently had to move their butts over in order to share their toilet so as make room for accommodating ENRON/Andersen, WorldCom, Microsoft and even the Martha Stewart's among us and, I'm not excluding the Pope by any long shot), especially since as of 13+ years ago and only much more so as of the past two years worth of my efforts at pointing out this otherwise little oversight made by all those Magellan teams of highly sanctimonious types that had been commissioned and ever since profiting at our expense (in far more ways than dollars), not to mention their contributions to contaminating all those minds and soles of just about anyone following in their footsteps.

What I've been suggesting all along (at least as of January 2001), is that another chapter upon Venus needs to be incorporated, as to understanding other life NOT as we know it, as for their recent geological past or pre-greenhouse era of Venus as well as for their present day environment. Instead lets see; among many Earthly devastating things to our accomplishments and/or demise, we managed to ignore but profitted from Hitler for nearly a decade, while we further antagonized and then ignored Japan's leadership which brought us rather badly into WW-II and, we recently ignored bin Laden which brought us 9/11 and subsequently into war with Iraq. So, I'll suppose if we were to ignore Venus long enough, we'll either first go about destroying what's left of Earth, or perhaps a few of those Venus lizard folk will eventually find a way of getting our attention, perhaps in a somewhat more melodramatic way (let's hope to hell they don't first become friends with bin Laden or any number of others we've recently pissed off, especially Cathars).

This my be an exaggeration; I believe a few sub chapters upon correcting skewed science, skewed physics and perhaps skewed history would go great distances towards focusing whatever talents we have and of whatever remaining resource there are, into productive goals that are humanly obtainable, those directly beneficial to the current level of Earth's humanity (respectfully 90% of which have never obtained an once of tangible worth from our non Earthly endeavors and where 99% have never directly profited from those efforts that have supposedly benefited Earth), where many of such alternative goals which I have mentioned over the past two years and counting are of those most easily accessible, as entirely beneficial to the widest spectrum of Earth's populations as well as affordably obtainable within our lifetimes, much from within existing technology and much via existing inventory of technology that's essentially off the shelf (starting off with interplanetary communications).

Unlike my esteemed opponents, I believe that of creating problems and then partially resolving subsequent issues (damage control) via space age technology is not of much worth as being counted for that of benefiting the greater (90%) proportion of Earth's population. Thus our past and current endeavors in space are not sufficiently if at all enhancing nor improving the lives for those 90% of this globe. In contrary, I believe it's become the root cause of so much added strife and further struggle for so many that have already died and of those remaining to die off prematurely as a result of our forcing such an unaffordable and simply too volatile or lethal way of life upon others, where this demand upon taking human life having been created by the few (10%) populating this globe, and of those 10% being dominated by merely 1% which have been directly profiting at the expense of others (that's representing 0.1% of Earth's population living their high and mighty sanctimonious lives at the expense of humanity). In case this paragraph is not sufficiently clear; basically of extremely few (0.1%) have been getting away with murder at your expense, that's if you're lucky and, at your demise if you're not so lucky.

If it weren't for all the collateral damage and associated lives being needlessly lost, morally I could accept the "eat or be eaten" outcome, as otherwise there's likely going to be tensions and of whatever "spin and damage control" promoting further sins involved until hell freezes over, of which it's never going to freeze over because of our own global warming, brought about as a result of what that controlling 0.1% of this Earth being so intent upon making our globe into a sister greenhouse planet just like Venus.

For some odd village idiot reason(s), I've had the skewed notion that telling truths could even nullify a good number of tensions right hear on Earth, as in reducing the numbers of those aircraft flying into tall buildings and otherwise greatly abate ethnic tensions, not to mention the salvation of all those dogs from being wagged to death and/or of just avoiding subsequent collateral damage and/or friendly fire from taking out needless lives. I'll suppose that the mere thought of remaining hopeful is asking way too much, as if our nearest planetary neighbors should be willing to share their intellectual property in exchange for our less than intellectual worth, along with accepting loads of our religious bigotry, otherwise pure stupidity, arrogance, greed and perhaps even into accepting some of our pollution (that seems like a fair trade, as in fair exchange, perhaps they could really utilize a formulation of an incompetent as well as a corrupted democracy that's willing to squander whatever it takes in order to sustain a ruse, and in fair trade they can provide us with an endless supply diamonds the size of watermelons).

Silly me; according to my esteemed critics, I've been entirely wrong about Earth's humanity, as apparently we'd rather muck about within our own perpetual lies and filth as well as prejudices, then go about focusing our talents and resources upon global domination tit for tat's until the very last of two incompatible humans remain on whatever's left of Earth, in preference to our dealing with the sorts of truths that could have had us communicating with Venus. Good grief, can't have that!

Perhaps life on Venus is even more screwed up than Earth (even though I can't understand how that's even possible but, what do I know, I'm just the village idiot that pointed out a slight oversight or perhaps an undersight that started itself off as of at least 13+ years ago, or actually all this deception started off pre "cold-war"). Perhaps on Venus, lizard wagging is also what they've done about accomplishing such "spin" and "damage control", keeping their toasty world intellectually isolated from realizing the Earthly carnage and arrogance that's only been recently outdone by our pure stupidity by not recognizing Venus for what it is (alive), as on Venus you certainly couldn't wag that sort of dog without ending up with something very well roasted on the barbe.

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