The Village Idiot

( I know that I've gone over the line, way over but, as long as I'm on the other side )
by; Brad Guth / IEIS    updated: May 14, 2003

Please excuse my dyslexia and poor syntax. The bulk of this following context is essentially a copy taken from a recent post at "SPACE-TALK.COM" along with a little further tit for tat finally.

You mentioned "self reinforcing delusion;"
Here's another good delusion for you; I still think we can salvage our NASA. I know that's hard to believe but, even this fool thinks such a goal is possible, where obviously you think there's absolutely nothing in need of being salvaged.

In that context, this is for sure what I see on Venus; I see multiple large rock formations, about as natural as such things get, with all of the expected planetary evolution of lava flows, tectonics, erosions and a canyon or rille that's fairly big (by some critics it's 2.5 km across at the delusional bridge). I also see what looks exactly like primary as well as secondary formations and of erosions and otherwise that of a truly rugged and mountainous landscape that's chuck full of interesting (mostly natural) stuff, even that massively delusional fluid arch is perhaps simply another commonality that's purely a Venus thing of science and physics that only works on Venus.

As delusions go; especially about SAR imaging of 4 looks per 8-bit pixel, those all being acquired at the nearly ideal 3D perspective of 43 degrees, yes it's possible that physics has all together new laws that only exist and apply as for Venus, perhaps these are AI laws that only selectively modify upon certain pixels while leaving all of the surrounding patterns of others to represent themselves as purely natural stuff. It's also possible that gravity is a "on-again off-again" sort of thing for Venus. In other words, a lot of things are possible, just as long as you toss out every scrap of recorded science, physics and of the associated geology outcome, as then obviously you need not bother yourself with Darwin's view upon the evolution of biology because, that doesn't count, as when it's become too damn hot and nasty on Venus.

It is obviously of my village idiot opinion, that many of these rather sizable attributes qualify as for being more likely artificial than not. So far so good, there's been no harm done.

It is of my opinion, that other life NOT as we know it had something to do about influencing what's clearly seen on Venus as being more likely artificial than not. Still so far so good, no ulterior motives nor harm done.

It is of my opinion, this other life (obviously NOT as we know it) didn't just occur out of nowhere, as well didn't just become hammered to death by an overnight greenhouse event and, that such life wasn't nearly as arrogant and pathetic as Earth humans. Still so far so good, but lots of harm done (I insulted humanity).

It is of my opinion, those opposing anything Venus have been doing such because of past and present day agendas and/or ulterior motives such as "spin" and "damage control". Lord knows we're not perfect soles and I can accept that a good many within NASA are achieving worthy humanitarian goals in spite of their arrogance and stupidity, with the best of intentions along with a few very human mistakes being made along the way, just as I can believe those intentionally doing dastardly things wouldn't be having it any other way. Still so far so good, but this time so much harm has been done that full-body flak suits alone aren't going to cut it (simply because I merely did a little favor returning, delivering some of the same warm and fuzzy flak right back at you).

"no scientific theory is advanced by the ridicule of one's critics - in fact, critics will only advance your theories if they actually work (thus, the whole point of peer reviewed journals.)"

Duh!, so I see, it's all of the sudden become a one way street, where others can ridicule all they want at me (firing off the first rounds), which seems essentially that that's sort of preemptive ridiculing and/or bashing of science, physics, even of biology, not to mention common sense. Seems for the first 6 months of my efforts at nicely communicating all of this onto NASA was not good enough. Well, excuse me for trying.

From the start, I have absolutely no problem with a critical counter view, as that's going to come by way of recorded science and of known physics. In other words, there'll be at least something backing up the critic's point of view. Oddly, that hasn't been the case, as I can only name a dozen or so critically supportive soles, where we can honestly agree to disagree as based upon true differences of opinions and, of those based upon science and physics, of which must obviously include those terrific SAR images, as that's certainly a solid foundation of science and physics if there ever was, ten fold better off than anything CCD or of film.

Seems like at the beginning of all this opportunity (we're talking nearly two and a half years ago) I was being informed or perhaps officially insulted that I was entirely stupid, as in being dead wrong, as otherwise being the village idiot without an once of worth, meanwhile those pretentious space and astronomy posting sites (NASA moderated and/or orchestrated) were simply chuck full of total absolute nonsense, as in Hubble this, Hubble that, Mars this and Mars that but, mostly as for regarding only upon those humanly unobtainable goals guaranteed to cost us billions if not trillions, not to mention risking further life of our astronauts (COLUMBIA for another recent example).

BTW; I can't even remember when your typical theory come along with it's own certified digital SAR images, not to mention certified enlargements as well as the science and physics as to backing everything up.

I'm certainly not one of those referring to anything that's been solar radiated to death, not to mention frozen into dry ice, such as of what little has emerged of interest upon Mars, as there's not 1% in numbers of any community of artificial worthy pixels at best. I'm also having to refer and/or defend from others that intentionally go "off-topic" by their criticizing the foundation of an honest discovery consideration, by their bashing the messenger and secondly bashing away at absolutely any thought that the official record upon Venus is in error or even the least bit incomplete, as then yes, I'll return the favor(s) by expecting some form of documentation support for their supposed knowledge that formulates into absolutely everything on Venus as not only being purely natural but way too damn hot and nasty, and/or of sharing their other knowledge that our NASA has supposedly been open and honest about their past achievements, upon which nearly all of the past 40 years as well as of future science and physics has been leveraged if not thoroughly moderated to death and, I do believe and/or interpret that goes for morality issues as well.

If I had thought I could get a trickle's worth of support (since I'm not God [half the time I can't even spell what I'm thinking, the other half of the time it comes out backwards] and I simply don't know nearly as much as most of my critics, and thus unlike yourself, I could certainly use a little help), then I'd pull my favor returning remarks and even post a few retractions. But, it seems those intent upon bashing what's most affordably available to us as existing on nearby Venus don't really give a tinkers damn about cost, truth, nor apparently morality, as that's yet another issue that's situated within the toilet of life, residing right next to those ENRON/Andersen eliminations and a smelly pot load of other cold-war rotting carnage.

Sorry if I'm running myself off topic, as I'd much rather be dealing with any number of for real positive issues associated with accessible planets such as Venus, or merely upon my better understanding of other life NOT as we know it. Unfortunately, that's often become a little hard to accomplish when I've needed to continually defend my position and/or having to waste my time with certain "spin" and "damage control" individuals, as in sometimes by merely asking of others to "put up or shut up" has produced only the most negative of results along with disinformation, off-topic comments and/or of the typical null response.

Second phase or reply portion

Observationology is obviously a relatively new science (at least to our NASA and to those suckling continually from their tax dollar dripping utters), as it certainly requires experience as well as some degree of expertise that enables educated guesswork and perhaps even an honest degree of supposition (that's honest speculation that utilizes some foundation of science and physics), where unintentional mistakes or perhaps just piss poor judgment as to exactly what some of those artificial looking items actually represent will occur (so what?). Perhaps you have some better (more correct) ideas and, I'll certainly post those or better to post a link into your page if you would prefer.

Misinterpreting those sequential rock quarry sites for that of mining excavations is certainly possible but, those could certainly also be the one and only recorded natural event of there being multi sequential rectangular formation/deformations ever noted or, how about where that bridge looking attribute could be just your standard Venus banana tree that's fallen across the top of that big natural ditch (that's certainly something entirely natural that happens all the time), somewhat as that of identifying any parabolic dish like attribute where instead of that being a communications worthy consideration is actually a common tectonic/lava/erosion pattern that's simply so massive and unusual that it's never been recorded before or, just how about those parabolics being solar collectors or perhaps ultrasonic transceivers (ultrasonics should work great in that terrific density of relatively calm CO2), better yet is of that vertically pointed unit being a xenon beam projector (terrifically big spot light if you well) or, wouldn't it become somewhat interesting as to contemplate those were Venus style SAR imaging transceivers (looking at Earth for the past century or more).

What if Venus terraformed Earth and, they simply wanted to remain at a safe distance while they kept tabs upon all the mistakes they made (that could have happened).

Those collected reservoirs could certainly have been just more of that gravity alluding lava formation that's never been recorded or, how about that of being an amusement park or purely that of a witchcraft landscaping decor that's totally unrelated to holding anything fluid (Venus is supposedly too freaking hot and nasty, you know), where that dark (SAR signal absorbson) center of the larger remote reservoir that clearly indicates black is just another typical illusion or that of faulty SAR imaging that only occurred in that one circular spot (actually there are several other black centered considerations, associated oddly with other vertical and round containment like attributes that are oddly those mostly situated above the surface but, those too could be normal geology features of Venus or those created purely of my illusions, even though the very same SAR imaging of all those surrounding pixels of what certainly looks quite natural and rugged was captured as well as enlarged within the very same photo software under the very same certified rules, which didn't seem to cerate those artificial looking features when I enlarged upon hundreds of other interesting areas of Venus, in fact it was the 1:1 raw imaging that initially pointed to what I subsequently enlarged upon, so I don't know why I even bothered looking at a thousand other locations if there wasn't more than a little just cause as for understanding what's natural as opposed to what's more likely artificial.

Actually, I do recall locating upon two other sites, as equally elevated and oddly situated at nearly exactly 180 degrees from site No.1, where of one of those sites seems to include another silo/hanger of similar size and format as what's sheltering the rigid airship at site No.1, as in how odd and unusual for anything naturally formed to have managed such a parallel attribute as situated at 180 degrees (I'm to guess by what my critics are insisting, that this must be more of that purely Venus science and physics that only works there and nowhere else).

Good grief all mighty; how pathetically stupid do you think I am?

Of course I've come to believe there's been metric tonnes of ulterior social and political motives getting in the way of this discovery, of further hiding despicable agendas and otherwise covering up serious loads of truths, over which tens of thousands would likely loose their jobs as well as their benefits (if I had any say, those would become retroactive assaults) over all this. We're not talking about billions, but trillions of hard earned tax dollars that have been essentially flushed down those NASA as well as NSA/DoD/CIA toilets, but not without first bringing us 9/11 and of much worse things. On the good side of life, we have our trusty Hubble and a host of other spendy accomplishments that have yet to benefit humanity and, of representing no practical future applications unless we can utilize such instruments as physical shields for diverting another incoming Earth killer space rock, except most of these investments are not the least bit qualified nor being utilized for such, as not even ISS can scan for nor track upon anything (so, we've got ourselves essentially nothing and, even less to look forward to).

In deed, I've taken to heart the very idea that others actually can't see anything other than what's purely natural (even though they can't even seem to qualify upon such as being natural) as a personal insult to my village idiot intelligence. Unlike my opponents and their supposedly unqualified insistence that absolutely everything is purely natural (too hot and nasty as well), at least I'm not the one insisting that absolutely every iota of everything that's imaged is artificial because, I concur that most of what's in the image is quite natural, as in surrounding and thus contrasting against what's most likely artificial and, because I'm not a NASA Borg but still a limited human, I may have mistaken a few rock formations as for being something other but, at least I've remained open minded and I'm sufficiently intelligent as to realize when I'm being intentionally snookered by others, which is something a whole lot better off than being 9/11 dead as a bloody result of our government's immoral involvements and/or inactions.

About size meaning much of anything (good or bad):

I've based a number of my ideas on a perception that size is at least somewhat relevant but that's obviously not built upon any malicious criteria, unless you're the sort looking to disqualify something that's based upon utterly pure conjectures (as meaning having no substantiating pictures of what's supposedly natural whatsoever) and, of size factors alone somehow overriding your otherwise insufficient science/physics (meaning that size alone somehow dictates over a total lack of your not having relevant measurements taken of the planet in question, as well as for lacking fundamental laws of science, physics and apparently biology to boot, as all of which hocus pocus must somehow conform to Earth's size as well as life standards or else not exist). Basically that's toilet science and skewed physics getting in the way of what's entirely possible if not more likely and, this is not because of my pointing out merely one or two vaguely associated issues but, of dozens of closely associated instances as worthy qualifiers (actually, I have another substantial batch of "what if's" and of a number other things to look at), all pointing to the greater possibility of there being other life NOT as we know it surviving on Venus.

BTW; I believe that you do seem to realise that locating upon other life is a good thing, even if it's life NOT as we know it.

I know that I've offered this view before;  exactly what in the hell does size actually have to do with qualifying or not if something is being considered as artificial or not?

If a rock formation is simply too big, does that somehow equally represent that it doesn't exist? (I don't think so).

Obviously if it's something below the threshold of pixel resolution (of one or lesser solitary pixel), that's certainly a perfectly good disqualifier (such as the case with pulling information from the imaging associated with the Istar Terra area, which simply can't be done) but, if something is otherwise large enough as to incorporate 3 or more pixels and, of that combination offering a pattern upon which it subsequently turns out looking very much artificial like, as that's when I start asking of others; what's your freaking problem?

The fact that the Magellan team resized every pixel so as to suit a mapping criteria is not introducing artificial distortions nor forcing the likelihood of some photo software into running amuck. This resizing only makes for determining specific dimensions a little more testy (not false) and, above all the flak, NASA already knows that.

Whenever those multiple pixels are closely associated, especially of those being acquired at 43 degrees and even better yet if those are pixels associated and/or assembled patterns upon their diagonal, not to be forgetting about the 4 look per 8-bit SAR imaging as representing a truly "extraordinary" class of photography, then obviously my dot/pixel interpretation (medication or not) has a great deal to work with or, perhaps it's that where so many others fail at understanding the vastly superior nature of what SAR imaging offers that's well above other photographic formats.

Good grief folks; obviously I'm not the world's expert upon every subject and, I'm not as perfect like my opposition. That's why I made the mistake of contacting our NASA in the first place, over two years ago, looking for whatever support, even if that be critical support. Obviously that was a big ass mistake (stupid me) not to mention another waste of time, as all that I ever got was the runaround and those carefully scripted disinformation packets.

Physiology/biology wise; there seems to be a good number of viable markers associated with the evolution of any planet, especially one that's still hosting such good amounts of atmospheric elements along with numerous resources of natural energy. Thus I've suggested perfectly viable ideas and asked a number of leading questions, looking for the sorts of expertise that I once thought our NASA and/or those associated had at their disposal. Obviously this was my second biggest mistake, thinking others are actually even half as smart as they've claimed.

Oddly, to my disappointment and/or dismay, it has become specifically those sorts of information voids (where there shouldn't have been such, somewhat like the JFK assassination, the missing Apollo 1/6th gravity scaled lander flight documentation, the USS LIBERTY fiasco and so on) and of other orchestrated disinformation (replaced with spin and damage control) is what offered myself further insight into the sorts of ulterior social and political motivations, those which are not the least bit founded upon science and physics but based upon delivering "disinformation" and then "spin" and "damage control". I'm not speaking of honest mistakes or of what those under extortion were being forced into doing against their best moral judgment, as no one is perfect and as humans, at least those I know of, make loads of honest mistakes and, speaking from personal experience, I can deal with such because there was no intent to defraud.

So, upon my own (no guidance and of little indirect help from our NASA) I've learned a whole lot more regarding science and physics that holds up even for toasty Venus, of which I had no intentions of my having to learn this stuff. Then I've posted perhaps way too much of what I had learned. My putting two and two together certainly didn't help matters because, those Apollo missions no longer added up, the cold-war no longer made any sense and a number of other associated issues simply didn't jive. With or without my medication, American history was becoming fuzzy, science and physics was becoming seriously skewed and seemingly half the world was out to get us. How can this be, if we're supposedly doing what's right and on behalf of what humanity needs, how can so many have become opposed to our good and supposedly moral intentions?

About my saying way too much (sort of a anti-nondisclosure lose cannon):

It's true; I should edit things way down, fewer words and simply more pictures (perhaps cartoons), along with those fancy arrows and even perhaps physical outlines for the braille image interpreters of NASA's crack imaging expertise (I don't know exactly what to do about educating the pathetically stupid ones) but, I'll try to label a few more of the images for those that chose to not respectfully start themselves off from the official NASA/Magellen image file, after all, that takes digital imaging expertise which more than obviously my critics totally lack such capability.

Since the natural landscape (vast bulk of what's clearly depicted in the images) is what every critic (NASA moderated authority) claims is all there is within the images (any image of Venus), I've not bothered to point out all the various landscapes of obviously big rock formations nor all that much of what I'd consider as being perfectly natural occurring, as primary as well as secondary formations and erosions, as I've totally concurred all along that those landscapes are most likely consisting of natural features, like all the rest of what's so natural about Venus. Interpreting the pixel value is obviously another tit for tat that's worth our understanding, where obviously my lesser (conservative) estimate is just that, an estimate, unaffecting whatever is natural or artificial but, this is where obviously bigger is only better as for qualifying such highly unusual attributes as for their being more likely artificial than not, unless of course you've got yourself those new laws of physics and of black magic geology that stipulates how something that's supposedly so natural can span such a significant canyon/rille or of other elements which oddly formulated their existence into highly complex interfaced reservoirs, or how about a modeled community of a significant township having it's own sculptured tarmac no less (I suppose that happens all the time in nature).

In order to get something positive going, the idea of my trying out Russia or for that matter China, India or even Cuba is not something new to my way of thinking, as I no longer see anything purely American about this discovery, unless bureaucratic rejection as well as NASA moderated flak has become a worthy American trait, as then we've got that one down flat, so much so that I hardly wish to consider myself an American, especially if merely half of what I've discovered about our history is true, which even that much would certainly explain a lot about why I'm receiving all the orchestrated "spin" and "damage control", that's seemingly ongoing only against Venus, as otherwise it's been pure unadulterated flak that been arriving from the pro-NASA camps but, lets call it what it really is; "dog wagging" and, obviously becoming a little lethal if that's an Iraqi dog or a shuttle.

I hate to keep saying this but, this discovery is not actually "rocket science", at least not anymore because it's hardly even "astronomy". What we have is a really big ass new pot load of open-ended science and physics opportunities that likely includes archeology, loads of geology and presumably biology of other life NOT as we know it, starting us off as of 13 years ago and counting, not to mention the 2+ years of this discovery being after the bloody fact of my informing our NASA first hand as well as first foot in their butts, then as for being directed into their cult support groups at "", as only after that insult did I venture out to what I thought was the world (which turned out being moderated to death by you know who).

Unlike my critics, I'm looking for those positive ideas and solutions that should further qualify upon what other remains to be discovered upon Venus. Obviously if the opposition stipulates that everything is purely natural (without their supporting images nor even geology conjectures suppoorted by physics), in that case there's no further point in my expecting those arrogant individuals to objectively comprehend upon much of anything because, they can't even deliver the science and physics of how such formations could exist as being anything all that natural. In other words, the opposition offers squat nothing except their intentional disinformation that's seriously overloaded with NSA/DoD cloak and dagger motives, as otherwise where's the rational basis for such bad behavior.

If you happen to know of anyone willing to wear a flak suit and chance being anywhere near my GPS waypoint, then I've got really cheap ideas that ott to offer more bang for the buck than of anything DoD has in their arsenal.

Thanks ever so much again for your input without tearing this discovery or myself to shreds and, if you can offer any further advice or expertise, I believe those fields are nearly wide open. As you've indicated, I'd much rather be focused upon the positive issues of Venus, should you or others care to bash what's associated with Venus, then I'll play along by returning the favor regarding anything Mars, anything Hubble, anything ISS, as well as anything that's potentially bad NASA or despicable NSA/DoD/CIA and, if I've left any rock unturned, any agency or individual out of the loop of being criticized, sorry about that, I'll do my best to include them on the next round of tit for tat's.

The Village Idiot Continues to Speak

If I'm to be considered the village idiot about this Venus stuff, then of the amounts I've had to recently learn beyond observationology, I must have obtained such other village knowledge from somewhat higher class village idiots. As most of the science and physics I've picked up from those claiming as being "all knowing", as from those folks claiming as never making mistakes, in fact they're so smart that even when the worst of tragedies occur, they can find new ways to explain away everything so that their conscience is perfectly clear about their not having one iota to do with anything bad nor the least bit immoral, as only do they have to do with the good things. As I said, these terrific folks are truly wizards and are perfect in every way, so that irregardless of whatever the facts indicate, whatever the carnage, we village idiots should loyally believe in their versions of the truth, especially as whenever being represented by such as near Gods.

Such near Gods for example; as astronomers are encouraged to look at the most distant universe, to plan and execute upon operations that mere humanity will never in a hundred generations obtain an once of worth from. Such Gods can also selectively place humanity at risk, by further spending or even squandering our talents and resources, investing vast sums of moneys and even as to the taking of lives is apparently within their moral prerogative and, we mere village idiots need not fear because after all, the leadership of our fellow humans is in the good and just hands of the sorts of situation formulated morals, as well as scientific proof backed by equally situation formulated physics that explains why there are photographic hot-spots on the moon, why the 10% reflective asphalt lunar surface actually reflects 50%, why the bone dry soil/sand of the moon clumps, why those rock samples became so Earth like (virtually identical to rock that had been treated by the sorts of accelerators and/or cyclotron exposures that remain off limits to the rest of us). Then we're to believe, why even though we have no record nor good reason to believe the 1/6th gravity scaled lunar lander ever flew without a disaster, that somehow it otherwise performed perfectly (pilots too) as in it's full scale upon the moon, right out of the box, even though there's no record of the degree of "fly-by-wire" nor of the sorts of mass stabilisation gyros that would have been needed, as perhaps somehow the outward documentation upon such accomplishments would have been a violation of our national security, just like making certain that no stars were ever photographed from the lunar surface nor were those thermally stressed and badly radiated negatives ever professionally printed with an appropriate degree of dodging and burning that could have easily applied a 100:1 contrast improvement, thus enabling to be showing us and the entire world those vibrant stars as clearly being situated above the 10% reflective asphalt horizon that was actually reflecting at 50%, in those otherwise pitch black and absolutely crystal clear lunar skies.

Our radiation proof hybrid astronauts are apparently another contribution to science and of only American science, as 0.1 to as much as 10 Sv is simply not a problem for such hybrid individuals, where even though the to/from Van allen exposure time was nearly 5 hours worth, not one hair turned gray nor white let alone fell out and, there were no other measurable physiological degrade of any sort made evident, all thanks to our crack science, physics and apparently astro or exobiology wizards of the late 60's which somehow managed to lose track of essentially anything that could help explain. But that's OK because, these are Gods and as such, they're entitled to do whatever their heart desires, even if it sounds, looks, smells and even taste horribly bad, that's still OK and should only be worshiped, not questioned. In fact, we should plan our next adventures to Mars as based upon our infamous lunar mission successes. That way we'll not have to worry about any of that nasty galactic nor solar flare radiation, nor having any of those pesky vibrant stars getting into our pictures of what such a frozen and radiated dead planet should look like from the surface, even though the digital cameras of the past decade already provide that 100:1 contrast advantage and, of some cameras like those which our NASA has, those perform at 1000:1 better contrast ratio than mere film, yet oddly even those still will not capture those pesky vibrant stars, even though there's no other apparent reason why not (if that's not qualified as Godly science and perhaps quantum physics, I don't know what is).

I'm to guess it's all supposed to make perfect sense, that if we can't prove we've been to and back from the moon, that somehow this posture improves upon our international standing among the other science/physics immortals, otherwise blusters our moral positions and essentially makes for all other science and physics null and void. That must also explain why our version of science and astrophysics can specify that under no circumstances can the gravity of Venus influence upon Earth's weather nor trigger Earth's tectonics (even along with the added impact of good lunar alignment), nor that of focusing the sun's weather upon Earth, nor can such nearness as 0.27AU ever cause Earth to receive solar wind blown microbes from those cool Venus clouds and so on. In other words, according to our NASA standards, apparently the ESA "Venus Express" mission is a pathetic joke of totally worthless science and even of lesser value to humanity.

Unlike my esteemed opponents and of their unfathomable depths of knowledge, I can deliver all that know for sure within a mere chapter, whereas of what I don't know would take volumes.

Perhaps that's why the sorts of village idiots like myself have been relying upon the wisdom and God like creation of whatever our NASA science and physics can offer in order to suit any given situation, somewhat like how quantum mechanics supposedly offers us the answers to our existence and meaning of life itself is almost as good as what the multi-trillion dollar Hubble has provided humanity (nothing), meanwhile the rest of us that are merely subsistence survivors (sort of along for the ride) are at the mercy of those claiming as being perhaps the better substitute/alternative for whatever God, as in perhaps justifying the not only why but the how catholics and their Pope eliminated Cathars, thus setting a perfectly good example for all of humanity to follow (for certain Hitler), thus too has modern science and physics moderated by the likes of our NASA followed in the proven traditions of preemptive extermination, of their doing whatever it takes towards blocking knowledge, be that a cold-war, book burnings, witch burnings or just thorough the most vigorous of dog wagging in order to sustain the status quo, all of this being good and well intended for sustaining those of us fools upon meals of disinformation. I guess, I'm to be including the Walter Cronkite's among us fools because, as snookering goes, any time you can pull one over on this sort of village idiot, you've got it made in the shade.

For some other examples of what little this village idiot knows;

I learned that life even as we know it, once sufficiently acclimated to the atmospheric pressure of 75+Bar, can be sustained nicely upon less than 1% O2. Whereas on Mars we'd need 50+%, possibly as much as 75% O2 because Mars is damn near offering a vacuum @0.0075 Bar, as compared to the 75+Bar of fairly elevated and thus cooler nighttime territories of Venus and, if you can do a little math, that's a 10,000:1 advantage over Mars, actually a 15,000:1 if we were to be comparing of equal (5+km) elevations.

I've learned that substances like blood, H2O2 and a host of other elements or compounds simply do not openly boil themselves off at the nighttime surface temperature and ambient pressure on Venus, that's obviously due to the pressure being what it is, thus of safely storing other more sensitive fluids via containments may need to be applied only to certain elements like pure H2O and of substances of lower boiling points (just like how we go about storing LNG on Earth), where those containments need only be slightly pressurized at a partial Venus atmosphere above ambient (I'm not absolutely certain but, I don't believe that's even rocket science).

I've also learned and/or deduced that because of the CO2 atmospheric component and it's density, that lethal solar radiation is essentially being blocked, a darn good thing because, it'll do none of us little good being cooler if you're being radiated to death, such as on Mars and even speaking of Earth, where thousands of humans prematurely die off specifically due to skin cancers that are directly related to the more lethal spectrum of UV/b and even of what's worse is of the 193 nm crap that Boeing's Phantom Works is devising upon on behalf of our NSA/DoD, that gets through in sufficient quantity as to sever internal DNA/RNA, from which damage your body attacks as foreign DNA and you simply go about rotting from the inside out (how bloody delightful).

Inadvertently, I've deduced upon and placed a somewhat worthy challenge upon the status quo, challenging of what's been considered the "hot and nasty" aspects of Venus (especially of understanding their nighttime season) are in fact greatly tempered by the existing pressure and, on top of all that, the safety of almost any open substance is truly exceptional because of the relatively low amount of free O2. Obviously the current levels of O2 and H2O are those most likely insufficient for sustaining a naked Earth human's life but, that's not necessarily so for what a little of Darwin's evolution could manage to get by on, where life NOT as we know it can likely survive upon 0.1% or lesser O2.

With that sort of rash or brazen concept being understood, seems the burden of proof that Venus has been seriously way too damn hot and nasty is upon the opposition to prove, for those accusing myself of being the village idiot to in fact prove they're not my door mat, in other words, beneath my assertions of considering upon the positive aspects of what another planet may actually have to offer, as being somewhat like those "Mars or bust" campaigners that seem to insist that such high levels of radiation or not, pathetically little atmosphere (damn cold at that) or not and, of so little CO2 density that it'll take more than a year's worth of nuclear powered CO2-->CO/O2 production before one Earthly life form can be briefly sustained, not to mention the fact that we have no proven lander capable of delivering such technology nor persons, not even that of an upgraded lunar lander (this being 35+ years after the supposed fact) is still somehow worth the multi hundred billion dollar investment and risk (I'm not even talking about the actual mission astronaut risk, as that's a given but, of the biological risk onto Earth should anything make it back here alive).

So, please keep on informing me as to how hot and nasty Venus is and, don't forget to continue worshiping those that brought us so many warm and fuzzy memories, such skewed truths as the cold-war, the 6-Day war, the USS LIBERTY fiasco, the demise of JFK, Apollo-10, the CHALLENGER, flight-800, 9/11, the COLUMBIA and now the war in Iraq that was based upon more than a decade old and out of touch informant and then solely perpetrated upon the existence of there being large scale WMD which seem to have vanished into thin air. As village idiots go, I'm not sure if I can take all this good news, of the astonishing science and physics on steroids that's been so capable of solving all our problems but, having merely become a little side-tracked by accomplishing so much good carnage on behalf of our side of humanity. I guess, I'm just damn glad I'm not a Cathar, as I'm fairly certain I couldn't tolerate any more good deeds.

On behalf of only the most loyal and undying of critics against absolutely anything Venus;

Don't tell me; for all of what's lately gone so terribly wrong, certainly you're not the least bit responsible, nor is anyone in your office, or for that matter the entire complex of offices, nor do you personally even know of anyone that's responsible for skewing science/physics or of applying any cover-up nor of accomplishing anything bad whatsoever because, it's only "bin Laden" or in place of his absence there's uncle "Saddam" that's at total fault for absolutely anything bad and, even though between them they didn't own a valid reason in the world to attack us, apparently they were just bored to near death and otherwise out there taking pot shots at us for the sport of it (ya right, you bet). Of course, unlike the WMD's which never materialized in Iraq, we pretty much know for certain that North Korea has nukes as well as at least some of that nasty bio stuff. So, I suppose it's pass due for our American warlord to push their buttons (I hope our good guys can remain sufficiently up-wind, not that modern biotechnology hasn't developed a long lasting work-around for that situation).

Perhaps if our resident warlord can manage to blow another 10 trillion bucks worth of our human resources, not to mention reducing Earth's population by a good 10% on the first pass, that ott to essentially bring whatever was intended as honest research and exploration to a literal bloody halt, as without funds I know for a fact these smart assed bigots that have been claiming as being so "all knowing" will not lift a finger for another human being (not even of their own kind) as long as there's any chance that of whatever is left in the pot isn't going into their pocket.

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