ISS to VL2 is not my best idea

(placing a purely robotic TRACE-II class of instrument at VL2 is a whole lot more effective, at not 1% the cost)

As good as this may sound to another village idiot, moving ISS off into a productive as well as potentially enterprising (for profit) role at VL2 may not be the best short term answer.

Again, and again, I must reaffirm; we certainly do not require ISS to being placed on-station at VL2, not even of any other robotic satellite, that is if we (NASA or of whomever is smarter) ever put two and two together (I know, of lately that could be asking a lot our NASA). It would however, with a VL2 satellite, greatly extend the interplanetary window of opportunity from a few months (+/- two) out of every Earth/Venus orbit encounter to perhaps +/- 8 months (16 months worth), by a method clearly substantiated through having a relatively small as well as cost effective communications relay platform situated at VL2, even of extending that window to full time if we additionally had something other in between VL2 and Earth.

A non artificial satellite solution; of one that's already free, as well as self powered and for being by far the most stable, somewhat like my plan of utilizing our moon as an efficient SAR imaging receiving platform for the narrow aperture and of its 4096 X 4096 detector that's capable of astronomically "knocking your socks off", has been perhaps Earth's best alternative all along, as for hosting our interplanetary laser transceivers. As such a stable and reliable place seem to go, our moon is an ideal platform for such laser communications technology and, best of all, purely of robotics is all that's needed, thus absolutely no astronaut radiation exposures are at issue, in fact no astronaut risk whatsoever and, we obviously can deliver the sorts of equipment that's self-deploying to much more so difficult sites and (unlike Mars), there's certainly no shortage of solar energy to drive even extremely high powered lasers. Of course, the very idea or notion of our doing anything lunar would have to include the fullest of disclosures pertaining to Apollo, yet there's nothing as pertaining to national security issues, unless you're one of those ruse masters that considers sustaining the cold-war as being a worthwhile endeavor.

Personally, I've already gone on record as for stipulating that, as of the fall of the USSR, we should have at that time disclosed the sting, the ruse of the century and, that doing this alone would have been yet another rusty nail in the USSR coffin, as how freaking embarrassing for those folks of the great USSR to have to realize that their nation wasted decades of their best talents and resources on a phony space race, not to mention a significantly perpetrated cold-war and, that not only was their nation's economy and/or political system no match for that of our illegal embargoes and tariffs intended at blocking any global economy that could support their cause, that also realizing the USSR, as a whole, wasn't even smart enough to figure out that they were being snookered as well.

I'm obviously thinking (that's always a bad sign), even if it's supposedly as hot and nasty as everyone except myself seems to care enough to understand (actually, I'll concur that it's humanly damn hot), their only option (speaking of those acclimated Venus lizard folk) in their early phases of becoming greenhouse and of being without applied technology, may have resided with their remaining as elevated, as well as situated within the season of nighttime, migrating every so often as to remaining within a season of night (any village idiot knows that migrating on Venus is by way of rigid airship), which obviously cuts our interplanetary communications window of opportunity off at Venus sunrise, not to mention their having a view of Earth above their nighttime horizon as for being rather imperative. Of course, I'm speaking as though any Venus village idiot fool would know enough as to making nocturnal eye shot at Earth by being above those cool nighttime clouds, as cruising about in that relatively gigantic metro airship of theirs (at least that's what I'd be doing), though a good nocturnal sort remaining on the surface would likely sense the Earthshine through those clouds, especially if that were containing any 350 to 450 nm laser illuminations.

Perhaps I've not been sufficiently clear; THERE's OTHER LIFE ON VENUS, it's defiantly not as we know of it and, it's not likely nearly as pathetic as Earth humans (being stupid on Venus is an automatic death sentence). Fortunately, the known laws of science and of physics support my findings, to a much greater extent than against (majority rules), where those opposing have a good number of ulterior motives, as well as bloody paper trails of hidden agendas and of close NSA/DoD associations of obtaining power and sanctioning of their greed, backed firmly by cold-war agendas (hidden and otherwise). If the official records stand on what radiation actually is with regard to EL2, then there's simply no way in hell have our troops ever set foot on the moon, at least not without losing some of their hair and even of requiring de-radiation medical treatments, such as potentially having their own bone marrow reestablished but, since none of that was ever reported nor admitted to and, since not one of the thousands of radiation sensitive photo negatives recorded any radiation nor were those negatives even the least bit altered by the thermal extremes, seems that such entirely unexpected if not downright odd photo issues along with the entire lack of any believable documentation as to the 1/6th gravity scaled lunar landers is simply too much to expect from even skewed science and/or of skewed physics, as of honest science and physics is at a total loss to explain Apollo.

My ongoing discovery, of other life (ET) most likely still existing on Venus, is in the sharpest possible contrast to the status quo of what our NASA has been representing as form of truth, as well as greatly in opposition to what our nation supposedly accomplished but somehow managed to lose all of their irrefutable evidence somewhere along the way, not to mention NASA losing but nearly all of its credibility, especially associated with our most recent demise of the COLUMBIA crew and of so much other that's been accumulated upon a slew of past involvements with NSA/DoD agendas, where poor judgment was encouraged, of truly horrifying mistakes were made and, of those were extensively covered up in part through utilizing agencies such as NASA as their cloak (that's sort of like using a clearly marked Red-Cross ambulance to deliver another bomb, or of the USS LIBERTY in tactical support of Israel exterminating Palestinian prisoners, or perhaps of the Pope inviting Cathars over for dinner, either way someone if not many are either going to die or suffer such that death is preferable).

On those cheerful notes, I'll offer onto others the opportunity(s) of honest space exploration that's focused upon affordably obtainable goals without any cross biological issues, as well as if need be of circumventing the cloak and dagger status quo, of realizing where mistakes were made and, of leaping into a better future without all the dependency upon appeasing NSA/DoD agendas, nor of warlord Bush's world order, where obviously his upper class America (which naturally includes the likes of ENRON) rules global energy reserves as well as dictates world intelligence (how utterly depressing, I'd rather be a Cathar invited over for dinner at the Vatican).

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