Extra Teristrials  (ETs)  Discovered on Venus ~ by; Brad Guth / GuthVenus

( Imagery Exploration Interpretive Sciences / Global Aeronautical and Space Administration )
Image source: (Magellan original file)  As of Discovery: Dec. 2000~2013   ongoing UPDATES-242: August 03, 2013

Sorry about those pesky adds (I really should pay to have those removed), but since this pages keeps popping up first on most web searches, it's probably worth my editing in order to improve the context and share updates. This page is all about the not such recent discovery of a substantial Venus community of infrastructure, of a remote home away from home as an ET worthy facility (actually there's also several perfectly natural but extremely nifty items of geology interest within and nearby this community) of what's most likely artificial and still perfectly capable of accommodating Venusians or just those of visiting ETs, as to there being several perfectly understandable means of applied physics and thereby technological ways and the practical applications of well established physics by which whomever having survived in spite of all the heat as having managed in spite of whatever you'd think. Even more so remarkably managed in spite of what our supposed all-knowing wizards of MI5/NSA~NASA are having to say in staunch opposition, or rather lack thereof saying much of anything that'll otherwise upset their perpetrated cold-war mainstream historical ruse of the century.

As for my most recent November 21, 2004 UPDATE page,  and even of this introduction may be somewhat focused upon specific topics that'll be on behalf of Venus than of what this old and badly overloaded index might otherwise suggest as having been wrong with the way certain cold-war things have been taking us down the wrong and deeply skewed path ever since those NASA/Apollo efforts at doing our moon.

by; Brad Guth / IEIS~GASA    1-253-8576061

In addition to the image that I believe has been depicting upon what I'd truly consider as being most likely artificial (sure as hell is not of anything of recorded geology, nor microbial, of monster crystallisations or even of what the most ambicious of diatoms could have managed, thus perhaps a little more to scale of whatever decent sized lizard folk or that of substantial nocturnal exoskeletals could have accomplished). When I've previously stipulated (postulated if you will) that there's been other "life(ETs) discovered on Venus", I'm obviously having to subjectively speculate this observation by way of my being intentionally honest in not attempting to refer to such as any pathetic Earthly humanoid sort of inferior DNA incest, or that of any form of life that's recently mutated itself into the sorts of intellectually dumbfounded if not scientifically bigoted folks that are so easily snookered into believing whatever their own mainstream desides is best, such as I've uncovered within and of having most anything associated with our MI5/NSA~NASA and their moon which remains to be walked upon, nor is this about whatever we've previously understood as life, and not that we'd know of whatever any decent sort of ETs should or should not look like, but never the less, it's because of those pesky laws of physics and the hard-science upon known biology (of panspermia and Darwin's DNA/RNA evolution functioning somewhat on steroids) and thereby based upon some perfectly honest functioning principles of applied physics and of the honest science of perhaps using a few too many extrapolated deductions as per what I'd believe to sufficiently uphold this likelihood of there being other life, as being more likely than not of something of sufficient size and intelligence that was responsible for the sorts of surface modifications that has been subsequently uncovered by the Magellan mission as of 15 years ago.

This argument over other life being possible or not possible could also represent where mother nature is certainly good at creating absolutely strange sorts of artificial looking things but, not hardly that damn good, and I believe it's specifically the portion of the "not that damn good" that's to be seen and argued about, of what's been more than what I believe has sufficiently proven as coexisting in spite of our intellectual arrogance about Venus being supposedly so damn hot and nasty, as for otherwise being more likely the truth upon supporting what's looking more artificial than not about all that's contained within the captured 12 fold milti-look and 8-bit images that are anything as limited as conventional CCDs via optical and of the visual spectrum.

The Venusian Environment as reported by F.W. Taylor and supported by many others isn't stipulating anything as to substantial life making a go of it, although it is clearly outlining upon the positive aspects of what's most likely and not nearly as hot and nasty with respect to the extended nighttime season of Venus and the rather exceptional pressure that's sufficient as for keeping blood from boiling. Upon reading through their extensive research, this clearly indicates where the opportunity and option of where sufficiently intelligent life could have managed in spite of what's otherwise so humanly forbidding about Venus.

As a further result of Venus offering way more than it's fair share of easily available and 100% renewable energy, I honestly believe that there still is such other life which may or may not have evolved entirely upon Venus, whereas limited to panspermia or other natural considerations may not be the case, since at least something of significant other life on Venus has been the case of 15+ years ago. As my most recent Venus discoveries upon those rational community-like infrastructures tend to so boldly suggest, the likelihood of there being capable survivors seems every bit a real possibility, and that's still of the ongoing consensus if to be utilizing those regular laws of physics, which seem to be upholding a whole lot more so on behalf of my argument side of this other life equation than not, of there being this biologically and intellectually responsible sort of "other life NOT as we know it" as a viable coexistence on Venus, and that's obviously in spite of it being supposedly so damn hot and nasty.

Simply stated; other life upon Venus is just as likely if not under considerably better odds than it is for our intentions of going to and of re-establishing our form of biological intelligent life upon Mars, by which that effort is going to take a really advanced technological as well as for an extra biological push compared to doing Venus, of which accomplishing Venus could just as well have been the notions of previous space travelers (planetary terraformers or just the usual ET prospectors obtaining whatever is most valuable to their way of life) as such having no problems whatsoever with the surplus of such easily accessible energy and of most other element resources that's clearly available upon Venus and NOT otherwise upon a seriously sub-frozen, easily pulverised and otherwise thoroughly TBI to death Mars that's lost it's magnetosphere to boot. In other words; Mars sucks and Venus offers way more than it's fair share of just about everything you can think of.

Perhaps this is not really a sufficiently fair argument, unless you're certified as legally blind and/or as absolutely dumb and dumber than a post, as for your eyes and brain to be connecting those dots/pixels is indeed a highly subjective and interpretive process, just like our geologist had to utilized those very same pixels as to analyze upon the terrain in order to establish various size, shapes and the flow of all that hot rock as per becoming the Venus landscape, as those interpretations were just as equally their human perspective (subjective science) of whatever's to be interpreted as what, and that's even though the geologist didn't have an actual clue as to how such complex pixels were gathered in the first place. None the less, they certainly published their all-knowing butts off for a buck and, for the most part we certainly believed their version was the truth and nothing but the truth to the best of their abilities. Geology and even meteorology wise, I so happen to fully concur that of the vast bulk of the Venus terrain and of its atmospheric environment is in fact quite humanly hot and potentially nasty, though somewhat less hot and less nasty while situated within their extended season of nighttime, especially more so tolerable if you're sufficiently elevated and otherwise having access to such vast amounts of green energy is certainly another win-win for those smart Venus lizard folks.

Purely geology wise; from the records of the same folks responsible for reading and thus interpreting those Magellan images in the first place, there seems they've offered no other recorded information on the sorts of such artificial looking geology formations that would otherwise account for the intelligent sorts of patterns, those most clearly indicating as being more likely artificial than not. That doesn't mean that somewhere other in this vast universe such unusually complex items looking so artificial and community like do not exist as created by purely natural formations, as it only means that we humans have yet to acquire such knowledge, though we do seem to have way more than a sufficient number of perfectly good examples of those SAR images that include very similar artificial looking attributes, such as those taken of Earth of similar resolution and perspective that would more likely uphold their argument of what's existing on Venus is most likely artificial by default, except for the fact that there are no such artificial looking attributes that are not artificial. By the lack of our having any other reference to something that's natural means that the burden of proof is upon the geologist to substantiate that all is supposedly natural, of which these folks simply can't accomplish that task because, there's absolutely no other recorded natural terrain that imposes such a rational association of community like patterns.

In other words of my limited wisdom, our geologists involved with interpreting the various terrains of Venus have ever since been consistantly stalling their nasty mainstream butts off, and/or stone-walling my research until them Apollo cows come home. I'd actually have to call this one what it is as LLPOF liars lying their butts off, and perhaps others might care to refer to such intellectual mainstreamism as official dog-wagging, spin , infomercial hype and subsequent damage-control as perhaps something far worse, as being more Pope/Hitler like than not.

Why others would even bother as to argue against this point of there being other life, without offering their observational basis for supporting their side of this interpretive argument has become way more than a little strange, as it's become outright intriguing if not the very hard-core reason(s) why I've had to learn so much other that's become so representative of the honest to God logic as to why this sort of discovery has ever since been so intensely bashed, and by so many folks that more than obviously have such a great deal to lose, such as at least whatever's left of their pathetic dignity, which at this point they should reconsider losing at least that much and a whole lot more.

The happenstance of nature simply isn't all that unpredictable nor without just cause as for the why and of how most natural things happen, which makes the likelihood of the artificial nature of what I've discovered all that more so plausible than not, as for the natural resources and/or elements for such highly complex formations and patterns of a rational as well as multiple relationship community like infrastructures simply do NOT coexist in nature, and it seems none other have been able as to point out where I'm wrong about this. So, instead of confronting this as an honest opportunity for what it is, they's acting exactly as a borg like collective in distorting upon the laws of physics and otherwise attempting at every way possible as to destroy the messenger, in other words "book burning" and or perhaps a little witch burning at the stake.

As a secondary result of all the flak I've taken, this ongoing work has subsequently evolved into my becoming a whole lot more Lunar Space Elevator (LSE-CM/ISS) correct than not, just like I'm also somewhat more lunar VLA-SAR aperture correct than not, as for acquiring VLA radar imaging by way of utilizing our moon as for the greatly extended robotic receiving module of detecting those returning image signals from our solar system, and at the raw resolutions of as little as 10 mm at that. There are even a few other testy points of interest that have come to light, as well as a few too many unusual voids of data that simply should not have been so difficult to come by and/or hardly as such discovering as missing altogether from our official database on space exploration, somewhat like those ENRON documents should not have been missing, nor of issues pertaining to the USS LIBERTY fiasco, nor of the TWA flight-800 documentation and the intended Tel Aviv flight manifest, of our Boeing/TRW Phantom Works ABL flight logs and about of those supposed WMDs which clearly never existed in the first place, unless it was those stealth donkey-rocket-carts that count as WMD.

The rest of this report, as well as so many other pages are loaded up with supposedly MOS gibberish, as according to those opposing absolutely everything under the sun, especially if it's not been their idea, thus it's required that I'm entirely DOA, as in dead wrong on absolutely every count. As oddly these folks can't seem to understand one word nor follow the intent of what I'm offering, thus if they're supposedly smart folks, that must clearly represent that I'm a bloody genius because, I can understand their gibberish, even when their's is loaded down with the usual ulterior motives and all sorts of intentional disinformation having loads of politically moderated/skewed data and/or evidence exclusions that's necessary if to sufficiently uphold their ulterior cold-war associated motives, along with their skewed sense of history without remorse and all of those skewed laws of physics that oddly work just fine and dandy on behalf of promoting their ideas, of supporting their Apollo ruse cloak and dagger teams and otherwise never supportive towards those notions nor ideas of others.

As such, this unfortunately bloated index page, as well as most others, should be considered or perhaps taken as my having to be highly defensive, and to being interpreted as even downright rude only by those opposing just about anything under their sun that doesn't entirely please their perspective or suit their ulterior agendas, of supporting such ulterior motives that seldom involves moral justifications nor moral truths, and most certainly offers damn little if any fiscal truths. Uncovering lies perpetrated by such lying liars that keep fabricating and telling such lies is just the tip of this toasty iceberg. I only wish I was Al Franken, at least that way I'd get myself sued and subsequently better recognized for the apparent Borg reject of a village idiot that I must be, as I'm apparently no longer smart enough to even know what's what.

Need I offer as to being so blunt; as for considering upon just one of the absolute least complex artificial looking items. In this instance, there's absolutely no such geological thing as any 1.5+km (if not nearly 2.5 km) long, perhaps 75+ meters wide and of otherwise a bridge spanning a steep canyon, little if any arch, thus flat as a freaking pancake (most likely of some capable suspension format), that's hardly representative of that sort of item being of any natural bridge like attribute formation spanning any such a massive rille or canyon, at least not that's of anything but representative of being entirely artificial, as in man made, or perhaps in this instance it's more likely Venus ET lizard folk made, and this item is somewhat minor to other highly complex issues that equally have not otherwise been associated with any recorded natural geological formation.

This is not my village idiot interpretation being the word of God, as unlike my critics that utilize their orchestrated happenstance of nature on demand in order to justify everything as being purely natural, I could certainly be a little incorrect as to what I've perceived as the pattern logic and thus function of certain items that just so happen to look a whole lot more artificial than not. As I am assuming if there's a pathway/road, along with a rectangular and/or a few rounded structures associated, plus numerous other nearby structures are perhaps using that very same pathway/road, and of my interpreting an intersection having it's fair share of nearby artificial looking attributes, there too is where I'm interpreting what's nearby as for such having some logical functioning relevance, which is obviously involving a whole lot more interpretive substance that's certainly worth way more than all of our WMD surveillance to date, that's been worth absolute squat, even though tens of thousands of innocent folks have bought the farm over our incompetence.

Unless gravity and those laws of physics work entirely differently on Venus, mother nature is not about to offer up such well organized and highly symmetrical formations that manage to allude to the laws of gravity, nor the least bit capable of creating such geometrically organized structures into a community like plan that so happens to include a suspension like bridge spanning a rather substantial canyon/rille, covering a span that's potentially several km wide, as there's absolutely no recorded nor even obscure laws of physics that even justifies upon a worthy conjecture of such a profound level of sophisticated complexities with the help of folks using applied physics, by way of those being clearly associated with the likes of rational intelligent like usage considerations. This bridge consideration is clearly existing, as in stark opposition or contrast to the surroundings of otherwise rugged mountains and of the canyon like terrain. Though if you've got something other to share, please do not hesitate to divulge your findings, as otherwise kindly please do "put up or shut up".

In case some of you nice folks haven't heard, I totally concur that it's sort of humanly way too greenhouse sort of but mostly geothermal hot and nasty on Venus (somewhat like Earth is becoming), although their extended season of nighttime is offering nearly ideal lizard survival country, especially if you're sufficiently elevated and situated next to numerous natural resources of elements and energy, and especially if they migrated by way of airship in order to remain within a nighttime environment, though even this nighttime habitat is still out of bounds for mere humans, especially of really stupid ones that can't even accept their own fundamental laws of physics, while they must also staunchly oppose everything Darwin at every opportunity, including their apparent opposition to creation itself, as though somehow their BIG-BANG creation version of Earth is essentially their one and only center of their one and only expanding universe. I mean, how pathetically arrogant is that, or what?

For this record, the raw SAR pixel size was initially recorded at a minimum of representing 75 meters, and at the maximum composite as for pertaining to this specific image in question of 225 meters, thus making that overall bridge span (including landings) an issue that's potentially as great as 3 km, that is if you elected to imply those 225 meter/pixel as your qualification. Though utilizing this larger size obviously does not eliminate nor alter the objective pattern outcome, as it's the same pixels that just makes for this argument to coincide with those patterns being more likely artificial than not because, as we're obviously not talking about any hybrid diatom microbes building any stinking organic bridge, nor are there indications of massively large Venus crystals running amuck.

This form of raw imaging took-in at least four samples or looks per raw 75 meter pixel, thereby the image I'm using is essentially comprised of 12 samples per 225 meter pixel, which offers a rather great deal of image confidence, even though somewhat less resolution. Though in this example, as well as others, resolution isn't what's important, not nearly as important as for the patterns of those pixels and of what photo-software can help deduce for the benefit of those unable to connect dots. We can go back and forth, tit for tat, with regard to such photo enhancing software, however those unusually artificial looking pixel patterns remain as not being identified as similar to any other recorded geology, and that's a fact. So far there's been "no cigar" as far as our locating anything that's natural but looking sufficiently artificial, and that's a fact.

Do take into your consideration, this Venus bridge as being one of the least pixel items of interest, where within this primary site I do honestly believe there is a rather major selection of artificial related discoveries to be had, of those more than of sufficient substance indicating upon the accomplishments of "other life NOT as we know it" and, most likely it's still existing on Venus, as for technically it's certainly possible for evolved life to have survived, unless you're one of those folks dumber than that post I had mentioned earlier, as then nothing is possible, except for Kodak film to somehow not record the enormous amounts of near-UV and UV/a energy upon the moon.

You must also consider this ongoing effort as an outsider discovery is under continual siege, as having only been uncovered through my independent flak dodging research (myself having no ax to grind nor publicly funded agency or warlord to suck up to) and, unfortunately for those opposing, it's all technically within the realms of their own respected science, as well as accepted physics, even though the published and cult following of the mainstream status quo will argue against any other life until all those Apollo cows come home (of which them cows are never coming home because, one fine day MI5/NAS~NASA must have had themselves a very private but large Apollo barbecue, in which a whole lot more than those cows were eaten).

On top of all of that, besides by initial dot/pixel connecting expertise of nearly 3 years ago, I seem to have processed these into perfectly darn good pictures via official Magellan SAR images, along with a few certified digital enlargements, plus I'm sharing a few too many thousand words to help describe what others and myself can see, that's way more likely as for being artificial than not. Whereas the opposition has become focused upon concerns over a few mistakes and of what other I've discovered and, at least so far, those nice folks have been unable to convince others or myself that I'm entirely wrong, especially about any pre-greenhouse existence of there being other significant life on Venus. Yet the established opposition to this ongoing discovery has seemingly been fully funded and/or orchestrated by those having the most to lose, utilizing tactics which have been more than obviously in favor of protecting their "status quo", by way of their continuing whatever disinformation and political dog wagging agenda(s) that suites their desires, plus bashing my email accounts in every way but lose, and I'll suppose they're screening everything to their hears content, especially since DHS as all the backdoor keys and the ulterior motivation to use them.

So, from time to time, between my learning far more than I'd expected, I've taken up the opportunity of gathering the oppositions very own warm and fuzzy flak, of which I've managed to return fire, as I truly love each and every opportunity of returning those sorts of favors. The more of their flak I get, the more of that very same ammunition I've got at my disposal to return, with love.

BTW; if you're getting bogus and/or simply bad email associated with my address being involved and/or as any result of your attempting to contact and/or monitor my research, you can thank DHS once again, as for one of those being their "condor@biosys.! net" address as a prime source of infected email that's been plugging away at infecting my email accounts. This may have been a hijacked portal that's simply been utilized for the task at hand (according to DHS; nothing is impossible, just takes knowledge of the kernel code, and you're into a WINDOWS OS without a trace if you're DHS spooks that is). If you experience such insanity, I'll advise that you send whatever infected copies of all that nasty stuff directly back to DHS: (formerly NIPC) http://www.nipc.gov/incident/incident.htm (nipc.watch@fbi.gov), as these folks are supposedly the sorts specifically interested in your internet security.

Since there have been a good too many ongoing updates, along with my dyslexia and thereby ample syntax and math corrections (as unlike NASA and my esteemed opposition, I do make a number of unintentional syntax, a few too many math and even some testy dyslexic grammar mistakes);  So, sue me, but do otherwise try to understand a little something else, that I've not been the one intentionally having to deceive, nor have I been operating behind a series of any grand ruse or schemes that's been wasting decades worth of our best talents, subsequently costing the taxpayers hundreds of billions (actually we're talking in terms of trillions), nor am I the least bit responsible for taking out tens of thousands of lives over various perpetrated cold-wars and of nowadays those invisible WMD issues and, do further understand, this Venus thing is not regarding any notion of our terraforming Venus, as that's obviously unnecessary when some other life has already evolved and having constructed such massive community.

Think about it; If there was ever a planet worthy of terraforming, it was most likely Earth, certainly not Mars and not all that likely Venus, as the natural progression of life is tough enough without being frozen and otherwise irradiated to death, and/or otherwise greenhouse roasted to death, though at least Venus has loads of essentially free energy as to help sustain intelligent forms of life, and Venus wasn't always so darn greenhouse hot and nasty. Whatever and/or whomever managed to survive the evolutionary likes of Mars and/or Venus were certainly hybrids to start off with, as well evolving into as tough as they come sort of folks, and subsequently hell bent upon their surviving in spite of their having to be so nearby associated to such an arrogant and pathetically stupid, not to mention a downright dangerous planet like Earth, that has become inhabited with absolutely insane warlords, as well as blood thirsty religious freaks that would just as soon justify killing off their competition (Cahtars and even Christ) as not, then proceed as to lie about it, as though it was their God's will.

Unfortunately, I'll offer perhaps a few too many words to say about what I believe our Club NASA should have and could have accomplished, at least about Venus as of 13+ years ago and counting, even though the affordable and doable LSE-CM/ISS competition to their ongoing ESE fiasco has been currently pressing a few too many of those "do not push" lunar buttons, as of lately the GUTH Moon Dirt Express (GMDE) has been somewhat challenging Brad Edwards ESE Starlight Express, and I actually think that I'm winning, not only on the moral front, but scientifically and technologically as well, whereas someday I'll actually learn enough as to explain the finer points of this ongoing ESE/LSE tit for tat.

From the outset of my discovery and of most recently, I found their calculated and/or orchestrated avoidance of the opportunity to start making good on what I've discovered has more than proven to myself and a few others that I'm a whole lot more right about a good number of issues than not. As a result of my discovering and/or uncovering upon this sort of tactical irresponsibility and/or discovery avoidance, I've noticed that as a nation we're also still ignoring blatant humanitarian issues, by annually wasting hundreds of billions (actually trillions over the past few decades), and of otherwise throughly ignoring our responsibility of simply accomplishing what's morally right, not to mention our lack of accomplishing vastly more obtainable as well as affordable goals by at least 99% lesser investment and at nearly zero risk than what's been going down literally in flames lately. I can't be absolutely certain but, if this discovery of other life (NOT as we know it), as well as the discovery of what otherwise has been going on is as big as I believe it is, there's certainly not going be any limits as to "dog wagging", that's including orchestrated distractions of whatever a cold-war and/or hot-war in the case of Iraq can devise upon, along with if need be, a little unprecedented but not unexpected human carnage (self inflicted if needed), as history has recorded that governments as well as religions order have often been caught doing far worst things in order to perpetrate whatever their ongoing ruse may have been at hand. Tragedy has always made for a darn good media distraction, as whatever it takes to pull a nation together behind it's misleaders or resident warlord has long been the tactic utilized since the beginnings of recorded time.

Fortunately, for the benefit of our government sustaining it's ongoing cold-ware ruse (actually there are many), the average American is currently so poorly educated that they'll believe in just about anything that's been printed on a cereal box (unfortunately, we've become primarily infomercial driven and/or simply snookered, where packaging such as via NOVA represents just about everything, and of the whole truth and nothing but the truth has become highly interpretive if not entirely illusive).

This portion is one of my efforts at attempting to offer a better understanding of what I'm referring to as the community infrastructure associated with downtown GUTH Venus.  The gift (donation) that can actually count for something, my GUTH Venus GIFTING Club is perhaps my latest insult to injury.

Sorry folks, sometimes I even have to update/correct what's just been uploaded (remember that I'm simply not as smart as you, I'm supposedly the village idiot according to my opposition of many), as this index page alone has become a wee bit of a text overload, as well as has the recent update of my esteemed CRITICS R US and, Venus for Dummy's,  FAQ-001 page, then onto regarding my clever Gravitational Lens Trick as for recently hiding Venus, then Duh-02 and how about  NASA's sleeper cells (hard working away at whatever "dog wagging", "spin" and/or "damage control"),  here's to the "Positive Side of NASA" and,  the "do everything" of CO2 derived energy solutions for Venus, then NASA-Do-or-Die.htm  and,  Xenon/Laser calling Venus  and,  Lose Laser Cannons,  as I do so much enjoy returning the favor, offering up fresh new thoughts and catching my never ending mistakes. Obviously if I were as good as you at writing (I'm assuming that if you're an official critic then you're perfect in every respect), I wouldn't be doing all this, but then you're probably too intimidated or restricted by Lord NASA or of their true boss NSA/DoD as to helping out so, I'll likely have to make do with what I've got. A few other pages (including my "favor" and/or "flak" returning efforts) are those regarding Planetary Evolution, plus considering the nocturnal potentials of those not-so-greenhouse nighttime seasons of planet Venus.   Plus, I'm still refining and promoting upon having others pitch in, as for simply calling Venus via mostly near-UV spectrum xenon beams and/or laser cannon. OOPS! looks as though NSA/DoD (Boeing/TRW) have been quietly doing the very same thing except, it seems their nifty applications for extremely high power (literally way overkill lasers, as sort of representing their electronic version of a nasty neutron bomb that you can selectively point at individuals without their ever knowing what just happened) of UV(a/b) class lasers, seem to be offering damn little if anything towards humanitarian communications worthy aspects, thus having little if anything to do with calling our lizard folk neighbors (go figure, as perhaps we'll eventually receive our reply message in the form of a massive rigid airship smashing a whole lot of something nasty through yet another occupied tall building).

As always, I'll totally concur with my loyal undying critics; Venus is for the most part well beyond any open Earth human habitat potential (at least if that's unaided by any form of technology) and thereby, so what if it's hot and nasty? For one darn good thing, in order to have survived on Venus, you would have to be smart enough, of which that prospect clearly eliminates the vast majority of most of us right off the bat. However folks, so what if it's become a little too toasty hot and nasty for the likes of yourself?  I believe there's ample natural energy to fix all of that, at least of accommodating whatever habitat/zone that you're sitting in, especially if that's sufficiently elevated and it's the within the extended season of nighttime.

As my formal opposition continues their focus of killing off topic associated with anything Venus or moon, especially if that moon interest could involve digressing into anything Apollo, of my intentionally dwelling upon the purely negative aspects without sufficiently qualifying their "pro everything" stance (naturally this opposition against myself being at taxpayers expense in more ways than even Arthur Andersen can count), even though this recent discovery is actually not at all so recent, and there's ongoing research upon what's in fact indicating as there being some rather significant numbers of more likely than not artificial attributes, along with there being many understandings by sufficiently respected folks of all sorts of natural energy solutions available, of energy that seems to boldly suggest (via those accepted laws of physics) precisely the opposit of what our NASA wants nice folks like you and myself to believe is true (again, this is on multiple fronts, where at least there's sufficient energy that's well suited for intelligent life NOT as we know it) and, not to be forgetting that perhaps Darwin's evolution somehow kicked in, so that at least something (a few, most likely I'm thinking tough Islamic or perhaps al-Qaida lizard sorts or conceivably Cathars) survived their planetary evolution of becoming so totally greenhouse.

After nearly 3 years of taking their flak, I still do not understand how this admittedly raw concept of Venus supporting other life even disagrees with the vast bulk of their own atmospheric and geological data; as other life is obviously not of limited frail human life, nor necessarily as primitive.

So what if it's seriously toasty hot and nasty to us humans, just as is being outside of submarines where it's certainly cold, seriously wet and under great pressure, as we obviously can't survive there either, or how about that of your strolling outside of ISS without that nifty pressure suit and see what happens. There's numerous folks having to work every day in essentially active volcanic sulphur mines, of such toxic atmosphere and extreme temperatures that such an environment would likely kill off the likes of you or myself on the spot.

All and all, I do however believe there needs to be another thick chapter or two added into the NASA Venus database, then perhaps some rather serious butt kicking is in order (like how about 13+ years worth, as that's about how old this original imaging file is and, based upon those same laws of physics that haven't changed lately).

Controversial and oddly overlooked for 13 years and counting, as in nearly three years worth and counting of there being totally irresponsible opposition to what I've discovered, by a good number of the status quo supporters that are now my devoted critics (that's even including NASA's lack of support via their avoidance tactic), whereas these certified Magellan SAR radar acquired images of Venus are most certainly for real;  Perhaps representing no longer as being all that provocative, profound nor nearly as news worthy as certain other 9/11 and subsequent current events pertaining to the likes of Mars, but none the less, this somewhat belated Venus discovery or uncovering of there being great numbers of artificial attributes is the real thing, in spite of NASA's ongoing reluctance  and yet orchestrated opposition (btw; that's fully taxpayer funded opposition), comprised of diversions and "info-commercials" skewed with disinformation, loads of "spin" and "damage control" if not simply blatant "dog-wagging" as for attempting to pull the public's attention away from the Venus topic, such as prompting a little too obvious subject avoidance (distractions such as with their artificially colorized Hubble images and as for placing the TRACE satellite behind Earth and otherwise insuring that it's otherwise capable imaging officially excludes Venus has become just a wee bit too obvious), as I'm certain this effort is being directed in part by NSA/DoD (NASA's boss) as well as thousands of others at risk, as they quietly or as indirectly as possible disqualify anything whatsoever associated with the planet Venus or our moon that outside their published bible.

Somehow, in spite of all this official spin and E-Flak, but then so unlike my opposition, at least I'm striving towards openly reconsidering upon all of the greater/positive potentials of Venus, as those ideals based upon the more likely then not evolutionary positive aspects of what a planet like Venus has to offer (obviously that's not intended for Earth humans), or how about just my fighting against the opposition, as against those basing their pathetic notions of supporting their "status quo" of the purely negative aspects (my having to put up with such, as for more then the past two and a half years; what a freaking and pathetic joke those astronomers and SETI types are, as in liars and they even lie about their lying). Talk about your skewed science and NASA Borgs on steroids (nondisclosure enforcement isn't necessary because, these fools have been far too stupid to realize the truth when it's sitting right in front of them, even after it's been presented on that silver plate).

INDEX:  (caution is hereby advised; for those directly working for and/or funded by NASA/NSA/DoD, this site has been capable of breaching "nondisclosure" barriers, which means, your project funding, your job and apparently [like a certain Apollo safety engineer and a few astronauts] even your health could soon become on the line).

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These most interesting links may not be the least bit related to Venus, however, they certainly offer something that has become sufficiently real to most (not of any intentional illusion, certainly not contrived as from supporting the likes of other hidden NSA/DoD agendas, certainly not of anything cold-war/Apollo), that's seemingly well out of step with our perceived planetary, as well as Earth/human like evolution. Unfortunately, anything humanitarian worthy is once again not within their realm of interest nor responsibility of anything NASA and, certainly SETI thoroughly hates the very thought, especially of anything humanly obtainable that's within our own solar system (as in how boring), as whatever's humanitarian or perhaps lizardtarian seems to have become someone other's job.

If you should ever come across such a caring individual or department interested in space related humanitarian/lizardtarian issues, please let me know because, I've been looking for well over two years and, I've not managed to locate one soul that's officially charged with anything whatsoever focused upon such issues, just a great number of bureaucratic types focused upon many other unrelated goals and/or upon damage control management (mostly of those officially moderating the living hell out of the likes of anything you and I might have to say) having not a freaking clue as to whatever if anything to do with any regard to other planetary life.

My growing list of Venus discoveries are those having to develop by way of making due upon a mainstream hard-core of "need to know" basis. As a result of those original SAR image files (I'm making do because others seemingly can't become the least bit bothered, even though they persist claiming as being vastly superior to either you or I), thus my ongoing studies and of my subsequent research findings have been basically arguing upon some of the following points;

To be reaffirming that on Venus;  there are (have always been for at least the past 15 years and counting) clear signs of artificial attributes, such as a rather significantly structured bridge, as that bridge is clearly spanning a considerable (1+km) canyon or I've been informed that's a rille like surface feature and, there is a fairly major excavated roadbed issue and a likely tunnel associated with this suspension bridge (I'm assuming the suspension part) plus, there are many nearby secondary roadbed or railbed issues. There exist multiple interrelated (complex connected) massive reservoir issues. Nearby is a clearly raised platform/tarmac consideration of suitable length (having good indications of large equipment/airships being on deck) accommodating at least two sub/service bays, where those distinctive rectangular service bays each showing rounded corners and/or arched underpass/entrances plus, they are facing an assortment of many complex township like highrise structures, those of fairly massive configurations clearly indicating as being sufficiently rectangular and of strikingly vertical symmetrical geometry, along with certain other nearby rounded (even parabolic) like considerations. One other such more highly complex and massive structure, is that accommodating what is likely a fairly large scale airship (this issue is not about just any spaceship, as airship implies, something more like the Hindenburg), only so freaking much bigger and far better, like conservatively 180+ by 1200+ meters worth and as such capable of 860,000 metric tonnes buoyancy or, as according to some of my esteemed critics, this entirely natural formation could become as much as 360 by 2400 meters and thereby into millions of metric tons worth of buoyancy (when's the last time you saw that much natural formation, as intricately configured in such a technological manner as to represent millions of metric tonnes worth of buoyancy?). There are multiple indications of surface modifications which seem to further include an earthen dam, plus multiple nearby (highly geometrical rectangular) rock quarry considerations and otherwise multiple (obviously large) tunnel entrance issues all over the place. There is the clear and unmistakable indication of a rather substantial fluid like arch (associated with it's fresh erosion at the source as well as termination, clearly indicating a more recent erosion pattern issue of at least the past 100 or lesser years worth), perhaps as flowing that same fluid as there are indications of such occupying the larger reservoir and as being held within many other such vertically constructed round like containments (many of those round considerations are situated within fairly rectangular clearings of highly symmetrical geometry), all of this being as something mother nature has yet to have ever been recorded as doing, yet my critics all seem to feel obliged and/or entitled as to offering such disinformation towards disqualifying everything, as they obviously have no such recorded natural formations that come even remotely close (just ask any critic to "put up or shut up", and you'll get zip, nada, nothing in the way of images [there being tens of thousands of equal or better SAR images of Earth to pick from] yet nothing whatsoever that supports their contention that this complex landscape that's so littered with significant structures is entirely natural as opposed to my ongoing contentions of there being so many considerations as far more likely artificial than not).

Perhaps we are not all that mature nor prepared for this space exploration stuff, as having the prospect of discovering other life may still represent too much for our limited abilities, especially considering our total lack of morals, mixed in with our supreme lust, greed and arrogance as for ever honestly dealing with truth.

Because this discovery and ensuing documentation represents such a wealth of new "truth" concepts (such as those based upon the viable energy options of CO2-->CO/O2 plus that of the Venus airship reality), in addition to all of the above pages, I have started yet another summarized  Progress Report  page, that which offers whatever I can, hopefully using a lot fewer words and still essentially access to everything because, my normal mode of operation is not in any way restricted by any such "nondisclosure policy". I will continue to edit and update this new page, as to show weekly events and otherwise share the mounting feedback as well as whatever ulterior motives of others. Sort of representing my latest timeline of reports along with the links I can manage to stuff in. The observational "truths" as to further supporting my discovery can also be simply accomplished by your asking for NASA's rebuttal in regard to what I'm claiming, then please do yourself, others and me a big favor by sending or forwarding a copy of their reply, as I'm building upon a legal position which should prove most entertaining.

This ongoing research effort (in spite of NASA) is truly that of a worthy international opportunity, as NASA officially claims no interest nor responsibility for establishing "truths" and thereby no entitlements, as merely representing the Magellan "mission bus driver" (apparently that mission bus driver, just like those Apollo bus drivers, have long been fully retired), and as such, they (NASA) "establish no truth's" whatsoever, only hide and proliferate behind whatever grandiose incompetence and subsequent disinformation and lies are established by others (intentionally leaving out pertinent facts and relevant considerations as for "life NOT as we know it" is essentially a lie). How freaking nice and, please do tell me again why we even pay these guys. Perhaps the very next time I plan upon holding up a very big bank, I'm going to get myself some of those NASA bus drivers for orchestrating my arrival and subsequent getaway, then also as for moderating every possible investigation to death, I'll even give them a 75% cut, which is likely a whole lot more then any NSA/DoD share.

The left image is representative of the full Magellan original file image, the right hand image (crop) is merely that of a purely 1:1 extract (virtually unmodified) where you can see exactly what I initially detected December 2000. Selecting the right hand image enables a 10X resampling enlargement. Selecting the left hand image takes you to where I believe we all need to be as of October 2002 and, for this event I have a full range of affordable considerations for this most obvious window of opportunity. But, please don't bother informing NASA and/or holding your breath because, this could simply ruin their whole day (I should mean that, "first contact" without our having to blow another hundred billion would have to be nothing short of sacrilegious).

When our current administration was supposedly asking of our NASA, for their achieving methods of obtaining more from less and, of doing all of that faster. As with any due respect towards the likes of "GUTH Venus";  exactly how much less costly and faster can one possibly get?  For God's sake, we already have those certified images and, we most certainly have any number of those CW and binary pulse capable laser/xenon beam technologies at hand, as for attempting planetary communications  (so, do you suppose that our president and resident warlord G.W. Bush was just kidding about such things, or simply lying again, or what?).

Braille overlay image:  This text overlay was accomplished quite some time ago, so that our official sight impaired image interpreters, those hired and/or funded apparently under whatever NASA affirmative action programs for the blind, will be able to identify what others and I clearly see. Don't ask me how or why my loyal critics still can't see a damn thing (besides being blind as a bat and yet somehow helping out NSA/DoD as to accomplishing their ultimate ruse, as these sinister fools or perhaps Borgs were likely infected by the very same sight impairments as those crack NASA wizards that somehow managed to eliminate stars from those infamous Apollo/lunar images and, then somehow further lost access to each and every original negative as well as with regard to all those 1/6th weight [gravity scaled lunar-lander] manned test flight documentation movies), and to think, all that vital documentation could be siting right in front of their eyes, but then we must always take into consideration, if NASA's affirmative action staffing has been so freaking blind, I would have to guess it's entirely possible that they truly and honestly can't see a damn thing (sort of like looking for WMDs or perhaps all of those unfortunate multi-hundred-millionaire ENRON and Andersen wizards losing all their documents. BTW; they're still filthy rich and you're not).

Obviously, I feel quite strongly that our existing atmospheric and geological research data as pertaining to Venus has merit, although seemingly has been woefully insufficient if not flawed, at least pertaining to specific elevated territories and, as that further augmented by their extended (2900 hour) more or less seasonal nighttime periods. I say all this because, atmospherics as well as the perceived environments of virtually any parameter have failed to disperse my findings of there being significant artificial structures (hot and nasty CO2 or not, those structures are there still there). Therefore, this entire negative to everything environment issue has been temporarily revised, so as to include the possibility of sustaining an obviously evolved form of life (perhaps exoskeleton like and even more likely as being nocturnal for all the obviously right intentions and scientific reasons), at the very least within the specific parameters of utilizing sufficient elevation along with the added nighttime protection from all that solar UV as well as whatever remaining solar IR issues (possibly if human like; forced into wearing environmental garb, just like we do when we scuba dive or try to otherwise exist on top of mount Everest or that of working and living within protective enclosures, such as our submarines and, otherwise as surviving high altitude aircraft and, now even as we have developed and deployed "dooms day" survival ships plus outfitted upon a number of underground shelters [by the way folks; none of this survival technology was the least bit intended for that of protecting you or me]).

This corrective action on my part was necessary in order to accommodate the more likely environment (inclusive of temperatures, pressures and atmospheric elements, along with whatever potential energy resources) as that existing at elevations above 5 km (that's 16,400' and as such on Earth, this elevation represents where most humans can't even exist without considerable protection as well as breathing assistance), as well as during their extended nighttime seasons, as that offset offers sufficiently supportive environment due to the somewhat lesser pressure and perhaps sufficiently less temperature, then also becoming somewhat less toxic as that's situated above the heavier and more likely toxic of those much denser of concentrated lower atmospheric elements ("the Venus atmosphere is simply not the same composite from floor to ceiling" and, there seems exist all sorts of formal disagreements upon the diversity upon this subject, more than enough to permit the speculations of which I've introduced).

The absolute least possibility is certainly this;  I have merely uncovered the ancient (pre-greenhouse) structural remains, that which I would still have to believe is somewhat representative of being our flat out most valuable astronomy/exploration discovery to date, far exceeding everything currently discovered elsewhere, as well as what's on the board for receiving our future attention and massive funding (in review of our mission future; the next 15 years holds absolutely nothing for Venus, and yet in addition to our past decade of wasted efforts in our quest of other life, hundreds of billions are to be required of what NASA perceives as mission essential research, as to sustaining the "status quo", that of promoting the likes of the ESE fiasco and of essentially looking elsewhere and at substantially greater distances for signs of life). OK, so our NASA is absolutely totally blind, though more likely been corrupted in order to have been so deeply involved with their cloaking on behalf of the likes of NSA/DoD.

What I am clearly suggesting is; that such Venus atmospheric issues alone have previously been limited and/or incomplete and otherwise not all that well defined by the existing NASA funded, orchestrated and moderated research, nor by the subsequent analysis by those basing their formulas and conclusion upon such limited data which NASA is essentially responsible for gathering in the first place (by that I mean, virtually every bit of data that becomes NASA record, that exclusive data has first been moderated to death and must pass NASA's standards prior to ever being published, thereby deemed acceptable), as there have been outstanding and conflicting research and now the likes of including what my discovery has to offer, especially as to questioning our understanding of specific nighttime atmospheric layers and, thereby I believe NASA's record is not sufficiently supporting any definitive exclusion of the possibility of highly evolved (perhaps even of human life supporting) life forms as having existed at such elevated territories and, should NASA records and consensus somehow stand, others and myself simply can not comprehend how or even why such obvious and rather significant artificial looking structures (again folks; possibly pre-greenhouse) seem to so boldly exist, yet they do in fact exist, along with such ample size, quantity and as indicating such uncanny rational infrastructure to boot.

I could fully understand those objecting if this discovery were derived via conventional photographic's (like all those highly questionable Apollo mission photos), or even as from our best CCD formats as now capturing Mars in fine detail. Although, as "extraordinary" SAR digital imaging goes, it simply does not lie nor distort and is certainly not the sort of imaging fooled by atmospherics, lighting or even by most camouflage. There are certain SAR imaging issues that we now have literally thousands of Earthly examples, providing all the expertise necessary as to resolve nearly anything, such as what others have been trying to apply against my discovery by either putting up or shutting up. Basically, my opponents need to get a life and, they should stop suckling off NASA and thereby us taxpayers, then for once try doing something constructive that humanity can actually utilize and, without our having to further worry about the repercussions of those you have taken advantage of.

So once again, I am asking of you, please go figure this out, doing so as independently for yourself and then, being certain as to inform others and myself as to whatever it is that you can discover, towards that of proving these are either purely the most exotic looking elements of NASA's so called natural formations or indeed those sufficiently artificial.

If to consider this a test of your learned skills (which may obviously have to exclude those residing at Club NASA, as apparently some of these researchers no longer support independent abilities, such as free thinking without their ties as to supporting the NASA Club policy standards as well as upholding those all important "nondisclosure" restraints due to their close ties and direct relationships into NSA/DoD agendas) and, even if some of you can truthfully say what's on your mind, apparently most will be electing not to disclose all that much if anything, because of their perverted desires as to remaining associated within Club NASA's "non-disclosure" cult, just in case there's any chance that their project funding should become approved and/or extended.

I'm beginning to think it takes twelve committees and a unanimous vote just to flush a toilet at NASA and, official nose picking is still (after nearly 40 years) under review. Perhaps that's the entire problem, everyone at NASA has been so thoroughly plugged up, so much so that they can't think nor even see straight anymore.

A review of those two somewhat lesser sites; (potentially supporting/hosting life or at the very least depicting their past existence thereof: GUTH Venus #2 and site #3) have recently been identified as being located at approximately 180 degrees from my primary discovery site, one situated at +47ºNorth and the other at -15ºSouth, where these two locations are each elevated, just as GUTH Venus #1. It is therefore highly probable that additional sites may further satisfy this same or at least similar criteria, perhaps those situated at 90 intervals (90 intervals offering 1450 hour seasons) and of likely further North or South, such as being related to and of those areas surrounding Ishtar Terra (an extensive 10+km elevated territory with a few higher mountains) with which the Magellan imaging problem being that the satellite altitude as limited in resolution, simply too large as to support most observational exploration requirements.

UPDATES pertaining to the LSE, and there's certainly going to be more to come:

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