Cause and Effect

(I just love it whenever I can return a compassionate favor)

The time is now; actually a bit past now, as it is less then a year prior to October 2002 and, obviously this window of opportunity is once again too late for any viable campaign of scheduling our next mission(s) to Venus that would be taking advantage of the October 2002 event, but that event is simply not going to happen regardless, and not because we can't, but because we simply can't possibly work along with any other national interest group, let alone support a privet individual. After all, "Club NASA" has become a very special cult entity, privileged as to all sorts of NSA/DoD secrets and subsequently of many vast responsibilities.

Just because I discovered "GUTH Venus", this is not making me the expert on space research, travel and further exploration. I am not even the expert on the planet Venus because I don't have to be, however, in the absence or perhaps void of official participation, in light of what the "GUTH Venus" discovery holds, I will attempt to suggest all sorts of potential considerations, which is a lot more then our crack wizards at Club NASA seem to be capable of doing. This obvious intentional void is however provoking and encouraging others and myself as to be looking for the ulterior motives and history that somehow created the need for such damage control.

It seems as though, those responsible as occupying NASA's mission buss driver's seat, are still heading us in every direction except the planet Venus, as though, at a mere distance of 0.271 AU, the planet Venus and all that it clearly now represents, must have somehow become unattainable. As NASA types keep grasping at re-explaining, "it's too hot and nasty". So, I am to guess we are all to simply forget about all the artificial content just sitting there, right in plain sight and clearly representing the most inteligence capable planetary consideration beyond Earth, as apparently nothing would make NASA happier.

I have recently come to terms with not being able to identify that of any one individual (such as merely pointing out the obvious as being those of the highest levels of leadership), or of the few others that could have managed to pull NASA so far off course, as those most capable of and having access into essentially every aspect of misappropriation of the prime mission(s) of NASA. Identifying any direct funds tampering or simply that of their manipulation towards NSA/DoD agendas, this also is unlikely to produce significant results towards fixing the past nor even the near future. In fact, no one person or even that of a few are to be solely responsible, as this massive degree of ulterior motives and subsequent "damage control" clearly takes teams of devoted if not braille soldiers, all willing to go the distance, if that's what it takes to insure these highly political and military games are to be prolonged indefinitely. And, we are talking generations here, as the layers of continuing cover must never end.

As far as honest space research and exploration; I do believe NASA has not been doing their part, perhaps intentionally so and, I really do not care if you choose to think otherwise, as the facts have become none too clear, in that NASA has never fully functioned on behalf of humanity, at least not towards honest achievements and focused goals worthy of the greater good, as ever since Apollo, their allegiance to NSA/DoD has become paramount, pretty much always has been that way and, NSA/DoD could frankly care less about anything other then their obtaining eventual global domination through space technologies. If by utilizing the cloak of doing space research and exploration via NASA nurtures and sustains the ruse, then so be it. Unfortunately for my discovery, Venus offers nothing of value to NSA/DoD, at least not yet.

The very nature of any successful organization that clearly feeds upon it's own kind, is one that seeks out and insures total loyalty by rewards, and then instill sufficient fear of lethal reprisals for failing to comply. Scientific "truths" or even highly rational considerations are obviously having little if any place in that formula, unless they somehow reinforce and/or help to prove out technologies worthy of supporting NSA/DoD (nicely referred to as American interest) global domination agendas. A brief review of some Apollo related facts which I have managed to uncover, as this should prove even more as to why all the denials by NASA are eventually not going to be paying off, at least not as planned, as too many others Nations now have their own key to the moon. I give it another year or so, when 9/11 will be considered dirt cheap as compared to this.

A proven method as to accomplish just this sort of ruse and subsequent damage control is by highly specialized niche compartmentisation, where each and every job function is to be considered as sort of a segregated niche entity, generally destined to being accommodated within an isolated cubical or cell group (as a tightly defined area of involvement and given the narrowest of focus), as that further to being situated within a secure office complex that is housed within a highly official looking and secured building, yet further protected within a facility compound (engineered and constructed as cost-plus imposing as humanity possible), and as that sufficiently having to do with our National Security (therefore instigating and somehow justifying all that "non-disclosure" crap).

Understand that NASA's "nondisclosure" policy has nothing whatsoever to do with any honest space research and exploration, nor that of any real law or constitutional rights, as this is totally an internal cult based ideal that has been burdened by obvious cold-war issues and, as an employee, this is where you have absolutely no constitutional rights or backup, and no likely possibility of having any outside intervention, especially if those in higher positions happen to arbitrarily decide to label your indiscretion as a National Security threat. As an employee, basically you hear nothing and see nothing that is not expressly part of your job function, even then it's "nondisclosure" all the way to your death bed. And, if you are apparently doing a little too good of a job, and perhaps beginning to comprehend the least bit more then your position requires (such as that original NASA safty engineer), watch your back side, at least watch out for fast moving trains. For another example; should the cubical right next to you be clearly making a mistake that is going to get someone killed, you do not get involved because of the "hear nothing","see nothing" and perhaps "smell nothing" policies, backed by potential reprisal consequences which have been only too real. Thus, the Apollo 10, Apollo 13, Changer and several other mission failures and so on, supporting the status quo as though nothing could have prevented them because, that's the only way you're going to keep your job or the much worse "or else".

Of course there are always cult leaders that should be held accountable, however, as within Club NASA, such a leader would be comprised of a fairly large Alpha pack, obviously made up of the elite enforcers (not researchers), and functioning very much like a pyramid scheme, except that the so called top position is not one individual, but a substantially large pack of nearly equal partners, each supportively sharing in the rewards being brought about by the skills and spoils of their brown nosed subordinate's. This is pure heaven for those cloak and dagger CIA/NSA/DoD types, as even the enormous savings in toilet paper alone goes into helping to build the next newer and better bomb, missile or spy satellite, and then there were those damn phony cold-wars representing the real drain of our past and present day variations thereof, along with our present day (needless) after-effects such as 9/11 which has only cost us a few hundred billion dollars, actually several trillion has been flushed down the toilet.

So it is highly important that the lower ranks keep up the front (or else), just by doing their jobs of mostly unknowingly maintaining the ultimate ruse, that of being a national space research and exploration agency, so that those truly in charge of the really big toys and accompanying (cost plus) funding will always get their wish first, with merely the leftovers being divided among those having the most (you know what) remaining on their nose.

If on the other hand, NASA were to have announced (let us say 11 years ago), that we had discovered signs of "LIFE" on the planet Venus, most likely the taxpayers and the greater public of this entire world would have insisted that we do something about that, in which case, our NASA would then actually have had to engineer a for-real "rocket powered lander" as well as accomplishing this complex mission, all of which would have required the fullest staffing from our brightest minds and naturally (no matters how simple or redundant the task) eventually requiring every last dollar and worth of technology expertise. Such resources and accompanying dollars, if being invested into the manned Venus mission would obviously have represented dollars plus an invaluable drain upon cloak and dagger research, as otherwise intended for our CIA/NSA/DoD agendas (as cold-war candy goes, loosing any amount is never a good thing).

Even by today's standards, the very idea of our going back to the planet Venus offers nothing whatsoever towards supporting or embellishing upon our CIA/NSA/DoD agendas. I mean, who is kidding whom, our publicly perceived NASA is merely at best a puppet of our vastly better funded CIA/NSA/DoD and, keeping in mind that unlike official NASA programs of mostly publicly shared missions, an offal lot of CIA/NSA/DoD funding is classified and thereby essentially unlimited to whatever level our highest Administration permits, and then perhaps even in spite of it, such as any square pegged president that NASA/NSA/DoD wanted to stuff into their round hole would be no exception.

The mere challenge of a relatively long Venus round-trip, having at least an L2 stay-over of perhaps 2900 hours, along with multiple deployments of those interactive transceivers and hopefully even a manned landing, would obviously have pressed our capabilities to the max, and would perhaps also force us into working with (God forbid) other Nations and, possibly even embracing privet ridership as well as enterprise sponsorship's (Euuuuuu). Of course we might just have to stop blowing ourselves up and destroying Earth long enough to at least launch the damn mission (these days that could be asking a lot).

At a mere 0.271/AU, or approx. 25,000,000 statute miles, come October 2002, the planet Venus is going to be within rock throwing distance, and I'll bet we could even use mirrors to communicate (especially as long as the dark area of GUTH Venus is facing towards Earth). 0.271/AU is not even a long distance call, so the cost per minute should be something like $1000. That's cheap, especially when NASA can't flush a toilet for $1000.

A launch sufficiently prior to October 2002;
That trip (mission) to Venus could easily have proven as a reality, as well as that of a truly remarkable and honest (fully international and publicly supported) mega budget boosting P.R. issue, and that of a fairly short round-trip cycle at that. But I still can't think of one damn thing such a mission would have to offer our NSA/DoD, so I would have to guess, it simply is not going to happen. Obviously our beloved NASA can't all of the sudden (after missing on this one for nearly 11 years) decide to back paddle and invest (focus) into a Venus mission. Face it, it's almost if not too damn late (at least for the October 2002 encounter). And, with all that "damage control" going on, I truly believe it would become not just their noses, but their entire face would now be covered, and do you know, I think it would smell really bad, so I guess we don't want to go to Venus after all, especially after October 2002, unless we perhaps figure out how to sustain travel at something hopefully better then 100,000 miles per hour and/or configure mission life support as to exceeding 18 months (too bad we can't learn anything useful from those Apollo missions).

Let us simply consider the average travel distance to arrive at Venus at perhaps double that of the October 2002 amount (figure upon 50 million miles inbound and then perhaps 100 million miles for the return). Of course, if we should have a late departure, with Venus fast leaving us in it's own dust, you can count on an extremely long return trip of perhaps a half billion miles or worse (talk about your cabin fever). The most likely mission cycle might have to entail 18 to 24 months worth of sustained space travel.

This next part is purely that of my untrained conjecture:
A spaceship traveling at say 50,000 (statute) miles per hour would obviously require 1000 hours, roughly 42 days just to reach Venus (according to those Apollo-16 mission reports, solar radiation is not even the slightest factor, so we apparently don't have to worry about any radiation exposure). Using those high-reliability heavy lift solid fuel boosters from Russia, plus assorted other reliable thrust options should be capable of obtaining if not exceeding just that sort of average speed, at least on the solar inbound trip. Slowing down in order to park in semi-stationary orbit (somewhere over "GUTH Venus") entails merely a few billion calculations and of course a few hundred additional tons of sustained rocket thrust. Coming home should be a bit longer (depending on our stay-over), needing perhaps a few optional relay missions for the additional fuel and mission Prozac replenishments.

Live 24/7 televised coverage (along with advertising revenues) of this ultimate survival mission should be worth a small fortune, plus commercial sponsors along with those paying passengers should make this mission into a box office profit, perhaps eventually billions beyond the total overall investment (I have created whole web pages dealing with just such possibilities). Legal rights and thereby momentum into such marketing considerations (including direct commercial access to those inhabitance of GUTH Venus) can be accommodated a whole lot faster then you might think, especially when there is profit involved.

The research and exchange of technology and sciences between our two worlds would have to remain fully public and free to all that choose to openly share with those on the planet Venus. I believe the exchange of such life supporting minerals, essential elements and bulk water must not be commercialized nor sought after as becoming potentially all that profitable. Transporting such items and individuals may however become mostly that of a commercial or privet nature, thus perhaps funding the future of our first planetary commercial exchange relationships. NSA/DoD can even start up their notorious campaigns of infiltrating and whatever cold-war agendas they like, however, they'll be using their own clearly marked transports and, with the help of myself and other valid researchers, those missions will be pointed out at every opportunity, so that those on Venuse can fully prepare for their next barbeque.

If you think I'm kidding, think again.

This next part deals a lot with specific cause and effect issues and gets a little scary. But remember, none of this is my fault, as I'm just the messenger.

(to be continued)

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