GUTH Venus: is Alive (hot-tubs have become all the rage)

What is there to see and do? They do seem to be offering a really good sized theme park but, is their airship shuttle service and parking all that affordable ???

Admittedly these hot tubs are only minor issues (mostly my brain running a bit low on O2), as I believe so much more is awaiting our future of exploring Venus, but do we dare to think that others were perhaps here first and, somehow as proprietors or worse, as the original lords of our solar system. Will their God be or become more powerful then our's (at the very least, I'll just bet a whole lot tougher). I seriously don't think we even need to tell those Mormons (and a few others) about those on Venus (this sort of discovery could seriously ruin their whole day, week, year and a few centuries to boot).

You just might be wondering, as to why this discovery was named "GUTH Venus". In case you have skipped over my beginnings as of 20 months ago and counting, therefore not understanding matters thus far; NASA has been from the very outset (as of December 2000) outright ignoring and subsequently banishing this whole idea and, by their not supporting my discovery and, mostly I believe this is because they simply missed this one by thirteen years worth of too much Club NASA somehow managing to throw one too many hundred parties, as perhaps celebrating their now questionable Apollo missions and subsequent adventures as a result of their marvelous (perceived) achievements, especially their all essential role in our winning the cold-war against the USSR (however now days, I believe their role is much more so in support of cloaking on behalf of our NSA/DoD and, thereby towards punching away perhaps at China, as Libya's not much fun and, North Korea is certainly not even much of a challenge anymore, I mean, you simply can't really use all the truly big and bad toys including our space technology and laser cannons against purely technology-impaired defenseless enemy's, that's bad PR unless, we can somehow get them to strike at us first, in other words, provoke the living hell out of them until they get so frustrated that someone has to throw the first punch).

Be advised;  This previous paragraph as well as much of my comments and views about our provoking other ethnic groups and nationalist was created long before 9/11.

However, as of September 11, 2001, all bets are certainly off. As it looks as though for the immediate future we have found something far better to focus our surplus talents and cash upon. Once again, Venus as well as any other non-military issues are on hold, and who knows, if we manage to wait another 10 years or so, maybe every remaining sole on Venus, as well as here on Earth, will become just as dead.

A bit more about the name; For my little discovery, GUTH is as good a name as any, and it somehow rhymes with my name, and I think that's just really cool. I recall offering (prior to my ever claiming this site) to NASA, actually upon several occasions, the opportunity as to merely review my findings and otherwise offer whatever guidance and support (hopefully an achievement award, scholarship or grant would have been nice), but no, oh no no no and, as you should have by now come to understand, NASA was basically outright and downright miffed and, without an official pre-qualified statement that wouldn't conflict with their own "nondisclosure" bylaws. It must be nice being so damn big and powerful that your own agency can formulate and internally enforce laws that do not have to meet any fair standards, where Constitutional issues are essentially non-issues, and where any resulting damage can be swept under that proverbial carpet. Of course that NASA carpet is running us something like a billion dollars per square yard (not exactly your everyday Motel-6 verity), and you might think that a billion dollar per square yard carpet could hide almost anything, still those lumps seem to keep getting bigger and bigger.

The focus or thrust of this book, besides getting a warm and fuzzy story out about the exceptional discoveries awaiting us on the planet Venus, will be to kick it up a notch, to insight some for-real excitement, to re-energise the possibilities that (unlike NASA belief's and perhaps in spite of their position on this) I am confidant we can somehow manage to deal with this opportunity, or perhaps not (I could be expecting far more then is capable from NASA, at least so far that appears being the case). To that end, and based obviously upon my perception that LIFE (be that more likely nocturnal lizard folk) in fact must exist on Venus and, a bit further founded upon another presumption of what little or a lot of what some believe can be clearly identified at "GUTH Venus" is, none the less, flat out in fact there to be seen. The key word is "seen", which obviously means having sight is a fundamental requirement along with an optional brain.

I have prepared for your entertainment, some logical observations and fairly rational conclusions that should be considered highly likely if not most likely, especially in light of NASA's downright and flat-out denials, as to be strangely specifying that absolutely nothing whatsoever exist (nor apparently ever existed) in the form of anything the least bit artificial on the planet Venus. Sorry about that NASA, I feel that statement is simply not so!.

This is where my obviously superior intellect and observational expertise is perhaps a little too fee to roam about the universe, but what the hay, it's my discovery, so sit back and feel the heat.

Yes, I do believe Venus has "hot tubs" and really big ones at that among many other capable things. I mean, why would a relatively hot place not have hot tubs?, what are all those massive reservoirs needed for anyway?, and besides, what a totally ideal scenic location as that situated in quite a mountainous multi-ridged terrain, offering grand vistas of tremendous cliffs and valleys literally miles deep, and even a fairly super sized Grand Canyon or at least Death Valley like channel. If this site were to be situated here on Earth (somewhat like including the Alps and/or mount Everest along side our Grand Canyon), you can just bet there would be hordes of those extreme mountain climbers, cliff jumpers and extremist (totally out of control) down hill racers all over the damn place, and probably several McDonald's as well as a competing "Jack in the Box" at either end.

As I have tried hard to suggest, by my interpretations of what others and I believe can clearly be identified so far on Venus (at least at "GUTH Venus #1"), there are simply way too many worthy considerations that must be supported by such elaborately complex artificially constructed site(s), such as various transportation issues, that of some rather substantial shelter (from those 2900 hour long blistering hot days) and then obviously dealing with the somewhat dense and perhaps toxic (at least to us human's) lower elevation atmospheres. But remember, GUTH Venus is most likely at 6 km or greater and, the majority of nasty heavier gases are thereby most likely contained at much lessor elevations, so, until we re-discover the true nature of their greenhouse environment, perhaps those opposing my research and subsequent ideas should basically "shut up or put up". Denying the possibility is simply not making these structures go away, nor is repeating that it's too damn hot or even acidic. I agree about much of the data reported about the planet Venus, just not about all of it, nor that we even have sufficient data that would entirely rule out all forms of life.

So, I'll say or offer this one again;  Don't go about informing others or even me, that none of this is even remotely possible, because, until critics such as yourself or NASA can produce supportive images of anything remotely as complex looking, as otherwise seemingly of equally artificial yet totally established as being non-artificial (as that image may be sourced from Venus or for that matter from any planet including Earth), as observational astronomy goes, until my critics produce even that one reference image, those opposing "GUTH Venus" have nothing whatsoever to work with, in other words, baseless critics because you simply have failed to provide even one supportive or qualifying image in favor of your opposing argument, backed by an image (any image) clearly indicating that everything on Venus is of purely natural origins. And, others nor do I care to hear over and over, how your Club NASA is simply so damn right all the time. Hay, they make mistakes, perhaps a few too many, and perhaps you simply don't really want or need to know exactly how big and how many, but on the other hand, if you anti-Venus and obvious braille pro-Apollo types insist, and if that's what it takes in order to make you feel better, then I'll try my best to make all of those comparisons for you, including anything about NASA's deep past (including NSA/DoD agendas) and, I'll see fit to further draw whatever conclusions I consider as worthy counter challenges, such as demanding extraordinary Apollo proof as to those 1/6th scale lunar lander test flights.

To myself, all this pathetic friction seems like a total waste of time, although apparently, sort of the "status quo" as far as Club NASA is concerned (it's no wonder that everything takes so long and cost so much).

Please standby, as I believe there is so much more to come. This is only a taste of what could eventually become the "tell all" book of all books. And, if you would care to submit your insight(s), please do so, as I'm truly looking forward to hearing from you or even your ghost writer. The way I see this debate, the more input the better.

By: Brad E. Guth / IEIS
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