Could Have Should Have: NASA / GUTH Venus

NASA may not agree with you nor I. So what!, I am going to tell you more then you ever wanted to know.

This ignored and seriously belated discovery of large artificial elements and associated community infrastructure, of those being highly complex elements of structures clearly existing on the planet Venus (at fairly elevated sites) demonstrates that much of my own and that of other criticisms directed towards NASA is warranted (perhaps past due).

The fact that this discovery was that which I salvaged from a nearly 11 year old NASA archived ("dead horse") image file, obviously delaied while many far lessor qualified missions of our past 11 years were being conceived, engineered and deployed, plus that of many additional (non-Venus) future missions are still (after the fact) being considered and promoted along with preliminary funding in spite of what NASA is now painfully aware of, and onto this time-line we are talking perhaps hundreds of billions over the past 11 wasted years and, ever so much more as yet planned in the future decades. This only adds further credence to the concerns that Club NASA, a very long time ago, lost their focus and has since failed to establish obtainable goals worthy of our talents or humanity, yet apparently not with any regard to justifying their past and the procuring of present day as well as future (status quo) funding, especially for their friends and associates (including NSA/DoD) that will apparently do anything ("anything") in order to see that their God (the NASA cash cow) is only viewed in the best of light, even if that light is entirely superficial and highly clouded by NSA and DoD (cloak & dagger) agendas.

The fact that our NSA and DoD interest are essentially having their free run with the talents and resources of NASA is sufficient reason to believe this may be a primary reason and/or motive why such a valid discovery of this magnitude ("GUTH Venus") had been so easily overlooked (obviously not having specific funding as well as no true space exploration focus is at fault). It takes a lot of resources and talent to keep a ruse alive and well and, I believe those Apollo missions were no exception.

The fact also is that our Mars missions have been totally void of any signs of artificial structures (including that pathetic "Face on Mars"), at least nothing yet the least bit relevant as to depicting complex formations in any relation to anything remotely resembling artificial structures and, thereby offering no clear sign of past or present day infrastructure which may have created such. Perhaps this should be a clear message that it's time for NASA's recess to be over. At some effort, I've looked at our best Mars images and, I even utilized the same digital enlargement process which I applied to Venus in order to view potentially interesting sites, yet not one viable sign of an artificial consideration. This is not to say that lessor life in other forms are unlikely, just not of any stature or of sufficient intelligent nature which had need to develop any form of viable structural community or associated infrastructure, as that which is so clearly and openly self evident as situated on the planet Venus, specifically @"GUTH Venus".

The implications of NASA's statements and official position of thoroughly rejecting the "possibilities" of my discovery (founded upon their own internally structured pre-defined "truths") simply adds further support to my concerns that NASA has been covering their bases (that's a somewhat nicer phrase then "butts"), and obviously doing whatever damage control they can manage prior to this discovery becoming publicly accepted.

The total lack of NASA's formal recognition and thereby proper and forthright research support towards the "GUTH Venus" discovery, so as to apparently prevent or at least further delay the greatest possible exposure of this opportunity (in light of their past failures, may be their only recorse) seems totally out of phase with the public perception of what NASA is all about, especially when they are always crying about needing ever more funding and therefore expecting greater public (taxpayer) support.

The obvious exclusion of this discovery (12 months and counting), in place of vastly more costly Mars and otherwise deeper and deeper space explorations which offer little if anything relevant to our existence here on Earth (other than making a few insiders and privileged contractors extremely rich and/or ever more powerful), gives serious cause to worry, perhaps that all logic and reason has thoroughly broken down.

The fact that so much of NASA's endeavors have been and continue to be perverted by NSA and DoD agendas, represents that a substantially large proportion of our best talent and resources have been spoken for, and that viable discoveries (especially those so badly overlooked) must be suppressed if not totally banished. Apparently we can't have any project which either detracts from or offers nothing in return to cloak and dagger agendas.

The fact that NASA has furthermore not been able to properly address those having doubts about the Apollo missions and, so unable to accommodate those looking to merely see and analyze (first hand) those original mission negatives, and also those wishing to see our successful (1/6th scaled) "lunar lander test flights" along with supportive documentation (plus whatever films of the same), means that much is being covered up and otherwise intentionally hidden from ever becoming public knowledge. In other words "the hell with the truth" and, who cares if our future is to be based upon lies, apparently your typical NASA type believes "what harm can that possibly do"?

The cold-war with the USSR may have been paramount at the time of the Apollo and subsequent space programs, and obviously that was all intended to pressure the USSR into a "put up or shut up" race to our deaths, and at times we damn near did just that. However, I believe at least the past 10 years should have been and could have been far more productive and, thereby far less damaging to humanity.

Our resources are no longer infinite, our impact upon the global economy, political and now fundamental historical religious aspects are as real as can be imagined. Our need to work together, to perhaps focus a bit more upon anything non-political and non-religious seems far more important and worthy of that which is so consuming of our limited resources, and above all, worthy of our best global talents.

We simply can not proceed as always, ignoring "true" historical claims to territories (choosing to side with those perceived as being most advantageous and thereby disregarding common realities and true historical facts) and thereby also ignoring the greater needs of those being openly punished simply because our world seems to be passing them by, as well as further altering if not outright taking away their rights without just cause.

As a purely symbolic abstract; How would we have liked it if the likes of the Israeli (or worse) had sided with the British at the time of our greatest need. If our newly established lands (by the way, not even those rightfully ours and, I will not even get into those initial Mexican and Cuban wars), and then if our properties and people were being taken and/or forced into less than subsistence, at will by those of a vastly greater empires having substantially combined allied resources, and then obviously by those promoting, by that of our perspective, that of a foreign "pagan God" of superior being and might. I don't know about you, but I believe I would be royally pissed.

Go back a bit further, at least to the USS Stark incidence, and asking:
Why were we there at all (involved with that 6 day war), and Why did that war only last 6 days?,
What military and intelligence capabilities did the Israeli have that we Americans don't yet know about?
Why was it so imperative that the Israeli intentionally attacked our own intelligence support ship (killing 39+), essentially destroying our ship and nearly sinking the USS Stark?
What other (direct and indirect) US support efforts were being deployed at the very same time?
Why are we still covering for those deliberate deaths onboard the USS Stark, as well as the associated mass murdering of thousands of prisoners by the Israeli forces, those forces then as well as now so obviously backed by our US intelligence NSA/DoD communities)?

Perhaps enough is enough. Perhaps we should admit our pathetic mistakes and move forward. Perhaps we should no longer involve ourselves with questionable civil and politically religious founded disputes, unless of course we are going to abide by the truest history and therefore only upholding and supporting truthfully founded claims. Obviously we should have in the past and, perhaps should now fully support the type of ruling government (police force) best suited towards dealing with and maintaining order among warring tribes and religions communities (something the USSR at one time had pretty much in control). Perhaps NASA (as far as viable space research and exploration community) should now be divorced from their long established marriage with NSA and DoD. Perhaps it's time that the privet sector takes the helm of this obviously off-course ship, redirecting NASA's focus towards truly relevant and obtainable goals, those goals holding the greatest potential for Earthly and other planetary humanitarian rewards and, not otherwise stressing our resources towards deeper space theory and conjectures, of which the next 10 or perhaps 100 generations (regardless of whatever newly discovered and/or perceivable new technologies arrive) will never live long enough to ever materialize anything the least bit humanly obtainable (duh, hay you guys, if we can't ever go there?), and therefore, of little if any benefit towards improving greater humanity and, I for one believe our time as well as resources are simply running out.

Sorry if this all looks a little too bleak for some of the "we can't possibly be doing anything wrong" types. Bleak is to say the least, if we can't admit our mistakes, learn from them and advance beyond them. Whatever perceived harm comes from exposing the "truth" is inevitable and, the longer we put this one off the greater the impact. Do I really need to say more?, I will you know.

OK, we apparently think (as Americans) we won that cold-war against the USSR, so, let us all admit what really happened and, just how risky it all was and how we really managed to pull it off. Then, like most any good grudge match, lets shake hands and bury the dead (all the hundreds of thousands) and start anew. Besides, were running low of ammunition which means we are going to have to switch to chemical/biological and nuclear forms of mass destruction.

If we can't see the wrong(s) that have been done, and we also can't see the obvious opportunities at hand, then as humanity, we have nowhere to go but down, which lately seems to have been accelerated beyond what most perceived possible. Will, not anymore, it's a rocket boosted downward slide to beat all.

The following pages of my book will focus upon some additional insight into what clearly happened to our NASA, as well as where we could so easily have been by now if it were not for those so intent upon playing with and maintaining their positions of power and, then much about the price we are all paying and, of the total impact and global cost, trust me, this you really may not want to know.


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