This (5X) image of the original 1:1 "GUTH Venus" area can be further (10X) enlarged by simply selecting it or, how about better yet is per your downloading an official copy so that your superior photo expertise and whatever PhotoShop software can correctly resize and adjust as to suit whatever your monitor and printing needs. Even of accmplishing one better yet is for you to acquire the original GIF file from NASA, then applying your vastly superior enlarging and photo filtering efforts, of which I'll even post a direct link to such results and insure that you get all the credits. (for some reason(s), it seems that my best critics can't manage even this relatively simple task, not even as to their demonstrating onto others and myself, that supposedly this area of Venus is not only purely natural, as well as supposedly hot and nasty, but otherwise entirely identical to supposedly all the other areas of Venus).


Apparently my "put up or shut up" criteria has been more then a little capable of resolving the impudence as well as imprudence of my typical critic that has usually been the sort of all-knowing but otherwise unwilling as to sharing his or her images of similar terrain that's sufficiently proven as being entirely natural but otherwise looks at least somewhat artificial.

As I've stated, and upon so many occasions, as well as more often than not within nearly every page, that I'll gladly accept another SAR image as taken of any planet (including Earth), or moon that which depicts such complex looking artificial content that can be interpreted as having either been accomplished by the locals or visiting ETs, which can be fully confirmed as such complex patterns as being of purely natural origin. So far (nearly 6 years and counting) there has been "no cigar". In other words of my less than infinite wisdom, of those insisting that absolutely everything about Venus is purely natural, it seems however that they can not manage as to deliver upon any image of similar complex patterns, that's not in fact of something entirely artificial, as in man or ET made.

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