This is merely a rough GIF format/image of the GV-00.dwg (revisions should utilize a sequential number; eg. GV-01 and so on)    This AutoCad type DWG file can be acquired from: As for some stupid reason, my Yahoo/geocities folder will not accept any .dwg file extensions, so upon downloading you must rename the .bin extension as .dwg, then revise and email your improvements or simply offer such within your own URL, of which I'll then repost (along with credits for your contributions) as .gif plus as a .bin file if necessary). I don't seem to have this pathetic complication with the Tripod URL, however, in order to keep matters somewhat equal, for now I've done the same revision there as well.

images/GV-00.gif (taken from original AutoCad GV-00.dwg)

This is merely your basic 2D drawing and, if that's not something good enough or perhaps not sufficiently animated nor orchestrated, then you are clearly the one showing your serious mental deficiencies and/or lacking of sufficient medication, at least as for lacking any imagination. The associated text/html files:
and as URL backup:

I also have placed a conventional .DWG extension format AutoCad file in my Yahoo "public" (yahoo member) Briefcase. (why this one works and not within my URL "images" folder, I have no idea, as just about every other known file extension except .dwg is accepted). Must be more of that pro-NASA influence.

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