Getting a Little Real over Space Exploration

About so called space/exploration discoveries;  Until recently, I was under the obvious delusion(s) that our NASA and of it's greater community of somewhat self serving disciples was not only highly capable but, comprised of those eagerly awaiting every new opportunity and challenge, especially of anything controversial, and above all else, thoroughly prepared for just exactly this sort of challenge which goes into further qualifying or at least better understanding such discoveries which obviously impose rash new ideas and thus questing for those answers of the unknown, as it seems somewhat unnecessary to explore upon what's clearly understood and/or clearly defined by existing science and physics. I mean to say, what's the freaking point, unless there's a challenge.

Boy, was I ever flat out dead wrong, absolutely totally wrong and skewed about our NASA and worse yet, totally disillusioned about those supporting the campaign that has apparently caused so much disinformation and subsequent moral damage as well as collateral carnage as of lately.

What I seem to have uncovered is simply an offal lot of self gratifying goal seeking if not that of seriously protected secret agency agendas, otherwise that of a stodgy and highly secretive groups of superficial communities heavily comprised of sniveling and wining (most always taxpayer funded) NASA/NSA/DoD folks and, as for the most part in the never ending search of their next greatest task of promoting whatever humanly unobtainable goals, along with protecting their entitlement additions to our taxpayer funded "wallpaper extravaganza" contest, the ongoing task of acquiring those images that are pretty much comprised of otherwise humanly unobtainable targets, spanning distances at least hundreds if not thousands to potentially millions of human generations away. (Gee folks, I can't hardly wait to go there, as being financially broke and all, perhaps we've got nothing to lose).

I'm obviously highly pissed and basically bored of hearing that my discovery has to above all provide hard irrefutable evidence, especially when I've more than uncovered a hundred fold above anything similar on Mars and, in fact there has been not one worthy artificial consideration clearly identified on Mars, yet the remainder of our prestigious space research communities (past, present and future) into subsequently costly new explorations, mainly having to spend our moneys and otherwise waste our precious resources, including our talents on somewhat more than speculative and otherwise often upon totally unfounded conjectures. For a damn good example of this insanity; The ongoing quest for those Mars microbes and/or how about this issue, should such cosmic deep space research and ongoing distant planetary discoveries (obviously that's excluding Venus) somehow manage as to allowing us to perceive/intercept that of a truly distant intelligence (even Sirius is but 9 lightyears distant), specifically by that of intercepting a discernible coded message: OK, now what the hell do we do with this multi-year or perhaps hundreds or even million+ year old information and, should we even pursue a return transmission and then wait around for twice as long as that original message took just to reach us in the first place. Now, while all those decades, thousands or perhaps millions of years are passing us by (waiting for that reply from the dead), what if anything remotely relevant to that of our existence on Earth has there been gained?

So far (except for our nearby Venus) we have accomplished essentially nothing whatsoever, as to show for the hundreds of billions spent (including that from our own Apollo moon missions). And, how many additional hundreds of billions will it take and, at what risk as well as doing without whatever else is otherwise most easily available as well as so easily obtainable to us on Venus?   Just how badly do we actually need of those potentially lethal Mars microbes?

Even the very thought of our Mars microbe explorations brings chills, as the very concept of potentially introducing new variations of potentially lethal microbes, especially when we clearly do not have a handle on 10% of what's right here on Earth, all seems too cereal and ominous as well as expensive, as the mere realistic overall cost of acquiring such and then having to construct the so called perfect "safe house", in which these potentially deadly microbes are to be dealt with is (if all goes well) going to cost us perhaps another hundred or so billions more and, right about now we are struggling as to budget just for the repairs to the Pentagon. I don't know about you but, someone needs new batteries for their flashlight because, they simply can't seem to see where in the hell they're going. By the way, this paragraph, as with regard to most all of my discovery pages were those developed months prior to 9/11.

THE SKY IS FALLING: (I don't think so)
I have no intentions of becoming the one and only, spouting that Earth as we know it is somehow going to end if we don't address this Venus opportunity but, I do intend upon returning the favor whenever my discovery is being challenged by what I perceive is simply another NASA/NSA/DoD mole or just possibly another misguided Borg that I for some unknown reason feel somewhat responsible for salvaging. I should stop doing that because, it bothers me to no end, knowing that otherwise good and even highly talented individuals (even if they have become Borgs) have been so easily absorbed into the ruse of our deadly political and globally economical power games, such as under the cloak of our NASA, formulating such a truly wicked situation which certainly the original NASA program and of President Kennedy never intended to fall victim to, at least not into the likes of NSA/DoD's hands (it's obviously become too late now and, not just for those 9/11 victims).

I should only hope that our future NASA plans of retrieving those Mars microbes is going to be worth the projected 250+ billions, and that our cost+ efforts at properly housing those potentially lethal microbes is in fact successful (God save us all if that not be the case). I for one vote for having that supposed "safe house" situated on the moon.

Getting back onto the "GUTH Venus" discovery track;
I could certainly use whatever help/expertise you or your friends might have to offer, hopefully I'll soon have sufficient funding to support your efforts. However, for now I simply need all the input and/or leads so that I can expedite this opportunity into something worthy of global support, as several of my URL pages specify, time has been sort of running out, especially if anything much is to happen prior to October/November 2002 (obviously this one is too late but 18 months down the road and we'll have ourselves another opportunity) and, I already know that resources are more then ever just a wee bit thin, so perhaps the sooner the better, as otherwise those entrenched in Club NASA/NSA/DoD will continue to squander everything they can get their dirty little hands on. Besides Star-Wars such as the Boeing/TRW laser cannon, I'll just bet someone is out there planing next to scoop some of those really big ass microbes from Jupiter, and perhaps that effort alone should only run us a few trillion.

At the very least, this GUTH Venus discovery offers a belated touch of reality and, then of offering actual potential of our affordably returning to that planet (at least VL2), along with the aspirations of our further understanding those which (in spite of NASA's fundamental ignorance) hopefully still somehow managed to survive on Venus, plus then perhaps offering all sorts of technical as well as biological exchanges (we are not talking microbes, more like a 500+ pound foreign exchange lizard students). At least this discovery (unlike the vast majority of NASA's past, their speculative present and more so flaky future missions) holds the clearest promise, that of our obtaining and/or sharing vital resources, technologies and all within relatively real-time interactive communication capabilities (a local laser calling distance), all of which seems exceptionally good to go (rationally realistic except for a relatively slight communications delay and then naturally only obstructed whenever that damn sun gets in the way). I don't know about you but, that certainly seems like a whole lot of bang for our buck and that's way more than good enough for me and most every one I've contacted, but then I'm not one of those "spend everything first and then keep asking for more after the fact" pro-NASA types.

I am not going to inform those of you that I'm some sort of superior cosmic mathematician or any sort of an superior "ologist", however, there has simply got to be some fundamental correlation between what others so intent upon researching and exploring issues which are either 10's of thousands if not millions of light-years away, as that opposed to the rational realization of my discovering something that's a mere 10 light-minutes away (much closer yet come October/November 2002 and roughly every 18 months thereafter). And just for a little further added perspective, at approximate 18 month intervals, and then for a month or so within each of these cycles, the planet Venus is easily within a mere 3 minute communications delay and, otherwise nearly always within affordable and tolerant laser communications limits, with the exception of the brief period when situated behind the sun. All things being considered, and as far as space research and exploration goes, again, that's simply damn good bang for the buck (not that our Club NASA would ever have to recognize upon such things).

Perhaps in the words of "Captain Kirk", with regard to our NASA budget(s) and slacking performance issues, "my God! Scotty, there has got to be limits!"

Unfortunately for funding considerations, GUTH Venus is simply not made of cloak and dagger stuff and, therefore, our (my) interest in Venus can be openly self reliant upon it's own merits, thus pretty much excluding any association with or funding from the influences of NSA/DoD agendas. Of course, if our crack (ethically challenged) foreign affairs talents, further combined with NASA's support being further secured, as from our infamous NSA/DoD having it their way, we should find ourselves at war with those lizard folk (possibly Cathars or just more Islamic's) on Venus in no time at all and, by then I'll suppose, there will become all the funding we could ever hope for (perhaps a little too late but, what the hell, if we can't go to Venus, perhaps NSA/DoD will somehow manage to piss them off so that they'll come to us).

I have clearly stated much of this before;  This is only a reminder, that if you would like to help out, and even if that should be critically so, then simply jump onboard and have at it (I'll see to it that the credits will become all your's) and, the only issue that I request of those so opposed to my discovery, is that you please enclose an image from any location on Venus or from any planet (including Earth) that supports your contention that what others and I clearly see established on the surface of Venus is somehow purely an illusion or created purely by all those so called natural causes. Keeping in mind, that even if such unusually complex formations were to be purely of natural causes, that such massive as well as highly complex and interlaced considerations, that issue by itself would simply far outweigh any past discovery known to NASA or even that from any of other space research/exploration community.

SEEING IS BELIEVING: (there's no two ways about that fact)
Space exploration and discovery is still very much dependent upon our visual perceptions (observational astronomy), I mean to say, why else have we constructed and staffed all these extremely costly Earth based as well as spy-satellite optical telescopes, including all those other spectrum instruments (including radio/radar imaging) which eventually have their data converted into visible light/image formats so that we mere humans can best understand what the hell is happening out there (case in point is this, our observational analysis of nearly everything dealing with regard to all those Apollo missions, and their so called supportive photo images which clearly leaves most of us relying upon the second and third hand words of others having numerous ulterior motives and not upon hard evidence, to be including ineffective Earth based as well as satellite imaging having yet to authenticate even upon that all historic Apollo-11 landing site) and, where our visualisations as those based upon observational interpretations thereof, otherwise research based upon such flimsy evidence can sometimes (not always) be re-affirmed, by further imaging technology plus that of superior instrumentation and always by sending everything through truly independent analysis (none of which has ever happened without raising a good number of red flags).

As with regard to my 26+ month old discovery, I believe the complex research documentation available, as that officially pertaining to the planet Venus, is simply willfully incomplete, however sufficient (well beyond most other planetary research such as Mars and obviously that of our own lunar criteria) in order to support the strongest contentions upon which I have outlined that supports other life NOT as we know it and, perhaps further suggesting to those opposed to such notions, that they are seemingly afraid of something, such as being caught breaking their own cult "nondisclosure" policy and perhaps even more so afraid of the "truth" about our American way of life and death.

UPCOMING DATES: (where the planet Venus will be close enough to damn near touch)

2002/11/01 (0.271 AU)
2004/06/07 (0.289 AU)
2006/01/13 (0.267 AU)

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