Obtainable Goals

By: Brad E. Guth / IEIS~GASA

Updated: Feb. 15, 2002

Our past and current space research and subsequent explorations should never have been about what's possible for us as humanity to achieve.

Nearly anything is possible; We can most likely deliver whatever it takes, in the form of massive resources, human talents, and all the moneys necessary (mostly from you and myself) in order to accomplish almost anything. Just looking back at our Apollo missions as well as an overview of the entire project should be a good example (it been 30+ years and it seems as though the spending will never end and the controversy will never go away). But, more importantly is what exactly do we have to show for it all; do we have even one vastly superior remote lunar based astronomy research platform (NO!), do we have a remote planetary as well as Earth security laser communications platform (NO!), how about a series of extremely low background noise remote radio telescopes (NO!), do we even have a valid Earth observational as well as communications support platform (NO!), how about a manned research and/or mining resource consideration (NO!), do we even have a reusable lunar lander technology that could have been up-scaled so as to offer humanity the capacity of truly delivering and retrieving large amounts to/from the lunar or perhaps other planetary surfaces (APPARENTLY NOT!), and otherwise, were there sufficiently rare or even unusual samples returned from the moon (NOT VERY IF AT ALL). The most recent study/report (again paid for by you and me) is that our lunar samples are pretty much the same as Earth, so, if I understand, this latest review further establishes that our moon must have come from a chunck of Earth, and that must also explain why our moon has a nearly circular and not that of a significantly elliptical orbit (hmmmmmm ?).

So, from this time on, and being that so much has already been literally thrown at our own moon and, with essentially nothing whatsoever to show for it and, upon globally spending hundreds of billions of "moon-race" impact dollars later, how per say should humanity endeavor to invest its remaining resources and time, especially with any regard to questionable missions having targets which have yet to offer any signs (none whatsoever) of intelligence (past or present), with the only possible exception of "GUTH Venus".

Then to consider our future; What worthy advancements will ever become a reality and, let us just say we get really lucky, should one of our deep space explorations discover (happen upon) the ultimate resource of all cosmic universal knowledge and, especially when that wealth of information is sourced thousands and perhaps millions of light years away and, when any attempts at even acknowledging such a signal would clearly represent thousands of Earth generations (which is blatantly far longer then humanity will likely manage to survive without first killing ourselves off) and, why would any superior intellect even allow such an arrogant crude example of humanity to ever acquire such special knowledge, especially if that would allow our kind to infect other planets, let alone the universe. Additionally, the reality of time (as you and I know it) is that such deep-space communications issues alone means that anyone suggesting we should be endeavoring to locate and acquire such knowledge would have to be kidding, as there is no freaking way Earths' humanity will survive the millions of round-trip light years required, nor perhaps, should we ever be permitted to communicate with such, let alone leave this solar quarantine.

Think about it; Going to the movies is one thing but, dealing with real-life cloak and dagger methodology seems to have placed a somewhat lessor light upon our morals. As the ultimate galactic jail goes, maybe we have been situated here for damn good reasons. Just looking around should show that the greater powers that claim to be are anything but truly concerned about fairly improving upon the salvation of our meager global humanity, and thereby whom or what in the hell would ever knowingly permit our kind to venture beyond this solar system? I would like some input here, telling others and myself what you perceive is worthy of our deep space efforts or should we stay a little closer to home?. Please inform all of us, even if that should be based upon our successfully achieving our planned as well as foreseeable goals; what are we specifically hoping to discover and, what are we planning to do with that knowledge once we have it and, finally, how much in terms of our humanity's resources (time and materials and thereby true cost) is all this worth?

Now then, how about our backing up to a little reality, and doing so for all the right practical purposes; As long as we are technologically somewhat restrained to this Earth and otherwise at least somewhat limited to human lifetime travel (lets say 10 years maximun, including that of acceptable two-way communications in terms of not exceeding one light year) within our solar system, and to be considering for the mere practicality of such travel distances and therefore required time, as well as calculating for the necessary energy resources; which, if any of the moons or planets should we even endeavor to reach? and, what if any value to humanity (minerals, elements, microbes or other life forms) are we expecting to obtain and, at what price?. Always asking yourself this; in relation to benefiting the 90% have-not's, such as, what would a down to Earth (literally speaking) subsistence farmer (currently still without electric power, basic communications or even adequate medical resources) obtain from such efforts as to our exploring the moons of Jupiter or even of the planet Mars, especially when after years (decades) and virtually hundreds of billions have been invested without NASA officially identifying one potential site worthy of hosting life (except that of my Venus discovery), not even as of yet a single microbe. To be conjecturing or not, what could any microbe from Mars have to offer towards that subsistence farmer, especially when we barely understand 10% of the microbes right here on Earth. And, do we really need another set of costly unknowns, such as potentially lethal microbes from Mars, microbes that must remain forever contained (within anopther multi-billion dollar complex hosting yet another "employed for life" team of specialist)?

Next; dare to ask yourself another question and, also somewhat based upon the needs of that subsistence farmer and perhaps of the under developed community which that farmer helps to support (keeping in mind that there are far too many such individuals earning the equivalent of one dollar per day) and, specifically as to contemplating about those potentially lethal microbes soon to be acquired from Mars. Such microbes are most assuredly representing at best a net zero investment return, requiring yet another decade or more plus an overall budget easily exceeding a hundred billion (going by our past budgets, you can safely double that). Why all the fuss? What are those on the inner circles of NASA/NSA/DoD planning? What exactly do they know that we (the taxpaying and less fortunate citizens of Earth) don't?

WAKE UP; Our space research and explorations are simply far more costly then any one mission cares to admit, even more costly then of the combined missions and substantially more costly yet then of the sum total of official overhead for our accomplishing all of this. As in addition to our space administrations and subsequent missions, there are significant numbers of privet institutions devoted to such matters. NASA as well as NSA/DoD and, there are otherwise hundreds of highly paid (one way or the other these are mostly tax funded) professors, plus tens of thousands of their students (year after year) devoted in one manner or another to our space related technologies (including C&D NSA/DoD aspects), plus having to accommodate costly learning institutions along with all their required technology investments (massive observatories and exotic labs, many have been involved with NSA/DoD functions), and of which all of that effort has been requiring massive sponsorships (including government as well as corporate and privet) and, as students become eventually employed into their expertise, once again further mass quantities of facilities and subsequent administration are implemented in order to offer these individuals something worthy of their learned talents. Where exactly will this cash-cow ever end?

All this concern is not to say that many good things have not emerged, just little if anything that few if any subsistence farmers can ever use. Keeping in mind that some 90% of Earths' population is seriously under developed (by our standards, and that's not saying all that much). We (speaking of the upper 10%) have been seriously wiping out common resources by which the remaining 90% have been dependent, which leaves the lucky 10% (those possessing sufficient plutonium and other advanced resources) with the one remaining key of having sufficient energy resources for our future existence, and that's not such a pretty picture unless you're one of the lucky 10%. I suppose, if we instead were to badly invest a hundred billion into figuring out how to obtain 50% more milk from a goat, eventually (in another million years or so) humanity will have recovered that investment. Christ, we still can't seem to manage keeping our potatoes from rotting on the vine without otherwise introducing massively lethal toxins (which again, only the rich 10% can seem to afford, and even some of these efforts are now failing), but at least these food related investments are hopefully somewhat beneficial (eventually tangible) to humanity, which is obviously one hell of lot more the can be said of the Apollo missions or those Mars microbes or that of revealing the elements of any Jupiter moon (seems we can't even figure out what to do with our own moon, except that of NASA keeping every other Nation and even legitimate researchers away from it).

Clearly no one individual nor society is sufficiently perfect (at least not here on Earth). We all make mistakes and often manage also to not see what is right in front of us. From time to time, our oversites have been pointed out and valid efforts applied in order to correct for those past mistakes however, far too often those in power or otherwise holding onto positions due to their questionable past, refuse to admit having anything whatsoever to do with any so called mistake(s), often these entities have been carefully formulated as into powerful agencies (such as Club NASA or NSA/DoD), thereby essentially forbidding others from ever uncovering/discovering the "truths".

Intentional ruse deployment has become entirely another aspect of our modern perception of what me must do in order to persevere above the other 90% of Earth and, the price we have paid for this mode of operation is truly considerable, obviously highly distracting as well as a serious resource drain from otherwise advancing upon reasonable opportunities and as to obtaining legitimate goals and otherwise achievements for the greater good of humanity. Science based upon any official ruse is simply a pathetic situation going more bad each and every day and year after year, ever evolving as well as one which only further supports that I am perhaps a little too right about some of our space exploration beginnings, especially as that related to intentional misdirection which got us into this space exploration adventure, which now bothers to produce an effort in order to find fault with my discovery or much worse, so as to stall what may otherwise have been uncovered (this Venus discovery as well as our past).

I believe in stating these concerns, because of my recent discovery is being so ignored without just reasoning, as perhaps representing one of just the sort of unfortunate bureaucratic oversite resulting from this ten year old exploration image acquired of Venus, and of one sufficiently high resolution image at that, which clearly depicts a worthy discovery site identifying a collection of elements obviously constructed by some form of intelligent life. And, as you can realize, I have been attempting to convey this revelation for the past eleven months and counting, yet obtaining only null or negative responses and virtually little if any respect. If this degree of worthy discovery should be an example of what our own humanity has amounted to, then perhaps I've become a little too right, much about what I have come to perceive has being so wrong over the past few decades, and how those issues have lead agencies such as NASA into their current dilemma (your basic "hear no evil, see no evil and I guess smell no evil") quagmire.

If you, or anyone you know of, would care to help exploit this opportunity, one that is conveniently and thereby affordably situated right next door on the planet Venus, please feel free to contact me. I have no intentions of simply taking your ideas nor advise as though I've ignored the original source by which such wisdom emerged, as just as well, I have several worthy ideas and concepts that require development and, in order to accomplish anything I will be needing resources as well as your talent. Therefore, I'm looking forward to a team effort which may or may not include NASA, as I feel this discovery offers much promise and sufficient rewards to go around and, perhaps in stead of merely bashing this discovery, I would suggest helping others and myself to focus our remaining resources towards our most obtainable goal. As you will soon discover, timing can become a fairly important factor, as October 2002 represents our next best opportunity to further explore the possibilities. Why wait untill then?

Yes! as proven over and over by our beloved Club NASA, we can obviously do almost anything but, the real question should be; Should we have?

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