updated: December 24, 2002

Just because you may not happen to agree with my delivery, document syntax or basic format style, don't toss everything out before you have reviewed a bit more then my SAR imaging enlargements, as I feel the evidence is complex yet sufficiently available as to largely support what I have been attempting to convey. Since nearly everything "space research" related has somehow become a battle to the death for those public bucks, as for those opposing everything Venus (especially "GUTH Venus") for the past two years and counting, presumably that's for those individuals wishing to remain $ skeptical (as science and physics certainly aren't on the side of my critics), so that many others will tell you exactly what it is you want to hear, just like they'll inform you about those Apollo missions and how it's otherwise so damn important as to be looking at targets and goals that are humanly unobtainable, thereby of how such efforts being of no Earth science value whatsoever is somehow not at issue (apparently they've hired likes of NSA/DoD, as to simply print up whatever it takes).

The following discovery review and various site descriptions is the sole property of; Brad E. Guth, and is hereby being made available for editorial and scientific review. This discovery has obviously become a fairly complex multi-task requirement or demand upon our society which offers some further/ongoing descriptions of what others and myself visualize as being situated on the planet Venus and, addresses many associated discovery concerns and supportive issues, including likely motives of why others have been so opposing this discovery and, have been so willing to risk whatever it takes as to disqualifying such.

Houston !!!!... we have a problem, I believe NASA has just gone totally blind.

The thrust of this transcript will be somewhat twofold, in that it hopefully breaks down the imposed silence over my recent discovery; that of my uncovering artificial structures and therefore the strongest to date indications of the existence of present day or at least fairly recent past "LIFE (be that NOT as we know it)" existing on the planet Venus. Secondly as towards pursuing other disclosures, as to my initial and ongoing contacts with NASA and of their hyper "spin" and "damage control" moles, regarding their so far semi-polite yet pathetic discovery bashings, continued denials and/or essentially null responses (with the limited exception of just a few). A somewhat sorted initial encounter with NASA and then more so over-reaction and retaliation imposed by their privet stash of moles at NASA's "Uplink.Space.Com", which may eventually prove quite useful, if only to better understand why NASA can't afford to see a damn thing existing on the planet Venus: Taking a Look Back!  I've had to learn far more then I thought one ever needed to know about the early NASA years and, up until December 2000 (thanks to FOX TV and subsequently being further provoked by NASA moles so badly responding to my questions), I was apparently quite/totally unaware of exactly how many potential compromises there were, especially with any respect to those Apollo missions, as prior to all this, I was fairly certain we did exactly what NASA portrayed us as doing, but then I also believed all the really bad parts of our "cold-war" were being initiated and perpetrated by others and, that there was an actual need to outdue as well as defend ourselves from those really bad guys.

Over the past couple of years, in spite of what can only be described as formal opposition based upon ulterior motives and/or sudden blindness on behalf of NASA image interpreters, I've been able to extensively show and then I believe sufficiently support my findings, as I have acquired all of this reliable imaging evidence from that of an official -unaltered- NASA Magellan (high resolution aperture/radar) image, along with my interpreting sufficient other supportive data from official NASA files as well as from others researching into the science and physics of planets such as Venus, that which I believe clearly suggest and further indicates the strongest possibility of evolved "LIFE" having existed on Venus and, judging by the mere size of this highly structured Venus community, as perhaps currently occupied by that of evolved beings, those which I feel may likely be of substantially larger stature then Earth humans, and then also of somewhat obvious intelligence by the mere fact of their existence and obvious survival on that toasty "greenhouse" planet of Venus.

NOTE: based upon an imaging altitude of roughly 618km above "GUTH Venus" and, if utilizing the 2.1 X 2.5 aperture, my personal calculations place the raw SAR detection resolution at roughly 92+ meters/pixel (maximum @96 meters/pixel), subsequently compressed to 75 meters as for the mapping standardization (compression distorts nothing), thereby indicating the true dimentions of planetary as well as artificial features being somewhat [25%] larger then what you and I see.

Don't get me wrong;  it's been my mistake all along, initially thinking of supporting our NASA and in some ways giving those involved with the past a good way of exiting with a bang, as with sufficient rewards for what's existing on Venus could have made for a fairly good sized boost in sustaining our space/technology lead, in spite of what went so terribly wrong in the past. Just the savings afforded by focusing upon such an obtainable planet and of planetary communications being at nearly zero cost, those multi-billion dollar saving issues alone should have been worth the trip.

My thinking all along has been this; first of all, as far as intentional motives for those Magellan images to have been tampered with or otherwise falsified is simply without merit and secondly, SAR (essentially NSA spy imaging) technology is about as close to having "extraordinary proof" as imaging gets. Clearly at some point in time (perhaps a few tens of thousands or even millions of years ago), life not only existed on Venus but furthermore had managed to evolve, as to develop fairly complex and essential survival communities, as to be including the building of massive structures along with all of the expected infrastructure(s) and, I would have to believe created "underground" accommodations along with that of other highly advanced and applied technologies, as would likely have become a requirement (life essential) for that of surviving on such a "greenhouse" planet as Venus. For much of this to happen, there should be obvious residual signs of substantial geothermal usage, as for energy conversions and/or chemical/mineral extractions or excavations and, as such there should also be reasonable signs of substantial transport routs and of the science and physics of transportation capabilities, perhaps even some channel/canyon modifications, waste treatment/storage, basic other sorts of storage reservoirs and hopefully some indications of large surface communication and/or observational or simply of other complex containments or housing structures.

Upon my initial discovery (as based solely upon the 1:1 raw image pixels, established since December 2000);  shortly thereafter, I began offering all of my findings as well as the implied opportunity of further research and of worthy ideas directly into NASA's proverbial lap, from where thereby I quickly obtained essentially zero support, other then of a few dozen politely scripted denials or mostly null responses. And, if at all, it was specifically because of those official denials and absolute disbelief (apparently based solely upon their own established internal "truths" about Venus) insisting that anything so complex could not possibly exist on Venus, nor have been overlooked by their crack teams, that I proceeded to further review why this discovery has since become apparently so embarrassing onto NASA because, there's been nothing sufficiently scientific applied against my discovery, as to so easily dismiss my claims. Having such a worthy discovery overlooked by their own (highly endowed) crack teams of space "know it all" wizards, let alone missing anything of this significance and, as to being otherwise discovered by a mere mortal and somewhat critical outsider, this outcome was apparently going to become a totally unacceptable option (obviously NASA looks at supporting their team players and, I was most certainly not one of them).

HORSE PUCKY!  they had nearly 13 years and, they seriously blew it.

Months have since gone by (over a year) and I am getting just a little tired of all this taxpayer funded and orchestrated denials and all the total disbelief crap, as it was NASA that first directed me onto one of their privet dens of cult mole sites, obviously as to bash and further punish virtually anything opposing NASA's point of view, and not only of me, but that of anyone suggesting anything whatsoever contrary to the official NASA bible(self proclaimed) of so called truth standards. Will, excuuuuse me, and just where exactly do you think is all this going to lead?

After receiving my thorough over-dosage of abuse and ridiculing by those NASA moles, I foolishly returned towards NASA for what I had hoped was going to be proper form of help and guidance. So far, out of dozens, I have managed to locate only a couple of polite souls, of somewhat lower level status (quite possibly the only remaining believable and supportive individuals left at NASA) that at least offered some reserved signs of support and helpful leads (even though their acceptance of my discovering LIFE on Venus was reasonably skeptical, but that's OK by me, as long as others and I are able to acquire further information without being subjected to such overly apparent levels of dismay and/or being otherwise intentionally misdirected or fed disinformation).

I'm guessing, at this point I simply do not fully understand; as so far, (nearly two years after the fact) the remainder of NASA's upper level support has been that of;;; lets see now,,, I'm looking for the politically correct phrase,,, now I got it, "self righteous pretentious bastards", or perhaps simply that of "impudent narrow minded (NSA/DoD brain washed or brain dead) typically bureaucratic individuals", or how about "NSA/DoD Borg like drones". I seriously give up, you call it. Whatever be the case, I simply feel that NASA has not the will, not the true expertise nor the unreserved resources to manage much of anything as real and as truly challenging as a manned mission to Venus or at least that of establishing any Venus L2 platform. For one thing, I have further discovered, they apparently can't even sufficiently document their own lunar lander technology, so how in the hell could NASA possibly offer anything seriously realistic as far as what would honestly be required of a truly long term mission, one that would involve multiple interactive instrumentation and hopefully offering a manned or at least fully robotic transceiver pod of audio/video (nighttime) landing, perhaps as situated on the tarmac of "GUTH Venus #1".

In returning the discovery bashing favor; Another somewhat sore point has become of interest, that according to NASA documentation and that of their moles, our HUBBLE Space Telescope simply can not officially employ multiple overlay digital imaging nor otherwise obtain anything officially from that higher resolution NSA CCD sensor, so as to clearly image upon all those Apollo landing sites, and do try to remember, I'm not even the first nor the last one to be initially stating that we never, ever landed on our moon, as apparently there are tens of thousands, many of which are highly qualified and without an ax to grind (like those which clearly saw a missile taking out flight 800) that think we've all been thoroughly snookered, I believe that's even including those Walter Cronkite's), I'm just convinced, that of others asking "where's the beef" when it comes to NASA providing that all essential finite "extraordinary proof" that we really did land and walk on the surface of our moon (and not simply orbited and deployed instrumentation to the surface) seem to have accumulated a few too many valid points. As soon as NASA, or for that matter of anyone effectively forks over those late 60's films and associated documentation of a successful "lunar lander" test flight(s), those depicting the 1/6th gravity scale version that fully simulated lunar gravity and was intended to insure that our astronauts as well as the American taxpayers, that our lunar mission was a reasonable cold-war risk, then I'll be the first to post that link on my index page, as I would like nothing better then to admire and share my admiration with others. The damn thing is, seems I can't do that one, as after 16 months effort, others and myself simply still can not locate such documentation and, not one soul within NASA/NSA/DoD, not even their official moles can manage to produce that all essential test flight film footage (perhaps that's because it does not exist). What exactly is the problem, as there would be no possible NSA/DoD security issue with merely showing off those essential test flights.

As a result of my initial warm and fuzzy initiations, as obtained from those NASA moles, which I felt was a truly typical (NASA vintage) dismal waste of time and resources and furthermore, due otherwise in part to continued and seemingly outright total lack of any positive support from NASA, I only then felt all the more compelled as to proceeding with that of my formally identifying and furthermore proclaiming this unique discovery site as "GUTH Venus". I soon felt it was going to become necessary to support this claim by proceeding with my own studies and research (as no formal support or guidance was coming from NASA), towards offering at least my point of view as to what is to be seen as identified at "GUTH Venus". And lo and behold,,, surprise, surprise, now that the cat is so thoroughly out of the bag, I guess their so called space research communities of extremely pretencoius souls and, even NASA itself will simply have to go about pretending, that somehow I am the culprit or bad guy (as their moles so cleverly put it; "the nut bag"), and therefore justifying why they are not so impressed by my delivery format and so called bad form,,, will folks,,,

TOO DAMN BAD;  At least in this instance, I clearly feel you NASA guys obviously missed the really big boat for the past 12 years and counting, and then even in spite of my open reports and attempts to inform and solicit formal help and guidance, but no, NASA apparently can't possibly accommodate that sort of cost effective effort, more so can't ever admit defeat, and can't possibly appreciate that an outsider (a non club member having a clear uncluttered perspective) could possibly have accomplished what presumably hundreds of millions (perhaps billions) of apparently wasted tax dollars (not to mention lost time) have not, and furthermore, having nothing whatsoever slated upon Venus for the next 2 decades.

Will now, perhaps all that can be said is this;  NASA and essentially all of your so called exploration and research divisions, along with your ultra sophisticated and renowned tax spending "think tank" committees, as well as for your highly funded and renowned associate researchers had their tax funded 13 years and counting worth of chances and, of nearly unlimited resources as to uncover what I have just done, entirely upon my own, essentially without your assistance or mass funding, and then obviously totally doing so in spite of you and your moles. As I had been sending and/or sufficiently informing upon everything, onto several of your staff from the very beginning, what a typically NASA sort of total waste of time and resources this has been, then what an eye opener, and why I ask do we even pay some of these jerks. Believe this, if I were ever in charge, I could cut some serious deadwood, and otherwise, at least I myself could displace a dozen or more so of your (obviously over worked and overly benefited) braille image interpreters.

To think that if I had believed for one moment in what NASA had first stated and often repeated, as well as believed in the ongoing loads of crap their moles staunchly proclaimed (predictably in defense of NASA's point of view), as to the established "NASA truths" as pertaining to the planet Venus, as well as upon supporting those Apollo missions, towards essentially their proclaiming that my discovery was merely that of a dead horse issue, otherwise that of purely an illusion, one that was purely comprised of super-heated volcanic vomit, then I would have to guess, as a good little conforming NASA drone, I would have nicely given up from the very start. However, several complex as well as some fairly obvious issues do exist (just exactly like so many of those Apollo mission considerations) and, these were simply not adding up, then it seemed entirely odd to me, that such an agency supposedly focused upon research and exploration had become so freaking braille, so impudent and/or so apparently frightened of their own consequences. This degree of denial certainly caused myself to rethink and also to further reflect much deeper upon the facts, all sorts of facts.

For one example of spin or "wagging the dog"; how exactly can there be any question as to those Apollo images, especially when it's so apparent that our lunar-lander never once got past the manned test flight mode. Plus, I have now thoroughly come to realize upon all sorts of worthy photographic errors and total mysteries, that which my considerable photographic experience simply can't account for and, not just because I choose to not believe those pro-Apollo types but, because I actually have the first-hand commercial photographic experience. And, regarding something purely rocket powered, having that of a substantially variable center of gravity, due extensively to massive fuel burn-off and, without ever having incorporated a structural flight stabilizing gyro (of at least 100 lbs operating @50+k rpm and more likely requiring a pair of 150 pound gyros that would have been needed), as well as without sufficient if any truely documented "fly-by-wire" modulated thrusters (only analog and primarily human interfaced) simply made me wonder all the more what the real story was all about. As it turns out, the real Apollo story, as well as any perceived accomplishment, was clearly centered about our cold-war with the USSR (landing or not on the moon was secondary at best).

Will, excuuuuse me once again, so apparently that of my questioning our past and that of my unpolished delivery approach is still not up to their touchy feely taste, not to their higher self proclaimed as well as apparent self righteous, cost-plus and above all "nondisclosure" "team player" club standards, and also perhaps my words and syntax are simply not sufficiently big enough for their over-sized brains, and so therefore, in their pathetic initial and ongoing retaliation towards my discovery, nearly all have seemingly been encouraged if not specifically directed to bash away and/or to totally ignore this discovery opportunity.  What a pathetic joke!  Perhaps that's why NASA had to obtain commercially imprinted "Post-It-Notes" having my name and carefully scripted memos stipulating how to best proceed, as in not dealing with my discovery. Can't you NASA guys see (oops, sorry about that, I forgot that you have "just gone blind"), will, I'm still here, and then so is this spectacular discovery of "LIFE" existing on the planet Venus, and you can't so easily get rid of me, nor hide these facts forever, at least not without a fight, as I have not given up believing I can eventually reach others at NASA (other then just the few so far), a bit more willing and perhaps more capable of properly supporting and sponsoring this Venus discovery, as being something worthy of at least greater study, and then hopefully some near future (funded) research opportunities along with acquiring fresh data and images to work from. Of course, I could be dreaming. At this point I seem to realize that I'm dreaming because, either I'm dead right about most everything or I'm simply asleep and dreaming, since I'm awake or at least not dead, I must be right.

Understanding that my discovery is simply not anything so pathetic like that "FACE on MARS":  The "Mars Face", after countless additional millions were apparently spent/wasted upon further detailed imaging, plus considerable in depth research by many others (of course most all of this was taxpayer funded), then after all of this effort and obviously at considerable added investment, all this was based purely upon fairly crude images containing not one percent the visual evidence (not even 1% of anything remotely resembling anything of complex structures nor of the more viable imaging pixels as those pertaining to fairly obvious artificial elements arranged into a community infrastructure), and remember, the "Mars Face" has totally failed as to deliver upon one worthy structural consideration association, absolutely nothing whatsoever so obvious or even as subtle as that of identifying any viable form of constructed causeways or roads (as should have been self evident) and, otherwise put, nothing whatsoever of anything even remotely supporting or even potentially as complex as forming any lattice of closely interconnected rational infrastructure(s) (such as a massive suspension causeway having large multiple structures at either end and many other structures near by) or as that of supporting considerable structural attributes situated for miles all over the freaking place (as at GUTH Venus), simply put again, nothing whatsoever as would be depicting such a highly complex nature, of there being significant structural considerations as those hosting characteristic community like infrastructure.

Because I can, I'll further repeat;  That "Mars Face" nor anything else so far, has not offered the evidence of any reservoirs (not one, especially none so complex as being inner-connected between multiple receivers and then of none other clearly as holding fluids, as well as like the "GUTH Venus" site hosting several other round containments as situated within their unnaturally rectangular clearings and of those also indicating their having dark fluid like centers), and then Mars is not even showing one detectable tunnel entrance, not a single bridge of any size (natural or otherwise), and not even the least bit of a clearly raised symmetrically rectangular platform/runway (tarmac) like configuration (as that of a potential airport that's having some sort of equipment situated on deck to boot) also as that which is clearly indicating as incorporating at least two highly symmetrical secondary sub-bay attributes and furthermore, I see that on Mars there's absolutely nothing as resembling anything the least bit parabolic shaped, as looking or focused towards the horizon plus, that frozen Mars planet fails to offer signs of any large hanger/silo (especially that of one housing a massive protruding rigid airship). I could go on and on about what I see and, it's not my photo software nor of my medication running amuck.

I'll admit that some of my review as to what's likely existing (based upon the assortment of those most interesting pixels) on Venus is a bit leveraged upon the raw notion that something evolved and further managed to survive on Venus, thereby such creatures would obviously be needing their shelters, reservoirs, various community infrastructure, along with such indications of excavations and quarry sites, local road/rail beds and that community should obviously include transportation means by which to navigate to their sunset community, at least upon every 2900 hours worth of stay, as otherwise as hot as Venus is, it's going to get even hotter for the bulk of their daylight season and, why in hell (literally speaking) would any sane or even insane creature intentionally persist in their staying where it's getting hotter by the hour, especially when an efficient and capable sort of rigid airship affords an effective solution?

Perhaps, in order for those braille NASA image interpreters to get my point(s), they simply need to insert their white canes (all the way home) where the sun don't shine.

Sorry NASA guys; that pathetic "Mars Face" as well as every other not-so worthy Mars exploration target or goal is simply not even the least bit close to what's been clearly available as well as far more accessible to us, as openly existing on the planet Venus, for at least the past 12 years worth of our having access to the raw image opportunity. At least on Venus, there are simply far too many significant as well as totally rational issues representing the most highly viable possibilities for sustaining life (SAR imaging "truths" which are at least 4 to 8 times more believable than anything CCD, plus SAR is offering zero distortion and can clearly otherwise see what optical CCD simply can not), which can only be accounted for by understanding and openly accepting the very existence of there being such considerable artificial structures, therefore supporting the greater possibility of "LIFE as existing on Venus" (be it retired and thoroughly fried to death and/or of existing NOT as we may know it), as that clearly existing where I believe we all pretty much agree it's a wee bit more then toasty hot (somewhat very hot to our standards), but obviously not so hot at perhaps 10km (that's 33,000') and, especially at night (2900 hours worth of pure darkness, where even that thick [mostly CO2 but also at least 25% H2O content] cloud cover will eventually cool off after a few hundred hours, where the more elevated territories may likely experience somewhat lessor/thinner (the reported 20:1 ratio could well become 50:1) clouds at night, as during the season of night is where most convection cooling and subsequent cloud cover would obviously tend to be settling into somewhat lower elevations, thus making it all that much easier for a Venus style rigid airship to navigate above those nighttime clouds.

We have yet another great opportunity coming this October/November (2002), when Venus nearly runs us down, by a mere (0.27 AU). That's close enough for a manned mission or at least throwing something into an L2 orbit, along with a battery of two-way (interactive audio/video) communication deployments to the surface. Of course we could continue to blow away another decade or so on Mars and, going about spending a few hundred billions upon bringing home those lethal Mars microbes (boy, I can't wait), as something that obviously NSA/DoD can seem to wait as to getting their dirty little hands on.

UPCOMING DATES: (where the planet Venus is close enough to damn near touch or at lease that of our placing a local area code laser call)

2002/11/01 (0.271 AU)
2004/06/07 (0.289 AU)
2006/01/13 (0.267 AU)

As you can see (roughly upon every 18 months), over the past 13 years there has been multiple opportunities to resolve issues and for NASA to have cost effectively deployed additional research and exploration technology, that which could have taken advantage of the 18 month cycle and/or prepared us towards applying laser communications with Venus. Although, with obviously the interest of NSA/DoD having nothing whatsoever to gain, we all know what happened over the past thirteen years; absolutely "NOTHING", at least nothing all that beneficial to humanity, just more of the same old extremely costly continuations of the status quo, mostly that of sustaing our "cold-war" and thanks mostly to that effort, we all have a new national holiday (9/11).

If you have anything the least bit constructive to offer, and I'm including and accepting constructive criticisms (as long as your oppositions offers imaging evidence in support thereof such formations as being so freaking natural), please feel free as to doing just that. If on the other hand, all you have is the perpetual whining and your "my NASA can't possibly be wrong" proclamations, then NASA has a terrific job for those of you that obviously have all "the right stuff", after all, their affirmative action programs certainly hired all of those braille image interpreters, so how bad off could you possibly be.

**** GUTH VENUS ****

( Another of my description efforts thereof )

This following description effort of "GUTH Venus" is admittedly that based upon the greater of possibilities, as those which I and a growing number of others see it (obviously this has not become NASA's point of view), as I believe those of highly evolved life form(s) clearly evolved, obviously sufficiently so as to having survived long enough to have constructed such a complex association of buildings and infrastructure, perhaps still functioning at that. But apparently, we don't want to wait around for NASA's approval and/or support because, we'll all be long dead by then, and perhaps even those few remaining on Venus may have to vanish as well, simply because we denied ourselves the slightest opportunity that could have recognized and possibly even helped salvage a bad situation going worse for those remaining on Venus. Perhaps NASA has already picked out one of the biggest ever "please forgive us" card, and maybe they even plan on delivering that belated regret card to Venus sometime in the next 30 or 40 years (God forbid, you surely wouldn't want to rush these things).

With pro-NASA types, it seems to be all their way or nothing:
This Venus discovery of mine is simply not proclaiming that all areas of the planet are occupied (as that's what most NASA types have been suggesting as reason why I'm so dead wrong), as I have spent perhaps a thousand hours scouring over other Magellan images, as well as reading and reviewing various documents and research papers and, I fully (as always) understood that temperatures alone are the most primary consideration, as well as atmospheric pressures and various not so good (for us humans) densities of CO2 and other nasty gases, however, this specific area in question at "GUTH Venus #1" is perhaps sufficiently elevated at 6+km, and obviously thereby sufficiently cooler (at least at night) so as to have allowed a form of life (more then microbe and at least existing as at some point in the past if not ongoing) to clearly exist. So, why exactly should NASA or even of those so called independent researchers object as to my entirely independent and fundamental re-elevation?. After all, I essentially concur with the vast bulk of research findings, as to what most others have contributed about Venus, as not every facet of NASA is incompetent, just arrogant whenever under question as to their fundamental responsibilities.

Since there never was an official team or task group tailored to uncovering anything the least bit artificial, as least no public funding and I've yet to have uncovered any privet funding, I'm certainly not the one stepping on any tender toes, as none of the past research grants nor internal efforts has ever attempted to focus upon nor understand or even contemplate other life NOT as we know it, at least there's been no published indications of such related to Venus until lately, when ESA started planning upon their "Venus Express", which still excludes any research or intentions focused upon locating potential artificial attributes situated on the surface of Venus.

On behalf of NASA's point of view; At the primary "GUTH Venus" site, there are obvious signs of recent if not that of ongoing erosions, as well as many examples of well aged channels or massive lava rilles (NASA records clearly stating these are solely formulated by that of lava-flows?), plus everyone should also be able to clearly identify those fairly large mountain ranges, as those having truly substantial cliffs, associated deep valleys and of many nearby examples of extremely large rock protrusions as well as otherwise your typical formations of perhaps fairly common old lava flows and, of all sorts of possible tectonic attributes plus that of somewhat smaller secondary rock or Venus landscape slide considerations. All pretty much like any other mountainous area on Venus (even as on Earth for that matter). I certainly have no problems with this traditional and fairly well established analysis of what such a hot planet that still offers active volcanic activity should look like. I'll even greatly concur with the record on much of the atmospherics, though many researchers seem to differ somewhat greatly, especially regarding the elevated nighttime environment, where recent IR imaging seems to be touting a rather different analysis and, as such indicating a substantially greater degree of thermal differential considerations, thus suggesting upon lesser temperatures and perhaps of somewhat lower cloud densities which the previously analysis simply was not equipped to deal with.

On my behalf;  In order to avoid over information (article overload), I will describe the most significant issues that clearly do not conform as to being restricted as natural elements, however, there are obviously many smaller issues, those which I will eventually include my arguments and gladly entertain from my ongoing studies and experienced point of view, as to what these lesser attributes could most likely represent. The following image descriptions should hopefully provide sufficient cause for others to undertake a more serious study, as to review my research findings (not so much of my poor choice in words or syntax) however, all of this effort is mostly with regard to defending myself from those loyal NASA types bashing just about every aspect of anything Venus, so I'm certainly not holding my breath. My opponents have demonstrated that they would much rather expend millions upon defeating my efforts (entirely at taxpayers expense and/or demise if you would care to involve cold-war issues), then of investing 1% towards honest efforts.

One of the best image offering, supporting the greatest detail at this time is: guth-venus-A10 Please note: this image may simply be too large for your monitor, and that not every enlargement (such as this one) will suit your taste or your display equipment, and printing will naturally vary depending upon your software and printer capabilities, so have a look at many other examples or better yet do your own enlargements directly from the NASA/Magellan original.

Another somewhat mid-sized image is this one: guth-venus-180-A, and the braille version of this same image is: guth-venus-180-info

Nowhere else on Venus (nor absolutely of any other planet except Earth) will you discover adjoining (multiple) rectangular engraving/quarry sites (as those situated just above the primary channel) unless they're artificial and furthermore, associated near to a well defined "switch-back" causeway or roadway plus other smaller switch-back considerations that simply do not exist in Nature because, switching back as to ascend/descend is strickly a rational achievement undertaken so as to avert the norm of simply falling off the damn hillside or as for otherwise effectively circumventing an obstruction as for accessing to/from a rectangular clearing or other large item of construction. Clearly this road associated with alignment t/from the suspension bridge has a tunnel or relief through solid rock in order to afford access onto that darn suspension bridge, a bridge which obviously crosses/spans an extremely wide and that of a relatively deep (NASA defined lava-flow) channel or perhaps lava rille. Just to the right of these excavation quarry sites is a somewhat smaller road arriving from the NE that clearly loops around and enters that symmetrically rectangular area and, this road has it's own collection of small rectangular issues and a somewhat larger dome like structure along the roadside as it heads NE.

The West upper bank of this channel (just below this switch-back roadway and suspension bridge) there can be identified another much lessor (narrower) excavated road/railway emerging from a tunnel (that equally is not following any natural erosion path), where this lower roadbed terminates (to your lower left) right at the primary channel bank, having an obvious tunnel or opening that clearly is also fully in alignment and furthermore, this oddly penetrates both banks of that primary channel, just as any such continuation would have managed in place of having to construct yet another massive suspension bridge (I mean, how the hell else would you get yourself to the other side of this Venus style grand canyon).

Look close at the clearing site associated with the SW (lower bank) penetration, there are obviously some fairly orderly items situated there, as being sufficiently different from the surrounding terrain, and yet no signs of such being caused by recognized nor accepted forms of erosion, at least not from any natural cause that could have produced aligned openings penetrating such a substantial set of canyon walls plus, notice the two other circular openings and/or cap like consideration just to the left (surely this is not any imaging fault nor reflection error of that aperture/radar technology, as the patterns of the surrounding territory are those sufficiently random so as to conclude that artificial is a more likely cause of such circular occurrences associated with such otherwise rugged terrain).

Where exactly do you have a pair of horizon facing parabolic arrays, especially of this super size and configuration (besides Earth)? I'll tell you where, at "GUTH Venus" and, those parabolics are facing West (towards sunrise). These two items may in fact not represent observational or even communications related, but of perhaps sterling engine solar power conversion technology. With the degree of cloud cover and/or dependent upon UV penetration, the size of any such sterling engine solar concentrator would indeed require such large parabolic elements. If one wishes to believe they have developed radio astronomy and/or purely radio wave monitoring, then it's entirely possible that the inhabitance of Venus have been monitoring our relatively cold and partially frozen Earth, perhaps about the way we have been looking at Mars.

West of town, above the primary channel and on the Eastern facing mountain ridge, I can identify at least five (possibly a central 6th) collection of East facing parabolic considerations. Again, these objects are fairly large and, enough so that the resolution of the SAR imaging offered several worthy pixels each so that the enlargement (digital resampling and filtering) process was able to faithfully assemble these as parabolic forms and, clearly discriminating their shapes as being substantially vertically parabolic and thus obviously differentiating from their natural surroundings. Out of all the hundreds of other similar and even more so complex terrains of Venus, my exploration and enlargement process (same as applied to GUTH Venus) has failed to ever create fictitious vertical established parabolics out of otherwise natural elements, other then of your typical impact craters which obviously are not so vertically (horizon target) orientated. And, why East and West and, not North and South is perhaps because solar tracking and/or energy is either something that's paramount and/or as for maintaining their global communications with GUTH Venus sites #2 and #3, which are each situated at approximately 180 from Guth Venus #1. In the quiet environment of that lower atmosphere, ultrasonics could potentially circumvent their globe, as such CO2 density is obviously a fairly good acoustical conductor.

NOTE: Sterling power conversion can produce electrical energy as well as massive cooling output via geothermal or just atmospheric heat sinking. And, I have several references to prove this one as no theory. In fact, sterling power conversion is fully in use and functioning quite nicely right here on Earth. General Electric, Cummins and Caterpillar are among those involved, backed by NASA as well as other governmental funding. For at least the past decade, other nations have more so developed their solar powered sterling engines that have been delivering megawatts of power to their national grids (the more sun the better). If you want a solar powered air conditioner, that's not a problem anymore and, the technology is not all that mysterious, just highly engineered so as to tolerate the thermal expansion(s) as well as extremely high internal pressures necessary in order to be utilizing pure hydrogen gas as the intermediary. Perhaps the better energy technology is merely derived via that enormous vertical pressure and thermal differential. A full review of various Energy Options should be entertained before one excludes upon what's available towards sustaining life NOT as we know it, just to be considering what a little vertical differential has to offer should effectively "knock you socks off".

This item is what I have identified as the "fluid arch" because, I simply can't comprehend any other logical cause or reason for such an enormous arch to exist anywhere, but lo and behold, there it is, and obviously it's sufficiently clear as a bell. I believe this fluid description fits because of the substantial drop in elevation directly related to that of the secondary erosion channel which has clearly established itself, thereby is feeding this arch which becomes tall and wide and subsequently falls into it's lower elevated deposit or landing ditch. I believe this "ARCH" may have been naturally created (possibly via lava flow) however, the lack of any substantial build up at the base seems to rule out your typical lava and I believe this arch could be somewhat controlled or simply embellished upon by the inhabitants, as this fluid is clearly being supplied from the upper main channel, having its own obvious flow-control gate or opening off the main channel bank (remembering that all darker images from SAR imaging are those reflecting lessor radar signal, such as fluids, as compared to that of hard stationary objects, such as rock which may display as light gray to near white). The nearby lighter gray item, having a upper white tip, as the object situated just to the left of this "fluid arch", I elect to believe for the moment that this could be that of an airship (for now, just play along and trust me on this one, as there is so much more to come).

The MAJOR CAUSEWAYS of Downtown GUTH Venus:
The main focus of greatest interest at "GUTH Venus" is of course at the crossing or intersection of a fairly substantial causeway, what could very well be representing an enormous suspended causeway traversing a relatively deep and perhaps fluid active ravine, and that clearly has major facility buildings and obvious other secondary medium as well as high-rise structures associated, including several rectangular, some relatively tall (high rise) rounded and of those two major parabolic issues, as well as each of these associated large structures indicating their roof and entrance like features, and what most certainly could also be the largest known format of any HVAC situated atop most of these primary structures. I could go on and on about what I believe is represented here, and perhaps I'll eventually do just that, especially since NASA is apparently so wasted away these days and, apparently can't find the time to help others such as myself.

Obviously this causeway and many associated issues are of no simplistic "Face on Mars", nor is this considerable degree of such complex structure(s) in any possible consideration merely that of a sophisticated one of a kind (in the entire universe) creation formed by yet unknown/unrecorded natural forces. Scale per scale, absolutely no other site on Venus (for that matter from any planet including Earth) offers anything that can be identified as naturally formed that comes even remotely close to these artificial appearing standards. So stop trying to debunk this, try facing some rational facts, it's a waste of your time trying to disqualify my discovery unless of course you can produce an image (from any planet as from anywhere including Earth) of such strikingly structural appearing elements as those hosting such obviously complex infrastructure and rational associations with other striking artificial elements (so far NASA can't, and I do not believe you can, so I'll keep challenging anyone to simply put up or shut up). This discovery deserves aggressively positive input as well as properly supported critical reviews and obviously new raw data upon anything Venus.

Above the largest collection of structures at the Western termination of the main causeway, is that of a substantially raised, fairly long and flat surfaced platform entity, as that of a significant structure among otherwise mountainous terrain and extremely steep/rugged landscape, having two or three clearly defined symmetrical sub-bays (as likely service/staging or storage related functions). Clearly we can identify the rounded sub-bay corners and also see that the surface/tarmac ramp heads East. A bit less obvious is a rectangular dark area which I now contend is merely an elevator platform area intended for managing extremely large aircraft and/or airship equipment and, right next to this opening is what appears as some of their equipment situated on that very surface. If nothing else, I believe this substantially flat surface and it's considerable overall length (especially when considering the heavier atmosphere) could likely accommodate a shuttle like landing (obviously modified for the appropriate aerodynamics of a heavy/denser atmosphere). Something worth another thought; is to at least consider the exceptional lifting capacity of any hydrogen displacement airships, as those offering at least 64 kg/m3 capacity, or simply as better put into one highly technical Earthly NASA approved terminology; "WOW"!

Situated just to the West of the platform/runway, you can't help but notice the substantial interference (pixel pattern disruption) with your viewing of the main lava or whatever fluid-flow channel banks. At this location, it appears that a dam was constructed. The clearly visible opening, tunnel or control gate seems to be that which feeds the secondary channel or ravine, that which travels directly under the main suspended township causeway. Please remind yourself, this Magellan image was obtained at 43 degrees perspective and, that this is a nearly ideal perspective for identifying anything the least bit artificial that is being represented by such shapely structural contours and/or as depicting something the least bit of any deviation from the surrounding natural environment.

FACTORIES and POWER PLANTS: (how many do you need?, GUTH Venus seems to have lots)
Due East of the tarmac runway, adjoining the lower bank of that main lava-flow channel (again as to be blocking or obstructing your view of the channel bank continuation) are several of or perhaps that of one long structure having tall features situated along their roof (perhaps representing more of those massive VAC units). This could clearly be that of a factory and/or power generation. Just as here on Earth, we often place such industrial facilities at the ends of our airfields, simply as for displacing that area from becoming residential usage and also because of safety and air traffic noise issues, and this location could be no exception, as whom on Venus wants to be living under air traffic if you don't have to?.

NOTE: The highest valued individuals on Venus, if not the bottled water guy, could very well be there equivalent of our HVAC technicians, which would naturally be pertaining only to VAC because, who in the hell needs the heating mode and, otherwise the water cooler guy would surely have to be the Bill Gates of Venus.

THE ULTIMATE DUMP/RECYCLE SITE: (either that or this is also a vertical CO2 wind tunnel)
SSE from the main causeway intersection, you see what appears as the opening of possibly a volcanic vent, a rather large and obviously extremely tall somewhat clearly natural formation feature, but also that of having its own causeway clearly crossing the top edge of this super deep cavity, a causeway which is continuing on to crossing the ravine (this smaller causeway itself appears to be that forming an extremely large and extended loop roadway). I believe this tall vent looking issue could be best utilized as their waste dump site, as perhaps the mother of all land fills, and just possibly as a trash energy recycling resource for that of operating yet another power plant or potentially that of a foundry or forge (I believe this foundry/forge consideration is also nearby and is in fact in operation, situated just slightly due South of this dump site). Another consideration for this vent is that offering a substantially vertical shaft, perhaps of several kilometers worth and, thereby capable of generating fairly substantial wind power for their energy production.

A bit further SE of the "dump site"; I can't help believe that such a community would ever pass up the opportunity as to having a few large monuments. This monument consideration is in deed also quite large (at least fairly tall), clearly situated alongside the smaller (loop) causeway which develops from crossing over the top edge of that trash/dump site. The size and height of these monuments are clearly blocking our view of that smaller causeway. If you don't agree with this "monument" description, and obviously do not like what else I have to say, please do feel free to volunteer your ideas, as your experienced thoughts could be more right then you might think and, even if I don't happen to agree with your interpretations, unlike NASA, I'll still support and always offer full credits for your valuable input. I'll even post a link to your research and/or opinions, as I basically have a non-bashing policy for serious feedback.

Continuing SE of the monument is clearly to be identified that of an extremely large circular collection of pie shaped bins, sufficiently large to have a considerable amount of raw SAR pixels assembling what is perhaps representing that of somewhat older reservoirs or perhaps that of outdated housing, as those collected about a round center cavity. Again, even this collective compound of highly symmetrical elements can not yet be otherwise identified anywhere else on Venus or Earth for that matter and, therefore even this discovery is apparently the one and only combination of such complex structural features (purely natural formations via NASA standards) as ever to be identified, as no other such naturally formed collection of such elements are to be found anywhere else, again, I've looked, including here on Earth or Mars, so go fish! As limited as this discovery item may seem, NASA and the entire world of astronomy has nothing remotely close to it. We're talking symmetrical, as well as circular and multiple pie sectioned containments, with what looks as another circular center attribute (nature is good, just not that good).

THE TANK FARM: (at least one significant cluster and, I believe there are others)
Above the main so called lava-flow channel; NW of the primary village of structures and well above that platform/tarmac runway, is that of clearly another tank or reservoir farm. Clearly these are relatively tall and obviously round structures situated within their rectangular surroundings, having dark and therefore lessor (SAR) reflective fluid-like centers. These have been situated in that of a artificial rectangular clearing, nearby are several smaller secondary structures, some situated in their own clearing. Remember, this image is showing combinations of round, rectangular, with tangent and rationally parallel as well as fairly symmetrical issues, all of which is being equally as magnified as their natural surrounding of typically random territory, thereby easily self proving that my enlargements are not the least bit distorting, not adding or in any way manipulating those raw pixels into anything that is not there to begin with. If these raw pixels associated as being tanks or reservoirs were all so arranged as resembling the surrounding terrain, just as the majority of Venus depicts, then we would have simply a whole lot more of the same natural elements to enlarge upon and view, and otherwise not the overwhelming delivery of such artificial and symmetrical looking as well as complex elements and rational infrastructure to boot, as that which is clearly being identified at "GUTH Venus".

MORE RESERVOIRS or else REALLY BIG HOT-TUBS, or how about a WATER SLIDE to boot:
A few too many to count, but just focus upon looking to the upper West of the image area, where you will clearly be able to identify a collection of somewhat lower elevated reservoirs, a grouping comprised of four (open top) large containment units as collected into a clover shaped arrangement, these being situated vertical of the surface and clearly being fed by a long delivery, a complex channel or aqueduct structure which is deriving it's source of fluids to/from that of a somewhat larger diameter reservoir (by the fact of showing a darker interior, thus having clear signs of actually containing fluids). And, if you can't see this reservoir issue for what it is, then you seriously need to get your eyes examined and/or reapply for extreme shock therapy. I calculated the combined reservoir and channel/pipe delivery capacity at roughly 50 million cubic meters and, that's being conservative but still a whole lot of fluid (I know that's more then most microbes can drink).


OK folks, this one is perhaps a bit presumptuous, however, keeping in mind that this is clearly an elevated (nearly mountain top community) area, having considerable drop off cliffs and deep ravines issues, plus if to be comprehending the existence of that raised platform/runway issue which tells me and should be telling others and you, that these inhabitants have mastered flight capability, and perhaps also the likely potential of their housing something like a massive hydrogen airship, obviously on Venus, something like this would be in need of a substantially long (preferably of under ground access storage) such as this hanger/silo could therefore be a fairly obvious storage solution, especially for surviving (2900 hour daylight) protection from all that solar UV radiation and obviously somewhat increased solar IR heat. Even as high as 10km elevation, the daytime temperatures could still impose some serious compromises with regard to the outer skin of most any rigid airship, if nothing else, in spite of the thicker atmosphere, just those UV issues alone could be rather intense (a titanium skinned and framed airship would not only be tough as nails but could manage quite nicely at 500C).

I will endeavor to help others as to identify many smaller considerations and, as time and my research goes on, I fully intend to do just that. From time to time, I'll attempt to introduce other worthy considerations of this discovery site, and to describe the possibilities as to what I perceive is the "why and how" many of these structures and infrastructure could have been applied, and NASA can simply jump right in (any time) or perhaps eat Crow along with their vastly superior (be it ten years late) superior intellect, and thereby pretending to rightfully correct my interpretations with some form of dignity while having Crow feathers stuck between their teeth.

I have discovered these second area(s), I managed this because I believed they had to exist because, as the sun arises (for 2900 hours worth), even though this high altitude location is somewhat cooler, it still is going to get a bit hotter plus obviously at much greater solar (UV and solar flare) radiation levels, so, you would think that any civilization worth its salt, and capable of constructing anything so elaborate, would only have the good sense to evacuate all unessential personnel to their alternative site (180 degrees West/East). If you have the time, please endeavor to search for the 4rd or 5th villages on Venus, as they must be there, we just have to locate them.

I would naturally do better if I could afford all the necessary time and the technology, however, the originating master image by which all of my work was enlarged, admittedly has some real obvious limitations. None the less, the Magellan (GIF format) image is sufficiently good to have offered even this much detail, especially when the interesting artificial aspects are so large to have been represented by a sufficient number of raw pixels. About the only thing I can not seem to resolve (and I certainly wish that I could) is perhaps a sign the reads "JOE'S BAR & GRILL" or perhaps the city limits signpost that proclaims "Welcome to GUTH Venus, population 12,723 (and growing)". Perhaps after the next non-impaired mission, we'll all have that better look see. Better determining the final elevations and, even if the true pixel resolution as being determined as either larger or even smaller is simply a non-issue, as no matters what the final size outcome, these artificial elements of fairly large complex symmetrical formations will clearly still exist.

By the way;  I have seen much lessor grade photographic truth (NSA-spy) aerial imaging quality from right here on Earth, apparently this much lesser grade of imaging was more then acceptable to our NSA and DoD as well as their imaging experts at NIMA.MIL, that of man made structures and equipment depicted by much lessor detail information then of what is being presented at "GUTH Venus". This image quality issue should perhaps also reference (compare) to some of those pathetic Apollo images as being NASA's so called "extraordinary proof positive" as to every Apollo landing on the moon, especially those photos taken from the 70 mile high command module, supposedly as that of the lunar lander(s) on the surface of the moon, as where this object (the lander) as merely represented by a speck in the middle of print reproduced from a large format negative, however, as such showing no definitive or discernible shape and therefore obviously no infrastructure and totally void of sufficient detail to make anything out, yet according to all of NASA (including their staunch moles) this is their pathetic "extraordinary" proof positive (apparently original negatives are no longer accessible for serious enlargements, and maybe that's for damn good reasons), just as there seems not to be any film footage of that original (1/6th scale) lander test flight (other then of the ones which thoroughly crashed, burned and exploded).

This one is purely my request (not that of NASA); If you should accomplish any image enlargements of Venus that are even the least bit better, please pass that along. If you would like to know more about my enlargement methods, you simply have to ask. Unlike NASA's moles attempting to bash away at everything Venus, I do exist, as my name, email, phone and address are real, I'm not the one hiding behind any phony name nor am I doing the dirty work for someone else.

In spite of NASA, I am still in the process of obtaining data about this discovery and developing upon the grand possibilities awaiting all of us, though it seems others (obviously of those over-paid by you and me) should have been providing support, as I only seem to be acquiring new information by fairly primitive searching and then obviously on a "need to know basis" and, I can't be all that certain if I'm even asking the right questions or otherwise being somehow intentionally put off or simply misled as I was in the beginning. If you think you can help, please feel free to jump right in. Unlike NASA, I'll give you all the credit you deserve, right up front.

I believe I have come down hard on NASA simply because they have been such poor sports about my Venus discovery, that which initially caused me and others to waste months of time, and besides, I don't much like having NASA and their community of moles managing to thoroughly insult my intelligence. They have since (long after the fact) shown no indication as to changing their position with regard to my discovering anything whatsoever, thus my claiming that LIFE clearly existed on Venus is moving ahead but obviously going nowhere fast. I believe that I've only been trying to help explore and discover what's been out there all along, but apparently that is simply not good enough or perhaps it's a little too much knowledge for the public to hear, as NASA must think Congress and the Senate are going to have to fork over additional moneys (billions) long before they even budge on this. Apparently NASA feels our government is as equally stupid as they believe most taxpayers are (obviously NASA is a little more right about Americans being stupid, especially those Senate Appropriations sorts, as they've been thoroughly snookered since the sixties).

I am beginning to think "GUTH Venus" (as potentially grand as this should turn out to be) is only but half the story (if that) and, the other aspects are clearly becoming with regard to our dealing with and then perhaps finally understanding, thereby disclosing upon NASA's past and true hidden agendas, subsequent motives as for supporting such discovery bashings. For example; If NASA is not going to fully endorse and formally support my discovery, then I for one may insist upon seeing that documentation movie film footage of our Apollo (1/6 weight gravity scaled) Lunar Lander test flight(s) and, perhaps another thorough review of that early so called "fly-by-wire" rocket technology and overall mission outfitting, that which supposedly and ultimately made it through all our lunar missions and landings essentially without a hitch (and not that of just an impressive series of lunar orbit missions), then also the fullest access to at least some of the ten's of thousands of those original Apollo (totally star less) lunar surface negatives would be quite nice, plus another thorough review of all of the mission radiation recordings (especially that of Apollo 16 mission which should have recorded several RADS of at least 0.1+Sv and more likely of 1.0 Sv which should have sufficiently soured most of the film besides causing a few too many hairs to fall out).

What do you suppose NASA has to hide?  And, that of 30+ years ago, what is so damn imperative and/or NSA/DoD and thereby so invaluable as to keeping secret?  How can reviewing the truth as to those Apollo lander's fuel expenditures, variable CG issues and other energy numbers, then as to a thorough review of our "fly-by-wire" technology of the time, then looking at a little test flight film footage as well as inspecting at least a few of those supposedly original lunar negatives, how or why could any of this possibly compromise national security? I simply feel we all have that right to know, especially if any portion of our manned missions to Venus is to be in any way linked to the past knowledge base, that which has to include our lunar-lander expertise and/or (up scaled) the technology transition of those supposedly highly successful Apollo missions (at least that's what most of us would like to count on). So, why is NASA the only entity making this effort so difficult? Or, has my new found knowledge become all that correct and thereby threatening, as sufficient to cause the thorough bashing of my Venus discovery?

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