For some reason(s) and for going on quite some time, I have been receiving the impression(s) (flak) that certain others and perhaps even yourself and of your associates do not trust my research, nor that of my intentions and subsequent conclusions (yet the fact of your knowing of NSA/DoD ties and subsequent hidden cold-war agendas ruling NASA), so why on Earth do you favor that word of our NASA?

Is this to say; If I were to be the world's renown brain surgeon and, you had a deeply embedded ethnic tumor that needed removal and, that because of my other ideas and subsequent opinions (call it my recreational sport), that you would rather knowingly die by refusing my services, as based upon such dissociated criteria?

In other words, do you believe my operating upon your tumor is essentially altogether different then of that belonging to any other religious faith?

If not, then would you feel that your associated brain matter is essentially and altogether different from that of other religions faiths?

If this is not your problem, then what exactly is your problem with allowing my belief's and subsequent understandings and/or misunderstandings of planetary evolution to coexist, or better yet superseding that of others?

How exactly are my views the least bit capable of interfering with and/or imposing upon your's?

If you're always right, and thereby I'm not; where's the possible harm?

How can anything said by mere humans (a village idiot no less) truly upset or undermine an honest religious faith, or even a scientific cult?

Isn't knowing and of subsequently allowing "truth" to at least coexist worth something?

Obviously, if you're one of those remaining critical of my work, then you must know of nearly all there is, however, I truly need to better understand about such things, that is if I am ever to be persuaded otherwise and, I most certainly can be persuaded. I simply need some rational logic by which my obviously ethnic as well as dyslexic impaired brain can work on, as otherwise and quite understandably, I may have the exact same intellectual flaws as yourself, as I am perceiving that others seemingly do of my research.

Perhaps it's time to choose your weapons, ethnic or religious superiority or perhaps better yet, political and/or a nasty mix. Instead, how about trying out "truth" for awhile.

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