Reservoirs (raw pixel 1:1 format) This first small area was extracted directly from the raw NASA/Magellan original (image to your left @1:1), and obviously there is simply not much to see, however, even though these few pixels offer nearly nothing of value to the casual onlooker (as you would have needed to carefully have studied this location prior in it's relation to that of it's surroundings, and even then these shapes are relatively minimal, as the span of each of the lower reservoir compartments is being represented by perhaps only 4 to 5 pixels worth of raw information), it is however the perspective viewing angle which allows somewhat limited 3 dimensional shape to be reveled (a straight down-looking plan-view may have shown essentially nothing worthy of enlarging). A wider area coverage image enlargement worth identifying these very same reservoirs may be found in the following image:
IMAGE PROOF Reservoirs @10 X resample This enlargement represents considerable resampling @10X, plus further edge sharpening and overall contrast applications which only improves the image quality (neither adding nor introducing anything new), thereby clearly enhances what has only been provided by the original raw image clip. You may want to first step back from your monitor before you start in again jumping to any premature conclusions, as I have advised this back-off method with regard to most other enlargements. Sometimes my over-enlarging was accomplished only so as to accommodate those without their own software alternatives. As I've stated before, most any resample or photo software enlargement of 5X is more then sufficient for beginners, and that 10X or above imposes some added difficulties and obviously makes for a substantially larger image file size.

In no way (yet discovered or documented elsewhere, including from any other planet, even of Earth) would these shapely complex elements have been produced by that of any natural lava-flows and/or those common to be found erosions as NASA states. Ask yourself this; why (let alone how) would any lava-flow or even that of complex crystalization have created such an elaborate as well as interconnecting lattice feature, especially one that seems to go significantly out of it's way in order to feed a center hub of a lower cluster of apparently elevated (situated above common ground) and of a distinctively clover shaped collection of reservoir basins. Come on now, you anti-everything guys, you really need something other then "highly unusual lava flows".

Notice the obviously darken center of the upper reservoir, as Magellan's radar energy (remember this is no photographic issue) is being absorbed and otherwise not as reflected as with regard to the surrounding reservoir's construction, and consider that extremely long and relatively large delivery pipe line or aqua duct as that connecting between the two. That dark center may not be water, it could be the blood of visitors for all I know. Below is another version of this same reservoir area (simply having one color introduced)

SIZE: (how big is big)
If we were to consider the original image raw pixel as representing a resolution of 75 meters, we are talking about each of the lower reservoir compartments spanning some 375 meters and that of perhaps 150 meters deep. Multiply that times 4 and you've accumulated one hell of a lot of fluid, plus adding the upper reservoir's capacity (at 10 pixels wide or 750 meters, and I would estimate at 2 < 3 pixels deep or at least 150 meters), and all of this now represents a capacity of WOW!, try something like approaching if not exceeding 50 million cubic meters.

Now, I know I've been a little hard on and perhaps a bit critical of Club NASA, but really, what the hell have they been doing for the past decade? Why haven't we been on track with this opportunity, and perhaps more so, why (after 9 months) has this discovery been so intentionally suppressed ??, Boy, NASA must have an offal lot to hide, their sheer incompetence for one, so I hope they have a really big "non-disclosure" rug to keep sweeping everything under.

I, and perhaps many others, would only have to believe that those obviously so privileged and endowed with entitlements, such as their powerful positions and near God like control over others, are somewhat rightfully worried about their futures. Will, all I can say is "too damn bad". I believe you have all been given the richest possible opportunities as well as environments in which to perform, and once again, all we seem to have to show from this pretentious and now frightened group of obviously over-paid civil service workers, so enjoying the lap of luxury at the obvious expense of the taxpayers as well as at the demise of otherwise much needed research and resulting accomplishments, is zip, nothing. You tell me otherwise, please show us what you've accomplished that which even remotely parallels the discovery of LIFE on the planet Venus.

As head of NASA, this is exactly what I would do first; have every single member re-summit their personal accomplishments and therefore reestablishing their worth. Every member would be given 2 weeks paid vacation ("everyone", if need be a total NASA-wide shut-down, serious house cleaning for two solid weeks), and upon their return they would have to summit their revised files for review by an independent (non-NASA) group of evaluators, and then hope/pray for the best. During this vacation period, mass production of "PINK SLIPS" could be accomplished without disruption, awaiting only the final imprint of "TERMINATION APPROVED".

Sorry about inducing any nightmares, along with taking your Prozac, try always keeping a paper bag next to your bed.

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