The Rigid Airship Academy of Venus

(bigger is nearly always better unless you're still a microbe)

(by; Brad Guth / IEIS~GASA    updated: December 01, 2003) Venus as viewed from the LSE-CM/ISS perspective Airship enlarged and use of filters plus text added

Speaking of rigid airship academies (what if this represents another WMD technology gap, somewhat like those stealth donkey-carts)

I'm certainly not your resident expert in Venus airship aerodynamics but, it seems there's been some keen interest, more than a little, for comprehending the potential of said rigid airships, as for those to have existed on Venus. Since the unique environment and 91% gravity of Venus offers nearly structural buoyancy, thereby the size of almost anything is nearly unlimited. Not that this excludes the usage of relatively small things, it just opens the technology doors wide for the sorts of massive structures that could easily span a rather substantial rille/canyon and otherwise construct large habitats along with a metro airship that's much larger than a super tanker.

Obviously my arguments upon the interpretation of an assortment of a few pixels looking so much artificially like an airship (among so many others organized as rational community like artificial items, all of which being surrounded by the otherwise expectedly random natural features of mountainous and of the rugged terrain of Venus) may need to be further establishing upon this nagging "what if" factor, as otherwise what's the point, unless those are merely artificial looking pixels of some pre-greenhouse remains, which seems even that much should be worth another look-see.

Some further analogy on behalf of aircraft/airship travel:
Starting off with air travel on Earth as opposed to Mars; this is where such air flight for Earth is at least somewhat doable within affordable and survivable means, although the higher up we extend our reach the more difficult and ever spendier, as well as more lethal it gets in more ways than even I can count. Thank God that for the most part we don't have to bother packing along the oxidiser portion of the equation, as even from what's at 15+km worth of our atmosphere still accommodates sufficient oxidiser as somewhat affordably obtainable as this minimal O2 is being extracted and highly compressed right out of the lethal thin atmosphere, it simply takes a great deal of applied technology along with a substantially greater degree of energy, though at a fairly horrific cost impact per kg of sustaining such flight while inflicting mother Earth with excessive amounts of CO2 that's anything but natural.

Thankfully for Mars, the thought of creating CO2 contributions or whatever pollution isn't such an undesirable factor, even though all of the initial oxidiser (perhaps mostly H2O2) must be imported. In fact, by introducing great amounts of CO2, there's a slim chance that a Mars greenhouse environment could be induced, which in turn just might melt some of that dry and of hopefully more of the not so dry ice (as in obtaining free H2O instead of CO2). Of course, if a missing magnetosphere is the critical link, there's not all that much that we can do about that, though as for Earth we could certainly pollute what's left of our atmosphere, sufficiently increasing the CO2 component in order to supplement whatever the previous Van Allen zone isn't accomplishing due to another planetary magnetic core failure.

Though because of the pathetically thin nature of the Mars atmosphere (7~8 mb), there's damn little of what works of aerodynamic and/or of propulsion for Earth that'll be worth squat on Mars. For one thing, besides the rather pathetic aerodynamics of it all (not 1% of what flying around Earth has to offer), the oxidiser portion needs to be brought along for the ride, and/or manufactured on location, where either of these alternatives is certainly doable but somewhat spendy. The process of CO2-->CO/O2, especially if obtained from any thin and cold CO2, needs megawatts online for months if not a year plus at a time, that's just for obtaining sufficient O2 for a one time boost off the planet and of headed back towards Earth, of which we have no workable plan of action for delivering any MW class nuclear reactor, as least not in one piece, nor of having a sufficient safe-house for placing those Mars irradiated to death but worthy microbe infected bodies. Since the energy requirements for accomplishing any CO2-->CO/O2 process isn't existing on Mars, we have what's technically known as a "wee problem".

Of my village idiot thinking about resolving the horrific Mars complications of making due with such pathetically thin and damn cold atmosphere, even if to be disregarding the cost factors and of the totally lethal irradiation aspects, I've come full circle, headed directly back into that hot and nasty environment of Venus, though perhaps less hot and nasty while sufficiently elevated and within a good season of nighttime.

In spite of what's been touted and officially preached (NASA moderated) about Venus; there's been numerous signs of life, at least members of ESA think so.

Seems that Venus offers all sorts of local energy solutions, as well as nearly better radiation protected than Earth (especially by night) from a nifty surround of thick atmosphere, plus there's loads of available energy by just utilizing the vertical atmospheric pressure differentials, thereby kinetic energy extraction seems rather an obvious one that's capable of providing megawatts if not gigawatts on location as well as on-demand without all that much effort nor applied technology, though numerous geological thermal differentials seem equally available for a little further supplemental energy tap, actually accommodating a fair amount of processing as well as sterling energy extraction is entirely possible. Unless I've been lied to again, wherever there's a thermal differential, there's electrons to being had, even by way of bimetal thermopiles will become fully capable of creating those electrons on the spot, somewhat the exact opposit of what Mars has to offer, which is nearly zilch worth of thermal and/or atmospheric differentials, whereas simply being damn cold isn't worth all that much.

If in fact on Venus there's way more than sufficient energy available (existing as natural and thereby renewable) for processing the likes of CO2-->CO/O2, then obviously there's little problem with obtaining whatever amounts of said fuel (CO) and oxidiser (O2) on location, especially when the local supply of CO2 is so available at 92 bar (more so at lower elevations and of somewhat cooler and denser at nighttime, but obviously of somewhat less density at higher elevations) and already nicely preheated for efficient CO2-->CO/O2 processing, even for accomplishing such a task on the fly is another reasonable consideration. If there's so much available, then what do we suppose are the objection(s) to tapping into all of this energy, and/or upon arguments of those opposing rigid airships on Venus?

It's because I don't see the point nor any advantage in ignoring what those honest laws of physics that clearly stipulate as being entirely possible, of much less of any question if some village idiot comes along and offers a few too many pixels worth of what's more likely existing as artificial than not. As far as I can tell, there's been no discovery made of establishing any decree denying life, denying airships, denying energy nor of denying of any predisposition of other intelligence to have existed on Venus, as the laws of physics and of known sciences aren't excluding what's possible, only the blatant arrogance of modern humanity is what's impeding truth at all cost.

Surely of ceramics and of basalts and thereby basalt composites should coexist, as well as for obtaining numerous metallic elements that'll produce perfectly suitable alloys and hybrids from various molten zones (active volcanic taps), as well as for merely obtaining the process heat as a natural refractory energy solution, that which along with an efficient process of pulling a vacuum upon is offering another downright handy to say the least alternative that's not even available to Earth.

BTW; with so darn little free O2 as well a presumably zilch worth of free H2O in the lower atmosphere, of processed composites as well as ceramics and of numerous metallic substances and of subsequently creating any number of super-alloys becomes much better off (nothing about O2 is good for processed alloys nor much of anything other), as in creating absolute purity and obtaining a whole lot tougher components is only improved without O2, and best of all, there's damn little if any corrosion nor electrolysis to worry about because, there's simply too little of what it takes (free H2O) to cause such (polished mild steel may not even tarnish after decades), though this doesn't exclude all life, least of all upon intelligent life that's had thousands of years as well as motivated worth of DNA/RNA improvements.

Be there heat-exchanging on Venus; absolutely, of relatively efficient conduction as well as radiant mode is even within existing Earth technology that's been doable within and beyond the extremes of what Venus has to offer. Since the thermal environment of Venus isn't nearly too hot for the sorts of technology and processes that even we have at hand, there's been only the problem of locating the human intelligence factors in order to apply such on behalf of accomplishing things intended for Venus. Although locating this intelligence on Earth has so far been more difficult than locating those sophisticated WMD, but certainly it's not going to be nearly as hard as locating another stash of those donkey-cart WMD, as all we should have to do is follow the poop.

What about the issues of can there even be intelligent applications of said alloys and composites for fabricating any such rigid airship; obviously the answer to this is absolutely this is doable, at least Darwin would have to agree. Even from within existing Earthly recognized evolution and of applied technologies, though the environment of Venus has become a wee bit testier, but none the less it's still within spec of what we now understand, as to how a sufficiently intelligent soul can accomplish many things that'll manage quite nicely in spite of it being so hot and nasty. Though any part about my referencing to intelligence isn't all that for certain regarding Earth, however for Venus that should go without saying, as for being as pathetically stupid and arrogant as Earth humans attempting to survive on Venus is an automatic death sentence if there ever was.

Besides, why should we even bother going there and ruining everything, after all it's not like Mars where nothing much beyond microbes could have survived, when at most all we'll need is TRACE-II outfitted with a few laser transceivers while situated at Venus L2 (VL2), then placing those local laser area code calls back and forth, sharing packets of smut or of whatever else turns you on. Thus biologically there's certainly an absolute safe-house environment without our having to construct nor maintain any such infrastructure, though our mentality should still be capable of insulting them, so perhaps all is not lost.

What about aerodynamics; this topic is almost child's play, as the thicker the atmospheric environment gets, the easier and more energy efficient per kg everything becomes. Flying about on Venus, especially via rigid airship, is less of any technological issue than Columbus (probably in a drunken stooper) discovering some pathetic tropical island by pure accident, then taking all the credit for discovering all of North America, as though the Vikings and of those before them never existed. Flying on Venus is nearly like swimming on Earth, except it's crystal clear and relatively calm below those nighttime clouds (not nearly as hot neither), and within such a thick CO2 ocean that isn't 1% the friction of H2O, so you could go like a bat out of hell.

What about airship propulsion; well folks, doing the aerodynamic propulsion thing on Venus, being that you're essentially surrounded by the raw fuel and oxidiser (CO2-->CO/O2) as an ocean of which the beast must operate upon and within, plus whatever a little H2O2 as easily processed out of what's extracted from those rather abundant clouds, and perhaps from some degree of petroleum base derived from the usual geological deposits, if such items were proficiently applied into an internal combustion engine or blasted through a power turbine that's getting it's thermal energy from those before mentioned fuel and oxidiser elements, as then powering whatever turboprops is certainly well within the cards, certainly within the thermal stress limits of many elements and alloys that even a village idiot could think of. So, where's the problem with that?

What about the sheer size of things; this is where one size fits all laws of physics, exactly like how model ships and aircraft are possible to coexist with their full sized versions, size having only to attribute to their volume and thereby capacity of hauling about whatever their size permitting. Whether an airship is 180 meters in diameter, or 360 or even 720 meters is not a qualifier nor disqualifier. Size is merely one's statement of what some individual may have deemed necessary in order to manage a given task, thus a small task demands but a relatively small craft, whereas a huge task would in turn require a somewhat huge craft (physics duh-101). Rigid airship wise, larger size is not all that much of a limitation, since so much of the craft is modular and capable of remaining as buoyant as need be throughout construction. The thought of creating 10 or more smaller ships instead of one that's capable of hauling the same combined tonnage of many offers significant advantages, as well as cost savings. Thus is why the really big airplanes on Earth are considerably more fuel efficient per passenger-mile as well as per tonne of cargo and generally much safer and more comfortable than smaller craft, not that there aren't reasonable size limitations.

What about the part of being way too hot and nasty stuff; this being entirely true, that it's damn humanly way too freaking hot and nasty on Venus, but none the less, heat is relative to pressure as well as intelligence. Basalt composites and of basalt micro-spheres will offer somewhat super-terrific factors as for being structurally accommodating as well as better than darn good insulators, where an appropriate mix of such composite and micro-spheres can introduce sufficient barriers to conduction as well as radiant mode issues of dealing quite nicely within thermal issues much worse-off than what Venus has to offer.

This may only sound complicated because of how I'm delivering, though of good structure and insulation obtained at nearly R-32/inch and at most 1.5 g/ccm worth of overall product is also within the cards, as in doable and I haven't even given this application the 0.91 G benefit (100 kg/m3 = 91 kg/m3 on Venus), nor of the "what if" those micro-spheres were containing H2 or even N2 at one bar or less, as in which case these insulating structural items per microsphere volume becomes as little as 0.1 g/ccm by way of displacing the surrounding .065 g/ccm worth of atmosphere, and somewhat lighter yet while situated at lower elevations in the mostly CO2 atmospheric soup of the day, even though I happen to believe their denser as well as much cooler nighttime soup is actually where all the action is.

In other simpler words of basalt usage; if there were to be two skins or inner/outer shells of a composite cubic meter worth of panel section, that which amounted to 40 kg per block area, and if their internal thermal-isolating basalt spheres containing H2 or even N2 at 1 at. amounted to another 25 kg worth per block area, we'd have achieved what's commonly known as neutral buoyancy, something a submariner should know all about. I'd expect the volume of internal microspheres being filled with H2 should most likely amount to a net material gain of perhaps 20 kg (40 kg if relying upon N2, though either becoming somewhat better off if those micro-spheres contained a good deal of vacuum), thus as little as 95 kg/m3 * 0.91 = 86.5 - 66.5 kg/m3 = 20 actual kg/m3 as measured on Venus, where these basalt composites of microsphere filled structures obviously shouldn't float away, much less at the 5+km elevation of the mountain township, while this basalt composite is roughly 10 fold stronger per kg than of most steel alloy, especially at such good temperature.

I'll probably have to lay this one out on a separate page, as this near zero mass consideration for applying a fairly robust basalt composite that's much tougher than steel, being thermally stable and used as structural as well as insulation is purely a Venus sort of accomplishment. This phase is doable, even though you'd need to have some incentives for doing such, and then a level of survival intelligence in order to actually achieve a measurable goal, as perhaps expedited along by something like the onset of a nasty greenhouse environment...

Of course, the issue of there being so much heat, especially that under such terrific pressure, if to be going by those pesky laws of physics is still entirely relative to said pressure (the more pressure the greater the heat that can be tolerated), if not somewhat further resolved through good old evolution of DNA. Furthering this argument, the obvious evolution of survival intelligence must be factored in, whereas the typical opponent arguing against any remote possibility of my discovering other life (no matters what) would just sit there like the dumbfounded dumb-ass bastards they are until thoroughly fried to a crisp on the spot, as well as for ignoring the obvious solutions in their preference to knowingly frying every other soul about them because, at least so far I've discovered these sanctimonious folks simply do not give a flying puck about truth nor about consequences.

Perhaps the problem has been something else all along, much like we've been out and about looking for those sophisticated WMD, when all we've needed to do is inspect what been stuffed up the ass of an ass, such as regarding those donkey-cart WMD that we seem to only have located long after we've had our butts seriously kicked, and then we still don't seem to have a freaking clue as to what's next. Now we all should know, at least you'd think that since donkey-carts have been around for ever, yet absolutely none of our best technology spotted them as any Trojan threat, even though the surveillance images of said donkey-cart pixels, if those were being looked at by any competent individual having no ulterior motives nor focused agenda being dictated by the cloak and dagger sorts of warlords and commanders, chances are good that such pixels would have offered more than sufficient cause to further investigate prior rather than after the fact.

I'd have to go so far as to say that no such donkey-cart packing along a well known dimensional configuration of such a weapons package would not have gotten itself into the likes of Israel in the first place. Thus we should have been more than prepared for exactly this sort of event to happen within any supportive nation that's made the misfortunate judgment and/or entrapment as to supporting American and Arab interest.

The same analogy goes for interpreting most any of those Guth Venus pixels, as of 13+ years ago any competent dimwit individual could have and thus should have interpreted those raw patterns as being more likely representative of artificial rather than natural, at least by any rational comparison to other imaging that has never captured such patterns as being natural but, I'll suppose that somewhere in this universe there's a first time for everything.

Some further questions that may go bump in the night:

Is any of this discovery even worthy of rocket science?

Do nice folks like yourself have to fully understand those laws of physics in order to trust and appreciate their existence?

Do nice folks have to understand aerodynamics in order to feel safe about flying via airship?

Do nice folks need to understand the chemistry of basalt and of basalt composites in order to appreciate their capability to coexist on Venus?

Do nice folks need to understand the laws of thermal dynamics in order to appreciate the fact that a Venus sort of hot is technologically not too hot?

Do nice folks need to comprehend all the complexities of evolution and resulting DNA/RNA that'll manage to survive when and where humanity as we know it can't manage itself in the buff?

Do nice folks need to be as smart as those worshiping our NASA, in order to appreciate the finer points of what's possible and of what's obtainable, as opposed to being snookered for life?

Besides all of the lethal mistakes already made by those having the right stuff, isn't it conceivable that this oversite on the discovery of other life is just another example of a thoroughly complex agency running itself amuck?

Is the act of discovering some other life even within the charter of our NASA to formally search out and identify such life?

Is there room for morality considerations, or is science and thereby all of astronomy and of the physics backing all of that above and beyond reproach, regardless of their focus, ulterior motives and/or future intentions?

This following is an image (1:1) that can be enlarged and subsequently photoshop processed to death, though resampling at 3X and using the "unsharp mask" filter will yield more than a sufficient improvement (9 times more pixels worth). The graphic following is just that of my limited interpretation of what I'm seeing and, the dimensions are also just my most conservative estimate based upon seeing no more than 2/3 of the craft exposed and of using the least dimensions so as to not unintentionally exaggerate upon the opportunity at hand, though of larger scale is certainly of importance, as bigger in this instance is better if the airship has to accommodate an entire community and of it's bulk contents in one commute per seasonal migration, much like the ultimate Ark of rigid airships, whereas this huge airship is technically doable (bigger being better) and certainly right at home in a calm and crystal clear ocean of mostly CO2.

Enlargement and filtered to best show rigid airship under hatch Raw GIF format at 72 dpi my best judgement as to what this pixel pattern represents

If a way of life on Venus could only have survived by creating such a huge airship, one that would have permitted their civilization to coexist primarily away from their season of toastier daytime, even for residing above their nighttime surface, of surviving their greenhouse environment world by using the best alternative at hand, wouldn't that sort of airship need to be rather large (perhaps much larger than even what I've suggested)?

BTW; there are many nearby community like attributes besides this airship, at least others and I can see numerous items (pixel patterns) that haven't been otherwise imaged and recorded by others as representative of anything natural, which leaves only artificial as the default of what's most likely existing as a significant community having rational infrastructure. Unfortunately, the surroundings of complex rock and of the rugged landscape environment seems to have remained quite natural looking, even after multiple photoshop efforts at improving upon detecting what's more likely artificial than not, while all of the surroundings that looked perfectly natural prior to such efforts still looked every bit as natural after being managed through the very same photo software filters.

As I've stipulated in no uncertain terms before, these precious and/or pretentious physics and astronomy types that have been focused upon bashing my research to death would just as soon eat their own kind, as to give into an inch or a penny of grant and/or foundation funding, much less concede upon anything that might tarnish their institutionally funded egos is simply a non workable alternative, even if it means more of those tall building must fall, and shuttles as well as airliners are stricken from the sky while all the rest of humanity is being flushed down the nearest toilet.

I've inquired as to the humanity and thus morality of their investments being made by and of what's being proposed by the sorts of folks opposing what I've discovered, much like SETI, the Mars or bust camp and those of the ESE fiasco are very much the same as so many others focused on their horrifically spendy and humanly unobtainable goals. Lo and behold, the answer is quite simple when morality is apparently a non-issue, thus humanity can go fish if it want's to survive, as these pretentious folks are not about to share nor even commit to anything that offers humanity squat, while others that could have helped have been intentionally avoiding any association and/or responsibility, by acting like bystanders at some illegal sporting event of death, these individuals have proven their worth as being equally subhuman, where at least the likes of the Pope and of a more recently Hitler were achieving great things while numerous Americans sat ideally by as long as the profits were rolling in. Too bad we weren't around when the Pope needed help with exterminating Cathars, as I'd bet we could have made another fortune.

So I'm a little miffed as well as confused as usual, as to the merits and worth of the astronomy and physics sorts of folks that are apparently situated well above God, superior to whatever else would have to offer more bang for the buck directly onto humanity, yet these nice folks seem unobliged to share or even support their fellow man, woman and child. Just as long as they can continue their research at the expense and demise of others is all that counts, which sort of makes spending those trillions upon cold-wars, then even more on hot-wars, then continued dog-wagging and subsequent damage control seem worthwhile if not glorious.

As opposed to NASA's spitting out 0.1% benefit as a result of secondary improvements for humanity, when committing to much less costly and worthwhile goals would have yielded far more specifics along with negligible if any repercussions, and of subsequently no need of skewing those laws of physics nor the history of humankind seems a bit too much to ask for. Apparently having governments lying continually is our one and only option for what's left of our self-inflicted demise, which leaves no room for the possibility of what some other civilization might have to offer, especially if that civilization is a whole lot smarter than of our pathetic existence. At this juncture, Earth's humanity is flat out of luck.

BTW; I've got a few more analogies and tit for tats regarding what's what, of what's been so terribly dead wrong about our methods of surviving and of our morbid intent to inflict whatever carnage by whatever means necessary in order to achieve our goals, like our getting and/or allowing others to doing our dirty work. Not that we're any total lost cause, just that a few too many of us seem to have been accomplishing everything within their powers, though always at our expense, to see that all the rest of us suck eggs before they give up an inch, which still itself works out really terrific unless you were one of those nice folks working in a certain tall building.

Lynn Rose offers "To undermine [an] argument, we need simply identify [the] false premisses[sic]."

Well folks, I've identified so many false premise that our NASA has either intentionally perpetrated and/or been snookered into by their boss (NSA/DoD), that I can't hardly believe anything that's been moderated by NASA, though most of what's stamped with their approval is filled truth, so that not all is lost, just somewhat skewed in a few too many places. After all, these folks utilize multi million dollar infomercials as toilet paper, and disinformation has been their cold-war game for decades.

Unlike in the following statement which offered ""to prove Velikovsky right you must assume Velikovsky right" & thereby ignore all the contrary physical evidence, which has priority over "historical" evidence which is subject to interpretation"", whereas I'd believe this statement should apply to the likes of Charles Ginenthal's "THE ORIGIN OF THE MOON", whereas I'm not the one expecting to be proven absolutely right, just opting for not being bashed for the spite of it all. As somewhere within the "other life on Venus" equation I'm far more than sufficiently right, at least a whole lot more right for the morally just reasons than those opposing are willing to admit.

If making a few unintentional mistakes on behalf of extrapolating and thus exploring the possibilities is what qualifies for a death sentence, then of intentional mistakes spawned by skewed science, skewed physics and a skewed sense of perverted history, plus the introduction of intentional disinformation should by all means represent that we must execute our resident dog-wagging warlord (among many others) on the spot.

Perhaps it's unfortunate that our White House has become a focused target of those affected by our most recent fiasco, thus someone other may soon accomplish their dastardly deed on behalf of humanity, in somewhat the same manner as we outfitted and trained the Taliban to in affect deliver the most damaging of war crimes upon the USSR by empowering the Taliban to succeed over the honest efforts of the USSR to otherwise contain the very embodiment of the devil himself, all supposedly on behalf of our cold-war intent of global economic domination, which was working pretty much super terrific up until 9/11 pay-back time.

Of what our methods and actions of very intentional physical aggression being played out against the USSR meant to our trigger happy Taliban partners in crime, was making it perfectly obvious that we like to play the game of life rough and for keeps. In other testy words of somewhat belated wisdom, we managed to come down to their level of morality or lack thereof in one fell swoop, by not only ignoring the better intentions and subsequent plight of what Russia was attempting to control on behalf of humanity, but by selling out to the devil himself (bin Laden). Take my word for it; that was a serious mistake.

The very same outcome seems to have become the case of those opposing "other life NOT as we know it" that's more likely than not existing on Venus, as the opposition is knowingly unwilling to accept the reality of being their being wrong, much less snookered for so long and to such an extent, as that simply wouldn't be the right thing to have happen, undermining their intentions of world domination under the guise or cloak of NASA (sort of like using the Red Cross for culvert activities, which of course we've done that one as well). Well, what can I say (I already told you so), but that we've blown several decades upon bogus NASA moderated events which had so many cloak and dagger NSA/DoD involvements, and as a result we've obtained so damn little to show for for all the carnage that we've gotten ourselves into this no-win situation without any outside help whatsoever (are we good at shooting off our own two feet or what?).

Perhaps what we all need is a good honest injection shot of what Dr. George R. Talbott (interdisciplinary science studies) can introduce, though if what I'm suggesting is outside of his "nondisclosure" box, I'd bet that his politically corrected conditional laws of physics would kick in a heart beat, especially about my village idiot notions of our moon arriving along with it's planet (Venus), where that (E-L1 + V-L2) merger obviously didn't last the test of time nor gravity, as if there were any moon involved something had to give or else, and the "or else" impact may have happened anyway as a result of this merger imbalance. Of course that solar system intruder may have been Earth. Either way I'd bet we could melt down a few super-computers before ever discovering the truth about such lunar inclusion that according to some (Charles Ginenthal) took place at least thousands of years ago (not likely millions, and certainly not billions).

Timelines for Earth and Mars are becoming better established, though for Venus as well as for our moon, those two are entirely open for consideration. Seems of the body we know the least about is that of our moon, of which if NASA had it their way, that's exactly where we'd be another century from now, knowing as little as today about something that affects Earth as much as the sun. The fact that our moon is not like another moon, in that it's orbit and rotation is entirely unique, at least so far there's been none other that's similar nor as valuable for sciences and astronomy applications, but don't tell that one to NASA, as they might have to pass another brick, which would be damn difficult since they've had such massive blockage ever since those Apollo days.

Sorry about this page taking on another one of those lose cannon approaches to things, though eventually someone is going to help focus the opportunities at hand before I manage an effective mid-section or perhaps a direct head-shot (don't hold your breath).

All of this Venus airship interest is somewhat more or less going to become obtainable with regard to our first establishing my Lunar Space Elevator and/or GMDE (Guth Moon Dirt Express) depot, as offering a perfectly valid means to an end (actually many ends), as opposed to the ESE fiasco of just blowing hundreds of billions directly into the toilet, even though somewhat less risky than for those insisting upon walking on the moon or Mars:
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