(I believe it's now or never)

Is it sufficiently bad enough that we must play lethal games at the global expense of others, and that the U.S. has established and carried out so many hidden agendas as those perpetrated by and/or aided by our very own NASA. Apparently not bad enough.

I have some thoughts;
In stead of this clearly self destructive approach, perhaps we could have taken merely 10% of our combined NASA/NSA/DoD/CIA annual funding and simply feed the whole damn world, and not by our dropping off guilt ridden (thousand dollar each) yellow food packets. But through directly placing that 10% resource into the hands of those most able to purchase a hundred times as much per dollar. Best implemented by our simply purchasing as well as allowing all other nations to purchase their commodities, goods and services, under a fair and truly open global economy, and that's clearly what our entrusted agencies should be defending.

Our form of foreign aid is often retrospective and nearly always for our social benefit, and not so much for those impacted by our actions. It is obviously limited (carefully doled out) so as to prevent those receiving aid from becoming sufficiently capable so as to impose a threat to our badly perceived global economy, that which must benefit us first and apparently forever into the future (sort of like accepting candy from the God father, fore knowing your repayment will be considerably greater).

I personally feel we have little justification or right in pursuing speculative space exploration, when in fact the majority of our efforts have been focussed towards clandestine operations, heavily in support of our NSA/DoD agendas which have shown little if any true consideration for that which is not directly beneficial to American interest.

Supplying bullets and weapon technology to otherwise sufficiently capable Nations, purely because that method accelerates our global interest and further insures our future prosperity is simply flat out wrong.

Equally, our sitting back while allowing others to inflect punishment and damage onto those our Administration and NSA/DoD/CIA happen to not like, let alone further supplying their opposition so as to expedite the demise of our perceived enemy is simply another outrageous example of our apparent arrogance and clearly selfish betrail of those less fortunate and less capable of holding onto what's rightfully theirs.

Our primary cold-war betrail upon the USSR, especially when their best efforts were so desperately attempting to rid certain countries of radical/terrorists factions, has now clearly returned to bite us. This recent recoil is that directly responsible for tens of thousands needlessly killed and dying, plus clearly another outrageous waste of our global resources, but that's nothing as compared to the destructive impact which our past and ongoing cold-war(s) infect upon their intended targets.

Our cold-wars may not have to openly used so many American bullets, but hundreds of thousands have directly died as a result, where fortunately for us, only a small number of those became our soldiers and civilian counterparts as well as astronauts.

Some times our "in your face" NSA/DoD/CIA (for power and profit) diplomacy (such as our feuds with China, Cuba and our hopefully past feuds with Russia) has placed our world far too close into global conflicts, where upon several occasions nearly into thermal nuclear as well as biological cleansing of nearly all life forms, where only the greater powers (those so prepared) will outlive the remainders of humanity (that's you and me).

When great Nations, such as India, in spite of their many problems and limited resources, have at least managed to establish affordable telephone communications with 2% of their population, and where on the other hand, we have been annually investing hundreds of billions towards our national interest, including a great deal upon our NSA/DoD/CIA operations and now into the resulting clean up, plus other billions upon purely speculative space research and somewhat limited exploration; it should perhaps make one think about how little we have been getting for our money, especially when other nations have achieved so much from nearly nothing as compared to our budgets, and no one is apparently shooting at them (at least not to the extent that we have attracted such, and not for the same reasons).

Initiating any ruse can be costly, but maintaining that illusion requires multiple ruse layering as well as lethal "non-disclosure" enforcement so as to insure that the truth(s) hopefully never surface (such as pertaining to our Apollo missions), and this not only takes massive resources but it obviously removes those resources from otherwise pursuing valid research and exploration, as well as hinders honest research and exploration, thus further damaging our true global achievements but even more so clearly aggravating and/or introducing new rifts which have placed parts of our finite world into pure chaos.

One clear solution is clearly to "CUT/SEVER FUNDING" as to those agencies and therefore individuals responsible for continuing our destructive game plan. Unfortunately, that may have to include further and possibly even totally abolishing NASA's current and future budget(s), if only to rid this infected agency that seems so eager to protect those deeply entrenched, and then if need be, to temporarily shut everything down to the quick, so as to formulate an entirely new beginning (perhaps privet), so as to insure that the cleansing process was sufficiently thorough.

Sorry if some of you think I'm not a team player, I just do not want the needless termination of human life on my conscious, let alone standby while our finite resources are being squanderred.

At the present rate at which we humans are devouring Earth and ourselves, in no time at all we may not have to worry about much of anything. So, perhaps once we have managed to thoroughly destroy Earth, "GUTH Venus" will simply not look so bad (maybe we could even get use to really hot places).

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