Lunar Recession or Not Entirely

(by; Brad Guth / IEIS~GASA    updated: November 17, 2003)

This is where I was reading through the moonrec.html document and just wondered, if things have changed since Tim Thompson created and/or applied such research into why he believes, as well as a few others smarter than myself, that we are gradually losing our moon. I've even located upon a few lunar recession tit for tats pertaining to his argument outline.

Well folks, thankfully we're not actually losing our moon, as I've learned that there's a reasonable consensus that at some point, way off in the future, the moon will arrive at perhaps 550,000 km, instead of where it's residing at the moment, somewhat equalizing and becoming situated for life, even though by that time all life as we know it well have long since died off for Earth, except for the likes of Saddam and bin Laden, along with the DNA of Martha Stewart and nearly all of those ENRON/Andersen folks.

It seems quite possible for Tim's outline of gravitational factors and of those mutually associated tidal issues, to be doing exactly that, causing some of Earth's energy to being focused and/or directed upon upon flinging our moon further away from Earth, as currently having a fairly good clip underway of 38 mm/year. Even though I still don't have a grasp of specifically how much kinetic energy that represents, considering the lunar mass and of Earth's gravity, it's certainly a whole bunch.

Though I've recently been promoting upon the idea or village idiot notion of an alternative of Earth shrinking by the same degree, in that there's a good chance we're both correct. In that Earth is exponentially losing energy (numerous tera BTUs) and thereby mass and/or shrinkage at a greater rate than the moon, where this outcome seems to beg for inclusion in the overall recession equation, if not implying something for the global warming factor. After all, the moon is already a relatively cold duck, sort of in the final stages of becoming the dead horse that the old cloak and dagger Apollo guard of NASA desperately want's it to be, while Earth is still relatively active, as in measurably slowing in rotation while also geologically cooling itself off.

Evidence of tectonics and platetonics is a reasonably sure sign that Earth, as compared to the moon, is still cooling off and thereby a degree of shrinkage seems more likely than not, though perhaps not of the order of 38 mm/year. In any event, whatever isn't naturally cooling off and thereby expending energy into and beyond the surface environment (radiating into space and thereby minutely impacting upon the moon), the remainder of humanity has been rapidly burning off as fast as our greedy technology will permit, thus between these two forces being hard at work, there's a great deal of Earth's energy resources being expended and, unless someone is pumping all of that back into mother Earth, chances are that our home world is in fact shrinking due to the cooling by the numerous forces of energy extractions and of a subsequent/eventual collapse of our molten core into something quite hard and of lesser diameter.

Of course, more global warming means more oceans, which in turn means more tidal gravity actions, which in turn represents more energy (lots more) devoted to flinging our moon further away from Earth. At least that's within the primary notion of what Tim Thompson has to say.

My ulterior interest (ulterior motive) is for tapping into this gravitational energy via tether dipole elements, one of which connected directly to the moon, while the other element essentially deployed from the lunar L1 (ME-L1), or perchance from the GMDE ME-L1.1 depot deployed directly towards mother Earth. The additional Earth bound dipole element might reach nearly all the way, deep into the Van Allen zone of death (say coming within 50,000 km of Earth, clear of most GSO satellites), thereby capable of extracting those multiple giga if not tera watts of continuous electromagnetic energy, if not otherwise just by extracting pure solar induced electrons worth. Seems either way there's energy to being had, perhaps a whole lot more than we can manage, especially considering our limited intellectual abilities and need for residing tightly with those little smelly boxes that nicely suit the politically correct agenda of the day.

Extracting said energy and storing such into a couple of fairly massive counter rotating flywheels, situated and regulated at the ME-NULL or ME-L1, thus not only taking the fullest advantage of absolute zero gravity, but also least space born debris and thereby least possible friction as well as avoiding some of those unwanted impacts.

If not by extracting electrons directly from the dipole elements, then perhaps via direct mechanical means as obtained from the 5.5% lunar orbital variations. By having those massive counter rotating flywheels situated and regulated at the ME-L1 gravity-null, utilizing the CM/ISS and of the CCM as a pull/pull conversion as directly applied into rotational energy storage seems quite doable, at least I can manage to accomplish that much of a task right over my desk.

One must remember that the ME-L1 environment imposes no restrictions upon those two flywheels, of their size nor mass, as we could be talking about a relatively compact pair of 50e3 tonne items, or somewhat a larger dual of 50e6 tonnes each (actually there's no limit). Effective flywheel diameters could start off as little as 10 meters or of becoming 1000 meters worth. The material of construction could just as well be of basalt fiber composites or of just about any other composite, or even of various metallic alloy, as long as the centrifugal forces are those within spec, as carrying the weight is certainly a non issue and, of whatever friction is nearly another non issue. The bulk of internal flywheel mass could be accommodated from just plain old raw basalt, at as little as 2.9 g/ccm, or of just about any other mineral/ore that's already a lunar product and/or byproduct (there should also be mega tonnes worth of dense meteorite to work with).

Situated at the non-rotating tether (pass-through) core of these relatively massive flywheels (say representing a flywheel centrifugal mass of 50,000 t each), energy from far above at ME-L1.1 or from far below at ME-0.9 could just as well supplementing other energy conversion attributes, just as capable of converting and subsequently inducing such as into electromagnetic rotation.

Exactly How Much Is Too Much Flywheel Mass ?

One thought upon pushing the outer limits; as long as these dipole tethers are up to the task, and of time being on our side, we could eventually manage to create those massive counter-rotating flywheels of containing a combined 1e12 tonnes (trillion tonnes = 0.0000014% of lunar mass), as this certified mad-scientist opportunity is where there's even a remote chance that we could help stabilize the moon recession, while taking advantage of and of subsequently storing those tera watt hours within the counter-rotating mass of what the rotating 1e12 t is worth. Of course there'd also be the CM/ISS mass, plus whatever the dipole element extended towards Earth and of whatever end-point platform of tethered outstation that's residing itself well within the Van Allen zone of death.

The notion of beaming that surplus of acquired energy back towards Earth, say powering up an array of 100 GW laser cannons (a dozen or so should do the trick) of whatever spectrum as well as beam diversion output desired, could literally be modified on a moments notice as for killing off those two ethnic birds with one horrifically nasty stone. In this case a 270 nm beam should do the trick, though 193 nm would be nearly invisible since most of the DNA damage would be below the skin, as in down to the bone and then some. Fortunately, if the Dogon tribe holds the "lock box" key, there shouldn't be any misusage of those laser cannons, only good things and otherwise meaningful R&D happenings.

Because the options are so great for potentially exterminating the entire human race, and otherwise of the applied physics so intense, I could use the expertise and industrial grade medications of others in order to better understand what potentials there are for obtaining/extracting tether energy, and/or of simply surviving the LSE fiasco of just establishing the lunar space elevator in the first place. It's not to say that eventually the ESE fiasco isn't going to pay off, just that we'll all be flat broke, as well as long dead and gone before that one ever happens.

BTW; I simply don't buy into the sorts of feedback of it "doesn't take any damned energy at all" argument regarding the task of sustaining our moon as a satellite issue, as there's a measurable degree of friction in outer space, at least of the space closely associated within the core of our solar system that must also take on the brunt of solar flak output, and of most certainly with respect to what's associated between Earth and the moon, with the possible minor exception being the absolute gravity null zone of our mutual opposing gravity-wells situated roughly 84% between Earth and the moon, though even that void has got to be worth at least 6e6 atoms/m3, which isn't a factor if you're not having to travel through it at 1.025 km/s and, doing all of that while having a rough satellite surface area in the rather enormous amount of 38e12 m2. Obviously there's tremendous energy to being had, as for whatever is causing the lunar recession is a wee bit more than a nudge.

As a little reference/backup to the density or soup of space, not that I've found any concensus, not even a dull roar over the consistancy of what a m3 worth of what's out there represents but, from time to time I've located others presumably a whole lot smarter than myself with their calculations, such as the following: Hydrodynamics of Planetary Nebulae; 10e10 atoms per m3 and of much lower density, typically 10e7 atoms per m3.

Being that the LSE-CM/ISS offers an unlimited opportunity for a tether dipole element deployment (an average element of 267,240 km worth), this is presently where I believe there's a great deal of energy to being had and/or extracted, subsequently stored within those counter-rotating flywheels.

Even though there's been tether energy experiments that have been insufficient to contain and/or survive the horrific energy potential, yet there has been orchestrated opposition that isn't about to admit their dead wrong, and that I'm more right than not about what counts. Apparently being the least bit right about affordable goals and morally meaningful agendas that'll benefit all of humanity is officialy "off limits" and/or of a nondisclosure nature, as God forbid, we apparently don't want the public (snookered morons or village idiots like myself) to ever realize what's possible, as that might take all the cloak and dagger fun out of it.

If you simply bring yourself to agree with that issue, of my being the least bit right about something as terrific as what this LSE-CM/ISS program offers, then I suppose you should provide some specific numbers and/or references worth your side of the arguments, as otherwise I'll suggest that you put up or shut up.

Just like pertaining to all the hot and nasty aspects of Venus, even though an extended season of nighttime, while sufficiently elevated and applying at least some degree of technology, is certainly going to take the edge off that seriously over-heated thermometer, not to mention what a little of Darwin's evolution couldn't hurt. So, telling me that life can't possibly have existed on Venus is the same as stipulating that mankind can't possibly exist in outer space, nor deep under water, which are obviously statements way more than boldly inconsistent with reality, within such a skewed reality is even our pathetic idea of humanity entitlements, whereas a whole, clearly Earth's humanity isn't even all that smart, easily snookered to say the least.

It's become a little more than clear that we'd rather be wasting our time and human resources as well as hundreds of billions if not trillions upon locating invisible WMD, or otherwise upon delivering our next "shock and awe" instead of making friends by setting worthy examples. Meanwhile we're getting our butts seriously kicked by folks riding camels and donkeys. Blaming others for their supplying defensive weapon technology to the likes of the Al Qaida/Taliban had better first include ourselves because, that's exactly what we did in order to utilize those very same folks for accomplishing our perpetrated cold-war dirty work against the USSR, and of what we didn't supply we taught them how to make-due, somewhat the same as we provided Israel on behalf of their 6-Day war that essentially got the USS LIBERTY thoroughly toasted shortly after thousands of prisoners were exterminated, seems not all that much different.

The problem is not that we did those sorts of dastardly things but, that we and our allies permitted survivors, thus without remorse nor intentions of ever changing our ways, we obviously didn't learn sufficiently from the pros, like how the Pope dealt with those Cathars which apparently worked like a charm.

Here I thought my research and subsequent discovery of other life NOT as we know it was somewhat like uncovering the Holy Grail, where it's become more like discovering the Holy Toilet and, there's still no plunger in sight. If I had thought I'd be having to delve into so much history and into the deeds of what our government has been involved with ever since those bloody US Mexican wars, I'd have realized that this effort or task of merely sharing in what Venus has to offer was going to become a fight to our deaths, as I'm still absolutely amazed at how dumbfounded and otherwise impudent the vast communities of science and physics remains as linked into the Borg collective of the NSA/DoD agendas for global domination. As I've stated before; these folks that lord over the realms of science and of those laws of physics will in fact eat their own kind before admitting they've missed something as important as life existing on Venus, or even that we could and should have been utilizing our moon for all sorts of beneficial matters.

All of this lunar interest is in regard to establishing my Lunar Space Elevator and/or GMDE (Guth Moon Dirt Express) depot, as a perfectly valid means to an end (actually many ends):
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