In spite of everything NASA, Venus supports life NOT as we know it

(Obviously more likely of superior lizardkind survival intelligence than of mankind, also more truth worthy)
( by; Brad Guth / IEIS     updated: July 13, 2004 )

It seems Earth is definitely affected by Venus, NASA is only affected by GUTH Venus

(according to NASA's "spin" and "damage control" moles and borgs, apparently gravity alignments are non issues, especially if that's regarding anything Venus)

In addition to this 4 body alignment consideration of Earth/moon/Venus/sun, I've recently thrown in the "cubic lightyear" factors into this ring of fire, though only so as to help further explain something potentially sinister about the sort of folks opposing absolutely anything I'm having to say. Such as, apparently much like discussing anything of out moon, likewise Venus has not been worth discussing, as not even NOAA was allowed to confer openly and honestly about the past November 4th and 5th, as for why officially Earth's extreme weather, extreme tides and associated increase in levels of tectonics had apparently absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with any 4 body alignment including the likes of the planet Venus, nor of anything other as to subsequently do with the likes of folks that prematurely died here on Earth.

In other words, if it's a bad sort of thing that's happening, then absolutely anything of which NASA or NOAA could have otherwise helped to have explain isn't going to be explained, at least not until long after the fact, and then only after someone other like myself that's been asking too many silly questions. After all, you don't want to upset the snookered troopos, especially if there's nothing you can do about anything,and not another buck to being made, much less for the sake of educating folks about the truth and nothing but the truth, because God forbid, some of us village idiots just migh figure out how to add two and two, and then what?

My previous update is in part accommodated by one of those friendly moles or intellectual borgs. As for some strange reason, they're not offering all that much comment any more. So, all I can do is offer credit wherever credit is due, such as for the 4 body alignment feedback of 0.0000051:1 aspect of the Venus gravity influence supposedly is in relationship to that of our moon; submitted by Jonathan Silverlight.

We all realize that the moon affects Earth, although obviously tides and other factors have most certainly been affected by the nearness and extended alignment of Venus.
Global weather has been further impacted by Venus.
Tectonics have recently been influenced by Venus.
Platetonics (earthquakes) influenced by Venus.

I'm of the belief that presumably the extended duration of Venus being within darn good four-body alignment with that of our moon, and of that association being nearly .27 AU (1 AU = 149.598e9 meters), thus 40.4e6 km is suggesting upon a worthy dwell and/or allotment of gravitational pull, by which that supposedly 0.0000051:1 worth of gravity influenced (times whatever for exposure time) worked it's magic upon Earth, but apparently that's simply not the case, as according to those opposing absolutely everything that's Venus (strangely otherwise supporting everything Mars), time and duration of exposure to whatever gravity is oddly a non issue, same goes for anything Sirius and I suppose of that 10th or whatever other planet is going to be the same "not and issue" no matters what I'm suggesting.   F = (G m1 m2) / d2   offers a gravity calculator that's per two given bodies, which indicated upon the following numbers as Newtons of Force (1 newton = 0.101972 kg force);

Earth/sun (@149.598e6) = 3.54258e28
Earth/moon (@3.845e5) = 1.9814e26
Earth/Venus (@41e6) = 1.1544e24

The Earth/sun value of 3.54258e28 n (3.61244e27 kg) is a relative constant, thus we'll leave that one out of this picture for the moment.

Obviously of the Earth/moon/sun threesome of any significant alignment period with the sun making things into a potential gravitational foursome once Venus is included, whereas the moon issue is only going to be worth at best a 3 day span, though if pretty much focused upon a specific couple of days, and even down to a specific day if we're going to consider upon the timing via further alignment of the forth significant gravity influence of Venus that's aligned and correlates to the most measurable of tidal and tectonic forces as detected upon Earth. As then we're talking about a considerable degree of aligned forces essentially pulling upon the core of Earth towards the moon, towards Venus and of course towards the sun.

Of the Earth/Venus alignment delivering a maximum worth of 1.1544e24 newtons = .1177165e24 kg = 117,716,500 tera tonnes worth of added force upon the fluid core and otherwise all of mother Earth, and for at least a 10 fold greater dwell/duration than for any Earth/moon consideration seems like that's enough energy/force as to trigger something that noteworthy. Placing that in further alignment with the moon should only have added an amount of insult to injury. Don't you think that an average of nearly 1e23 kg (100 million tera tonnes) applied for two weeks that's within reasonable solar alignment as well as in addition to a relatively momentary lunar influence of 200e23 kg is worth something?

Clearly the Earth/Venus alignment is still offering far less influence than of the Earth/moon, and by a good factor of 20:1 less impact, or I calculate that as a gravity ratio of 0.005:1 X 10 as for the added duration of exposure = 0.05:1 since the Venus alignment wasn't for any half day, as it was applied days on end, whereas a good week worth of perpetually increasing and another week of decreasing influence where the tally upon Earth is accumulative, becoming further maximised upon all four bodies being aligned during one specific day, and/or the day after, when in fact Earth experienced far more than it's usual imbalances and as such there were a few triggered event.

Elsewhere, there's certainly a far better gravitational calculation that'll best demonstrate what the four-body alignment and associated dwell of the Venus alignment has to offer. Yet when I asked of others to share whatever notions and/or to comment on my conjecture that NASA/NOAA were intentionally avoiding absolutely anything Venus, instead such as Mr. Jonathan Silverlight stipulating the 0.0000051:1 aspect of the Venus gravity influence that was supposedly in relationship to that of our moon, whereas his previous statement to this affect now seems a wee bit intentionally skewed, almost as though Silverlight and of others just like him were trying their absolute very best as to snooker someone with their apparently bogus 0.0000051:1 statement, whereas my 0.05:1 statement hasn't even taken into account as for the 4-bodly alignment factor.

I suppose, since throughout my lifetime I've been occasionally lied to by parents and teachers, certainly by various religious leaders and of their following, can't count how many times by customers, and we all should know that most colleges have lied for all sorts of despicable and dastardly reasons (usually over monney but certainly not limited to such), and that government agencies in general lie their butts off all the time, and of our best leaders attempting to keep their positions of power or especially if about to get the ax have been dog-wagging if not flat-out lying as to distract and/or control the mainstream media away from the truth, thus why should I be surprised at the community of publicly funded astronomy and astrophysics types doing the same. Even the likes of "" that's touted as a free-for-all against the mainstream status quo has not managed to get one item or worthwhile topic into the required textbooks of America, and otherwise not one official mainstream recognition of uncovering squat. In other words, it's been an institution of nothing but "know-thy-enemy", and thereby spin and damage control on behalf the distorting and/or suppressing various information and situations to a fairlywell. Of course the mainstream media will not publish anything the likes of NASA doesn't want published, for fear of losing out on the highly lucrative infomercial publishing on behalf of government funded agencies and situations.

As I've often stipulated that I'm not any typical ologist, other than perhaps a darn good observationology sort of ologist, thus I'm not an astronomy wizard nor even a rocket scientest, and as such, thereby I'm not nearly as preferred as by NASA's Godly standards as the likes of others, of which they've pretend to oblige as to whatever their God(s) desires, by one way of their kind of folks continually faking whatever religious affiliations and association to whatever church, as long as that approach keeps the public snookered and those God bucks rolling in, while otherwise seemingly plotting the very demise of humanity on behalf of CIA/NSA/DoD agendas. None the less, it seems as though (in order to be pressing forward, as in spite of NASA, such as by way of my pressing those other people's buttons), I'm having to learn so much on that need to know basis (not that learning all that much of anything other has represented any relevance towards that having to do with disqualifying my observation-ology expertise). This ongoing effort is obviously my form of favor returning and because of those claiming as being so freaking perfect (all knowing) can't manage to actually deliver all that much of anything except flak, as if they did, God forbid, that might only further fuel the argument about NASA being such control freaks, especially as to whatever it takes as to keeping those Apollo lids tightly in place and now of far greater importance of keeping Venus out of sight as well as out of mind.

Because of some recent flak from the mainstream types, I've actually had to tone the rant factor of this page down a wee bit, however, I still can't report or share anything all that specific from others bent upon purely criticizing because, apparently my wizardly critic types can't actually seem to offer any of those specific numbers, as otherwise what they continue to deliver is a whole lot of intellectual incest squat, with no verifiable specifics that would otherwise help clarify upon the relationships between that of Earth, our moon and Venus.

On the other hand, as soon as I obtain some further planetary relationship numbers, I'll share that information as well as the credits for all those individuals responsible. Once again folks, I may even have to add in the "duh factor" because, obviously the discovery of more likely then not artificial attributes existing on Venus has bee a done deal for at least 4 years and counting, whereas apparently that little fact supposedly has little if anything to do with ongoing denials by the mainstream status quo and of NASA's subsequent pathetic existence. At this point I'm actually not the least bit interested in what those numbers are, as I'm only trying to wedge open yet another doorway, so that even though NASA has been officially avoiding the likes of Venus (much like avoiding the plague) ever since my discovery, that just possibly there's someone other that's responsible for making things happen, one soul that has not yet received NASA's Borg implant, therefore not part of NASA's hive, hopefully still capable of independently thinking outside the box.

If you're interested, I have a good number of issues that could certainly utilize your expertise, such as; what our moon is good for, the Lunar Space Elevator, rigid airship engineering/technology, perhaps even towards a reusable shuttle as based in part upon that rigid airship attribute, as for obtaining the necessary CO as fuel through converting CO2-->CO/O2, of what all of that 4+bar/km and of 10+K/km worth of kinetics has to offer (my reverse engineered Vertical CO2 windpower formula is just an ongoing estimate, as obviously something based upon my village idiot conjecture that sufficient motivation would lkiely have expedited developing such energy capability and thereby usage for the benefit of staying alive), then of understanding whatever other methods of H2SO4 gathering and subsequent extraction/distillationof H2O, then into subsequent production of H2O2 and then obviously as to whatever H2 has to offer for those living on such a toasty hot planet (on Earth one can derive as much Volume as 1200:1 worth of H2 per H2O, whereas presumably that would be shifting to as little as 16:1 as for accomplishing the same process at 75 Bar, but then it obviously much hotter and there's nothing stopping a vacuum process from further boosting that capability right back to if not greater than 1200:1), as they may need that H2 as a captive gas for buoyancy as well an effective thermal barrier (remember; I'm not talking about H2 as ever becoming of any free gas, but obviously as being sufficiently contained (what sort of village idiot would ever release or dare burn off something as valuable as H2), perhaps stored as in silica/basalt glass or ceramic spheres, thereby sort of existing as within a vacuum as compared to the external ambient pressure (try really hard to remember also; we're not necessarily even talking about having to sustain millions of lizard folk, only thousands that were sufficiently rich and/or powerful enough as to hold onto that high ground, especially of any site(s) that's still indicating active fluids, such as having multiple reservoirs and that "fluid arch" and, most likely offering other natural resources of life (obviously I'm speaking NOT as we know it) sustaining values.

Good grief folks! I realize that I'm a perfectly appalling story writer, and that some of my numbers get a little off base but, If you can't follow any of this or simply elect to further brown-nose your way along through life with the likes of NASA/NSA/DoD and NOAA sorts (keeping hidden agendas as per the USS LIBERTY, 9/11, TWA flight-800 instead of the Tel Aviv flight, Boeing/TRW ABL and CHALLENGER, and so on), then what's the freaking point, as you've obviously become a lost cause from the get go.

Unless uncle Newton and Einstine were entirely incorrect (bogus), there are only 4 primary issues associated with everything that's Earth, including of what affecting Earth's weather, as well as it's internal tectonics and/or platetonics (of course, if you're one of those super "all knowing" pro-NASA cult brains, then there are at least another thousand issues, one of which could be Mars and certainly another issue has to be Sirius however, if those were combined, such considerations should not measurably amount to the least of the following).

1) the sun
2) the moon
3) Venus
4) Earth itself

Clearly without the influence of the first three elements, Earth itself would not much matter because, life would not have existed as we know it. The gravity of Mars is even a slight factor of what's sustaining Earth as we know it. In other words, everything is inter related in ways that some folks are still denying until them unfortunate Apollo cows come home.

Normally as for 16 months out of every 18+ month Venus/Earth cycle, our weather and storm patterns and of whatever other planetary internal/external issues are those pretty much unaffected by the likes of Venus, fortunately that's because for those 16 months of it's association with Earth, Venus is sufficiently further away and not within any significant alignment with the Sun and/or that of our moon.

However folks, this has not always been the case, since Venus is roughly 66 times (plus whatever mass attributed by it's thick and robust atmosphere and surrounding internal amounts of distorted solar flak of somewhat ISM factors of added mass or distortions due to such gravity alignments) in addition to the mass of our moon, and upon occasions Venus has been merely 100 times as far away as our moon, thus I believe having a measurable gravitational influence, with the strong added exception being (much unlike our moon), that at such times Venus is essentially parked (as in lingering) between the Sun and us, as otherwise essentially not moving towards or away all that fast but slowly cruising past, therefore it's influence or dwell has been offering a somewhat accumulative affect, as in day after day, week after week, as for applying it's relatively consistent and proportional to it's alignment of added gravitational pull (as I've indicated, a somewhat similar influence as our moon has upon Earth's weather and such), except that Venus has been delivering it's measure of influence upon Earth for at least 2 months worth out of every cycle, and offering a noticeably heightened performance of gravitational influence for at least two of those weeks, further maximizing upon this influence as of November 4th and 5th when aligned with that of our moon.

I thereby asked of forums such as "", "badastronomy", "Fantasticforum" and a good number of others in order to share and obtain some feedback upon the notions that we might consider as worthy about life on Venus, and not that our officials could have done all that much different for those of us here on Earth, except for perhaps offering a few public announcements and of keeping closer tabs on weather patterns and a few thousand seismic detectors, however and lo and behold, it certainly would have been a reasonable bonus feather in the likes of NOAA's cap, especially if they had bothered even the least bit as to offer some insight and/or predictions based upon such solid scientific logic. Of course, upon receiving one word from NASA and as such surely none of that was ever going to happen, especially by any planet that officially doesn't seem to exist anymore. Fortunately ESA doesn't have those concerns of having to adhere to whatever NASA stipulates and, has been willing to consider all sorts of things pertaining to Venus.

I'm not altogether certain but, seems sufficiently clear as though something that's been capable of applied influence upon Earth, that such an event should have been closely studied, talked about, at least realized for what it was, and then about our weather, tides and seismic patterns more closely monitored because of that 4-body alignment influence. Of course, that suggestion alone would have meant I'm not the village idiot after all and, that somehow our crack wizards residing at Club NASA have either been asleep or perhaps entirely stoned out of their minds. During this planetary juncture (essentially a near miss as for such worlds the size and mass of Earth and Venus), for NASA and NOAA to have intentionally ignored the relevance of something that was nearly as influenbcial upon our world as our moon, that seems to be somewhat like our NSA/DoD/FBI/CIA individually as well as collectively ignoring those dozens of red flags associated with the 9/11 event (from what we now realize, those blatantly arrogant agencies were each concentrating upon more important issues, like obtaining more funding and/or better benefits and likely super new facility complexes like what NSA has at there disposal, obviously you can't do your job properly if the fully outfitted complex you're in is valued at anything under $10,000 per square foot, per floor, that cost per square footage is to be including those basement levels as well as the damn roof and, don't forget their custom parking garage, as that's damn near as costly as ever other square foot, especially when fully occupied with all those brand new SUV's).

This most recent planetary near-juncture and good alignments, besides offering our best ever opportunity for simply placing a few of those local area code laser calls, as the significant combined gravitational influence issue alone is certainly what helped generate those much lower/higher as well as unusually complex tide patterns and, it certainly exacerbated upon other issues, such as tectonics as well as associated golbal weather alterations, thus earthquakes, greater storms and of simply of more likely then not other radical weather/temperature affects were in fact those being influenced by Venus, especially when that planet has become this close and so unlike our moon, offering such added inward sustained pull upon Earth for at least the two months of October/November 2002.

I would not be all that surprised to hear that Venus pulled our moon a bit further away and thus adding to the lunar recession, then obviously pulled Earth just another wee bit closer to the Sun (it's certainly not been pushing us away). I believe that we already have sufficient instruments to check and verify upon such data, but, that would mean mentioning and then involving our forbidden moon and of the planet of "Venus" and, apparently we simply can't have that sort of freedom of information just floating about.

A brief check or review of previous Venus/Earth cycle (encounters), as those being associated to Earth's environment and status, of generally bad and/or unusual things happening, whereas such coinciding with those times when Venus was being closest to Earth seems like a good sort of indever for folks to be accomplishing, as perhaps those will each indicate upon fairly similar events and subsequently confirm the effects of this frequent encounter with Venus. In fact this October 4th & 5th of 2002 is when we had our moon in direct addition to Venus, thus applying even greater (near maximum) solar system stresses upon Earth and, as such, created muximum influences upon global weather, tides and tectonics.

Because this planetary nearness can only be observed in Earth's daylight, at least to most of us the planet Venus is simply not visible (does not exist), somewhat like trying to see the moon in daylight, but it's certainly there and it's darn big (appearing as 3.25% to 3.5% that of our moon) and, this charming event happens roughly every 18+ months.

Obviously Venus is not as such helping us out by ever pushing us away from the Sun, in fact, it's always been something responsible for pulling us inward, and at most recent times, such as this October/November 2002 event, that added pull has been unusually greater because, it's doing such at the mere distance of 0.27 AU (40.4e6 km), and due to the extended dwell offering a measurable accumulative gravitational pull influence as similar to that of our moon. Again, with the exception being that this pull is sufficiently prolonged (accumulative) and as unlike the gravity influence of our moon, for a couple of weeks being constantly in addition to the solar gravity, along with that measurably added force being applied for these two weeks on end as opposed to the moon being roughly aligned with the solar gravity for at best couple of days worth.

Unfortunate for Earth's humanity and whatever truths;  It seems as though our NASA has recently determined that Newton, Einstine as well as a host of other astronomers were all full of it because, this most recent influence upon Earth's weather and tectonics and/or platetonics was being intentionally ignored to death, even though Venus has recently influenced Earth with various negative impacts (additionally as for that influence being accumulated along with our lunar pull on November 4th & 5th), thus affecting our global weather situation and much of worse things as according to the "Venus Express" team if you'd care to study the added amounts of what the solar winds are being delivered by way of such an assisted amount of focused gravity.

Apparently, as entirely unnoticed by NOAA (as no words of wisdom were being submitted by lord NASA), those recent storms, earthquakes and general global weather behaviour patterns having been influenced by Venus, yet our NASA and NOAA wizards have each been accomplishing everything within their considerable power (orchestrating) as to keeping Venus out of the news, as well as out of the astronomy topics and of removed as much as possible from whatever other science minds. Sort of another three-monkey "out of sight, out of mind" sort of fiasco.

OK folks, and my fellow snookered Americans, so according to our NASA those gravity issues are NOT the least bit worth appreciating nor of further understanding, in fact, if you were to call or email NASA/NOAA as to inquire about such planetary influences by that of Venus, you will not obtain squat, only old textbook and/or carefully scripted mainstream references and of essentially nothing that's current nor scheduled for the future. As far as NASA is concerned, Venus simply no longer exist, as not even our best talented astronomers nor space platform instruments can even manage to locate nor image upon Venus (at least not whenever I've asked about such), even though it's recently been within sufficiently black space at 6+ degrees south of the Sun (disregarding those pretentious Hubble lovers, whereas I believe that 6+ degrees south is even sufficiently safe for Hubble to image upon and most certainly for the likes KECK-II and of TRACE that could always have managed no matters what).

Fortunately, ESA as recently re-located Venus for us and, in spite of our absolutely dumbfounded notions, they actually think there's something of scientific value associated with Venus that would make their adventurous trip worth while. So, the "Venus Express" team is finally getting it's funding together and it's green-light mission to hell and back is going to transpire in spite of our NASA, eventually returning to Earth with a sufficient atmospheric sample that could possibly contain some lofty silica diatoms, or of whatever other traces of life that created the horrific sorts of nighttime greenish atmospheric glow (ionised O2) as detected by team KECK-II, or perhaps even those truly horrific illumination spots as recorded by Alen Heath of the BAA.

November 21, 2002 satire

In further jest, I'll offer that in deed I do, as well as often apply satire and, I'm not even all that good at it. Sort of like NASA's jesting and satire upon all of that lunar stuff except, they've been darn good at it. Just like recently NASA's moles have delivered onto their following of worshipers that Earth (besides being flat and only American) is somehow entirely unaffected by other gravity such as Venus, even when it's lingering at 0.27 AU and even more so when it's in further alignment with our moon as well as the sun.

As for being the certified village idiot, thereby not an official astronomer (hell's bell's, according to those opposing my every word, apparently I don't even know which way is up), I always thinking that our moon affected or at least had some influence upon Earth's weather, tides and even did a number upon various tectonic issues. Seems I recall that aligning especially large gravitational pulls is a definite no-no unless you actually wanted to produce greater tides and such things as affecting Earth's core and then triggering platetonics into being manipulated about. Seems that of something that's roughly 66 times the mass of our moon and as such being situated (unlike our moon) for weeks in nearly one accumulative specific direction of pull, that which was also in alignement with the sun, that this could have offered some raw influence, especially when all 4 significant bodies were in such darn good alignment for a couple of days.

Seems sufficiently clear that gravitional pull factors are also associated with the allotment of time (most gravity formula seem to apply such results in terms of a given moment, as in per second, not otherwise accummulated upon days, weeks nor months worth), as our moon spends so very little time pulling upon a given turf or ocean of Earth in any one specific direction (unlike Venus the damn thing keeps going round and round you know) however The Earth/sun relationship is certainly somewhat of a gravity constant, though as the likes of Venus was doing it's near-miss thing once again, as for a good two weeks worth of averaging nearly 1e23 kg and, worse yet was the added fact that again unlike our moon, that added amount of Venus gravity influence was in sufficient alignment with not only the moon but that other big-ass gravity thing called the sun.

Good thing I was entirely dead wrong about all that gravity stuff, and to think, I can thank all those NASA moles and damage control borgs for their setting me straight. Good thing Venus has never affected Earth (having always been such a non issue) as otherwise, I would have thought those dates of inclusion were somewhat coinciding with such and extra degree of truly unusual and bad weather disturbances, of extra extreme tides and of overly active tectonics were perchance some how related to gravitational pull issues, especially when such were sufficiently aligned and sufficiently close to consider upon but, as according to God (NASA as well as NOAA), that simply has never been the case, and apparently team NASA can damn well prove it, almost as good as they can prove we've walked on the moon, almost as good as they can prove they don't cloak on behalf of NSA/DoD agendas, almost as good as making hundreds of expertise witnesses that saw a small missile like track apparently taking out flight 800 that was supposed to be the Tel Aviv flight anyway, as turning those folks into absolute village idiot liars and mentally incompetent retards (Boeing and of all other aero engineers must also be the really stupid and incompetent fools because, they've tried absolutely everything [short of a dynamite stick] and still can't make their center fuel tank explode, let alone into dislodging small [unrecoverable] fragments because, that damn tank was not only big but apparently constructed better than the airplane itself), then how about almost as good as those nice Israeli can't seem to prove those thousands of 6-Day war prisoners simply vanished on their own after they had been nicely released with wine and box lunches into the desert and, just because the USS LIBERTY happened to be orchestrating on behalf of Israel (utilizing just about every NASA/NSA/DoD space reconnaissance, guidance and eavesdropping technology possible) and subsequently recording upon such military wonders, apparently that same illusion of those nice Israeli folks taking out the USS LIBERTY was simply an unfortunate turn of events that mistakenly led to the 9/11 "tit for tat". After all, it was certainly also a good move and a good thing we trained and armed those Taliban as for doing our cold-war thing against those nasty USSR folks, as those USSR devils were trying to oust such bad assed sorts out of Afghanistan (how dare they do that, interfere with our street drug production and illegal global drug trade).

Boy, am I ever glad that our NASA as well as NOAA and of their crack crews of moles are on top of things, that is whenever there not on top of each other, as in doing the nasty incest cloning sort of thing. As without their divine guidance, I might actually have thought gravity was otherwise somewhat of a worthwhile consideration, but now I know better, and all because God(NASA) has spoken.

November 22, 2002  ( Exactly where the heck is Venus? )

Don't take any of this as absolute fact, however, just because I'm no astronomer and thereby I'm not pretending as being "all knowing", plus the fact that I do not understand certain fundamental laws of physics as well as (unlike yourself) I do make mistakes, that's not at all the same thing as being more right then not and, as such being systematically rejected on the pathetic basis of syntax and/or omissions which others have intentionally failed to provide, as that would be exactly like knowingly allowing your doctor to amputate the wrong cancerous leg, then complaining (likely suing his socks off for millions) that before as well as after the fact you knew more then the doctor and did nothing wrong, yet that's exactly how NASA and their hordes of Borg followers have been acting, as against the "GUTH Venus" discoveries. I been calling it "spin" and "damage control", however folks and sucker taxpayers, perhaps that's needs to be revised as to SIMBAD (Self Inflicted Mutilation Behaviour Associated Disorder).

Regarding gravitational influences:

Another of my distorted ways of looking at this; If that 0.0000051:1 gravitational pull that we've been kindly informed as being a ratio of what our moon applies is like anything associated with impulse power, as that which is calculated with a measured time frame of per second, in other words, if that 0.0000051 influence is being offered per each and every second and, if we have all of 2 weeks worth as to accumulate upon such; that's 1.2096^6 x 0.0000051 or 6.17:1 and, obviously that's only if those two weeks were unrealistically compressed down to just one of those seconds.

I'm thinking (which nearly alawys hurts), that because Venus is not anything like our moon, as such it's not zipping about but rather focused in one direction, and as such, if that accumulated gravity pull was to be calculated upon using minutes instead of per second, that's 60 X 0.0000051 or 0.0003:1 or roughly 0.03% and, hourly that's becoming an impressive 0.01836:1 or 1.836% as potentially applied. Even at the 1.8% of per lunar pull per hour, that's still a fairly great amount of added influence, especially if that's in addition to the moon as well as going along with everything pulling towards the sun (like November 4th and 5th), where that's a 24 hour worth of +44% which is certainly quite another impulse value altogether.

So, and most likely because I'm still on that nifty "need to know" basis, at this point I'm still entirely uncertain as to the overall accumulated affect; if we are talking about a gravitational force per second, per minute, per hour or per day. Obviously the length of such gravitational exposure time (hours, days or weeks) from such a gravitational influence is (unlike what my opposition stipulates) entirely relevant, even somewhat more so if and when that force is being added in conjunction with the sun as well as that of our moon, and as such, seems something should give, as otherwise there's perhaps things terribly wrong with the very existence of our solar system and/or why otherwise is our core so freaking active as well as mobile in terms of affecting platetonics in action.

Without Earth's rotation interacting with the sun, then of the moon and perhaps Venus, Earth would obviously be quite thoroughly dead (dull as hell, cold too), little or no weather and probably no molten core neither and of one solid crust with perhaps big slabs of thick ice nearly everywhere. As it seems to take those active gravity associated issues in motion in order to keep things sufficiently mixed up and thereby unfrozen and hot (obviously, as this village idiot sees it, the more aggravation the more heat, above as well as below ground).

I presume that nothing is ever pushing anything apart, other then of nuclear and/or certain magnetic considerations, as such I believe Venus has little of either to go around, so it's essentially back into gravity and of the relative position/location of that gravity in relationship to Earth and, obviously of the time spent or applied as in any sort of solar/lunar alignment that's worth considering. Obviously outside the two month proximity of Venus (only two of those weeks being worth much of anything), there's little influence from Venus, sort of like how little influence Pluto has upon the other planets, since it spends so much of it's meager time exposure too far away and seldom if ever applying it's minimal gravity influence in addition to the sun and, that's perhaps restricted to Neptune at best.

As I've stated before; certain things cause and/or affect Earth's near-surface environment as well as physical/internal status. In fact, if it were not for these outside influences, Earth would have little if any weather and little if any other internal/geological activity. It therefore seems rather odd, that of something that's certainly capable of influencing our environment, shouldn't this have been important to comprehend, important to chart and perhaps very important as to taking into account, yet NASA/NOAA will have none of it (screw Earth's humanity and more so, screw Venus and of whatever is surviving there).

The recent (nearly 2 year old) discoveries of what could be those of rather substantial artificial remains and/or more likely representing the current situation of "life NOT as we know it", as those still surviving on Venus (in spite of NASA), obviously this highly unfortunate issue might have become the trigger that has officially placed Venus off the maps, off the charts and entirely out of the minds of those capable of researching and discovering things that could be relevant to our mutual survival, towards better understanding what our solar system has to offer and, especially with regard to that of our nearest and most accessible planet, a planet which seems to be hosting some form of obviously evolved life that has likely become accustomed and/or technically capable of dealing with surviving the nighttime season of Venus.

Basically I've heard it all or, at least I think I've heard just about every orchestrated excuse there is, yet more such excuses keep showing up, as for blocking every possible avenue and opportunity towards properly researching Venus. A darn good alternate question might be;  Why should our NASA be making (at taxpayers expense) such an effort at ignoring the obvious and at stopping others from obtaining the truth?.

I believe the new guard at NASA should be morally capable of safely roasting the old guard with matches to spare, unless of course, the new guard is entirely made up of old guard clones, as then we have a moral dilemma of what to do with all those compatible organs.

If you are at all interested, I have a few dozen pages of my research and ongoing tit for tat, that which clearly pushes far too many of NASA's buttons, perhaps I'm even pushing some of your buttons as well and, if not I'll certainly try much harder as to doing better the next time around. and

Ragards, Brad Guth / IEIS "GUTH Venus"

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