The GUTH Venus Gifting Club

Unless you have intentions of ulterior motives, this club is purely for the enlightenment of humanity, the quest for truths, of learning and application of science and technologies, all without the political and social ideological strings and subsequent costly overhead of doing things through the usual channels, like NASA/NSA/DoD.

There's nothing intended nor implied as being illegal nor immoral. There's also no contract nor obligations guaranteed nor implied. A gift is a gift and nothing more. When I can afford to share, just like I've done all my adult life, I share by providing gifts to those I care about. Exchanging gifts has been an American tradition and as such, damned if gifting isn't about as communistic as life gits.

Contributions as gifts will be acknowledged and, of those capable of giving the most will likely but not necessarily be allotted more of my attention. I'll share whatever I can with all club members and eventually give proportionally back as the future events allow.

Cash (cash-cash) will be accepted as well as personal checks and/or money orders. However, these gifts are not to be tax deductible.

I'm not entirely excluding upon tax deductible gifts. Although, if intended as being a deductible gift, that must be clearly stipulated so that I pay the appropriate taxes on those sums. For obvious reasons, I'd rather not be involved with the added book keeping and expense of further managing those gifts, as that's subtracting from the goal of this club (this is an open research, exploration and discovery club, not another ENRON/Andersen fan club), by way of adding nothing of worth that's in any way tangible to humanity. Any taxes on whatever sums you wish to give as gifts will be most effectively paid by yourself, though I'll gladly accept the responsibility as long as you realize that a lesser proportion of those gifts will be made available to the club, as it obviously takes another degree of management, valuable time and a host of other services in order to satisfy State and Federal requirements, including the paper trail aspect which may represent certain negative associations.

The mission or goal of this club is as I've stated and, I'll make the decisions as to it's focus and agenda. The better I can do my job, the more bang for the buck there is to be had. This is obviously a foreign principal to anything state or federal, as their principal seems to have been investing as much as possible so that we obtain the least possible and, on top of all that, there's the aspect of hidden and/or ulterior agendas which appears to have taken the bulk of resources as well as further restricted and/or skewed history, science and physics (among other things which are too dastardly to mention).

If you feel the proper and thus moral methods are those best managed and executed by the state and federal agencies, then obviously you would not be the least bit interested in what I and those I wish to associate with have to offer. I'm assuming a pro-state/federal only mentality is exactly what those opposing this discovery and ongoing research have been fearing, loss of control over the fact that I alone have been taking the point as well as their orchestrated flak, that which I'll likely be continually up against. Obviously the entire idea of this club is to improve my body armor as well as for a little favor returning capability, as all I have to do is gather up their spent flak debris and simply reload that same into my cannon so as to return fire, whish takes time and resources, those resources which your gifts will allow an added degree of polish, delivery range and accuracy. Accuracy is an important issue because, it does little good to return fire if I can't hit my targets.

Gift amounts lesser than $100 may not justify the intended focus of allowing for the best use of time. Although, if those lesser amounts are somewhat or entirely automatic so as to annually amount to a greater gift, then obviously I'll not be unimpressed nor unappreciative. Actually, nearly any gifts that are contributed by routinely transferring those amounts, such as monthly, will do just fine, as long as you don't expect an individual acknowledgment per gift that's under the level of $100. A regular donation of $10 per month, this will for example do just fine and dandy.

This club will also accept valued services as well as whatever equipment (a spare satellite suited for VL2 for example) in place of any dollar amounts, as I understand the value of individual talents as well as surplus equipment and, especially of those talents having the sort of inside expertise which seems to have overlooked these worthy discoveries in the first place (no one is perfect, except of course NASA/NSA/DoD and perhaps warlord Bush).

Any future ideas and/or recommendations as to improving the polish and/or outcome of this gifting club well be openly accepted and changes applied, so as to insure the least obstruction in the intended flow of accomplishments. I realize this club issue is anti-American to some if not all of my opponents but, I'll guaranty there's no chance of another 9/11 or of worse things associated, nor ever intended by my actions.

As usual, this document needs polish, loads of official looking garnishment and perhaps a little animation and surround sound track should be worth the trip. If that's the sort of thing that turns you on, then eventually I'll get there along with your help. Fortunately, unlike my opponents, I do exist as a real person having a real email (that works), a working phone number and a for real street address that I'm actuall residing at:

Brad Guth / IEIS-GASA
4410 SE Nelson Rd.
Olalla, Washington  98359

Thank you very much for your understanding and support.

Regards, Brad Guth / IEIS-GASA  1-253-8576061

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