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I am not about to pretend I'm anything which I'm not, unlike so many at NASA's privet cult web site "" and, just recently I have come to realize that all of which represents itself as an open (non-NASA) association capable of promoting research and exploration is in fact functioning purely as yet another NASA subsidiary, clearly entitled/approved and thereby working on behalf of astronauts and others associated directly with NASA, thereby constrained by the very same internal policies so as to promote only the greater interest and image of NASA and/or that of their approved associates. The "God Father" clearly has nothing on these two back scratching entities.

Besides my having the "GUTH Venus" discovery at hand for the past year, I am obviously not all that smart or all-knowing as to be worthy of NASA standards, nor up to competing with any ruse equal or better then, however, I do believe I can offer some degree of hands-on experience and thereby knowledge above that of a rock and, I'm obviously not stupid nor blind. So, this page is intended for helping all those supposedly highly educated and therefore obviously less able to think for themselves because they are under the "non-disclosure" domain of NASA, to perhaps better comprehend and thereby understand or at least properly challenge my obviously less then adequate ideas as to the possibilities of what those (sighted) as myself, view as that being the most likely and highly rational potential for the very existence of life on Venus. Remember, that first I tried to nicely inform NASA over a year ago, so this URL and the pages within is what I've managed on my own, in spite of the ongoing opposition and lack of support and, I intend to reformat all this in order to continue generating interest (too bad others associated with NASA can't follow suit).

I do believe the discovery image of "GUTH Venus" is simply too compelling to ignore, at least that's what I still believe because, as of lately (11 months and counting) this entire discovery has been so woefully and thoroughly unchallenged by anyone offering their image(s) as observational interpretations in support of their obviously higher educated contentions, that which has been stipulating virtually everything existing on Venus (including the area of "GUTH Venus") is purely comprised of natural origins as well as not possibly (ever) supporting life (end of discussion and, I guess that means pre-greenhouse era as well). Boy, are these pro-NASA types good or what. They no longer have to think anymore because their pagan God (NASA) has already officially proclaimed the one and only "truths".

I must say, there are in fact virtually tens of thousands of documentation pages and thousands of darn good images pertaining to Venus and, obviously these were all extremely costly and employed such superior (all knowing) intellect which clearly is now attempting to further support the established opinions and, specifically embellishing that virtually every consideration I am suggesting is totally false and thereby apparently not worth the time of day (even though it's ultimately the taxpayers that have been footing the bill for all these decades and therefore it's clearly the taxpayers as well as a portion of my time of day that's being ignored and, I believe intentionally being wasted). Well, beside extensively looking for myself, I've asked for specific observational evidence that supports the opposition and, I've requested answers to what should have been well established knowledge and, so far my discovery stands un-challenged as well as shunned if not banished (sort of makes you wonder which nerves I've been hitting).

Something about all of that atmospheric pressure: From what little I know about such pressures (at least my experience here on Earth), I just might have to believe this perception is not only possible but most likely: At some point in elevation on Venus (including such extensive areas as "ISHTAR TERRA" @33,000'), atmospheric pressures as well as associated temperatures are sufficiently lower then at ground zero, and just for sake of argument, let us consider perhaps a 40 Bar (roughly 600 psi) level, and furthermore, let us just suppose that such a required elevation in order to accomplish this could very well be within the range of available sites (such as to be found at "GUTH Venus"). At this altitude (5+km) and, furthermore because NASA records seem to offer nothing to the contrary, there may be a layer of atmosphere containing sufficient oxygen (not necessarily for you or me, but for obviously those which evolved on Venus) and, that obviously the bulk of any remaining heavier (mostly bad) atmospheric elements are therefore limited (due to their specific gravity or element weight) to lower elevations.

Most creatures we know of (here on Earth) obviously adjusted to their changing environments (like those capable of surviving at 20,000' under water as well as birds navigating above 10,000', and those occupying temperate conditions ranging from sub freezing to near boiling) or else they died off and, I would therefore have to believe the greater atmospheric pressures and higher temperatures on Venus represents no unusual exception, as I have identified no such scientific evidence as establishing such as any proof to the contrary, as that suggesting somehow Venus creatures could not possibly have ever evolved and thereby not have adjusted to whatever environment is at hand. NASA, your precious records are simply full of BULL!, and very expensive BULL at that.

We all should know this (but I'll have to admit, I'm beginning to wonder about our Club NASA types); at greater elevations (on most planets) temperatures are usually somewhat diminished, especially at night, and perhaps to the point where relatively limited technology (if any) could provide a tolerable Venus environment supporting life, and perhaps even barely suitable for pathetically (obviously incredibly stupid) fragile humans (understanding that this environment need not be the requirement if to support my discovery because, hot or cold, big or small, all of those incredibly complex structures still exist, and it's no photographic illusion either).

We clearly know of species right here on Earth able to survive far beyond human tolerances (without any technology). The extremely long nights (120+ Earth days, roughly 2900 hours) gives rise to yet another possibility, that of (hold on now) "SHADE".. The strangest thing happens when the sun goes down on Venus, after lets say a hundred or so hours of night (another 2800 hours to go) "it begins to cool off", and at higher attitudes (such as "ISHTAR TERRA" at 10+km and most likely as well at "GUTH Venus" at 5+km), if you can believe this, it really cools off and, perhaps that robust atmosphere likely thins a bit further, possibly even allowing such elevated territories to see stars.. Now I could be all wrong but, I just might have to think that surface and nearby underground temperatures at such higher elevations could also be somewhat affected by this same mysterious and obviously misunderstood solar event ("sunset"), but then again, I'm not one of those over-paid NASA engineers, so I could be all wet or just melted by all that Venus heat (your choice).

Once again, about the mere size of everything; I have studied and further researched to learn of and, I have been further reminded of the original image pixels as potentially representing a span as much as 225 meters, possibly more (however nothing official from the original Magellan team regarding this specific image area as pertaining to "GUTH Venus", which is more likely that of the 75 meters/pixel or lessor, where even this amount could be further defined as that being as tight as 25 meters). The Magellan imaging had a significant variable of nearly 8.7:1 (elliptical orbit ranging from 275km to 2400km) but if so and, at 225 meter/pixel (as I was being informed by NASA moles), this issue by itself is truly impressive, as that makes the elevated platform/runway exceptionally (way out of the ordinary and, perhaps one of a kind in all the universe, including Earth) tall and, then so much larger and obviously more then sufficiently long, as well as establishing every other constructed structural aspect exceptionally larger and therefore only that much more so remarkable. My latest calculations place the SAR resolution at the altitude of 618km offering something around 90 meters (where multiple looks or scans may have altered that down to the reported 75 meter format).

Remember, Others and I truly believe we are certainly not looking at Venus microbes, but that likely of accomplishments by substantially large creatures, perhaps somewhat larger then us humans. Besides, size relationships are not what's at stake because, large, medium or small, smoking hot or simply damn warm, these structures still remain and are truly of artificial considerations which simply exist regardless of what you or others determine is their ultimate size or environment to be. Those desiring to protect their God should perhaps get a life.

As relative size goes, and if to be calculating based upon 250 meters per pixel (as so many clearly frightened and unstable NASA types have been insisting upon), then even those three closely nested rocks situated to the SW of downtown "GUTH Venus" become ever more so impressive as being not only that much higher then their surrounding terrain but with their flattened tops alone could each span 750 meters to as much as 1km across (I don't think so however, if so, these are also perhaps the largest known cluster of such extreme vertical formations having such enormous flat mountain tops as to be found anywhere in our known universe, including Earth). Then, if to be regarding that the main channel (at the suspension bridge location), in which case this span alone could very well represent miles, that's one DAMN IMPRESSIVE channel and, even more so impressive SUSPENSION BRIDGE, is it not!..

From my point of view (which I think is good), towards supporting this discovery, larger scale may simply become better then smaller, as I simply no longer have much question that these inhabitance could be larger then us humans, and remember, even relatively small creatures here on Earth have managed to construct (relative to their size) massive structures, far out scaling anything humans have accomplished, African termite mounds are just one example. And, no matters what the actual original pixel area size represents, be it large or small will simply not cause these clearly artificial looking elements to disappear into the Venus landscape (perhaps like NASA wishes).

Another Venus habitat (equally elevated), perhaps located at 180 degrees West (or East) from "GUTH Venus" could offer the necessary alternate resources for surviving on Venus, and a pretty darn good alternative at that to otherwise needlessly baking in the extremely long (2900 hour) days of Venus. You might just think those surviving on Venus could have figured this one out for themselves, but you never know about these things, maybe they are not as smart as our crack Club NASA engineers and scientist (apparently even that is not saying all that much), and as a result they perhaps never had a clue, therefore long ago faded or melted away, or just maybe this is what happened; just recently they finally all died off, lets say in the last 2 or so years (mercifully begging to be rescued), while NASA for nearly 10 years was so pathetically unable to even acknowledge the possibility of their existence. Great job NASA, too bad for those heathens on Venus (they were probably Islamic anyway).

How about a little review of their potential air and ground transportation solutions:
For some reason I think this challenge could be just the opposite of our pathetic pressurized solutions, as instead, being that of a depressurized nature so that lower (increased atmospheric pressure) elevations could be safely managed. This would be something like utilizing our submarines as their form of standard mode air and ground transportation, and I for one have no problem with this concept. An aircraft or airship could be just as well, if not better, engineered as for dealing with being negatively pressurized, and then we should further consider airfoil designs within such a heavy/thick atmosphere, and just imagine the aerodynamic advantages as well as the relative compactness of such efficient heavy-lift contours, and then what about the obvious alternatives of their simply utilizing hydrogen displacement airships (damn near 92 times the lifting capacity per cubic foot as compared to here on Earth) as being a serious form of transportation which should work really great in such a heavier stable lower atmosphere., plus truly great altitude capability and I would have to believe of sufficient and easily obtainable hydrogen resources at that.

In order for most any civilization to survive the test of time (especially on Venus), serious resources including power generation may need to be developed and on-line (I would have to believe HVAC air conditioning would be a fairly high priority). We already know the obvious possibilities here on Earth of nuclear, standard wind conversions, conventional solar plus the much greater output of the closed cycle (sterling) solar power conversion generators that apply relatively low-tech solar concentrators (I somehow believe Venus may have plenty of solar to work with, perhaps not so much UV as Earth), and then there is always abundant geothermal, for certain abundant hydrogen, possibly even coal and/or oil like fuels and the perhaps even hydro(fluid)-electric conversion possibilities, and of course there is always the likelihood of their utilizing direct waste/byproduct incineration, and just as here on Earth there may also be alternative chemical fuels applied that simply produce their own combustion oxygen. I choose to believe, for the sake of this argument, that some if not all of this energy and therefore technology seems highly possible if not probable. With such energy resources, the planet Venus could be accomplishing great things, such as "massive air conditioning (HVAC)", enclosed (hydroponic greenhouse) agriculture, as well as all of the other trappings that intelligent life supporting solutions might require (including "hot-tubs").

For some yet unknown official reasons, NASA has been (for the past 10 years) thus far unable to recognize anything of artificial potential on Venus, and apparently still absolutely seeing nothing whatsoever at the location of "GUTH Venus", even long after the fact of being directly informed by myself, and then not even supporting the remotest possibilities as to what others and I clearly identify as that of substantial structural and rational infrastructure(s), including that of significant roads and causeways and intersections thereof, plus several obviously large complex structured communities, and even that of a worthy (rationally placed) suspension bridge, several substantial reservoir/storage capabilities (plus a tank farm), plus many other substantial attributes such as an obvious raised airfield (as a fairly long and flat platform) having multiple round cornered sub service/staging bays. I have also clearly identified several parabolic considerations that could very easily represent solar concentrators or possibly even communications, plus other strong potential issues of factories and/or power generation plants, and so much more. And as of yet, having no further assistance from Club NASA, so I am thinking, not all that bad for an outsider, not bad at all, and whatever in the hell NASA is doing is simply beyond me.

(at this point I'm no longer all that sure if this following paragraph should relate to me or perhaps more likely someone else, like Club NASA).
Apparently (according to NASA types) I need an engineering or science degree so that these blatant discoveries can be most easily explained away as being total illusions and, therefore all of this would neatly comply to NASA's proclaimed standards, as being those conforming only of common lava-flows, naturally formed channels, average to be expected looking rock formations and otherwise typical erosion and, furthermore, with the planet Venus absolutely sponsoring no possibility of any life forms, not then and not now, never. And so I guess, why should we even bother looking about, especially when NASA apparently knows more then God... Now that's the ticket, now I fully understand, it is all too perfectly clear; there is absolutely nothing whatsoever to see at "GUTH Venus"... Boy,,, thanks NASA!,,, am - I - glad - that's - all - cleared - up... And to think, that for a few moments, I actually believed that these supposedly naturally formed elements, looking much like collected buildings having complex looking functional and rational arrangements, including a channel bridge spanning the Venus equivalent of our "Grand Canyon", that of a cut/excavated roadway circumventing a mountain range having a switch-back in order to access the tops of this mountain range at that, and a raised/elevated airport with multiple sub-service bays and equipment on-deck, plus otherwise another silo/hanger housing a massive airship(s), then also the apparent illusion of several large reservoir considerations, a suspended main causeway having significant structures at either end, as well as other group of multiple separated yet obviously connected and of fairly complex yet highly symmetrical reservoirs, and that how could I or anyone possibly have been so naive to have believed any of this was anything but naturally formed (just as NASA proclaims). Will, I guess all I can say is, it sure hurts when you have been so wrong, and perhaps wrong about nearly everything else as well.

Perhaps to some (mostly NASA types), there are simply no possible alternative life forms, let alone smarter then us mere humans, and also apparently none other then here on Earth, so who am I to say otherwise, but then why do we even need all those over-paid scientists and engineers to inform us morons (non-NASA soles) that it shouldn't be any different. I would guess, if any agency paid as much for that knowledge as we have funneled and flushed into NASA, that should be sufficient, end of discussion, and never mind, just keep all that money flowing.

In past documents I offered my insight as to perhaps why this area of Venus may have been so easily overlooked, besides their obvious involvements with our NSA/DoD agendas, I mentioned (in kidding) something to the effect of NASA and their moles being blind if not somewhat dependent upon their braille staff members, as with perhaps those Magellan image interpreters who can't seem to identify anything except purely common lava-flow channels, rock and erosion regardless of the possibilities. I never thought for a second that NASA had actually hired sight impaired individuals, but on the other hand, I may have seriously underestimated their affirmative action efforts. In reality it appears that long ago NASA ordained the planet Venus was without any form of life, therefore GOD has spoken, so don't even bother looking any further (apparently all this proclamation just happened to coincide with the fact that no additional mass funding was being made available for continued efforts towards researching Venus).

The way I see this whole discovery oversight/delay (nearly 11 years worth plus their ongoing denials long after the fact of being informed, as delays now being solely implemented by NASA), the more this gives support and opportunity for nearly everything I have been saying about our NASA. So, the longer NASA pursues this delay/denial tactic, the longer I and others have to establish and further entrench our discoveries and ideas, before NASA wakes up, which they may never do before it is too late, and I think it is too damn late right now... Remember, this discovery could easily represent NASA's biggest ever oversight (substantially surpassing the Apollo issues), an oversight that has so far resulted in wasting of hundreds if not thousands of millions (10's if not hundreds of billions over the past decade and there's still nothing focused for Venus on the books for the next decade and beyond) over just the last 10 years, as in place of far better concentrating (focusing) upon obvious cost efficient and productive efforts towards Venus, and thus providing a much needed agency focus which would have by now perhaps amounted to a mere 10% of what's already been spent or wasted upon what I believe has been relatively unproductive (non-relevant) research, including that of extreme deep space explorations, (in case you cant do the math, that's a 90% overall budget savings, which in highly technical NASA terms is really a whole bunch of moneys, especially when multiplying by the ten+ years worth). I'm sure glad my job is not on the line.

I have a new question; for every dollar that goes directly to a NASA contractor, how many additional dollars are taken up by the greater overall burdens and infrastructure of NASA and perhaps to include their partners in crime NSA/DoD ?

Now, apparently NASA has recently taken up their latest official (it's not our fault, nor our responsibility) position; as they apparently do not in any manner represent nor influence the foundation of formulating any scientific truths, as they only report or disclose on what others (those supposedly independent) make of their mission data, and that furthermore, NASA is somehow merely the providers of the braille mission vehicles (sort of the mission buss driver) and therefore not in any respect the least bit responsible to the taxpayers (or Congress or the Senate appropriations) for any potentially viable overlooked discoveries, or otherwise at fault for oversights nor even the reporting of such relevant topics and issues, such as the first ever (belated) discovery of "LIFE" existing on the planet Venus.

If not NASA, then I can't but wonder who in the hell is making up all those ten's of thousands of very official looking (taxpayer funded by the way) web pages, backed by all those thousands of archived data banks, and then also supported and thereby in charge of selectively filtering all of those archived mission results of completely edited and thus tainted results as available to the public, all of which have been monitored and for the most part wholly controlled by aparently someone other posing as NASA, and then obviously slanted everything towards supposedly establishing "truths" as far as the real NASA sees them, which NASA apparently now wishes they had nothing whatsoever to do with establishing.

OK, maybe this explains why NASA knows nothing about accessing any of those Apollo photo negatives or for that matter the missing successful 1/6th scale lunar-lander test flight footage. It must have been all those untrustworthy outside independent scientific research individuals that absconded and disposed of them as will as all those other worthy items of lunar evidence, such as that 10% reflective gray lunar soil/dust, that even though totally bone dry, whenever it wasn't impacting those photos with supposedly completely natural yet multiple lunar hot-spot and multi-shadow lighting sources and otherwise totally washing out any possibility of film recording vibrant stars, this soil somehow clumped vertically. Damdest thing, those so called independent scientific research communities, I guess you simply can't trust anyone these days.

I guess I can't seem to understand why our so called higher educated soles can't seem to grasp that another planet could support life forms of lower or higher capabilities then here on Earth and, just as well, I can't comprehend why we should not be taking this opportunity serious and, as that being our first as well as affordable and most obtainable goal, one of which I feel can provide the greatest rewards and otherwise represent at least Earths' greatest challenge which offers the most plausible return upon investment. Granted, new technologies would be nice to throw at this opportunity however, existing and well proven technologies would be entirely sufficient.

One of my better (enlargement) images I have to offer at this time is: guth-venus-180-A, and always many others being added if you simply visit my URL home page , review IMAGE PROOF, and perhaps another fairly large image of "GUTH Venus" and GUTH-72W-info, and a somewhat larger braille image: GUTH-144apd-info

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