GUTH-Venus is most likely alive and as well as can be expected (in spite of NASA)

How should I put this;  folks and all of you want-to-be space cadets. The only ones opposing what's existing on Venus are those having by far the most to lose and, the only reason there is anything whatsoever to lose is because, the ongoing ruse and of NASA's marriage to NSA/DoD agendas is founded upon secrecy and, that's apparently for good reasons they would rather you had no knowledge of.

None the less; just exactly like right here on Earth, where SAR imaging is highly utilized for the very same "truth" reasons, as well as for eliminating a great many variables or optical illusions of conventional imaging that's commonly associated with film and even CCD imaging. The Venus images are simply chuck full of "truths" but, you have to open your eyes first, next turn on the portion of your brain that's not yet connected to the hive.

Meanwhile, back on good old Venus;  things are sort of heating up and, not because of any toasty CO2 nor greenhouse effects. As the season of night falls upon the inhabitants (I've coined them as being Islamic lizard folk but, they could just as well be Jewish or whatever), those mostly nocturnals are sort of heading outdoors or, at least venturing out by whatever means of suitable transport pods or qualified airships (sort of like you and me stepping onboard a nuclear submarine for a year's worth if hide and seek).

Site No.1 being already situated at roughly 5 km elevation, offers a community or sanctuary area surrounded or flanked by other mountains and relatively steep terrain of nearby peaks that could be exceeding 8 km. In fact, there are certain significant areas (far to the North are raised land masses or continents if you like) of Venus that reside mostly above 10 km with nearby mountains topping out at 17+km.

As I've stated before;  My discovery of all this has become a mystery, not because of what I can perceive as artificial existing on Venus so much, but as to why all the ulterior motivation towards deploying "spin" and "damage control", applied in order to block this opportunity, most recently as towards my introducing an extremely low cost planetary communications effort, as during the coming October/November window of opportunity. Folks, this should have been front page stuff as of 18 months ago.

Obviously according to pro-NASA types, Venus has always been exactly where it is today and always hotter then hell. Therefore, whatever you or I see within the images is purely illusionary, even though this very same opposition to all of this can't seem to support any resolve as to how anything so natural could have formulated such a complex yet orderly assortment of such highly complex artificial looking attributes and, of so many at that, along with striking indications of entirely rational infrastructure.

Remember that I do concur that most of everything in the image area is purely natural, like by pixel count, 99.9% of what's depicted is to me entirely natural. Even of the items and land formations that are substantially lessor in relative size, like portions of the channel or rille, of it's primary and secondary erosion issues and certainly all of the nearby surrounding landscape of what must clearly be large rocks or affects from tectonics.

However, when several items are being represented as most likely artificial, supported by the facts that no other such similar formations have been otherwise recorded as being anything so natural or even as viable conjectures as to how such formations could have been produced by anything natural, then folks, the remaining options become somewhat obvious.

Irregardless of any size relationships or temperature and/or atmospheric issues, unless those issues somehow managed to formulate such artificial looking attributes, as I believe at some point in Venus evolution, life must have existed and may in fact still be thriving in spite of our ignorance and arrogance.

My opposition (mostly taxpayer funded by the way) is placing a great deal of spin on behalf of Club NASA. Actually, Club NSA/DoD are right in there along with their cloak provider or mission bus driver, NASA.

If I had received respectable challenges and logical confirmations that pointed out multiple examples of SAR imaged occurrences of purely natural formations, of those that appeared as being artificial but not, then obviously I would be dead in the water. However, since not one individual nor anything formally representing NASA's point of view has anything whatsoever to counter with, not even one SAR image of even Earth targets that could suggest the natural aspects of such formations, then "damage control" is perhaps all that remains and, a whole lot more damage control and PR spin need be applied as time goes on (sort of like those Apollo issues).

The fact that I openly have a number of worthy Apollo considerations which clearly suggest that our factious and perpetrated cold-war(s) against the USSR was of far greater value then of actually landing and walking on any moon, this obviously affects how others (mostly pro-NASA types) consider what it is my research and subsequent discovery may ultimately have to offer, as implications are truly class action multi-trillion worthy issues, including needless loss of life (perhaps much worse) and of the greater exposure and risk of instigating world war at any moment (that's including today and of somewhat recent events such as the USS LIBERTY, flight-800 and now 9/11).

It seems more relevant then ever, as to reconsider where our best talents and more limited then ever resources should be invested. We can obviously keep pushing other peoples buttons and further attempt defending ourselves from the reciprocal of unknowns or, we could focus our best efforts upon truly obtainable goals like GUTH Venus, those offering the greatest and most current degree of humanitarian worth and, secondly of obtaining relevant scientific values, or we can simply maintain NASA as cloaking on behalf of NSA/DoD hidden agendas.

October 2002 is not going to be the end of Earth or even NASA (certainly not America), it could be the beginning of realizing that we've not been alone (how is that a bad thing?). There is even a remote but possible conjecture that such inhabitance as visitors have been here (perhaps as temporarily stranded) and, have long since been rescued or retrieved from otherwise having to make the best of a thoroughly bad situation here on Earth (not that Venus is all that great as for going home to, however home is still home), thus explaining a great number of technology and unexplained civilization issues which remain so out of sink with Earth's natural evolution.

Even if what Venus holds is the remains of some past civilization, that by itself is certainly worth a whole lot closer look but, perhaps we should try out a little basic communications effort first, not by radio, through utilizing visual and UV spectrum transmitters (basically communications via light), as nearly all forms of life respond to light and some, like a good number of humans, can even return a message utilizing relatively crude but highly efficient (especially through open space) illumination technologies (natural or otherwise).

What exactly is the lingering problem with my opposition? This is not any mystery, at least not once you consider what's at stake and, of what's going to be eventually hitting the fan (we're talking of a very big fan), especially once the greater public comprehends the ultimate ruse and the overall cost of such onto Earth's humanity.

It's no wonder what's been going on lately within NASA/NSA/DoD, as to their keeping a lid on my research. The ultimate solution to all this is more then obviously going to become a little more then devastating to the "status quo" or possibly even myself. That's not likely your or my fault, at least for certain it's not my fault.

I'm asking once again for whatever support;  your words, your research, your contributions towards supporting "truths" and perhaps "consequences". If you feel the need for an E-flak suit coming on, I believe I've got just the ticket and even in your size for you and your family. If you're looking for a sound investment in your future, that challenge may in fact require a somewhat drastic revision or reset of our government and then mostly with respect to NASA/NSA/DoD agendas.

At this point, GUTH Venus may only be providing a valid new focus that's not having anything to do with religion or politics, damn! I guess I'm not suggesting an entire overthrow of America after all, just of the institutions that have us all running amuck, with no apparent end in sight.

So, how about NO new star-wars toys and/or whatever else is pissing off others on Earth, as those issues may have to wait their turn, unless of course those Islamic lizard folk from Venus turn nasty, in which case we had better know thy enemy before we have to find this out the hard way (again). This is where I thought a local laser area code call might just do that trick, in that way we might exchange our mutual proclamations, whatever insults and perhaps a whole lot of smut without actually coming in contact.

I know, I know;  it's still fairly hot at night, especially for Earth humans which need a whole lot more O2 then perhaps 0.1%, but it's not so darn hot after the first few hundred hours of that nighttime and somewhat lessor hot as one assends into those higher elevations (like 5 to 10 km). Obviously it's somewhat cool in those clouds (it has to be, otherwise there would not be clouds and, those clouds are a whole lot lower and somewhat more sparse and/or transparent during their extended seasons of nighttime) of which their considerable mass contains some 25+% of easily distilled H2O and, all that is floating on top of a vertically thermal conductive ocean of mostly CO2 (that means ground radiant heat is being efficiently driven upward on the windward side of elevated terrain while those much cooler CO2 winds are being deposited by those obviously cooler upper nighttime atmospherics, which are falling [somewhat like a tonne of bricks]), which by the way, all that supposedly nasty CO2-->CO/O2 makes for a fairly good energy resource as well as plain old CO2 makes for a perfictly good air conditioning system medium and, there's certainly plenty of it to go around. There's so much more to Venus energy options (including vertical CO2 offsets or differencials for wind power as for driving powerful turbines) then you can shake a stick at, just don't bother telling that one to any pro-NASA type because, that may cause them to explode.

Have a heart, have a good long look, like how about just considering the positive aspects of Venus. Then consider that there's nothing whatsoever to lose unless you're tied into that "nondisclosure" cult of NASA/NSA/DoD, in which case you had best start biting your own ass, so that you get used to it before the rest of us start in (sorry about that; 12 months ago [especially prior to 9/11] I would never have considered such need for serious butt biting or kicking or how about a little of both).

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