Badastronomy & Apollohoax are LLPOF folks

otherwise these are mostly nice folks, though a wee bit incest cloned as such borgs tend to go

In spite of NASA, there's other life on Venus, and our moon is actually good for something, though don't try sharing any of that with the likes of, or else.

Long before there was ever anything "", "" or even an "", or of any other sort of ".com", there had been well qualified folks stipulating that they shared doubts regarding the authenticity of photos acquired upon the moon, as in right from the very outset. Whereas the official words from our NASA and of those words and images that were selectively allowed as being published and/or openly talked about were obviously being carefully moderated entirely by NASA/Apollo, whereas the objections of others were obviously suppressed to a point that at least I never realized there was so much awareness of certain photographic as well as physics related discrepancies.

From the very beginnings of websites such as "" or "" there were continually a good number of ongoing authenticity arguments, mostly as based around what was physically contained within a given image, and/or of what sorts of items that were being suggested as missing, such as stars and of not to forget the likes of Venus, and then always of Earth which should have been viewed as four times the diameter of the sun unless a wide angle lens was being utilized, and of never once anywhere near 5º off the horizon at that.

On Earth is where stars are just stars to be seen that are generally difficult to photograph, and especially of the northern hemisphere variety as where we do not view the likes of the illuminating vibrance of Sirius, nor of many others associated within the Southern hemisphere. The only objects viewed by the human eye as brighter than Sirius are of the moon itself, Venus and the sun, or that of Earth from the lunar perspective would certainly have been bright. Whereas from the vantage point of space or upon the moon, the visual influx of the Sirius spectrum is only going to become roughly twice as bright, although to the Kodak eye as being recorded by the likes of Kodak film, such illuminating sources are going to become at least 256 times brighter, and of a specific peak spectrum of 375 nm as per what Sirius represented could easily have delivered 512 times greater recording of such photons due to the spectrum band of 350~400 nm being entirely unfiltered by any atmosphere, plus we'll have to further consider spectrum sensitivity of those Kodak films, of the yellow dye portion being maximized throughout the 350~425 nm range, whereas actually the spectrums of 375~400 nm should have been considered as sufficiently near the peak of what this yellow dye records at several times greater sensitivity than red (675~700 nm). Thus in the overall photographic reality is where such 375 nm photons should have become at least 1024 times better recorded than the 675 nm photons.

In fact, a good number of Star and star systems deliver a somewhat similar peak spectrum of their illuminations from 375 to 425 nm, though being much further away and thus dimmer to the human eye, but as such not so dim as to that of the Kodak eye, nor Hubble eye which outperforms KECK-II at a mere fraction of the mirror/optical photon gathering capability. remember that we're not suggesting any comparison to the reflected 375~425 nm spectrum as derived via sunlight, but of the direct pin-point sources of stars sharing off the sorts of photons by which the Kodak yellow dye records best of all, of which oddly not even the likes of Sirius became recorded by way of anything NASA/Apollo, nor of other stars that should have been dimly recorded, but capable of being extracted by way of good digital scan of said photo negatives and transparencies.

In addition to what sources of UV/a were available besides Sirius, there was our sun which offers an average 5% of it's influx upon Earth as being within the entire UV spectrum, of which the bulk of that energy being the UV/a portion of this influx, plus there's another amount of near-UV that also offers greater intensity than of what reaches the surface of Earth. A conservative dosage of what's available for the Kodak film to record upon, as near-UV(375~400 nm) and UV/a(315~375 nm) should have been worth at least 128 watts/m2 as opposed to the 1w/m2 of what film records once that amount of energy is filtered and/or diffused by our atmosphere, and more specifically of the UV/a spectrum of 64 w/m2 being delivered as less than 0.4%, or 250 mw/m2.

In order for nighttime images to be artificially illuminated by way of something that's going to be close to the filtered spectrum of sunlight, for that we've had the xenon spectrum of such artificial illumination, although upon Earth it's nearly impossible as to simulate the point-source of non-defracted sunlight, thus an artificially illuminated scene is never going to become as contrasty, nor as evenly illuminated as upon the moon, and such artificial spectrum simply isn't going be similar to raw sunlight.

From the beginning of "apollohoax" and "badastronomy", these folks took on the critics of NASA/Apollo without remorse, and apparently without scientific morality. Since they claimed as being "all knowing" and thereby always right about absolutely everything under the sun, whereas disqualifying upon all others objecting to the official words of NASA/Apollo via their external "apollohoax" and "badastronomy" counterparts, it was thereby understandably inconvenient and otherwise frustrating as to having any honest discussion about much of anything without being shouted down or entirely disqualified, along with ultimate banishments if their pro-NASA needs be best served.

Up until four years ago, I was one of the typically snookered folks that believed in nearly all that NASA/Apollo had to say, and thereby of the "apollohoax" and "badastronomy" sites were in fact accomplishing their jobs quite nicely. But that was before I realized upon what should have been the photographic record, that of recording those lunar surface exposed images as having a rather significant color spectrum shift, of which to the printed results should have been given a rather considerable skew toward being bluish, and of specifically blue colored items becoming hyper bluish if not fluorescent like.

This amount of bluish shift could have been partially corrected upon printing of said images, as it's not even about whatever manual corrections that could have been applied during the print (negative to paper or even from a positive transparency to internegative and then onto photo paper) process of creating said photos for the public to view. However, the amount of such corrections would not only have been easily detected but, as representing a matter of fact of their having to accomplish such represents the very need as to their having to honestly accommodating this corrective printing, with such efforts having been the absolute right sort of thing as for team NASA/Apollo to have shown the before and after corrected image, as with and without spectrum skew results.

These days, an actual digital scan (8192 dpi) file could be offered of those raw negatives or whatever transparency, in addition to offering those before and after correction prints.

Thus the "proof positive" indeed becomes the Kodak moment, that which simply hasn't passed the test of such being originally recorded as upon the moon, whereas the raw solar amount of near-UV and UV/a as recorded by the Kodak yellow photo emulsion dye should have been greatly if not over-saturated to say the least, that is unless the other visible portions were significantly under-exposed, of which that simply wasn't the case.

In addition to the average influx that's so nicely buffered and thereby filtered for us on Earth, whereas the raw sun is anything but a constant source of illuminations, and within the UV/a spectrum there are considerable spikes within that spectrum of energy, of which the human eye sees nothing, although the Kodak yellow emulsion dye records all there is to see, and it even records the secondary reactions with which substances react by reflecting the incoming UV/a as near-UV, which again the human eye sees extremely little of (especially within a nonatmospheric environment where there nothing to refract said near-UV photons) but, the Kodak eye sees and records all there is as a bluish amount of light, and/or an entire haze or skew of the visible spectrum into being somewhat, if not a great deal bluish.

And, ever since NASA/Apollo has long proven their expertise in creating multiple internegatives in order to assemble a bogus print (such as this multiple superimposed example in which Earth was not even being correctly superimposed according to the laws of astrophysics), and loads of re-prints (autographed non the lees, and without a word as to the non-authenticity aspects) as such represents that they had in fact demonstrated their expertise in creating master internegatives, and all of this being prior to anything digital, thus we simply can't trust those official prints, and as such only the raw negatives will have to do.

Foreknowing the original spectrum of the red, white and blue flag elements is also offering "proof positive" as for that of any B&W film, of which said film was indeed highly sensitive to the near-UV and UV/a spectrums, of which the lunar environment affords lots of such spectrum energy/m2 as opposed to hardly any as provided from the likes of xenon illumination. Thus this time the damn glove fits, and case closed.

So, this is much like catching that very bloated fox with chicken feathers still sticking out of his mouth, and of all the remaining chickens cowering as far away from that fox as possible, as such it doesn't take the likes of Colonel Sanders in order to figure out what the hell just transpired.

KODAK UV Spectrum: B&W and Color Sensitivity and Spectral Sensitivity
Though I have some older B&W as well as color spectra data sets, offering original hard copy data that's similar if not identical to the most recent Kodak spectra info, I'm still reasonably confidant that your typical NASA/Apollo bible of all there is to know about the moon, other planets and them stars offers all the right answerers, so perhaps if the glove seemingly fits, then why don't you keep pulling out one after another of those smoke and mirror answers from their magic hat, so that you and others that seemingly worship our NASA/Apollo can properly respond to my research, or perhaps you'll still need to go for something within Kodak corporate?

Foreknowing the original spectrum of the red, white and blue flag elements, not to mention any number of other artificial items that were on-hand, is offering a photographic forensic form "proof positive", as well as for that of any B&W film, of which said films were indeed highly sensitive to recording the near-UV and UV/a spectrums, of which the raw lunar environment affords lots of such spectrum as opposed to hardly any as provided from the likes of xenon illumination. Thus this time the damn glove fits good, and case closed.

This form of intellectual incest is what's been skewing the facts of life, as a driving force behind the likes of NASA/Apollo, and of lately behind the likes of NSA/DoD and even CIA/FBI as to those invisible WMD. Whereas unfortunately the tens of thousands of innocent folks becoming prematurely dead hasn't so invisible, nor is the increasing levels of distain for what America has created and placed upon the entire world, having 2/3 of which more than a little upset with the outset and subsequent demise of humanity, as based upon bogus information (disinformation) and expedited as yet another cold-war matter of fact without the moral justifications nor having shown any remorse.

With that sort of perverted cornerstone as to base our "badastronomy" intellectual achievements and future goals upon isn't offering such a good picture. In fact, if the truth(s) be known, a great many issues would have to resurface, and corrective actions taken before the rest of the story comes to light. Instead, our crack space wizards of the sort of folks supposedly having all the right stuff, are keeping tight lids on those badly plugged space toilets, hoping that the cesspool backlog will clear before they have to utilize the same toilet, especially after accommodating all the rest that'll have nowhere other to go.

So, it's not that I've identified upon one or even several images in question, as they're all at risk of being bogus, and as such we've got to inform Huston that "we've got a problem", that which has been brewing and/or festering in River City, at least ever since I was attempting to discover why the heck our NASA wasn't taking action upon what I had interpreted as being more artificial than not of what's situated on Venus. Perhaps if Huston refuses to comply, then possibly the likes of Osama bin Laden has yet another worthy target, of which the moral majority of humanity doesn't really need anyway.

Once the smoke has cleared, and those mirrors have been removed, it'll be up to the sorts of supposedly intelligent folks, if any of "apollohoax" and "badastronomy", to realise that perhaps even they had been snookered, and that the only proper remorseful thing to do is to accomplish what's morally right, by way of re-making history good and of publishing the truth and nothing but the truth, as only then can we move on to higher ground, which by the way is going to become necessary in a very literal way if our expediting of global warming trend isn't reversed in the very near future, as otherwise we're pretty much insured a doom and gloomy demise if we don't manage to extract lunar energy and/or tether dipole collected energy on behalf of humanity.

In the end, it's the mentality, or perhaps lack thereof, of exactly what the likes of "badastronomy" accomplished on behalf of defending their mainstream status quo. As in right off the bat, instead of their giving an inch worth of consideration upon what others happen to think, the "badastronomy" protect-thy-butt flack started flying. In as much, "badastronomy" has been the problem rather than offering any solution, and not just persay of what was being interpreted as being artificial about Venus, but also about what the LSE-CM/ISS had to offer humanity was being summarily based at every corner, simply because such reflected poorly upon their mainstream status quo, a status quo that was entirely leveraged upon those cold-war NASA/Apollo missions or bust. In other words, this discovery of mine had become in fact another cold-war front, of my discovering what's extremely interesting about Venus in spite of our NASA and the works of others moderated by NASA policy of their nondisclosure "hear no evil, see no evil" or perhaps their own "Skull and Bones" cultism, as well as for what good our moon has to offer, and of my attempts at sharing this outsider insight and of hoping to acquire other expertise if not just their moral support, though instead I've learned that within their grand scheme of such astronomy and even astrophysics there actually isn't any morality nor remorse for whatever happened in the past, of what's ongoing nor of what's planned for the future, as it's all one big-ass faction of their "Skull and Bones" cultism that has been running itself, and as much of humanity as possible, amuck from the very get-go.

Much like the fiasco over WMD, whereas bad information and/or the result of typical cold-war tit-for-tat disinformation got way out of hand, to the point of provoking others into attacking us (much like WW-II and most recently 9/11), whereas subsequently our exterminating tens of thousands of otherwise innocent folks without moral justification and of absolutely no remorse whatsoever is more closely Pope/Cathar like than not. In as much as 2/3 of the populous of Earth is now in doubt as to the honorable intentions of what America had accomplished in the past, of what's ongoing, and there's is in great fear of what the future holds. Thus all over Earth are physical as well as social/political and economic walls going up, inflicting a horrific toll upon the global economy and taxing our energy reserves to the max, thus further pressing certain do-not-push buttons.

Clearly our global environment is now at risk, in far more ways than settling personal tit-for-tats, with few options of our capping the energy related issues, much less capping the collateral damage and associated carnage, thus the cornerstone of our environment is getting damn hot, which in turn has been taking additional lives and even taking away low-lands from otherwise perfectly nice folks that had absolutely nothing to do with expediting global pollution nor contributing artificial gases into the global environment, and in spite of ourselves, we do not seem to have the solutions for ourselves, much less alternatives for others. Thus we have created yet another ongoing ruse/sting of perhaps yet another sort of cold-war that's being played out at the expense and demise of humanity, as well as upon all forms of life as we know it, and that even includes the populous of diatoms/m3 which isn't half of what it needs to be.

My suggestion that we get ourselves into knowing about how other forms of life have managed on a far hotter and nastier planet was to say the least disqualified from the very get-go, and consistently bashed without moral cause nor remorse. As such, instead of our NASA taking the humanitarian lead upon what is possibly the greatest discovery since sliced bread, has otherwise intentionally focused their version of the past, present and future upon sustaining a greatly snookered society that's relatively unaware of the consequences.

Perhaps if someone from the likes of Venus, or perhaps even Sirius were to smash one of their big spacecraft into a few more of our tall buildings, as only then folks are going to briefly realize what it feels like being snookered to death for so long by the folks you entrusted with your life. Or perhaps if the likes of Russia, China or those darn clever ESA folks take on the lead-point of their establishing the one and only LSE-CM/ISS, as perhaps only then are Americans going to realize the truth and nothing but the truth in spite of ourselves. However, at this point and time, I'd advise Americans not to hold their breaths about our government disclosing squat, especially if such squat might give someone other an inch worth of what's morally just and proper.

If you're taking exceptions to any of this, please give that some effort at defending whatever you've got to hold onto, or perhaps simply offer your moderated perspective upon some of what I've tried to convey. As lord knows my ability to publish the truth and nothing but the truth in the best ways I can manage isn't holding a candle to what the likes of our NASA and all that are closely interfaced, as though focused upon formulating their cloned borg like collective that's willing to incest their way out of this mess regardless of the consequences, NOVA infomercials and all. At least that's happened before, and it's an ongoing process as we speak, as it'll most likely happen once, twice and multiple times again as long as the truth can't be told.

Oddly, I perceive that humans make mistakes, in my case more than my fair share, and if I were to consistently accept the notions of hiding the truth about such mistakes, then I'd probably continue making such mistakes, and certainly other's wouldn't realize the difference nor be prevented from making those very same sorts of mistakes that I know personally for a fact could have been avoided, which sounds a great deal like our political system and social compromise than not. However, there's a point of no return, of which our NASA/NSA/DoD passed long ago, and perhaps the likes of "badastronomy" and similar "apollohoax" are firmly seated and adhered via super-glue to those space toilets of whatever is left of life as we know it.

Thus instead of finding souls willing and supposedly "all knowing" as they claim, as to taking on specific topics and/or of focusing their supposed expertise upon what's possible, as well as obtainable, and upon what really matters for the future of humanity, all that I've seen is loads of their flak in the form of dog-wagging spin, hype and subsequent damage-control that's ongoing in spite of the consequences. As such, I'm more convinced than ever that I was mostly right before, and that I've become way more than right about a good many topics and issues as I've stated. This is rather unfortunate for the sorts of uncovered details and learning of the damage it has subsequently inflicted upon all of humanity, as such disinformation having been based upon liars telling lies upon lies until them Apollo cows come home, which isn't such a good outlook for myself having come into believing, though none the less is in fact the case, especially once you've realized that in a cold-war there are no rules (even apparently the most recent hot-war there's few if any rules whenever you're not being watched), except for the steadfast rule about your not getting caught. as such isn't actually all that bad for astronomy, it's just a willing partner in crimes against humanity when it come to their defending of the "Skull and Bones" cultism of those NASA/Apollo issues, whereas once a liar is being reinforced my yet another willing liar, then it's a cultivated situation that's only going to beget more and more lies until there's nothing left of humanity that gives a damn. Unfortunately, I'm one of the few remaining souls of humanity that apparently gives a tinkers damn, and as such I'm continually on the receiving end of simply loads of their warm and fuzzy flak as coming from the mainstream status quo. Woe is me.

So, if you'd like to acquire a taste of this official flak, and as such owning your very own full-body flak suit (especially reinforced of your backside and that of your butt), then lo and behold, it seems I've got way more than my fair share of said flak to go around, and would very much admirer and appreciate someone other taking a few hits rather than myself having to defend the entire world from this army of incest cloned borgs, that are willing to share in their DNA upon whomever isn't wise to their ultimate plan of global domination. That said, perhaps I should be one of those thanking my lucky stars that I wasn't onboard a departing flight as the intended Tel Aviv destination, of which whomever within our mainstream wanted the likes of such nice folks to being dead rather than capable of telling the truth (wouldn't have been the first time, nor the last). Unfortunately (depending upon which airliner you were on), there was a slight scheduling departure mixup (end of story).

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